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G.F. McLaughlin

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Review: Improper/Inferior Repair; Failure to honor Contract or agreement; the late delivery of services;

Contract was an agreement to perform remodel and repair work. Agreement was set for 3 payments based on work progress. We made two out of the three payments even though work was well behind schedule. During a meeting on 10/8/13 in our home with G.F.’s Chris McLaughlin and his wife who administers the books for G.F. and while reviewing the final invoice 658a and a separate invoice 698a for guard rail work, a list of inferior workmanship items, list of outstanding or yet to be completed items, and plans to address were discussed; in addition we pointed out and discussed clerical errors within the invoice presented.

I agreed to pay half of the final invoice during that meeting (paid via C.C. $12,000 on 10/8/13) and the separate invoice 698a for railing (paid via check sent via UPS). It was agreed that the outstanding items along with the invoice corrections would be made and then we would proceed to final payment. The following week work was reviewed and on 10/21-22 the kitchen ceiling received a patch repair (Drywall skim-coated, sanded, and painted) – the repair did not resolve the obvious aesthetic issue regarding a brand new ceiling in our main renovated space. In addition on 10/21 the outstanding items list was reviewed again with G.F.’s Chris M. and Mrs. Richards. On 11/7/13 an email was received from G.F. indicating that the invoice errors we discussed had been edited and corrections made. However upon review we sent a response on 11/7/13 via email with concerns regarding the changes, and in addition sent the list of unsatisfactory/outstanding items.

On 11/13/13 G.F.’s Chris M. along with their electrical subcontractor, and a rep from Avalon flooring and tile came and performed troubleshooting of the electrical panel – was purported that all circuit panel matters were now resolved – homeowner was told this by G.F. Avalon representative removed glue from work area and cleaned off residue from that workmen had left on outside deck. On 11/14 G.F.’s Chris M. along with Drywall contractor and Painter came to the home to look at:

1) sunroom wall, kitchen ceiling, basement (Drywall)

2) sunroom wall, kitchen ceiling, basement, living room ceiling (Painter)

G.F.’s Chris M. stated on that day (11/14/13) that he would return Friday evening 11/15/13 to look at the ceiling. On 11/15/13 G.F.’s Chris M. called and canceled the Friday evening visit; he stated he was on his way to the Poconos. On 11/18/13 G.F.’s Chris M. called to ask if he could come by later that evening to look at the kitchen ceiling, customer informed G.F. that due to business travel the request could not be accommodated.

On 11/20/13 the owner G.F. (Gene) contacted me via text message demanding I pay the invoice and that he would simply reduce the bill by $500.00. I refused to accept that and responded (via text message) that I would have an independent contractor provide an estimate for the outstanding work and would pay the difference between that and the alleged outstanding balance. The owner flatly refused and stated that I would be hearing from his attorney.

In addition to the above - the workmanship provided by G.F. was inferior in that the workers lacked supervision and that work was delayed and when completed, in many cases, was substandard and re-work was necessary. Clearly G.F.’s intention is to have the customer absorb the delay cost and bear the burden for the clearly sub-standard workmanship by person(s) in their employ. The 3rd party sub-contracted work was in most cases acceptable - this mainly involved the flooring/Tile company "Avalon". However work performed directly by G.F. associates became so embarrassing the workers became known as the “BOOM BOOM” squad due to their ability to blow up the smallest job - like flooding the kitchen twice in two days. Their poor workmanship and calamity of errors coupled with the overall lack of supervision led to the contract schedule being extended by months.Desired Settlement: I have documentation via repair list and pictures, as well as having several estimates and will be obtaining additional estimates as needed. I will have this work completed and it will be correct. We have spent well in excess of $75,000, to upgrade our home with G.F. being the largest beneficiary of this work; the outstanding items are just unacceptable and we have been in limbo due to inferior service by G.F. The job was scheduled to be finished prior to August and it is now past November (as detailed above) and we are still dealing with this incomplete work. G.F. has demonstrated that they have no intention of completing the job and/or honoring the 2 year warranty (how can you honor work you have not completed?); we will be forced to deal with warranty issues in another forum. The best resolution is, to pay for only the completed work, and provide relief for to complete the outstanding work based on competitive estimates. A less appealing resolution would be for G.F. to complete the work - however we believe this will only serve to prolong a situation of underperformance by G.F. We are prepared to take all necessary actions to have this matter resolved including further legal action if needed. We are willing to make an immediate payment “excluding the competitive estimate amount” currently we have estimates in excess of $4,500.00. We plan on forwarding to G.F. the amount outstanding less the competitive estimate amount, once we obtain additional competitive estimates, and G.F. agrees to move forward as per the above.



G.F.mcLaughlin LLC. Has made and will continue to make any and all efforts to amicably resolve this issue. We also feel that the work performed at the customers residence is a quality product (see attached photos). Regrettably the customer relations began to sour when [redacted] decided to upgrade there exterior doors from Thermatru to Eagle custom doors by Anderson. Due to the doors being custom, the lead time was extended on the production and delivery of the doors. That event seamed to begin an onslaught of insults and perceived threats from [redacted] There where multiple changes to the scope of work throughout the term of construction which, ultimately caused delays, along with additional scheduling conflicts with the customer due to work and family issues.

representatives of G.F. McLaughlin LLC where present on the job site daily. Unfortunately, there are times when we must check in with our other customers as well. Most small design/build firms don't dedicate a construction manager to sit on one project all day, everyday.

As stated in the complaint, multiple punch list items have been corrected, in fact we also re floated the seems on the kitchen ceiling 3' in width and reprinted the ceiling. This is in excess of the contract which specified a level four finish. This was still not acceptable. We also gave the customer custom color paint that was not in the contract specifications.

In our view the only items remaining on the punch list was painting touch up. That is why G.F. McLaughlin LLC decided to offer a monetary accommodation to the customer, our relationship had become toxic and we felt that it would be best to attempt closure. The accomadated funds could have been used to contract an other painter with a fresh relationship. The $4,500.00 worth of estimates obtained to complete the balance of the work is excessive, however, we remain willing and open to a resolution.



Review: When I contracted my basement remolding with G. F. McLaughlin, I was told I would be provided with a Critical Path showing when the work would start, how the work would proceed, and when the work would finish. I asked for this document three times and was ignored. After 2 weeks of work, I was told that a time line had been developed showing the work would be done Oct 10th. I asked for this document 2 times and again was ignored. During the course of the work, I was never given the Critical Path or the permitted Plot Plan that showed the basement work that was permitted by the NCC Department of Land Use.Desired Settlement: I want them to send me the printed Critical Path they were working with and the printed Plot Plan that was submitted to the Department of Land Use in association with my renovated basement.



It is with regret that I respond to this complaint. Our company holds our customers in high regard, however, issues can and do arise in this line of work and we want to reply with an honest and forthright account. In the complaint our customer states that we offered a critical path schedule for the finished basement project. That statement is true, we do offer scheduling as an accommodation on our larger projects. As the project moved forward a critical path schedule seemed unwarranted, however, we did commit to providing that documentation verbally and we should have done so. It should be mentioned that the client was pleased with the final outcome of the project. Our company provided a great deal of "no charge" items above and beyond the contracted scope of work, including, free additional recessed lights, free R-13 insulation, free upgraded trim and free framing. Although we were mistaken in not providing the critical path schedule, the amount of extras and the quality of the final product should help to show our true intent as a conscientious contractor. It should also be noted that we have not been paid the final balance on the project.



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