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Goldsmith Jewelers

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The customer has been able to use the data each month however, it was the picture mail that he was having issues with. The regular data settings we have for all androids was not working with his phone (Samsung Galaxy S 5) so I explained I could have a specialist call to walk him through further...

steps as well as issue a $20 credit to the account.The customer has chosen to continue the month and shop for another service. I have let him know if he changes his mind we will still issue the credit and do our best to further assist with getting his MMS back up and running. this time, I have not been contacted by Ultra Mobile regarding complaint ID [redacted].Sincerely,[redacted]

[redacted]  our customer service lead has been in contact with [redacted] and we will be issuing her a new number because the SIM went to neutral and shows aging already.  We have escalated this to be done ASAP which should fix the issue.  [redacted] called [redacted] to inform her of us cleaning up the initial port request, detaching the SIM to that so we can use it to get a new number for her assuring her that we're taking care of her concern.  Thank you this time, I have not been contacted by Ultra Mobile regarding complaint ID [redacted].Sincerely,[redacted]

On our website at under FAQ's it states information pertaining to not paying for the plan. This can be found at under HELP, FAQ's and what happens if I don't make a payment. Please see below for the print screen of the FAQ's on our website pertaining to our plans and non renewal of the plans. Thank you. If you do not pay your bill before your renewal date, your account will be suspended. When your account is suspended, you cannot make or receive calls or SMS messages, and you will not be able to use data. Emergency calls to 911 and calls to our 611 customer care line will still work.After your account is suspended, you will have 30 days to make your payment. Once those 30 days have passed, we cannot guarantee that your number will still be assigned to your account. After 30 days, your number will be hard-deleted from our system and will no longer be retrievable. The customer can activate on a new number however the previous number has been deleted due to non payment for over 60 days. this time, I have not been contacted by Ultra Mobile regarding complaint ID [redacted].Sincerely,[redacted]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

[redacted] I couldn't wait. My daughter has new number.The fact remains that last year she kept the same number.I'm getting what I'm paying for, NOTHING! But for now, that's all I can afford.Thank you for your efforts,[redacted]
In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above.

4/** Our customer service lead [redacted] tried calling but were only able to leave a voice mail.  We have been unable to reach the customer to date.  The issue is there was a problem with TMobile when she tried to port her number over to us.  The request was...

submitted  on 2/**, but the system cancelled as unportable (error received from current provider that didn't match or the area code was not being served) on 2/**.  We would like to assist the customer in porting over the number, but need to speak to her to do so.   Please encourage the customer to contact us for direct assistance [redacted]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because: I have a answering machine and I didn't receive a call from UltraMobile.  I would love t resolve this problem and don't understand why you will not refund  my monies.  I had tried in the beginning to have your representative to give me a new number and they said they could not do it.  Please help me to understand why you, a big business cannot resolve my problem.  [redacted]  [redacted]  [redacted]
In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above.

Review: I took a ladies watch to Goldsmith Jewelers on December 10, 2015 for repairs and to have the band size increased. I was given an estimate of $185 not including parts. He had the watch for six months, never called to let me know of any additional costs.

When he called to let me know it was ready in mid-June, I was shocked to find the cost was $705. He never called me and I never authorized the cost for the diamond links he used to increase the band size.Desired Settlement: Remove the diamond links and reduce the cost of the final repairs.



There are two separate issues here. 1) Mr. [redacted] is not the owner of the item in question, he simply brought it in for the owner, [redacted]. We have been in touch with Ms. [redacted], and discussed the matter at length. Ms. [redacted] understands the charges for the extensive work done to her late Mother's timepiece, and concurs they are fair in lieu of what has been done, as was originally requested. She has assured me that she wants her timepiece in it's current completed state, and compensation will be forthcoming.Based on this alone, Mr. [redacted]'s flagrant accusations, allegations, and lack of knowledge of the specifics incurred, should warrant a complete dismissal of this complaint.Should it be necessary to continue this complaint made by an uninvolved party, then we will respond with 2) The numerous discrepancies of Mr. [redacted]'s statement, verbal threats, accusations, and so forth as is deemed appropriate.



