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Grainfields Family Restaurant (Circle Drive)

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This is the first ive heard of it being the 3rd time you replaced the system in your homeYour system had a bad compressor and wasn't any good to anyone especially your relativesYou called me because you wanted a price to replace your system and your ex husband referred me to you
You also refered me to your friend at work on replacing her system in the second your of replacing your systemshe is very happy with the install that we did in her homeAlso the price was $ 5,and not the $6,you said you paidi last spoke to you and told you that I would charge $if the repair was a different issuePer conversation it seemed to be a different issue altogetherLast I charged you a labor fee plus freon after your labor warranty was expiredThe few times I went back for the same issue I didn't charge you for any labor or the material and the freonI am willing and ready to resolve this at no charge if it is the same issueI will have to proceed with the $fee if it is something differentI am sorry that your have problems and I hope we can resolve this as soon as possible

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:[redacted] knew that that my house is only 11 years old and specifically told him it was alredy my second unit and that I had purchased it 3 years ago. I called him to fix my unit and he told me that my system was no good. and that the old one could not be used because I had told him maybe my sister could use it. He told me he couldnt believe that I already had two units. He knew that my budget was not into a new one. But be trusting him that my whole system was no good and he would have to put be another one and a bigger one would work better. told him this would be the second time I had to pull a loan for AC from my retirement that tells anyone I have no money but needed my system it was hot hot those days and that is where he took advantage if it was a compressor then wouldnt the compressor be in warranty that would have been alot more esier to come up with the money than 5119 he says I am adding my interest my loan is. The problem was fixed it was the same tubing that he had came to fix over 9 times just counting 6/2015 to now. and all he was doing was rewelding the same tube over and over again I am not a welder but I can and have told him why did he not just replace it the tube was getting weak. I did not get the pleasure of calling him for nothing and being in the hot on a 5000.00 + expense I had just put I think its only 3 years now. The new AC man told me everything was still under warranty and re did the tube that had been leaking since the get go. he also had another man come and weld it. where during that time a plastic on top of the compressor was melted also running through my panel board it cut a short. and that was done through the welding. I do not get a please of being in the hot buy 3 units unitil you could make stime to fix the same thing over and over and over again. So I had another expense he worked with me because I told him that was my 3rd unit and he told me that no reason my unit might have not been the best brand it was goodman but it would have been under warranty and fixed with out replacing it. and a firend recommended me to you not an ex. and yse my firends is running great thatnk GOD or I would feel so bad if it wasnt since she is needing a kidney and doesnt neet these headaches. so at that I would like 3000 or give my the warranty of the previous unit you took that still had 7 years on it. so I can give it to my sister and she would have been able to use it. since it was jsut the compressor like you said that runs about 300 I say and the labor would have not been more than total say less than  1000 to fix my ac but i  got sold another one when it was still on warranty and had to pay someone else to fix the problem it had from the get go. no freon because it leaked and then replacing the tube and re welding it. thank God he was honest with me. I have lost trust in people trying to help me out. if needed it I can send all text between us and shows it was 9 times and right before it went out again imentioned that it was working on and off but never got a response. I just want was it old to me. And to make sure if something is on warranty you do not take the system and get the warranty and ressale it for more profit. I work two jobs to pay for this unit. Thank you.

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