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Complaint to the of Greater Springfield regarding Goodless Electric Company
We are seeking the help of the to help arbitrate a complaint against Goodless Electric Company, *** *** *** West Springfield, MA XXXXX, regarding our purchase of a generator and a contract for its maintenance six years agoWe discovered during the summer of that the Generac emergency generator we purchased through Goodless Electric Company in was inadequate to provide the minimal electricity requirements of our homeDespite the routine maintenance of the generator by Goodless Electric Company each year since its purchase, the deficiency was not identified by company techniciansWhen the generator failed to work during a power outage this past summer, further damage to it occurred because the technician employed by Goodless Electric Company was not familiar with the basic requirements including oil replacement and battery maintenanceDamage

Complaint to the of Greater Springfield regarding Goodless Electric Company

We are seeking the help of the to help arbitrate a complaint against Goodless Electric Company, *** West Springfield, MA XXXXX, regarding our purchase of a generator and a contract for its maintenance six years ago. We discovered during the summer of 2018 that the Generac emergency generator we purchased through Goodless Electric Company in 2012 was inadequate to provide the minimal electricity requirements of our home. Despite the routine maintenance of the generator by Goodless Electric Company each year since its purchase, the deficiency was not identified by company technicians. When the generator failed to work during a power outage this past summer, further damage to it occurred because the technician employed by Goodless Electric Company was not familiar with the basic requirements including oil replacement and battery maintenance. Damage was accrued as the result of the faulty maintenance.
We have discovered that the generator was situated by Goodless technicians at a site dangerously and illegally close to our home. Siting the generator so close to our kitchen and basement window exposed our family to potential toxic fume exposure.
Most disturbing about our experience with Goodless Electric Company is the irrefutable inadequacy of the product sold to us. The emergency generator was equipped with a circuit breaker deigned to shut the device down when the electrical demand was less than the minimal amount necessary to meet our home's summer requirements. In light of the ease of computing the electrical demands of our refrigerator, air-conditioning system, and attic fan, it should have been quite simple to assess the inability of an 8 kilowatt generator to provide adequate electricity should even a single electric stove burner be turned on during a summer day.
The clear and unequivocal inadequacy of the product and service provided to us by Goodless Electric Company resulted in our need to purchase a replacement generator from an alternative company. The cost of replacing the generator was more than $7,000.00. In light of our unsatisfactory experience with Goodless's technicians who were totally incapable of diagnosing the problem, we chose to use technicians from another company to provide the wiring and maintenance for the new machine.
Some office personnel associated with Goodless Electric Company have been helpful to us, and technicians have been polite, but the response of the company to our complaints has been uniformly slow and inadequate. When the owner of the company finally responded to our complaints, his offer was completely inappropriate and inadequate. We want Goodless to contribute at least half of the cost of replacing the inadequate product they sold to us, sited inappropriately, failed to adequately maintain, and charged us for maintenance without providing technicians who adequately understood the product.
Goodless Electric Company cannot claim to provide satisfactory products and service to its customers while failing to respond in a reasonable time period to complaints and failing to offer reasonable compensation for financial losses for which it is responsible. We are asking the to help us reach a satisfactory arbitration agreement with them.

*** and ***
*** Road
Longmeadow, MA 0106
Product_Or_Service: Generic Emergency Generator
Order_Number: XXXXX
Account_Number: DXXXXX

Desired Outcome

Refund As described above, we suffered a considerable financial loss as a result of inadequate service on an inappropriate product. We request that the management of Goodless Electric Company acknowledges that the problems were due to poor training of their personnel regarding how the generator operates, and its obvious power production limitations. We request the reimbursement of half the $7000 cost of replacing the inadequate emergency generator, and associated expenses.

Goodless Electric Company Response • Jan 10, 2019

Dear ***

Please find this letter as a follow up to our brief conversation on January 2, 2019 in the above mentioned case.

