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Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/07/31) */ Hi, Thanks for bringing this issue to our attentionWe regret to hear about the difficult experience purchasing from GoPro directly and definitely want to help out as best we can While we do not have the ability to provide discounts or coupons for brick and mortar stores, we do want to try and help out as best we can and provide some kind of solution A Supervisor in Support has been notified of this case and will be reaching out to the customer promptly Many thanks, GoPro Support

We're currently in contact with our order operations folks to figure out what caused the initial shipments to be returned by the sender so as to avoid this issue again Once we've verified we won't have repeat issues, we'll fulfill these orders for the customer at the discounted price This will likely require a new order to be placed; a supervisor will contact the customer to do so

We received the request to cancel this customer's account on January The account has been cancelled, and no charges after January have been (or will be) charged The January charge has been refunded, per the customer's interaction with our support team on January Previous charges for this subscription service cannot be retroactively refunded, and we've taken all steps to ensure that further charges will not occur

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: we have not gotten a complete resolution as they are still investigating the issue with the device.Sincerely, [redacted] ***

While the camera remains well outside the warranty period that would allow for replacement, our discount offers remain (TradeUp ends June 11) if the customer wishes to take us up on either of them

Hi, We regret to hear about any issues the customer has experienced with his GoPro camera and with communication from GoPro Customer SupportWhile we do ask for a receipt for warranty exchanges we would be happy to work with this customer and explore other options A Supervisor has been notified of this case and will be reaching out to the customer shortly Many Thanks, GoPro Support

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2014/12/11) */ Hi [redacted] , We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by the cancellation of this orderOur order review team canceled this order as a result of unauthorized and potentially fraudulent use of a warranty discount codeThe code used, is provided on a case by case basisWe provide this code to customers who have products that are out of warranty and we have made an exception to help with a discount on a replacement, if we are unable to resolve their issue through troubleshootingThe code is distributed only through a support case and only provided once their product has been returned to us to avoid abuse and fraudulent claims This order had a discount code applied to the online shopping cart reducing the total cost of the order by 40%Once an order is placed with this code, the order is then held and reviewed by a supervisor to ensure it is used by a customer who received the code directly from us, and was used on items agreed upon in the support caseThis customer did not receive the code from the GoPro Support team, and therefore it is an unauthorized use of the codeAccordingly the order was cancelled A customer sold this code on eBay, and it was then distributed throughout the InternetIt was then fraudulently spread throughout the Internet on discount code websites, such as "" and ""To prevent additional unauthorized uses, the code has been deactivated We absolutely understand most of the customers who tried to apply the discount code were not intentionally attempting to defraud anyone, they were however inadvertently using an stolen codeWe were acting on our moral responsibility to prevent theft (intentional or unintentional) by simply canceling the order and releasing any pending authorizations on their credit cardsNo funds were collected in any of these orders, as they were cancelled prior to shipping and accordingly the pending authorizations on the customer's credit cards have been releasedThe release of the authorization can take between 3-business days, depending on the bank and payment method Once again, we are very sorry for any troubles this may have caused you, and we appreciate your understanding in this matterThis is simply not something we can honor for the reasons outlined aboveIf the customer received this code through a support case, we would ask the customer to provide the case number, which should match the email address or name in this case Regards, GoPro Support Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 7, 2014/12/12) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) I don't understand GoPro's logicThere were individuals who used the coupon on accessories ONLY who got their order shipped while others who used the coupon on cameras ONLY got their orders cancelledIt seems like the coupons applied on cameras order were cancelled due to the margin of discount [redacted] Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 9, 2014/12/16) */ Hi [redacted] , We were trying to review many orders as quickly as possibleDue to the massive influx of orders placed with this code after it was widespread on the internet, some of these were not able to be reviewed before the shipping cut off timeWe are allowing customers to keep any orders that did ship out, as we did collect paymentIf you would like to return these orders, please reach out to us in a support case and we would be happy to send a FedEx label to cover return shipping costs We offer this discount to customers who have products that are out of warranty and we have made an exception to help with a discount on a replacement if we are unable to resolve their issue through troubleshooting Once again, we are very sorry for any troubles this may have caused you, and we appreciate your understanding in this matterThis is simply not something we can honor for the reasons outlined above Regards, GoPro Support Final Consumer Response / [redacted] (4200, 11, 2014/12/20) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) I still don't understand the logicIf the code was meant for a certain person, why did orders that had both accessories and cameras, the accessories was discounted and shipped yet the camera canceled

