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Aloha, Thank you for your e-mail regarding *** *** ***We are working with the owners of the property and are keeping them informed of the progressBoth the tenants upstairs and downstairs are in the process of moving outOnce the tenants have moved out and turned in the keys both units will be inspected by the property managerWe will then share that information of complete move out date and inspection results with the owners for their determination on what is owed and what refunds will be givenThis is decided by the owners. Respectfully,Don *P*** (R)

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/08/13) */
The tenant that filed the complaint lost a security key to [redacted], Inc. The building requires $150.00 for a replacement key. We buy the key from the building to replace the one that the complainant lost and we have no control over...

the policy making of any building that we manage or sell real estate in.
This is an unjustified complaint as we did not lose the key or make the house rules of the building.
[redacted] (R)
President/Principal Broker
Gold Coast Real Estate, Inc.
Final Business Response /* (4000, 12, 2014/08/15) */
Aloha [redacted],
Attached is the correspondence between the rental agent for [redacted] and their resident manager where the $150.00 replacement cost is noted.
[redacted] (R)
President/Principal Broker
Gold Coast Real Estate, Inc.
Final Consumer Response /* (2000, 24, 2014/08/19) */
This has been resolved between myself and the business. No need to proceed any further.

Complaint: [redacted]
We are rejecting this response because the business:1.  Never addressed the multiple complaints we provided the business related to the fact that the cable television we were supposed to receive was not regularly provided;2.  Never addressed the multiple complaints we provided the business related to the fact that the wireless internet we were supposed to receive was not regularly provided:3.  Never addressed the multiple complaints we provided the business related to the fact that for the last five (5) months the business leased outdoor property that was supposed to be ours to the neighbor;  4.  Never addressed the multiple complaints we provided the business related to noise upstairs;5.  Never provided us the name of the individuals who were leasing the other unit and still have not done so.  6.  When we contacted the business, they never asked us what happened or explored the most recent complaint we made that caused us to have to move to a new property in one day for our safety;7.  Solutions provided by the business included escalating the situation by calling the police and getting a TRO - the business took no responsibility for the situation that they created by not informing us that they were evicting the upstairs tenant and then made no effort to assist us in getting to a safe environment;    8.  The business has never explored the facts - we have significant documentation related to what we were not provided and email and text complaints that were never responded to; 9.  What if the property manager actually did not preform appropriately over multiple contacts and failed in her duties (either the business does not know or does not want to know)? and 10.  Now the solution is everything is fine because everyone moved out and that we need to pursue the owner for appropriate compensation for our losses (we will add the owners to the list of people we will be making a claim against);  Mr. P[redacted]' claim that this is the first complaint is false and the evidence is on your website.  Even if it was the first time that Mr. P[redacted] placed good people at risk, that is still no excuse for his total lack of an appropriate response to the situation.  We have more information but the business appears to lack interest in finding out what occurred.  The business refused to provide us with any legitimate assistance with the problem they alone created.  We shared earlier with Mr. P[redacted] that we will begin to work with people who WILL assist us.  Absent a sincere apology from Mr. P[redacted] and a reasonable settlement offer to cover the expense and emotional turmoil the business has caused us, we will continue to move forward.  People should not be subjected to this type of poor behavior by a business and we are confident that others will be treated as poorly as we were.  While acting in a legal manner is important, and we have always acted legally, doing the right thing is a higher standard that we go by.  This situation was so egregious that we will continue to do the right thing to make sure that others never have to go through this.  
[redacted] and [redacted]

Aloha,Thank you for the e-mail and the opportunity to reveal the company's side of the story. In my 20+ years of real estate management and having over 200 rental units, this is our first complaint we have received through the our rental agent Brandy C[redacted] (RA),...

of that property, received the concern from the tenant of the lower floor duplex regarding the actions of the upstairs tenant, she immediately contacted the upstairs tenants and the property owners. She also contacted the eviction attorney. Brandy went to the property to deliver a 10 day violation notice.  Two days later Brandy went back to the property with Honolulu Police Department with a failure to comply notice. She also let the upstairs tenant know that their lease would not be renewed. The upstairs tenant agreed to go ahead and move out and  that is in process now.We acted on the lower tenant's complaint as soon as we were informed. We immediately informed the eviction attorney. We brought in the Honolulu Police Department. We have kept the owners informed through the process. We have to follow the law in such a situation.We feel bad that the upstairs tenant upset the downstairs tenants. We understand that sometimes people mis-direct their anger at others than those who create the problem while we are here to legally resolve issues and legally remove people who fail to follow the rules. We will always provide the tenants names to either party who want to work through the laws and rules and regulations such as Filing for a Temporary Restraining Order.With both sets of tenants moving, the parties are being separated. We want all parties to be happy going forward while understanding we have to respect the rights of all involved.Respectfully,Don *. P[redacted] (R)    President Gold Coast Real Estate, Inc.

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