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Good afternoon,
I have reviewed the response from Ms. [redacted] and she was given the 800 number for AmericInn. Depending on what the situation is, there are different departments such as reservations, guest concerns, our loyalty program etc that they will refer the caller to. This same phone number is on my business card, which is available to every guest. Misrepresenting any information, if took that way, was not intended.
The purpose of her stay is not of importance, as I had no personal contact with the guests' to make my own conclusion of the reason for staying. Whether it was for a birthday party or just to not stay in their house, as they live in Oshkosh, I do not personally know. I was going off of what the gentleman said on the phone and what my corporate office logged in their discussion with Ms. [redacted], which was a birthday.
As stated previously, they were not permitted to onto the property due to the gentlemans demenour on the phone, which is not up for argument. I'm sure they were upset by the time I spoke to them, as they spoke to a desk clerk previous to speaking to me and was upset during that call, but the conversation was not pleasant, he was advised against coming here and he can see the pictures and documention if he dispute the charges.  
I told him documentation would be provided to their credit card company, and the same pictures were given to our corporate office the next day after speaking to the gentleman, prior to this complaint. We have statements from the 5 staff that were working the day of checkout, and also video documentation showing that the broken boxspring was removed from the room they stayed in. We are not trying to hide anything from Ms. [redacted] and have enough documentation to support which room the damage occured and the day.
I have yet to speak to Ms. [redacted] regarding this issue, and only spoke to the unknown gentleman once. All communication with her was with desk clerks and through our corporate office.
Kind Regards,
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I do not agree with the response from [redacted] of AmericInn. I first do not agree with her response about giving me the a general phone number that is on her business card. I believe she may be correct when she stated the phone number she gave me for reservations was the number on her card, however; I asked Ms. [redacted] for the phone number to directly contact their corporate office to voice a complaint about the way she spoke to myself and my friend when we called her. She stated that she did not mean for me to misinterpret the information she gave me, but as the hotel manager, there should be no reason why she should not have given me the phone number that I asked for. As I have previously stated in another response, the gentleman that I spoke with at the phone number she provided me said to me that that particular phone number is used only to book reservations, and that he could provide me with the correct number to contact corporate. I think this was very misleading, and believe Ms. [redacted] knew she was giving me the incorrect phone number because she didn't have the proper evidence that it was anyone with me that broke the bed frame. And because when I asked for her name and the corporate number that I would be voicing a complaint about her specifically. I again disagree also with the fact that my male friend that she spoke with was rude and certainly did not swear in their conversation. He has a very deep and loud voice naturally and she may have mistaken that for being "mean", however; I was present during this conversation and he simply said to her that we would like to come to the hotel to view the damages, because we felt it was unfair to pay for damages that we knew we didn't cause. I still believe that if there were indeed damages to the bed frame in the room we stayed in, how can they prove that it was from us and not from a previous visitor? I feel this is why she wouldn't allow us to come view the damages. And she didn't state the reason was because my friend was rude or anything of that reason, she simply said we weren't allowed to come view the damages because after she files a claim for damages the broken or damaged property is only able to be viewed as pictures and sent only to the credit/debit card company. I think that is unfair and leads me to feel that she was only making up the damages because she was upset that we had extra visitors for approximately an hour and felt they should charge us extra for that reason and made up the damages. There was no date stated on the picture, which leads me to believe that the photos could have been taken of any bed frame from any time frame and attempt to charge me for. I do not accept these charges and will continue to voice my concern. Not only was Ms. [redacted] rude to both myself and my friend, but she has changed her story and stated that she apologizes for misinterpretation of what she has said, but if she was telling the truth, there would be no need to apologize for misinterpretation if she had done her job of answering questions with the correct answers, as a hotel manager should and Ms. [redacted] did speak to me I asked  her name and informed her that I would be making a complaint against her and she stated go right ahead.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I reviewed the response made by the management of AmericInn hotel of which I made a complaint about, and disagree with most of what she stated. I was next to my male friend who called management after I did, and he not once used profanity or yelled. I witnessed him tell her that he will contact an attorney and told her that he would like to come there with myself and take pictures of the damage that I am now "responsible" for. She said that was not allowed and only the credit card company would be allowed to view photos of the damages. He told her that didn't make sense, if I would be responsible for paying for damages I should be allowed to see them, because how would we know that they weren't taking or using photos of another room's damages. She was very short and rude with him and they ended their phone call. I called later that evening and told her that she was rude to myself and my friend and that I would be reporting her to corporate and she said fine, go ahead. It was not the male who she stated she gave the corporate number to, and the number she gave me was a reservation line. I asked them if it was the corporate office, and the gentleman I spoke with said this was only the reservation number. He then proceeded to give me the phone number to corporate. This is unacceptable to me, that the manager was already very rude, and then when asked for corporate's number, as a manager, she should have that information and gave me the wrong information either on purpose or wasn't doing her job correctly. I feel that overall, she gave myself and my friend the run around with the whole situation. We would have noticed that a bed frame was damaged before checking out and would clearly understand the charges. However, we are confident that there were not damages and are not willing to pay for damages that we know we did not do to their property and were not allowed to come back in to see for ourselves, which further makes our assumptions that they did not have damage to the property. Also in her response, she mentioned a birthday party. We did not have a birthday party at the hotel. We had a few family members meet us at the hotel that afternoon shortly after we checked in, and then ALL of us left less than an hour later to spend time with famiy elsewhere If they were to review the security footage you would see that we all left the room and didn't return until around 10:00 pm that night and upon returning it was only a adult and 3 kids. I do not accept these charges for damage and would like to continue the investigation and continue with my complaint.
[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]