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Starting back in January of I reported the original issue I was having with my GoPro in which there was a constant audio interference issue that had been reported many times on forums about the productI could not send the device in at this timeIn May I contacted GoPro again and this time sent the device in for repairIt went to the standard RMA departmentWhen it came back I noticed the issue was still present but needed the camera again for an extended period of time and could not afford to send it out at this timeIn December I reached out to GoPro and sent the camera out for the second time since it was coming towards the end of the warranty periodOn January 12, I reached back out to GoPro because the camera still had the same issue, and it was sent out for the third timeThe warranty is technically expired at this point, but since GoPro failed to ever fix the issue they said they'd continue to honor the warrantyThe Camera was send out later in JanuaryOn February I contacted GoPro to state that the same issue was still there, I was told that they would be passing the issue higher up since it had not been resolved using the conventional RMAOn February I was contacted stating that the issue was still being looked into On March I contacted GoPro to see if there were any updates on the issueNo responseOn March I contacted GoPro again because I wanted to see if there were any updates yet and was concerned that nothing had happened to this dateI was responded to on March saying they were still looking into the situation On April I once again requested an update and for contact information at the corporate office to speak with whomever is supposed to be handling the situationI was responded to by and automated system stating that my case had been closedI contacted Live Chat support, and they once again passed the case to a division higher upAnd said I would be contacted with more informationI called the corporate number I was provided with by the representative from Live Chat on April 17, I was told the information would be passed to the "team I feel would be the ones to resolve this issue." As of April I have not had any contacts back from GoProAt this point, as you can guess, I am very frustrated with GoPro and I am not sure what else to even do nowThis $camera has been a paperweight, except when it's absolutely necessary, because its not worth the time it takes to edit out the interference noises I would like my GoPro to be replaced with a brand new GoPro Hero Black, with GoPro CareThe upgraded, re-designed model that one could assume permanently addressed the flaws with the GoPro Hero BlackGoPro care as a reimbursement for the ridiculous number of hours I have had to put into GoPro's support, and the several times I have had to ship the camera out for them, only for it to come back broken yet againI feel that this is a fair request after the consistent failure to follow through with their warranty guarantees, but am willing to give GoPro a second chance at earning my business, since this was my first GoPro camera Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/07/09) */ Hello ***, We are sorry to hear about the recent less than satisfactory experienceA GoPro Customer Support Supervisor is looking into your case, and will be following up with you shortlyWe look forward to providing you with the high level of support that GoPro is known for! Many thanks, GoPro Support Team Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 7, 2015/07/10) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) This is very disappointing to say the leastWe paid a lot of money for this camera, it's never worked and then GoPro treat us like dirt and expect us to jump through time consuming hoops just to get a new working cameraThey don't care about the inconvenience this has and is causing by not having a working camera and have gone out of their way to be difficult Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 9, 2015/07/17) */ A Supervisor from our Customer Support department has contacted the customer via email, and has presented multiple solutions to expedite a warranty replacementThese options have included: cross-shipping (sending a replacement in advance of receiving the defective unit) while using an expedited shipping method, and exchanging locally where purchased (possibly the fastest method)These solutions are within the scope of our warranty and provide every expedited option we have availableAt this time, the customer has not accepted any of these solutions, and has only expressed interest in speaking with a Supervisor via phoneTo fulfill this request, a Supervisor's number and hours has been communicated to the customer to contact us at his convenience, as he would not provide a phone number upon requestWe look forward to reaching a resolution with the customer once they are able to make contact with us via phone Final Consumer Response / [redacted] (4200, 11, 2015/07/20) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) This company's response to nothing but liesI work days a week and cannot be reached by phoneWhen I do call the number provided, nobody answersI've tried calling over a dozen timesThat is why they don't have a number to reach me during business hours and this has been explained to them multiple timesTheir clams to have presented multiple solutions is also a lieAll they've done is sent emails with phone numbers to call them but they don't answerThey are making things up as they go and I still have a broken cameraThey are rude and horrible at their job