I have reviewed the response offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

Your contract is with [redacted] not [redacted]. I have talked to [redacted] and ask her to leave this business between you and me. I did not appreciate your handling of my watch and the price on making the bracelet one inch longer with a price tag over 500 dollars without at least one attempt on trying to contact me. While having the watch for over 6 months, one phone call would have been efficient. I am asking you to remove the bracelet part to make it longer or negotiate with me on a reasonable price we both can agree to.




The watch does not belong to Mr. [redacted]. His relationship with [redacted], the owner of the watch, is their business, although they seem to want to put me in the middle. I want no part of that.(period)Who is "[redacted]" (?)The watch was brought to me on 12.10.15 @ which time I told Mr. [redacted] it would be several months to complete the two separate parts of the repairs. Mr. [redacted] seems to forget the times he has called me and come into the store in the interim. It is not feasible for me to be expected to contact each of my customers as their repair work progresses. On or about June 1st Mr. [redacted] came into the store. It was at this time that I showed him the progress of the repair, how the ladder extension had already been installed, and that the movement work had been completed. I thoroughly explained to him that although the extension was in place, I wanted it to look more professional and complete and would be spending several hours as well as adding additional gold stock to complete the piece. It was at this time I gave him a promised date of 10 days.On June 10th I called the phone number he had given me, and spoke with his answering machine stating the watch was complete and ready to be picked up. About an hour later Mr. [redacted] called back to ask specifics. When asked the total cost I then explained that the cost for the movement was the $185 I had estimated and no additional parts were needed for the movement portion. The total bill to extend the length 1.25" was $525 for a total of $710. Immediately Mr. [redacted] started yelling at me on the phone, with all sorts of comments not fit to be printed here. I took his abuse for a full 10 minutes before I asked to come in at his convenience, to pick up the repair.Mr. [redacted] & [redacted] came into the store on the following day, Saturday, with Mr. [redacted] standing six foot inside the front door and Ms. [redacted] going down to the other end of the counter. Immediately Mr. [redacted] started in with his onslaught of abuse which I accepted before telling him I'd already heard all of this yesterday & was not going to stand there and listen to this again. Ms. [redacted] interceded at this juncture, and asked Mr, [redacted] to calm down. She then requested to see "her" watch. I showed her the watch and itemized all of the time and money I'd already put into the piece. She seemed pleased with the work and the two of them left the store. Ten days later I received an email from the stating that a complaint had been filed against my business. I telephoned the local to ask how to access the file. Having read the complaint, I printed a copy of it. Later the same day [redacted] came in to the store, having called me several days earlier, asking that we sit down & discuss "her" watch and it's repair. I spoke with her for an extended time explaining every segment of the repair, which I will innumerate shortly, and all that had been done on behalf of this repair. Ms. [redacted] realized and verbalized her acknowledgement of how the costs were derived. She asked me if she could pay the bill over an extended period of time, to which I agreed.When the watch was left for repair an estimate was given for the movement repair. The client then requested the band be extended. He was informed that this was a time plus materials item. NO estimate was given, nor was an estimate requested. At any of the contacts (yes, initiated by Mr. [redacted]) HE could have requested that I provide current time & materials. Mr. [redacted] Did Not.The breakdown for repair is as follows: 1) Watch Movement Repair $185 (as originally estimated) 2) Materials for the lengthening of the band, 14k white gold plus solder & laser wire $225 3) Labor charged at $50/hour=$300. Total $710.oo.Reality is I spent well over the six hours billed. I also did not charge for removing the case back engraving, & re-engraving the personalized inscription: “[redacted]” which is typically another $40.Attached is a picture of the completed piece. As can be seen, the extension is an integral part of the entire piece. It is in no way practical to remove the segment as has been requested, without incurring at least another 2 hours of labor. And then, the watch would no longer fit the owner’s wrist.Mr. [redacted] assumes that it is a simple matter of removing the extension, which it is not. It’s far more involved.As of this submission, I have incurred the additional time spent to explain multiple times to Mr. [redacted] & Ms. [redacted] the full explanation of charges. In addition, I have submitted responses to each query through the All told, this is an additional 3 plus hours spent on Mr. [redacted]’s behalf, and 3 hours that could have been spent assisting other customers with their needs. Money out of my pocket. There is no way Mr. [redacted] is justified in his demands. I am willing to allow the client time to pay off the repair, without interest, but it must remain in my possession until the $710 have been received.Thank you for your attention in this matter…

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