As discussed, Goodless Electric turned this matter over to our attorney the prior to receiving any notice from the At this present time I have forwarded the complaint to our attorney and I will keep you in the loop as things progress.

If you should have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.

Customer Response • Jan 11, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
As we described in our initial complaint, and have expressed on numerous occasions in writing to both Mr.' representatives and to Mr. himself, no formal offer has ever been made to reconcile our complaints of poor performance by Goodless Electric Company. No apology or formal offer of financial restitution exists. All verbal discussions with an administrator at Goodless Electric Company were initiated by us after long delays by the company. Even the most casual mentions of potential restitution by company administrators have always been followed by, " I don't know when I can discuss this with Mr.."
In light of our dissatisfaction with the quality of service provided, we prefer a cash settlement to any offer of provision of services by Goodless Electric. However, it is important to point out the lack of any formal offer of restitution of any kind.
We believe that referring the matter to his lawyer reflects Mr. lack of interest in finding a mutually compatible solution to our complaint.

Goodless Electric Company Response • Jan 15, 2019

Re: My Client: Goodless Electric Company, Inc.
Consumer: Ms. *** Complaint ID: XXXXXX

Dear Sir/Madam:

Please be advised that this office represents the interests of Goodless Electric Company, Inc. with regards to the above-referenced Complaint. As detailed below, Goodless Electric Company, Inc. (hereinafter â??Goodless Electricâ?) respectfully disputes that it has committed any unfair or deceptive acts or practices against the Complainant and has made every effort to respond to her concerns and offer resolution of her claims to no avail.

Goodless Electric Company, Inc. has been in business for over 70 years and prides itself on its reputation for delivering electrical goods and services to all of its customers whether they are commercial, manufacturing or residential in a good and workmanlike manner and at a fail price.

Please allow this letter to serve as Goodless Electric Company, Inc.â??s response regarding the above-referenced complaint.

In the fall of 2011 the Complainant and her husband contacted Goodless Electric and requested a quote for certain electrical work to be performed at their home in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Goodless Electric went to the home and spoke with the complainant(s). The complainants stated that they wanted a generator but did not want to spend a lot of money on one and that they only needed limited power for a few items in the event of an outage, including their refrigerator, stove top and lights. Goodless Electric technicians explained that in their opinion this was not the best way to go. They fully explained the limitations of a smaller generator and recommended the purchase of a larger (20kw) generator. Despite this disclosure, the complainant(s) requested that Goodless Electric quote the cost for a smaller generator.

Goodless Electric subsequently quoted an estimate for providing and installing an 8 kw Generac generator, a 100 amp transfer switch, required cable and conduit for the generator, generator pad and electrical permit fee. The costs for gas pipe installation were specifically excluded although

the hookup would be coordinated by Goodless Electric. A written quote was provided to the complainant(s) on December 12, 2011, a copy of which is attached hereto.

The limitations of the size of the generator being requested by the comp1ainmt(s) was thoroughly explained to them and they stated that the identified generator would be more than sufficient for their intended purposes which are stated above.

Subsequently, the estimate was accepted by the comp1ainant(s) who authorized the work to proceed. A deposit was given in December 2011. The job was completed in April of 2012 and by June of 2012 the complainant(s) had paid the outstanding balance of their bill. All necessary permits were obtained by Goodless Electric and the installation was inspected and approved by the town electrical inspector.

The complainant(s) requested, and Goodless Electric provided, yearly generator maintenance beginning in August of 2013 through August of 2018. The complainant(s) never once complained about the generator or its limitations to Goodless Electric until 2018, over six years after the installation of the generator. Goodless Electric continued to maintain the genemtor yearly without incident.

