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5212 Biscayne Ave, Mt Pleasant, Wisconsin, United States, 53406-5338

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Hired Get R Done to strip, re-caulk and paint windows, grind off porch glue and repaint. They claimed to be out of contracts so I decided to try to support a local business. I paid in cash $1,155.00. I have witnesses to the job and payment. After the job was dry, it was improperly caulked with cheaper material than they ripped out and the porch was not at all ground properly. I called them back out and they agreed that it was a bad job and while speaking to them about fixing it, it became clear they did not have the machinery nor expertise to fix this job they ruined. I called and asked for my money back as now it was all going to have to be redone properly. Maxwell *** denied ever being here and I have him recorded saying he doesn't know who I am and that he nor his brothers were ever here. I have pictures of them working here. I told him I was going to have to take him to court and he just denied ever being here. He said I'll never find his last name and I did. I called him again telling him I know who he is and I'm giving him a chance to make it right. He said I'm out of luck because I paid them so it must have been an ok job. I said I had to wait for it to dry and in 2 days, I saw the bumps, cracks, non-sanded paint areas, shrinkage and holes. He said too bad because I already paid and he hung up on me again.

Get-R-Done Response

We were hired by the person who filed this complaint to re-caulk, paint small trim around windows, and remove old glue from carpeting that was there before on cement porch & also painted the porch with the color the customer wanted. We did run out of contracts and we did advise the customer that we will right her up one when we get them from the place that makes them. She called the work phone and advised us that she paid after job was done (we only do this so the customers are happy with the job before payment) and she also gave the two workers that did the job a $50 tip each, but even though she paid she wanted all her money back and we can just keep the tips. When we advised her that we do not do refunds and can come out to repair the work she was unhappy with that so she refused and stated that the few contractors that she had previous work done with never had a problem giving her a refund and did not want us to come back at all but instead wanted a refund. We then try to tell her that we would only be able to give her back $300 since we already paid for labor of our workers and the materials (even though we still lose money) she then refused again. She then harassed us over the work phone, called Kenosha News to try to get our ad took down (which did happen for a week which cost us to loss phone calls but we were able to get it back up), threaten us, some how found out the receptionist former name and address saying that our receptionist stole from her home and she was going to call the police for stealing but the receptionist was not even on the job besides during the estimate that we did with her. We have expertise in what we do and have many customers that have and still refer us out to others, besides customers that are returning customers. We tried our hardest working with her but it seemed to be impossible. We also learned from other contractors that she is know for doing this, which is getting work done and then wanting a refund, as if she wants the work done for free. Maxwell did not talk with this customer but the receptionist Amanda did and the one time she did talk with him, he made it clear that for no cost we will fix it and when she did not want that but instead her full amount (not the tip) back he tried to work with her on giving back what he can which was $300 and this call was all done over the work phone ().

Get-R-Done Response

Get R Done will settle at one of two options #1 $300 refund or #2 Get R Done comes back to redo the work the client is unhappy with.

Sorry we will not be able to do a $700 refund due to the labor costs, materials that went into doing the work. We would only be able to give the client a refund of $300 (which we never offer refunds nor have we every needed to since this is the first compliant we have had that could not be resolved.



Get R Done

Kenosha, WI

Customer Response

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]

I do not accept their offer of $300. I do not have to let these people that demonstrated such poor workmanship try to fix anything, especially after lying about ever working here and acting completely unprofessional. What they left me with will cost at least $1000 to fix. I'm finished explaining and going up and back. All future correspondence will be rejected as unsatisfactory and not accepted.



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Address: 5212 Biscayne Ave, Mt Pleasant, Wisconsin, United States, 53406-5338


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