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Glow Stick Factory

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Ordered glow sticks online and credit card was charged immediately for the orderOn 2/26, I placed an order online for 50 yellow 4inch glow sticks for our local high school's Military Ball. My credit card was immediately charged $34.02 for this order. I never received a confirmation email of the order so I do not even have an order number. I have called this company 5 times and left a voicemail. However, I tried to leave another voicemail this morning(3/5/14) at 8:20 am but the recording stated that the mailbox was full and disconnected the call. I have also tried to contact this company via their website under the CONTACT US tab but I have yet to receive any communication from them. There is simply no excuse for this company to conduct business this way. I have since placed an order with a different company for the glow sticks. I paid $10 less with this new company AND received my order within 4 business days. Desired SettlementI would like to have my $34.02 refunded. I will never use this company again for anything. I am a mother to 5 children so $34 is a lot to me.Business Response customer selected parcel post the slowest shipping method with the post office . order was already shipped tracking number is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I have already ordered from another company. I would like a refund please. The unopened box will be returned.

Charged credit card but 2 weeks later, no package and no answer with company. [redacted] now harassing us about canceling our CC charge with CC company.I purchased glow sticks to hand out at our business to kids for halloween. ordered on 9/25 and purchased 100 glowsticks. order #XXXXXX for $63.30 by credit card. We received an e-mail confirming the order and the credit card was immediately charged. Normally, cards are not supposed to charged until order is shipped. 2 weeks go by and we have received no order, no further emails about shipment and cannot get in contact with the company. Tried calling the toll free number on the website and tried email through website with no response and we called and tried MULTIPLE times. We read reviews online about other customers saying the company is fraud and they never received the order so we immediately called our credit card company to stop the charges because we could not get in touch with company at all and never received the order. Credit card company refunded the charge to our account and said they would contact the company. We then received a phone call from the [redacted], [redacted] who was very angry and rude and said that we weren't allowed to cancel the charge with our credit card company and he was going to ship the package out next week. Well, we told him we didn't want the package anymore because it is already too late in October. We told him to not send the package and he said he was going to anyway and would charge our card again. We told him NO! and that we would refuse the package even if he sent it. He then wanted to know what the name of our business was and we would not tell him. [redacted] then said that he would call our phone number everyday until we told him the business name so he could write a complaint about us. We asked to him to stop calling us and not to contact us again and he needs to deal with the credit card company about the complaint and not us and we hung up. He then called back again requesting the name our business and we hung up again. He then called AGAIN under private caller and we told him to stop calling our number! He called AGAIN under private called and we immediately just hung up the phone. We have now contacted our credit card company again who has put a hold on our account so his company can never charge our card. We also contacted our local attorney generals office to file a report and would also like a complaint filed here with the This company should not be charging credit cards before the product ships. The company also advertises on their website that orders normally ship within 2-3 business days which is not true. We are concerned about what will further happen with this issue because he is continuing to call our number and harass us. We are currently trying to block the number he called from so he cannot call anymore. Desired SettlementWe just want this company to leave us alone and stop harassing us! Please have the [redacted], [redacted] stop calling our number and just stop the order!!! TELL HIM TO PLEASE LEAVE US ALONE! Business Response RE case XXXXXX[redacted] Customer placed order for Halloween Custom Imprinted Glow Sticks, Product was listed as not available for shipment until 1st week of October. Customer called to find status on order we advised order has been shipped and would have in 3 days , customer stated that she already disputed the charge with American Express and wanted to cancel the order. We advised that the order already shipped and the customer yelled at us saying they would refuse the shipment. We recalled the shipment with UPS and issued a full refund to the customer. The customers complaint with the is without merit. She ordered glow sticks, custom printed for Halloween even if shipped today would still arrive in time. The customer card has been blocked so that she cannot place any additional order with us or our resellers as we took loss on shipping both ways and credit card fees and toll free calls , as the caller stated the reason for cancel is because she saw complaints online 99.9% she claimed when in fact there is less than 1 complaint per year we been in business we advised that we have 100% positive over 20,000 on ebay and tried to explain that record is better to go by because only unhappy customers file complaints online as she has done. She said she did not care about our 20,000 positives feedbacks , she rather go with the 30 people who filed a negative . Its real unfair to us that we incur losses , its really sad because this vet made our company take losses and our company is owned by [redacted] Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of further assistanceThank You [redacted]Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)We ordered the Halloween glowsticks online and we wanted these glowsticks to hand out to our clients for the entire month of October, therefore we did not want them to send the glowsticks in the middle of October- 3 weeks past our order date. We tried calling and calling over and over to try and figure out when our order was going to ship and could never get a hold of anyone and had to leave numerous messages! We finally received a call from a woman at the company 2 weeks later and she said she was new to the company and just started working and was given a list of people to call about the status of orders, she told us that the glowsticks had just gotten to their factory and wouldnt be shipped for another few days and we told her that we already canceled the order through our credit card company and that we reported their company as fraud because we could never get a response about our order but our card was already charged. That is when we received a nasty call from the owner [redacted] harassing us about our order and that he was going to ship it anyway and there was nothing we could do about it. He then said he would call us everyday and we told him that we would report him. The reviews on this company is outrageous and he is rated an F through This complaint DOES have merit and he will not leave us alone. He still continues to call and email us and we just want him to STOP HARASSING US! This situation has gotten out of control and we have already reported him to the state police in Massachusetts and they are doing their own investigation to get him to stop harassing our business. He called 2 days ago from XXX-XXX-XXXX which is his company's phone number and he spoke to our front office staff and said that he was Secret Service with the US Government and needed to know our Company name and address. We looked up the phone number and saw that it was his company!!! We called back and we told him that we knew it was him from the glow stick company and he denied it even though the phone number he called from is the company's phone number!! IT IS ILLEGAL TO ACT LIKE THE SECRET SERVICE US GOVERNMENT AND GET INFORMATION ABOUT US!!!! We told him to NEVER call us again and we called our phone company and blocked ALL numbers that he is tied to so he cant call us anymore. He also has emailed us and said "stop calling our company, if you do not stop calling we will contact local police" but WE HAVE NOT CALLED THEM AT ALL AND WANT HIM TO LEAVE US ALONE!!!! WE WANT NO CONTACT WITH HIS GUY! [redacted] never told us that the package had shipped because it didnt, this is a lie! We told the girl who called us 2 weeks after our order that we did not want them to ship the package when she told us that it would ship in a few days. We told her to cancel the order because we already canceled our credit card! Thats when [redacted] called and was furious with us that we canceled our credit card and said he was just going to ship it anyway and we would have to deal with it. We will never place an order with this company and advise everyone else to avoid this company! We put a merchant block on our card so they can NEVER charge our card for anything again. The [redacted] says that they had to take losses but I don't see how because we canceled the order and the card and the package was never shipped. He needs to LEAVE US ALONE. The fact that his company is owned by[redacted] has nothing to do with this situation so how is that a valid argument against this??? All we wanted was some glow sticks to hand out for the month of October to our clients' children for their safety on Halloween night but now we are dealing with a harassment case. This is ridiculous and sad that [redacted] has brought the situation to this level and he needs to be stopped. PLEASE BLOCK HIM FROM ANYTHING TO DO WITH US NOW! HE NEEDS TO STOP CALLING OUR OFFICE AND HARASSING US AND STOP EMAILING US!!!!! The order is canceled so just leave us alone!!!!! All we were trying to do was something nice for the kids in our neighborhood! Final Business Response our company never called the customer nor make any claim to be with the United States Secret Service again the customer ordered custom Halloween glow sticks , she called to cancel the order, we recalled the package, issued a refund with American express. we have responded to each email, letters by mail and to these complaints. we are puzzled the customer was refunded in full we see the matter as closed. is there is nothing more we can do for this customer.

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Description: Novelties-Retail

Address: 36 Lake Road, Brookfield, Massachusetts, United States, 01506


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