In May of 2018 Goodless Electric acknowledges that there was a mistake made during the yearly maintenance of the complainant(s) generator and Goodless Electric promptly sent its technician back out to correct the error. Shortly thereafter, Goodless Electric received a call from the complainant(s) stating there were lights on the generator indicating something was wrong. A technician was sent out and worked with a Genersc technician who discovered there was an issue with the electrical board in the generator. Generac (the manufacturer or the generator) provided Goodless Electric with the name of a company who could replace the board. Goodless Electric explained the situation to the complainant(s) and the complainant(s) understood that the cost of replacement of the board would be their responsibility.

At the time the technician was evaluating the generator board, which a Goodless Electric technician was present for, it was discovered that the mistake made by the Goodless Electric technician during regular maintenance caused oil to get into one of the generator filters.
Goodless Electric advised the complainant(s) that it would pay for the filter and the technicianâ??s time.

Around this time it was discovered by Goodless that the complainant(s) were using the generator to power their air conditioning, which was never something that was specified to run with this generator, and the complainant(s) then began to complain that the generator was too small.
Goodless Electric obtained pricing for the customer for a new larger generator and, solely in an effort to keep the complainant(s) happy, Goodless Electric advised the complainant(s) that it would agree to waive the installation costs for the new generator. Goodless Electric was then advised by the complaioant(s) that they did not want Goodless Electric to install the new generator.

The complainant(s) subsequently hired another company to replace their generator. They then contacted Goodless and asked for compensation . As prior customers, Goodless Electric had previously offered to wire the new generator for the complainant(s) which was approximately
$1,200 in labor costs. The complainant then stated that her husband would like a credit of
$1,000 to be used for future electrical work which Goodless tentatively agreed to. However,

before Goodless Electric could call the complainant back, she called again and stated that she wanted at least $3,000 in monetary return (not a credit), which Goodless Electric respectfully could not agree to. Based on my clientâ??s information, the trade in value of the prior genemtor was $450.00.

The essence of the complainant(s) claim, putting aside the one faulty yearly service which Goodless Electric had rectified, was that Goodless Electric Company, Inc. sold the complainant(s) a generator that was too small to meet their needs. It is significant to note that the complainant(s) did not complain about the size or use of the generator for 6 years and it was not until there was an issue with the service of the generator in 2018 that the complainant(s) were suddenly complaining that the generator in question was not sufficient to meet their needs and that Goodless Electric was somehow responsible for selling them the wrong size generator.

The complainant(s) ultimately used a new company to replace the generator in question with a whole house automatic standby generator system of 19.5 kw, over twice the size of the generator installed by Goodless Rlectric. Goodless Electric, from the beginning, had advised the complainant(s) about the limitations of the size of the generator that had been installed in 2012. With all due respect to the complainant(s), they got what they paid for which was a small generator. They did not want to spend money on a larger generator. They then used this generator without complaint for 6 years and then all of the sudden in 2018 they are claiming that Goodless Electric sold them the wrong size generator. We respectfully question the credibility of the complainants in this regard.

As much as Goodless Rlectric would like to make the complainant(s) happy (like it does with any customer), Goodless Electric feels very strongly that they have done nothing wrong in this situation and have gone above and beyond in an attempt to make the complainant(s) happy.
Numerous attempts were made by the service manager at Goodless Electric to satisfy the complainant(s) to no avail. In December of 2018 a final letter was sent from Goodless Electric to the comp1ainan(s), a copy of which is enclosed.

Goodless Electric Company, Inc. respectfully denies any wrongdoing or any unfair or deceptive business practices with regards to the complainant(s).

At this time given the obvious breakdown on relationship, Goodless Electric Company, Inc. will no longer be able to provide electrical goods or services to the complainant(s).

If any other information is needed, please contact me directly. Thank you.

