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Golden Corral Corporation

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• Nov 14, 2023

top of the liine location in ontario ca on 4th street
hello to all golden corral customers just a short an sweet message to corporate this one location in san bernadino county in ontario ca on 4th st all these workers an mangers should be some what rewarded for such a awsome an great outstanding job they do we have been regular customers for about a 1 year now an let me tell you the mangers an employees go for the extra mile an beyond they are very respectful an great service an the cleaness all the way around including thir bathrooms the whole staff doing a awsome an outstanding job it would be nice if the corpate would some what reward this location for such awsome great an outstanding work they all do every day I drive about 25 mintues away just to have a great meal an the awsome atmosphere at this location an let me tell you its sure worth my drive an I will continue to go to this location we would just like to let corpate know that this location is doing such a outstanding job for thir community an other customers well I guess an hope corpate would please forward this comment to the ontario ca location on 4th st ( thank you ) may everyone have a bless day ... comment from :: carlos & elsa & family in fontana ca thank you golden corral an god blees you all for such a great an outstanding job ...

• Aug 12, 2023

Manger destrespctfull
Manger very rude on the phone to handicap people at Golden cereal over the phone

Complaint Type: Customer Service Issues
Description of Complaint: On 02/14/2019 My husband and I went to dinner at Golden Corral at 8 pm. We had just sat down with our food when a server Lisa Lyons came up to our table and told me that I need to keep my F--king mouth shut and if her niece wants to see her brother then I F--king better let her. She then continued to call me a meth headpiece of sh-t this she yelled thru out the restaurant. Lisa Lyons is of no relation to my son. I went up to speak with the manager who could have cared less as he let her continue to wait tables on the floor he did not bother to give his name and only gave me my money back after I asked for it. I am a general manager at a hotel so I know how customers are to be treated. I was contacted by a John Bailey who on Thursday the 15th who said thats not what the employee said happened and he had to watch the security tapes and would get back to me on Monday 02/18/2019. I waited till Monday afternoon and called Mr. Bailey back. Mr. Bailey proceeds to call me a liar and that the employee has worked there for many years and that he can't find anything on the security tapes. I hung up on Mr. Bailey First you never call a customer a liar. 2nd you do not allow an employee to talk to a paying customer that way. Messages from Mr. Bailey I will be happy to compensate you meals at another location. I would have been happy to discuss the matter further but you hung up on me. The employee has been talked to and we have investigated. The employee is not being terminated but we do have strict guidelines on professionalism. I am the one to talk to about as we are a franchise. As I stated earlier we have spoken to all parties at the restaurant and dealt with internally. I got the voicemail you left corporate a few minutes ago and again we dealt with internally. I will be happy to give you a gift card to another restaurant as we do want you to have a good experience at Golden Corral Most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life an employee can verbally attack a customer and they get a talk.
Desired Settlement: Contact by the Business
Desired Outcome Description: Lisa Lyons need to be terminated if not terminated then suspended and made to take customer service classes the same needs to happen to Mr. Bailey.

I took my family out for new years eve for a good time at roughly 7.30pm and paid for a buffet only to find hardly any food inside and no deserts.When I asked for themto put out food and desert they told me that they were closing at 8.00pm because of the new year.This didnt just ruin my night by the rest of my family to and not to mention we hardly ate anything and went somewhere else afterwards.The service in this place was sub par and I wished that they could have told us this before paying for the meals.The total of out meals was two adults and one child totaling 35.81.The hot foods that they had out wasnt even that hot and the selection was very bad.We left very hungryDesired SettlementI would deffinately like a refund of the 35.81 or a free meal for my family.Im very reluctant for the free meal though because our last visit did put us all off.This place really does need to clean up and then ide deffinately reconsider another either way ide take a refund or a free visit on my terms that they clean up and have food stocked up and thathot food is hot and food areas are cleanBusiness Response The guest did not indicate which location he visited. Since it was over the holidays, we want to make sure we have the correct location. We sent an e-mail on 1/6 requesting confirmation of the location, but have not yet heard from the guest. Once we receive the information, we will follow-up with the appropriate contacts.Final Consumer Response The business responded and I have had a very satisfied can close the case and thank you

