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Gil's Gym & Raquet Health Club

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I was charged $100 for a membership that was [redacted] a month.I was a member of the [redacted] Gym in [redacted] since [redacted] 2012 before the owner of Gil's Gym bought it out. Upon the ending of my year membership with the gym I made a phone call to the new owner [redacted] and asked him if I could extend my membership another year at the [redacted] two year rate he stated that was fine. Another year went by I had my debit card compromised at the end of 2014 and again in the beginning of 2015. I was called by the gym stating that they could not charge my account and I stated that I thought my membership was already expired. [redacted] said that I still had a couple of months left this was [redacted] 2014 a month over my two year mark. I then gave [redacted] my new card number and he billed me for another 3 months until my card was compromised again in [redacted] 2015. My last payment to the gym was made [redacted] 2015 called the gym [redacted] to find out what the promise to cancel my membership was again I spoke with [redacted] who told me to write a letter of intent to cancel and told me that it took a month to process. I wrote the letter and stated that I was making the [redacted] my last months payment. In the beginning of [redacted] I got a phone call from the gym stating that they couldn't charge my account due to the change in card number from having my card compromised the month before I stated that I had cancelled my membership and wrote a letter stating that my last payment was going to be the month of [redacted] the person on the phone told me that they would inform [redacted] and said nothing further. The following week I was called again for the same reason and replied the same this time the individual on the phone told me that usually they make you pay the next month as your last and stated I'm not paying for [redacted] and wasn't giving my card number again because of the issues I've had with the card. A couple weeks after the second phone call I received a notice from a Debt collection agency for [redacted] My Fiancee then made a call to the gym and talk to [redacted] asking for the reason why we received a bill he stated that it was for last month payment and stated that he didn't know why it was [redacted] that it should only be [redacted] and that we had to call back to talk to the manager even though [redacted] owns the gym. On [redacted] 2015 I wrote a check for [redacted] in order to avoid any further issues with Debt Collectors and the Gym and mailed in the same day. [redacted] 2015 I received another notice in the mail stating that the [redacted] had yet to be paid and viewing my account the check had yet to be cashed. My fiancee made another call to gym stating that we received the second notice this time spoke we spoke with [redacted] who stated he was also unsure why the bill was [redacted] and stated it should be [redacted] for the month and [redacted] Late fee) and further stated that we should contact the collection agency for an explanation of the amount. The next day we made a phone call to the agency who stated that the [redacted] amount was sent in from the gym and that they had nothing to do with it. We followed that phone call with another call back to the Gym where we were told [redacted] would call us back and he never did. [redacted] 2015 the check was cashed after our inquiries for the explanation for the amount.Desired SettlementI am requesting the refund of the 3 extra months after the end of my 2 year membership [redacted] and the [redacted] charge made in [redacted]Business Response This gentlemen canceled with his written letter. He was advised it takes a month. In the mean time he was in collections for delinquency. His ** a month membership was in arrears for 2 months and had 2 twenty dollar service charges added to it. Total bill be ** if he did not feel that was the correct amount he should not of went in the check and stayed in collections.

I followed the cancellation policy on the back of the contract. The Gym proceeded to continue to charge my card for an extra two months. I kept calling to check if the cancellation letter was received and kept being brushed off. I then had to go there to fill out a cancellation form and was continued to be charge for one more month. I explained the situation to the owner and was spoken to belligerently. He was very rude. I was hung up on numerous times and then he preceded to call me back numerous times without stopping. I was not even asking for any refund just to not get charged for this month since I cancelled via the way the contract stated.Desired SettlementI would like the [redacted] for the [redacted] charge refunded. And I would like this to be somewhere other patrons can be informed. After researching I found many more people that had this issue and eventually had to close their bank accounts.Business Response This gentlemen needs to read his contract. He had a month to month and when you cancel its take a full billing cycles notice. If this gentlemen wanted his last payment to be [redacted] he should of informed us when he was in here on [redacted] or [redacted] His personal status after those dates do not change our policies. His cancellation has been processed and his last payment came out on the [redacted] of March. As for his comments about other patrons that it not even needed he has nothing to do with my other clients. It would of been a better choice to follow the rules rather than go out of his way to complain which is alot harder to do then un fact cancel.G [redacted]Consumer Response This does not resolve the case. I have the contract and followed the cancellation policy. The gym was notified. I also have numerous belligerent and threatening messages from the owner. They have horrible and unacceptable business practices. I followed policy they failed on their end. Final Business Response This guy did not listen to the rules plain and simple I am all done with talking about this character. Look his name up online he was arrested for stealing a ladies purse he is not a avid citizen.

Persists in billing for services not received despite certified letter sentOngoing credit charges attempted under various business names to credit card, even after credit company refused/ refunded at our requestDesired SettlementNo further billing by the company to my credit cardBusiness Response Guy never cancelled then sent cancel letter in [redacted] 2015 it take a month to cancel revert to contract so last payment wa sin [redacted]Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Had requested in [redacted] and told it takes a month, then that it needed to be in writing Copy of signed contract requested and not received Will accept if no further billingFinal Consumer Response

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Description: Health Clubs

Address: 159 Wilbraham Street, Palmer, Massachusetts, United States, 01069


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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Gil's Gym & Raquet Health Club, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

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