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Gili's Automotive, Inc.

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Review: Failure to repair a my cars air conditioning system and refusing any kind of refund



Hey [redacted] came to our shop on June 14 2011 after a dealership replaced his ac compressor and condenser and a few other partshe wasn't happy with the results and came to Gilis automotive we charge his ac system and also found that the temperature blend door wasn't operating correctly he agreed to repair and picked up the car with Ac blowing at below 50 deg when out side well over 90 deg with high humidity he return to us on July 23 2012 with compliant againwe check the system again and found that there is a problem with the blend door it self and the only way to buy this door is to buy the heater box witch is the complete plastic box the house the air duct . we evacuated the ac system and replace the box .the ac controller did not operate properly and was replaced [redacted] contact us again may this year and said that ac never run good enough according to him!he told us that when he drive the car on the highway the temperature go down to below 40 deg and when at slow speed it at 50 .this is a good running system !! we even installed a high performance radiator fan the [redacted] purchase on it own at no charge and we told him that it will not help CAUSE THEIR IS NOTHING WRONG WITH HIS CAR! we checked the system and could not find anything wrong with the system and that point he request that we find a way to make it better but at this point we couldn't fix something that is NOT BROKEN! I will attached copy of the invoices WE at Gilis automotive warranty our work for 12 month or 12000 miles as you can see every time he comes into the shop is about a year later . I told him that I cannot help him anymore because nothing is wrong with his car ! he compare his car to other models with other AC system performances please add the amount he spent and you can see that its is less then what he asked for! I will also forward you our last conversation on email Thanks Gil



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

When I approached Gili's Automotive, I informed him that the repair of my Air conditioning system in my car was going to be difficult. I advised him that I had already taken the car to [redacted] for repair of my AC. They told me that I needed the replacement of both the compressor and the condenser. I agreed to this. When they effected the replacement, there was NO improvement in the functioning of my car's AC. The dealership then reinstalled my existing compressor and condenser, and charged me nothing for their services because they were unable to fix whatever was wrong with my car's AC.

I brought this fact to the attention of [redacted], the owner, showing him the paperwork for the attempted repair of my AC by [redacted]; and the no charge result with their failure to cause the AC to provide proper cooling of the car and the replacement of my existing parts onto my car. **. [redacted] diagnosed the car, determining that the AC was not functioning properly. He stated that he will solve the problem that the dealer could not, and that my car's AC would function to GM specifications.

I have spent over $2,400 with **. [redacted]'s business over the course of two summers trying to resolve the AC issues in my car. He has taken all of this money, and failed completely to provide a functioning AC system meeting GM specifications for operation. All that I have ever asked of **. [redacted]'s business is for my car's AC to be repaired properly and to work, which it does not do. He has responded to me saying that it works just fine and that I should be happy. If this were so, then I would not have had to spend ANY money on AC repair with him. He has taken my money for parts and labor and provided no satisfactory repair of the AC system. When I have attempted to bring the car back to him under warranty, he tells me that there is nothing that he can do for me and for me to leave, please. All that I have asked of him is to do what he has promised to do, which is to repair the car's AC so it would be working to GM specs. The car doesn't cool to GM specs; and he will not continue to make repairs at his expense; or to refund me my money for the correction he was unable to effect.

[redacted] was unable to correct the functioning of my car's AC and not only uninstalled the parts that they had concluded would cure my woes; but reinstalled the old compressor and condenser that were in the car AND DID NOT CHARGE ME A CENT.

All I am asking **. [redacted] to do is to either effect the corrections to the system that he promised to make or to refund my money. It is not a crime to fail. It is a crime to take someone's money, promising success, do nothing and to keep the money.

If you will please take a moment to review the email correspondence between myself and **. [redacted], you will see easily how I have been left with no choice other than to bring this matter before the You can review our communications by scrolling to the bottom and reading upward.

Thank you for your time and patience.

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Address: 12410 Washington Ave, Rockville, Maryland, United States, 20852-1822


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