This ad has been up over one year. Two price increases have been enacted. Manager notified by me at least 3 times. home office emailed two times.[redacted]Local management seems to not care about this false advertisement. It is located on HWY 200 about 1/4 mile east of the interstate I75. I have been in line at this location when a customer complained about this sign and was not given the posted pricing. I have also complained several times about the false pricing and have not received any answer. It seems to me that they do not want to change or correct this problem. I included a photo taken today, 10/10/2014 showing this sign. The meal today (after 2 price increases) was $7.69 each, not the $6.99 advertised.[redacted]Desired SettlementCorrect the problem, or offer the senior meal at the advertised price. [redacted]Business Response This billboard will be changed out by the advertising agency in two weeks.Consumer Response This BB was corrected on 30 Oct 2014.Thank you for your help. [redacted]

Complaint27612 To: Corporate Office, [redacted] faxes [redacted] From: [redacted]On 11-23-14 I visited Golden Coral on 6803 159th and Harlem Rd. in Tinley Park, IL 60477 [redacted]. I had my daughter with me and I had two guests that arrived 15 minutes later. Hostess [redacted] sat me and my daughter at a 6 seat table then soon after a manager named [redacted] came in the middle of our meals and asked my daughter and me to get up out of our seats and move to a smaller table. I immediately told [redacted] that hostess [redacted] sat us at the 6 seat table when I told her that only 4 of us total would be dining. [redacted] raised his voice in front of customers and demanded that we move from the table and went on to threaten me and my guests [redacted] said he would throw us out the restaurant if we didnt move. Hey, this was my second visit to the Golden Coral! I was invited out previously to the this restaurant on Veterans Day because Im a disabled veteran. I can say that my 1st visit was good on 11-11.14. But on 11.23.14 after being mistreated by manager [redacted] I wont be visiting that location anymore I will probably be switching to the nearby [redacted] restaurant. Please remind staff and management common courtesy when dealing with the general public. I had visited GC paid for my meals and was rudely mistreated by staff. I almost filed a police report against [redacted] and [redacted] because I have witnesses!Product_Or_Service: foodDesired Settlement12.16.14I would like GCoral Corporate Office Customer Relations [redacted] to contact [redacted] and address this matter and my concerns listed above. [redacted] fax numbers are- [redacted] faxes [redacted]. There is no local regional Illinois GCoral office all customer inquiries/complaints have to be sent to the corporate office listed below no exceptions! Corporate HeadquartersMain OfficeGolden Coral Corporation[redacted]Business Response Good afternoon. My name is [redacted] and I am the Division President for Golden Corral. I am happy to resolve this situation right away. I will contact this guest today and offer resolution. If you need to contact me further, my email address is: [redacted]Consumer Response 1.18.15THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP. I WAS ALSO HELPED BY THE GCORRAL DIV. PRES.-PLEASE SEE HIS EMAIL INFORMATION RECENTLY TO ME BELOW.**Ms. [redacted], Good afternoon! My name is [redacted] and I'm the Division President for Golden Corral Corporation. It is my understanding that you had a poor experience at our franchised location in Tinley Park, IL. I would very much like to speak with you about this experience. I would like to offer some resolution - would you be so kind as to contact me by phone or via email so that we can review some details? My cell phone number is [redacted]My email address is: [redacted] I look forward to speaking with you soon... Best, [redacted]President - Division 3Golden Corral Corporation : ([redacted] Final Consumer Response

