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Review: Went to get "gel" polish on my nails, this is the first time I have been to this place. They had what looked to be a really young boy do my nails. I get my nails done every two weeks and I know how they are supposed to be done. He first filed my nails to were 2 of them were crooked, the sides of all of my nails were also really sharp. He continues to polish my nails and it's not even done the right way. When you get gel your suppose to paint the whole nail including the top and underneath of the nail so it seals right, and you can't get any on the skin or it will peel off. Well he had the painted past my cuticles on my middle finger and had my pointer fingers skin polished. It literally looked like a 12 year old painted my nails! I finally paid and left, and literally cried on my way home(yes over ugly nails)finally I turned around and went back told them I wanted the polish removed and my nails redone the right way or I wanted my money back. They took the polish off and I was waiting for them to fix them and the wife I guess, came up and rudely started arguing with me telling me there was nothing wrong with them and they were perfect. Like really?! I told her to give me my money back and she started yelling at me and told me to leave and I wasn't welcome there anymore. I have never in my life had someone treat me that way and something needs to be done about it. Now I'm going to have to go somewhere else and end up spending 40$ to get my stupid nails done.Desired Settlement: I would like an apology from these rude people and my money back. I went to get my nails done for an interview I have coming up and got to leave with non polished nails with sharp corners that keep hanging on everything I touch. They may be a family owned business but they should care more about customer satisfaction than just taking their money and telling them to leave.



Dear Sir or Madam, Thanks for sending us a Customer Complaint Service. What happened was regrettable this is also a lesson for us to explain to customers more clearly. I am the owner of Glorious Nails, who is concerned with customer complaint. I would like to make a statement as such. On Friday of March 26th of 2016, this lady came to our nail salon stating she would like to get her nails done. She said, "I want to get a Gel Polish Change." Which is not Full Gel Service. The cost of Gel Polish Change are different. The service provided in these two differs as well. What she requested was Gel Polish Change which skips manicure and apply Gel Polish only. But Full Gel Service include manicure and the Gel Polish. The total time spent on her nails were at least one and a half hour. We recommended that she needed a Full Gel Service because her cuticles need to be cleaned up every two weeks, but she refused the offer saying she had them done two weeks ago. We reasoned with her saying her cuticles needed to be redone again, but she refused once more. So we just apply the Gel Polish. Finally when we're done with her nails. We looked at her nails and everything looked normal. She then paid 20 dollars and left. She came back a few hours later her mind changed, she barged in and told us to remove the Gel Polish so she can go redo the nail somewhere else. So we wasted an extra 30 minute to remove the Gel Polish. After we've removed the Gel Polish, she told us to refund the money or redo the whole Gel process again. We as nail technicians know even if we were to do the whole process again it wouldn't look as good as getting the Full Gel Service. We're happy to repair the problem if there was something with the nail, but we never agreed to redo the whole process on her nails we put so much effort into. We also double checked the nail, which was fine, therefore there wasn't a reason to redo the nail. Afterwards, we offer her free-of-charge on the removal of the Gel Polish. We then apologized to her that we cannot refund the money because we put so much work and time on. * In conclusion, she only ask for the Gel Polish Change not the Full Gel Service, which means she wanted to skip the manicure and that is why the nails weren't as perfect.* Secondly we doubled checked the nails when she came back, and nothing work. And if she wasn't satisfied with her nail why didn't she tell us to repair the nail while we were working on her. Which could've saved her money, our labor and our time. Instead she accept to pay, left, then came back with her mind changed.* We agreed to repair the nail if it was our fault, but never said to refund the money or redo the whole process again for no reason.* We do apologize for not explaining the differences between Full Gel Polish and Gel Polish Change. However we cannot refund the money because it was not our fault. Like we said before we double checked the nail. Otherwise she has to understand how to respect somebody's time and labor when they work on her. We hope she calms down and think before she publicly announce online misconceptions without reasoning, witness, and proof ,she would have to take full responsible for what she had done. Thank You Owner of Glorious Nails, Jenny & Phillip

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Description: NAIL SALONS

Address: 213 Electric Road Great Clips Lakeside Plaza, Salem, Virginia, United States, 24153


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