Good afternoon: I am emailing in regards to a letter I received in the mail today, addressing a complaint from [redacted]. I have read her complaint, and she did in fact stay here on 6/7/15 and had a birthday party in the room. Reservations were made on 6/5/15 for a standard room with...

2 queen beds. She lives in Oshkosh and was billed our Best Available Rate (BAR) of $119.90 + tax for the evening, and they paid cash for their room and tax upon check-in. Upon checkout it was discovered by the housekeeping staff that the mattress and box spring were off the frame and up closer to the wall and called in Maintenance. Maintenance staff went into the room and discovered the frame brackets (which hold the box spring in place) were broken on one side, and the box spring was broken. She was billed accordingly to get a new box spring and brackets. She called the hotel and spoke to the desk clerk and asked what the charges were for, and was informed what was discovered in the room when they left, and the conversation ended with [redacted] hanging up. Later that day, a man called and asked to speak with me, and he did not give me his name, so I apologize I am unable to provide that information. He stated that the bed must have been broken from a previous guest and they didn’t do it, and that he spoke with their attorney and I can’t bill them and demanded to refunded. I informed him that housekeeping staff wouldn’t have been able to make the bed with the condition it was in and had not happened prior to Ms [redacted] checking in. The gentleman became very hostile on the phone, and told me he was coming down here. I told him that he wasn’t permitted due to his behavior, and if he had any other issues, to file a dispute with his card holder and we will deal with them regarding the charges. He asked for the corporate office’s number, which I provided for him. I did explain to him that since they had a party in there, any one of their guests could have done something to the room, and the cardholder is responsible for that just like any other hotel stay. Even though things likely weren’t intentional by their guests, the responsibility lies with the person who booked the room to ensure the room is turned over in proper condition, and that we weren’t doing anything inappropriate on our end other than recouping our costs to get the room back in rentable condition. He continued to swear at me over the phone, and I told him any future correspondence will be with our corporate office and his card issuer. Our corporate office contacted me, and got the information from me including the pictures of the damage, and told the guest that there’s nothing they are able to do since there’s clearly damage in the room and they would have to dispute their card charges. I have attached pictures of what was discovered when they checked out. If any other additional information is needed, or statements from the housekeeper or maintenance staff that worked that day to verify information, I am happy to provide that. I hope to get this resolved in a good standing. Thank you for your time!  [redacted]General Manager

Hello Hotel GuestIn regards to the medical issues your children are experiencing, we did leave a voicemail requesting medical records and wanting additional information into what happened, as these issues do need to follow the proper channels to be handled. Chlorine toxicity would have affected...

every hotel guest, and the 80 people who stayed the night that night, we have no documentation of any health related issues and have written water analyst report that our water quality is maintained to the proper safety levels and tested daily. We do take these complaints seriously and review video surveillance when needed, and do our part to investigate every aspect of the claim. We were more than happy to work with you on this issue and review medical records and video documentation here, versus refunding money immediately due to a complaint. Had proper documentation been provided by you, we could have resolved this through the proper channels. If you have any further questions, you can contact the hotel directly. Our fax number for documentation is ###-###-####

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