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Green B.E.A.N. Delivery

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On Thursday, May 9th, 2013, I went online to create an account with Green Bean delivery, providing contact and payment information. The next day, Friday, May 10th, I spoke to someone in customer service at 1:39pm. I was excited about ordering my first bin, and wanted to make sure my account was activated before noon on Monday, which is posted as the deadline for placing orders. I had waited all winter, I was eager to get started, and wanted to customize my bin. I was told it takes at least two full days to activate the account. I was disappointed, because I wanted my account activated by the Monday noon deadline. I asked what had to be done that took two days, and was told that I would be assigned a delivery day. I answered that my delivery day would be on Thursday, as I lived near Anderson Township. I was then told that my account would have to be “approved” for activation. I was disappointed, but waited until Monday, and called back.

On Monday, May 13th, at 10:15, I called again and spoke to customer service. I was still not “approved” for activation. I was frustrated because I could not go online and customize my bin. During the application process, I had to provide debit card information, and commit to purchase of a standing order of $35 or more. By this time, I realized it was too late to get my order placed for that week, but I worried that the account would be activated on Tuesday or Wednesday, and that I would receive a delivery of a standard bin that I had not been able to customize, and thus most of the produce would be wasted.

I called again at 11:46, knowing that I had just a quarter of an hour before the deadline for order placing. I was frustrated when I spoke to the rep, and was quite insistent on receiving a delivery that week, or at least knowing that my account had been activated, and I would be able to order the following week. The rep became irritated at my questions, and snapped that my account had not yet been approved. When I asked when it might be “approved” and activated, he stated he didn’t know. In my frustration, I stated that I didn’t know what I had to be approved for. He had my delivery information, and my debit card information for payment. I then made a fatal error. Using an analogy, I compared Green Bean Delivery to Amazon, and asked the rep why Green Bean didn’t work like Amazon, letting the customer set up their own account instantly, and pay in a matter of seconds online. I stated that if Amazon did business like he did, they would be out of business.

At this the rep became very upset and stated that he would not activate my account, and that I would not receive any deliveries. When I asked why, he stated that I had been “rude”, and that he would not activate my account. I requested to speak to his supervisor, and he refused. I asked to speak with the owners, but was told that they are in Indiana. I asked for the phone number, and was refused again in an arrogant tone. I was shocked when I got off the phone. I had given my name, address, and phone numbers to a company. They also had my Visa information, and a commitment from my to purchase a standing order of $35 every week, and not only would they not accept me as a customer, they refused to give me the phone number of the owner.

I moved to Cincinnati from a small college town and farming community outside Nashville. Every Saturday during the warmer months there was a large farmer’s market on the town square, where every type of produce was available, as well as fresh chicken, eggs, meat, and herbs. I looked forward to this every winter, and went almost every weekend while it was open. I bought very little except dairy and meat at the grocery store, and ate mostly a Paleo diet. I had not found a farmer’s market to equal this, and that is why I was so excited when I learned about Green Bean delivery. I was equally crushed when I discovered I would be unable to place orders, and that I was not even able to speak to the owners.

It has been six months since this happened, and my family and I have gone the entire summer with only a local fruit and vegetable stand nearby. My downstairs neighbor is a customer, and I frequently see the green bin outside their door. Last week I saw a delivery man bringing a fresh bin, and it just made me feel disappointed again that I can’t participate like my neighbors can.

I think what the customer service rep did was wrong, and if anyone was rude that day, it was him. I provided the required information, including my debit card, and agreed to pay at least $35 a week for a standing order. I think it is discriminatory that my neighbors can become members and I and my family can not.

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Description: Food Products - Organic

Address: 415 Elliott Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, 45215


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