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• Jan 01, 2021

Deceptive Practices
Be aware of Give Me The Vin car selling website. I contacted them yesterday to sell my car and they extremely lowballed me offering $2000. I declined their offer since Carmax offered me $3600. I contacted Give Me The Vin (Chris Pearson) to request my $100 as they claim they will give you a $100 if they can’t beat Carmax’s offer. Chris Pearson woke me up at 7am this morning via text message and miraculously upped the offer to $3700 but with the stipulation that I drive 4 hours and drop the car off. Being a disabled Veteran I have a feeling Mr. Pearson expected that I could not drive the 4 hours including having no answers for me on how I would drop the car off and get back home. Expecting me not to be able to do this does 2 things, requires me to decline their offer that is now higher than Carmax and gives them the out on paying me the $100. They are frauds all the way around and I would stay far away from them at all cost! Especially Veterans watch out for these guys because they are out to hustle and lowball you for your vehicles and not do the right thing when they are outbid by Carmax! Stay Away from Give Me The Vin!

• Nov 15, 2020

I submitted my Ford F-150 on a Saturday and I had a check in my hand the following Friday! They were willing to pick up sooner, Wednesday or Thursday, but I had to schedule around work, which is why it was on Friday. Everyone I spoke with, from the very beginning of the sale to the very end, who was the gentleman delivering MY CHECK and picking up the truck, was VERY COURTIOUS and VERY PROFESSIONAL. These people have their stuff together! My wife and I, literally and simply, submitted the vehicle, submitted pictures, provided the proper documentation, IN A TIMELY MANNER, and removed my personal belongings. THAT IS IT. We did nothing else except take their money of course. I did my homework on CURRENT LOCAL VALUE and they paid me TOP DOLLAR for the truck! **I WILL USE THEM AGAIN, and I recommended them to everyone I know.
Jim- in Mesquite, Texas

We appreciate the opportunity to respondWhen GiveMeTheVin (GMTV) purchases vehicles from customers where there is a payoff to a bank (lienholder) it is our practice with every customer to 1) payoff the vehicle 2) write a check to the customer immediately for half of any equity in the vehicle
(amount over the payoff to the bank) and to 3) immediately pay the remaining equity to the customer once the title is released from the bank to usThe reason behind step is that sometimes the bank does not talk to us at GMTV because we are not the customer and banks have strict privacy lawsSometimes banks accidentally mail the title to the customer instead of to us, even though GMTV paid off the vehicleIf a customer receives all of their equity upfront they have no incentive to help GMTV out in case there is an issue with us receiving the titleIn essence, the customer still has a reason to help GMTV secure the title.Attached is a report from the State of Texas showing when the title was released from Mr*** bank - Toyota FinancialAt the bottom you will see that the lien was released on November 4th by the bank and the State of Texas issued us a titleIt was mailed and we received it on November 8thOn November 8th we sent a check to Mr*** via overnight delivery that he should have received today (November 9th). These procedures were explained in the paperwork signed by Mr*** when he agreed to sell us his vehicle and none of this should have been a surpriseWe certainly understand a customer wanting their entire equity up front, but hopefully customers understand that without the title to their vehicle we have no ability to legally sell their vehicle, even though it is in our possession. Thank you for the opportunity

Mr*** entered in our automated bidding system specific information about his vehicleOne of the questions our system asked him about was prior vehicle damage/frame damageHe answered that there was noneOur system bid accordinglyUpon further review we found the unit has FRAME/STRUCTURAL
damage. We adjusted our offer based off the undisclosed conditionWe also have the customer sign a FRAME damage disclosure form, to ensure cars purchases do not have frame damage. It is up to the customer to disclose such items before we research the vehicle and perform a physical inspectionCarfax and Autocheck are the two main vehicle research history companies in the countryEven though one of them did not show the frame damage, the other one didAnd this was discovered by us when we researched the vehicle accident history and title historyEven if we had missed that information, upon physical inspection the frame damage would have been noticed and we would not have purchased the vehicle based upon inaccurate information provided by the customer. Thank you

That story sounds good except they A) we told them we're driving it back B) they did not disclose clutch was bad.   We offered to keep deal together if they made repair, they said no.   We'll still buy it if they've fixed it, and they can bring to our office for a check.    We...

would never ever take off on a 6 hour road trip in a car that has known mechanical.   They also signed a damage disclosure form that clearly states they're guaranteeing no known mechanical or previous damage for this exact reason
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted]. Per my phone call with the "give me the vin" representative that contacted me to verify my mailing address in order to overnight the final payment; they had not received the title at that time. They in fact contacted the DMV and verified the title was processed and in transit as I requested of them, and because they verified this information independently I received my payment sooner than if I had not filed this complaint with the The response provided by this organization to this complaint filed with the is deceptive and manipulative. I am only accepting this as I have received final payment and consider the matter resolved. I will not be utilizing their services again. 

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