Customer Response • Jan 18, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Goodless Electric Company continues to respond to our complaint that they sold us an inadequate emergency generator and provided inadequate training for their service personal despite signing yearly maintenance contracts for the unit. Rather than discuss or negotiate a reasonable resolution for the problem, the owner of the company has referred all further issues to his lawyer. The lawyer has sent letters to the denying any responsibility for the inadequacy of the product or its servicing, despite the absolute lack on the part of Goodless Electric of any documentation that they provided a good product and adequate service at a reasonable cost.
Goodless Electric Company installed a generator that will automatically shut down if it is required to provide electricity during the summer. A circuit breaker on the generator will not allow the production of the necessary electricity to power our home in the summer. The problem was not discovered until a summer power outage identified the need for greater electricity than the unit can provide. That information was definitely not provided to us at the time of purchase. Goodless service people were unable to recognize the problem. Better trained technicians employed by another company immediately recognized the unit's inadequacy. They provided and installed an adequate unit at a lower price than we originally paid for an inadequate one. We sought a new provider because, as can be seen from the dates of our communication and Mr ***'s response, we found dealing with Mr. to be delayed and his company's quality of performance to be lacking.
The response by Mr.' lawyer is totally insufficient, and we believe it reflects many of the reasons why we find the attitude of Goodless Electric Company to be sadly unprofessional. An admission that the product and their services were not up to the standards to which they profess to aspire, and an offer to share some of the cost of remediating the problem, would be appreciated.