This customer's RMA was processed on 6/

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2014/12/08) */ Hi [redacted] , We're sincerely sorry to hear you are running in to trouble with your HEROcameraThere should be no problems replacing your camera under warranty once we've attempted the troubleshootingOne of our Supervisors will be reaching out to you shortly to ensure everything is handled appropriately and in a timely manner Many thanks, GoPro Support

A technical support representative from GoPro's headquarters will be contacting this customer today at the requested number

While the customer is well outside the time window, we're going to make an exception in this case and provide the customer with a 30-Day Guarantee refund

This customer's order was shipped yesterday via FedEx Per tracking information, it's expected to arrive tomorrow, 8/ Apologies for the shipping delay!

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: they can exchange the product they sold me on their website faster than sending me to sandisk to file an exchange what if? If I bought a t shirt from them and it had holes in it, would they send me to the t shirt manufacturer that made the shirt? same concept in this scenario additionally, they will take back the entire order under their satisfaction guaranteebut they wont take back the sd card individuallySincerely, [redacted]

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/08/07) */ Hello, We are sorry to hear of your GoPro Support experienceA Support Supervisor from our team will be looking into your existing GoPro Support case, and will be reaching out to you through itWe look forward to resolving any issues and providing you with the high level of service we are known for Many thanks, GoPro Support Team Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 7, 2015/08/11) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) Since submitting a complaint to there has been no communication from GoPro to meThe above response mirrors what I was told prior to making a complaintWhile they make it sound as if they are trying, they were never, ever able to make their products work and went so far as to say three of the four devices were defectiveBecause they claimed them to be defective I was encouraged to purchase new productThat product did not work satisfactory and I did receive a refund for itThe fact remains that I do not have a working cameraIn good faith I sent back a working camera for credit, but now lack a working camera Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 9, 2015/08/15) */ We sincerely apologize for the delay in communicationA Support Supervisor is now in contact with the customer and is working with them to ensure their satisfaction in the matter is metWe were informed by the customer on the 13th of August that they would be traveling, and that we could expect a delay on further communicationWe look forward to their return and working together to resolve any and all concerns Final Consumer Response / [redacted] (2000, 11, 2015/08/20) */ (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.) Initial response seems to be very reasonable but I would like this to play out before closing

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/11/06) */ Hello, We're sincerely sorry to hear about, not only the issues you originally had with your camera, but also that you've been without your SD card for some timeWe'll do everything within our power to find your SD card and return it to you With all that said, there is well documented evidence within your Support Case that shows we provided instruction to send the camera ONLYThere was a chat transcript that went in to detail surrounding exactly what to send in and we also sent an automated RMA email that asks you don't send the SD card with the camera and that we are not liable to return it if you do We still want to help out and have already reached out to our Warehouse in an attempt to find your SD cardA Senior Supervisor will be reaching out to you shortly to provide all updates and work with you from here on outPlease look for a separate email shortly Many thanks, GoPro Support

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2014/10/08) */ Hello ***, We're very sorry to hear about the water damage to your camera! We do want to ensure that your Support Case is handled appropriately and that every detail is weighed against our Warranty Policy It appears you've already been in contact with one of our SupervisorsPlease work directly with them to reach a resolution and let us know if you have any further questions or concernsThank you for your patience and understanding! Best regards, GoPro Support Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (2000, 7, 2014/10/09) */ (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.) I heard from a VERY NICE supervisor, [redacted] yesterday who has offered a full replacementI have received a federal express label to return the ruined camera with the promise of receiving a new cameraAssuming I receive the new camera, I will consider this case closed with a positive resolution thanks to [redacted] at GoPro

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: The third camera was yet again refurbishedClearly not tested and checked out as describedThe serial number is coming off the camera so as to void what would be left on the warranty I will be taking this issue to my legal team as it seems GoPro is trying to get me off the warranty to no longer cover this issue Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I think go pro is trying to shelter itself on things like this but there's no way 1000's of refurbished, manufacturer guaranteed products are being sold without pro pro's involvement, even if it pertains to supply They are acting on your behalf in large scale selling and the way I was treated isn't fair Sincerely, [redacted]

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