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Georges Scooters

1200 N Dixie Freeway, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, United States, 32168-6006

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this company won't give me an invoice after paying them $200 for repairs that weren't done. My Scooter came back in the same condition if not worse.
My scooter wouldn't start and it still doesn't start. I was told the battery needed a charge but when I put a full charge on it, it still had the same problem. The pickup date was the beginning of March This is a used scooter bought in 2011. Dylan was the man at the shop that picked it up & dropped it off. And I paid him ($200) in cash. I called him about 5 or 6 times to tell him I wanted my receipt, but after a while he wouldn't even pick up the phone. I guess he has caller ID & didn't want to deal with it.

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My scooter was picked up for repairs that were never done or done incorrectly. The same problem is still there, My neighbor & I went to pick up the scooter like I was told but it wasn't done yet. There were parts that still needed to be put on But it was dropped off incomplete. My neighbor can verify this. The man that dropped it off said it was going to be $200 but when I paid him he told me he forgot the invoice at the shop and still will not drop it off or mail it to me as I asked him to do.

Georges Scooters Response • Apr 06, 2020

I sent multiple invoices to *** Long at his email *** and have proof of sending. The fact that he isn't able to operate his email adequately doesn't put me in the wrong. I picked up ***'s bike in pieces, torn apart by someone who obviously didn't know what they were doing. The pick up fee is $40. I then got the scooter to my shop and began to diagnose the issue with the scooter. The scooter didn't have spark, so I replaced the stator and the scooter started with no problem. A stator installed is $100 job. I then put the scooter, that I got in pieces together, and delivered the scooter to him, what should have been another $40 delivery. The labor time to put the scooter together in the condition that I received was easily 2 hours, which should have been billed as $75 an hour, for an additional $150. *** told me that money was tight so I tried to help him and do the job for $200. I tried to help *** and now I am being blamed for work that I didn't do that has absolutely nothing to do with the work that I did. When I delivered the bike to *** the scooter started perfect. In the short time that I interacted with *** he bad mouthed every shop in the area and now it is happening to me. To me it appears that there is nothing that anyone can do to help *** and meet his needs. He is welcome to stop by the shop and get a hard copy of an invoice anytime he would like and I made that clear to him.

Customer Response • Apr 16, 2020

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He never sent me the receipt to the correct email & I told him to use the postal mail & send me a copy through the mail. I tried repeatedly to contact him but he never answered the phone or call me back. The scooter came back in worse shape then it went out & still had the same problem. It wouldn't start. He then told me to charge the Battery but it was fully charged already and then when I started calling him back he just ignored my calls. He didn't do half the things I ask him to take care of as my neighbor that had to give me a ride there witnessed. He told me the scooter would be ready Saturday and it wasn't done and we drove there for nothing. it was then he said he would take care of the other things but never did and he just dropped the scooter off and got paid in cash. But when I asked for the receipt he told me he forgot it at the shop but kept my money. as far as the scooter being in pieces the only things that weren't on the scooter was the brand new front body panel I bought from him and the mirrors that I didn't put on because he might have had to take them back off anyway. So instead of putting them on it was including in the list of things I told him to do which would have been part of the bill and I expected that, but he didn't do any of it. On Saturday in front of my neighbor he said everything would be done. He also sold me a kick start that doesn't even work. As for the email he said he sent it to it wasn't even my email. I left a dozen messages saying I never got it and to put it in the mail but he just ignored my phone calls and never called me back when I left messages. The last time I talked to him he said to charge the Battery and if that didn't work he'd come back to look at it. That's when he started to ignore my phone calls and messages. I told him what I wanted done and he just didn't bother to do them. He has my Phone number, he knows my address so why did he take the time to answer this instead of just putting a stamp on a envelope and mail me the receipt? And now I have to take it to someone else to have it fixed like it should have been in the first place.

Georges Scooters Response • Apr 27, 2020

Again, I have proof of sending multiple invoices. I admit that I forgot the invoice when I delivered the bike back to him. I take fault for that. I never told him that I would mail an invoice because I never have done that. I emailed and told him that he was more than welcome to stop in and pick up a hard copy. As far as the scooter not starting when he initially came was because the battery was dead.. Nothing that I had anything to do with. When I went to charge the battery I saw that the battery terminals had wires wrapped around them??? No connectors. Not something that I did, but more something someone that doesn't know what they're doing would do. So, I went and made proper connectors and solved the battery issue, not charging anything just doing out of good faith. Trying to help. As far as the kick start goes? It is brand new kick starter that I had work perfectly. Again, someone not knowing how to use the kick starter properly is not my fault. I have spent more time defending myself to someone that is trying to blame me for things that I never charged for, and never said I was going to do than I have time for. It's unfortunate knowing the truth and having something be portrayed like this.

The service here is excellent. I bought my scooter and was on the road within 30 min! I would def refer these guys to anyone.

Georges Scooters Response • Jul 10, 2018

Thank you for the review and kind words Justin! It was a pleasure doing business with you and look forward to helping you however we can in the future!

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Address: 1200 N Dixie Freeway, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, United States, 32168-6006


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