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GFK Management Inc Reviews (3) have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meAdditionally, after having spoken to Michelle *** regarding this matter, I have a far better understanding of the difficulties GFK faced in making this transition of management servicesI feel that the Board of Directors of our Home Owners Assocwere complicit in the confusionMy apologies.Sincerely, *** ***

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because: GFK is STILL trying to replace our condo decks ("dry rot deck" scam) without an inspection by a CERTIFIED BUILDING INSPECTOR and the approval of MEMBERS (as required by condo law) even though they have been reminded of this law over and over again!!! NONE of our decks are having problems in a statement signed by ownersThey, earlier tried a "tired wires" scam to have us replace ALL of our UL inspected and approved electrical outletsWe, the owners of condos at Sunset Garden, want our board of directors to FIRE GFK and replace it with a property manager who has a long track record of acting LEGALLY!!! The best think for GFK to do for the community is to CLOSE their business and disappear somewhere!!, but they refuse to do this as our board president is "buddies" with GFK who even refuses to accept signed petitions of members to FIRE GFKAs our president won't fire GFK Management, we are hoping that GFK will go out of business SOON and we are submitting this report to expedite this happening!!! Sincerely,*** ***

We represent the Sunset Garden Owners Association ("Association"). The Association is anassociation of unit owners in the Sunset Garden Condominium in Renton. The Association is aWashington nonprofit corporation formed under RCW Chapter 24.03 and as such is managed byits owner-elected Board of...

Directors. RCW 24.03.095. The Board of Directors has, in tum,hired GFK Management, Inc. as managing agent of the Association, as expressly authorized bySections 13.4.3 and 15.3 of the Condominium Declaration for Sunset Garden Condominiumsrecorded in the official records of King County on January 28, 1992 under Document No.9201280836. (A copy of the Declaration is enclosed and attached as Exhibit A.) There is awritten management agreement in place between the Association and GFK Management, Inc.that authorizes GFK to assist the Board of Directors and carry out its directives.
The complaint submitted by [redacted] on December 25, 2015 asserts that GFKManagement, Inc. is engaging in "illegal" conduct by arranging for the replacement of unit decksat the condominium without an owner vote. Ms. [redacted] further contends that there has been noinspection of the decks by a licensed professional, and demands that the project be stopped.
Ms. [redacted] complaints are entirely without merit. First, under the Declaration, the Associationis responsible for the maintenance, repair and replacement of Limited Common Elements andhas the power, acting through the Board of Directors, to regulate the use, maintenance, repairreplacement and modification thereof. (Declaration §§ 10.4, 13.4.6 & 15.2) The unit decks areLimited Common Elements and therefore under the Board's jurisdiction. (§8.1.3) Ms. [redacted]suggestion that the Board lacks authority to repair or replace decks is unfounded. It follows thatGFK Management, hired by the Board, has authority to assist the Board with this project.
Second, before approving the deck repairs, the Board of Directors hired Kilburn Architects andDibble Engineers to inspect the decks and provide their opinions regarding necessary repairs.Both are licensed professionals. Based on a scope of repair prepared by Kilburn Architects, bidswere ultimately solicited from two licensed general contractors. The Board of Directors selectedthe low bidder, McLeod Construction, and on September 10, 2015 the City of Renton issued abuilding permit approving the repairs to the Building D decks (the building in which Ms.[redacted] unit is situated). Copies of the contractor bids and the approved building permit weresent to Ms. [redacted] on December 22, 2015. (A copy of the Building Permit is enclosed andattached as Exhibit B.)
Third, on December 10, 2015, the Board provided all unit owners with a Notice of Damage.This Notice (copy enclosed and attached as Exhibit C) met the requirements of Section 22.2 ofthe Declaration to notify the owners of the Board's determinations and the proposed work. Morethan 15 days passed after the Notice of Damage was sent to the unit owners. A special meetingof the owners to vote on the proposed work was not requested by any owner, let alone the"requisite number" of owners (20%) needed to call a special meeting for that purpose pursuant toSection 22.5.1 of the Declaration and Section 2.4 of the Association's Bylaws. Accordingly, anowner vote on the proposed repairs was not required.
In summary, the Board of Directors followed all proper procedures in the exercise of its lawfulresponsibility to maintain, repair and replace unit decks. Contrary to Ms. [redacted] assertionsboth a licensed architect and a licensed engineer evaluated the structures in question anddetermined the scope of necessary repairs. Bids were solicited from two licensed contractors andthe low bidder was selected. The Board provided proper notice to the owners of the proposedwork, as provided in the Declaration. No unit owners requested a special meeting to vote on theproposed repairs, let alone the minimum 20% of owners required to hold such a meeting. TheCity of Renton issued a building permit approving the work. All predicates to proceeding withthe repairs have therefore been satisfied and the Association, acting through the Board, andassisted by GFK Management, is authorized to commence repairs.
For all the foregoing reasons, Ms. [redacted] complaint is without merit and is rejected by GFKManagement, Inc. and the Association, and we consider the matter concluded. Should there beany further correspondence concerning this matter, please direct it to the undersigned. Thankyou.
[redacted]please see attached[redacted]

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Address: 100 W Harrison St STE N530, Seattle, Washington, United States, 98119-4173


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