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I purchased some items in the store and the woman who handled my transaction processed my transaction as 229.57. She added 200 dollars and 2 cents. She said she would try to fix it. Then a man also working there encouraged me to digitally sign for the purchase on squareup to "fix it". I refused and they told me they cleared it out. They ran my card a second time also through square up for the correct purchase price of 22.95. I felt concerned that the other transaction went through and it seemed fishy since they were so adamant that I sign then dropped it when I challenged them. So I called my bank and it had been actually charged. They falsely told me it had not. I asked them to return the funds and they told me that I was being "irrational" and " didn't want to discuss it". I called my bank and reported the claim and Because they refused to work to reverse the transaction it will be five days until the funds are released, unless they collect and then it will be much longer. They were completely dishonest with me. Also the receipt they printed out reflects a cash transaction and not a credit purchase. I was too afraid to return the items I bought because they were incredibly rude and I was afraid to let them touch my card again.Product_Or_Service: Hair bows, knit cover for hand sanitizer, lip balmDesired SettlementI want the that were taken out of my account returned immediately without excuse. Work immediately with any financial institution necessary to facilitate return of those funds or release if any hold on those funds immediately. My financial institution claims that they have the ability to do this. They need to do a reversal of funds. They should stop asking people to sign credit card authorization for erroneous transactions. Stop ringing up credit transactions as cash. Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@aol.comI first heard about the incident from the people that were working the store that day. I spoke at length with the people who were there and their version is very different from the complainants.on the day in question the complainant came in to the store she purchase a few small items, the cashier totally by accident put into our the POS system THE SQuare 229.57, instead of 22.97, however she realized her mistake immediately and VOIDED the transaction. Then she charged the her the correct amount. The customer at that time had no issues and left the store. A few minutes later came back into the store screaming that we STOLE HER MONEY. and She was acting Irrational not letting the cashier even speak. We check our system again and explained to her that the transaction had never been charged and we didn't receive any money from her credit card company. The customer was at this point getting very upset, and demanded that we give her cash back for a transaction that never took place. she also made comments to other customers in the store at the time like,I would use your credit card here if I were you. WE immediately contact THE SQUARE who send us an email letter that explained that the transaction was voided and that it would be up to the customers credit card company to release the funds to her, We had no ability to release any hold because we had no hold. The Square also contacted her Credit Card Company and let them know that The Square would not be taking any funds from the card as the transaction was voided. We sent the email from THE SQUARE to the customer and it clearly said that the transaction was voided and it is her Credit Card Company who had the funds on Hold. The letter is very clear IT is also very clear that after numerous attempts to explain this to her, the only thing that would have satisfied her was CASH.... The customer then took to Social Media to bad mouth the store, accusations of us stealing her money and not doing anything about it. Once we told her that she was being slanderous she then deleted the things she put on Face book. I will not have some one in my store ranting and raving and making the other customers feel uncomfortable... While a mistake was made, we did everything in our power to fix it immediately. While I regret that a mistake was made , I am also not going to be shaken down by a customer who wants to get cash back for a charge that was never charged.. I suggest she understand her Credit Card Companies Policy before she starts screaming that some has stole from her. I can send you the letter from THE SQUARE that states that the transaction was Voided and it had no hold on any of her funds. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)This is not a true account of events. I at no time asked for cash. I insisted from the beginning, as documented in the numerous Facebook logs that I have regarding this subject and within my complaint to that I requested a release of funds. The owner states that she "sent" me a copy of the square report. What she fails to mention is that she did not email it to me, she posted it publicly on the review that I left ( which I have available for to view) and that she proceeded to further post publicly that I use MasterCard for my credit card. I at no time shared that information, nor at any time during our very public disagreement asked her for cash as she states. I have evidence showing that I simply asked her to follow through with a release of funds held, which according to my financial institution was never done, regardless of what she discussed with square. Rather than follow up with the failed release of authorization she chose to publicly share my cardholder info on Facebook and verbally abuse and threaten me. I did state that I would not use the card in her store and with good reason. We had to wait five days for her hold on our funds to "time out" simply because she refused to follow through with a process that would have cost her nothing. She fails to acknowledge that her employee asked me to sign to authorize the failed transaction to "fix" it. She has absolutely no documents showing that I asked for cash, however I have many logs showing the version I stated here. I already sent the logs from Facebook showing that she shared my private cardholder information but I can send them again along with the log of our entire public conversation in which giving me cash is never once mentioned . Sharing my credit information on Facebook is a violation of my privacy. Nowhere did I give her permission to do that. I am concerned about the possibility of fraud ensuing as a result of this breach.

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Description: Gift Shops

Address: 99 Church Street, Whitinsville, Massachusetts, United States, 01588


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