Greenville, NC Golden Corral. Today we lost an hour. Normally it would be 1055am but b/c of today it was 955am when I arrived. Poor food, service.Today I wanted a good breakfast and I had ate there before and was very pleased. Last time I had french toast sticks and bacon and both link and patty sausage. Today was a disaster all the way around.First I tried to get pancakes b/c there was no french toast. I had to wait in line 10 minutes while they cooked pancakes. When I got back to my table my drink was not refilled. I had sweet tea. After sitting down I had to wait longer to even get a refill and when I did it was aweful totally discolored and watered down. I ended up going up to the front to get more sweet tea. You could tell the difference from a dark brown color to a light brown. I turned around and waited 5 minutes to get the waitresses attention and she ignored me and went the opposite way. I then looked around for her but could not find her. Ended up showing the girl up front at the cash register the difference put the drinks down and left. I had to also wait 5 minutes to get bacon and when it arrived they rampaged it all the other customers like a pack of wild dogs. All that was left was bacon chucks that I don't eat. When asking a cook if they have anymore bacon they said that's all they have.There was no sausage links either and I tried to pork sausage patties but they were undercooked and awful and I don't eat turkey sausage. Again no french toast sticks and have to wait 10 minutes to literately get 3 pancakes that's if you make it through the crowd without getting run over by a 500 lb whale.Every time I go there I get harassed by people in the lobby begging for money. Its very annoying. If I want to donate to a charity I will do so. I'm just trying to have a decent meal with good customer service. Oh my waitress name today was [redacted] I twice tried to call 411 to speak to a manager and their phone does not work. XXX-XXX-XXXX. I'm not a person that usually complains. I'm normally a good tipper and take care of my waitresses. But considering I had no refill for 10 minutes considering I had to walk to the front myself to get a refill b/c the refill I was given was not acceptable. And that I literally turned around in my seat for 5 minutes and called her name while she just ignored me and walked the other way that is why she didn't get a tip. I had got out 2 dollars for tip money and the meal was like 9 dollars plus whatever the tea. To add insult to injury she asked the guy behind me if everything was alright. Desired SettlementI would like a breakfast buffet to contain breakfast. And since I was able to have french toast, plenty of pancakes, linked sausage, patty sausage I was paying money expecting to have breakfast. When I arrived the cooks didn't realize that it was an hour earlier today b/c everything out there was lunch and that is not acceptable when I paid at 955am. A free buffet would be in order if possible. And the fact that their phone number does not work is unacceptable.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Email: [redacted]@platinumcorral.comMr [redacted] was contacted by the manager of the restaurant he visited. He was provided complementary meal passes, and it is our hope that he continues to done with us. We are confident his poor experience will not repeat itself. Our operations team have taken steps to address the particulars he described.

My gift card was voided for no valid reason.My mother-in-law gave my wife and I a $50 gift card for Christmas of 2013. We used it once in January of 2014 leaving a balance of $33 remaining on it. When we just tried to use it again in January of 2015, we were told there was no money left on the card.I contacted Golden Corral corporate immediately and was told that the card was voided due to fraud. They said that someone purchased the card using a stolen credit card. That is incorrect as my mother-in-law only pays cash for her purchases. Unfortunately, I cannot produce as receipt as they requested since this was purchased over a year ago. We had already used the card once and figured everything was fine so there was no need to keep a receipt. The only receipt I have was when we made a purchase using the card in 1/14 showing that the balance remaining was $33.Desired SettlementI want the $33 refunded back onto my Golden Corral gift card that they wrongly stole from me. I can say with 100% certainty that there was no fraud involved in the purchase of this card.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] Golden CorrContact Phone: [redacted]Contact Email: [redacted]Thre has been several correspondences between complaintant/his wife and Golden Corral personnel. The complaintant was informed that his gift card was purchased on line at www.Golden card on 12/23/2014 for $50 by a person using a stolen credit card. The owner of the stolen credit card advised their bank who advised Golden Corral of fraud activity and to deplete any balance on gift card. The balance on gift card, $33.06, was removed on 4/21/2014.There is no information how complaintant received gift card. (he said present from wife's Mother). Golden Corral only sells Golden Corral gift cards directly at Golden Corral restaurant locations and online at card and we do not offer and are not responsible for gift cards obtained via [redacted] or any other re-seller or website. The complaintants wife was emailed this information on 2/5/2015. The complaintant has all the above information but continues to post on [redacted] that no one has contacted him about this situation. There is no telephone number available to contact him directly to try to bring closure. We are glad to discuss this more in detail with complaintant.Consumer Response This matter has been resolved to my satisfaction.

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