Electrical problem concerning alarm systems was never diagnosed and corrected. Yet company keep charging for the same issue going on until this date.On 5/19/2013 alarm systems at [redacted] XXXXX went off due to storm and Goodless was called in. Unfortunately the electrician never diagnosed the issue as a short, instead changed the alarm systems. I was charged for initial $175 for initial troubleshooting the issue and $534 for changing the alarm systems.0n 7/1/2013 same call was placed again for the same alarm systems going off. This time another electrician was sent. He diagnosed the problem to be a short in the system. Goodless again charged me another $175 for the same issue but never fixed the issue. When I called to find out what was going on that I was being charged without the actual job done I was told they were unrelated issue. That is clearly a deceit. The initial problem was a short, they failed to address and fix it, instead other jobs were performed and the same issue continues to occur. I'm asking that they repair the initial problem they were called for at no charge or refund all the expenses paid for. Desired SettlementI'm asking that the initial problem be corrected without any further charges. That is, the short which was the initial problem be corrected before it keeps recurring and more charges thrown at me.Business' Initial Response On May 20, 2013 at 12:02 a.m. our tech was called out to [redacted] in [redacted] He was told the fire alarm system was going off and they needed him to shut it off. This calf came from [redacted] (the owner of the property). When my tech arrived at the location the Fire Department was there as well as the Electrical inspector. My tech was told the alarms had been going off all day long. My tech inspected the location and shut off the alarms. He found that two of the alarms were missing altogether and the existing smoke detectors were outdated. He let [redacted] know that they had to be updated. He charged her for the emergency service call of $175.00. (We have 24hr emergency service. Two hour minimum plus a $5.00 trip charge.) This is a new customer so It is COD. The owner of the property gave her credit card. The tenants were placed in hotels and we were asked to return the next day and replace the smoke detectors. The following day the chief of the fire department called me and the electrical inspector and asked to have the paperwork forwarded to them also upon completion of the job. On May 20, 2013 my tech went out and installed (6) new hard wired smoke detectors and (2) new carbon smoke combos. The owner asked that we not charge the card she had given previously and to call her with the bill and she would give me a new card. We charged the customer for the new materials and the time to install them which was $534.83. I called the customer that afternoon with the total and she told me I needed to speak with her husband. I called two more times and left messages. [redacted] finally returned my call and told me he would not pay that kind of money for the work that was done. I replied that I would not send hi the permit as required by the electrical inspector until payment was made on his end. [redacted] did not pay the bill until May 30, 2013.On July 1, 2013, our answering service received a call from a [redacted] at approximately 6:45 p.m. [redacted] is one of the tenants at [redacted]. I told my tech he would not be able to go to that location until we spoke with the landlord and he authorized us to go out. I personally called [redacted] and let him know that his tenants were having a problem and we needed his approval to go out. He told me to send my tech. My tech went out and he was there for 1 hour and a half. He found there was a short in the system. He called the owner to let him know the situation. The owner told him it was our problem and he was not paying us any money to do any other work. We installed new smoke detectors in the existing locations. We did not do anything with the wiring in the house, because we did not do the wiring to begin with. My tech called me and he estimated that it would take him a few more hours to repair the problem. (The owner also told the tenant not to sign any paperwork from our company.) He was yelling and rude to the tech so I told the tech to leave. I called the owner the following day and left him a message. He did not return my call. He called my technicians work cell phone and told him to return to complete the job. I again called [redacted] and let him know that I cannot return to do anymore work without payment.We sent him a bill for the overtime call. He responded by calling the office and leaving a rudethreatening message on my phone. I actually asked somebody to be in the office when I returned his call. I returned his call and left a message. I have not heard from him since.I feel that we have done everything in a timely and professional manner. We have been in business far over 65 years.Consumer's Final Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Yes [redacted] should send her [redacted] out to the property to evaluate the situation, because just this past weekend, specifically Saturday 8/10/13 the alarms went off all day again and we were contacted by the [redacted] fire and police departments who also wondered why this continues to happen after the electric company had worked on the problem. Unfortunately we were out of town, but called Goodless Electric who never responded. This was also documented. If [redacted] claims that they installed new hard wired fire alarms, how could they not have detected that there is a short in the wiring? Why is it that when ever it rains these new alarms spark off? If this problem is not remedied then we'll have to move to the next stage, because I can't have a company install brand new alarms in my property which will continue to go off and then turn around and tell me that it's a different issue. Business' Final Response [redacted],I would like to send my [redacted] out to the location to check all of the smoke detectors and the smoke carbon detectors so that I may be able to come up with a reasonable solution for both of us.Please let me knowThank you[redacted]Goodless Electric Co.(XXX) XXX-XXXX[redacted]www.goodlesselectric.comConsumer Response Hi [redacted],I am sorry for the mix up. I indeed got [redacted]'s response and wrote back that it was the right thing to do. Apparently you didn't get my response, but I found it in the system when I checked yesterday. Thanks,[redacted]Business Response Hi [redacted], I received a call from [redacted] requesting that we go out and look at this situation. I had received an email from you telling me that he did not accept that resolution. I am just verifying that it is ok for us to go out and look and see if we can come to a amicable resolution.Please let me know.Thank you[redacted]Goodless Electric Co.(XXX) XXX-XXXX[redacted]@goodlesselectric.comwww.goodlesselectric.comConsumer Response Hi [redacted], Twice I have contacted Goodless, [redacted] called me back and said someone would be in the property on Friday 9/20/13. So far no one showed up and we keep dragging this issue. Again this reinforces my point that Goodless is not interested in satisfying the needs of their customers, instead they are interested in making money. Since I filed this complain they have continuously sent me a bill for the last diagnosis which indicated that there was a short in the wiring of the alarm systems, yet they are not interested in fixing it. I believe an alternate means of resolving this issue should be pursued.Thanks, [redacted]Business Response I did speak to [redacted] and let him know that after I confirmed with the I would send the Service Manager out the inspect the fire alarms so that this situation could be rectified. The Service Manager went out to the location and inspected the fire alarms.Several units have been tampered with. Two units were missing altogether. The batteries were changed in some and a couple of the units were hanging down with the wires exposed. One unit the wire was completely disconnected. We cannot test the units if they are missing or tampered with. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)The only reason why the tenants in the second floor tampered with the alarm is because it kept going off when ever it rained and would not shut off. The fire department has gone there several times to note that there is a short in the system as discovered by the last electrician who visited the property after new alarm systems were installed. I will visit the property to ensure that all the systems are in place and request Goodless to revisit and conduct a system test to rule out the fact that there is a short in the line.

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