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• Feb 01, 2021

Worst experience EVER
We got our aussiedoodle puppy on Thursday, January 28th. We were not able to see his living conditions. They brought him right out to us. Upon getting the puppy in the car, we noticed a very strong odor. He was covered in feces. After a 2 hour drive, we got him home and put him directly in a bath. Unfortunately, we could not get the feces out of his paws. We isolated him and took him to the groomer the following morning, Friday, January 29th. The groomer told us that his urine did not look right. We took him to the vet that day. Vet said he may have worms. Gave us oral meds to give him. This entire time, my puppy has been sleeping, lethargic, will not eat or drink. Woke up Saturday morning to a whimpering, little sad pup. Took him back to the vet, who told me he had a 105 fever and to go directly to the hospital. He was admitted. So far he had fever, he was anemic, he white cell count was off the charts, and he has a hernia. I was given an unfit for sale certificate. How could anyone do this to a living thing? What kind of conditions was he living in? What happened to his other litter mates? THIS IS A SCAM! I called the breeder, John David Hoover, and he refunded the $2100 I paid for the pup. What about the vet bills? So far the vet bills total $2277. What about the grooming bill to get the feces out of his paws? He couldn't walk properly because of all the FECES in his paws. That bill was $50. After I contacted the breeder, the price of the puppies dropped to $900. Shocker! Who is going to help us now? Who is going to cover the bills for this puppy? I am out of pocket $2327. This was supposed to be a great experience for my children! This has been a nightmare. I'm sitting here on Monday February 1st, waiting for the vet hospital to call. This pup was in our house for a total of 36 hours. HOW CAN THIS COMPANY AND THIS BREEDER TAKE PEOPLE'S MONEY? THIS IS A SCAM!
Worst experience EVER

• Jan 01, 2021

Sharon Smith is awesome!
Just another review for Sharon Smith as a breeder. She’s been so phenomenal from the start— sending us videos and pictures, making take-home care packages including food, blankets, health forms/vaccination records and even cute outfits! She loves those pups and it shows in our shichon-poo’s temperament. We are still in touch and the newest litter looks just as prefect! Thank you, Sharon and Greenfield!

• Jan 01, 2021

Grateful for our perfect forever puppy!
We are completely in love with our Shichon-poo adopted from Sharon S on Greenfield puppies! Sharon makes such an exceptional home for her puppies (and her own dogs). It was wonderful to meet the parents and the whole litter! Daisy is incredibly smart, playful and loving. She has been in perfect health and was crate-trained quickly too! We are grateful to Sharon for this special experience. It’s been fun to keep in touch and see the newest litter.
Grateful for our perfect forever puppy!

My husband and I were looking for a brindle male boxer. We found a picture of Dereck on the Greenfield puppy site and fell in love with him. We already have a female fawn 4 month old boxer and wanted to get another boxer. I read alot of negative reviews about Greenfield puppies, but still wanted to get Dereck (now named Jester). My husband called and spoke with David from Honey Brook Pa. the breeder. Very nice breeder and answered all my husbands questions. We live in Massachusetts which is about a 6 hour drive to Honey Brook Pa. So on monday Feb. 24 my husband woke early and drove to Pa. to get our new puppy. On Tues. Feb. 25 2020 we took our new puppy to his first vet check where he got his distemper shot and worming. The vet took a fecal sample and I received a call today Feb. 27, 2020 from the vet on the test results from the fecal sample and was told that my puppy had no worms or any other parasites and was very healthy. He is beautifully marked and a love. Likes to cuddle and gets along fantastic with my female boxer. I would highly recommend getting a boxer from David at Honey Brook Pa. Thankyou so much David for an incredible puppy. Heidi

• Oct 25, 2020

Just an up date to my previous comments, Jester is now 10 1/2 months old and I could not be happier or more in love with a dog. He is a big boy already at 72 lbs. He loves to cuddle and give boxer hugs. I have not had any health issues with him. Thank you again David at Honey Brook Pa. Heidi

I purchased a FGoldendoodle from John S [redacted] on Greenfield PuppiesI could not ever be happierShe is the best dog I have ever had

Greenfield Puppies has contacted the breeder requesting that they contact *** [redacted] We are cutting a refund check to this customer for the purchase price of the puppy in accordance with our guarantee, however, we will be investigating this breeder and making a determination of whether his breeding practices are in accordance with our expectationsAlthough it is technically the breeders responsibility to refund *** [redacted] , we feel that this situation requires us to take action immediately on behalf of the breeder

We got our puppy last month she was clean and well loved when we picked her upThey were very helpful and did not rush us over deciding which puppy! Our puppy is a joy to have! Thank you so much!

After spending a great deal of time looking for a Golden Ret puppy and trying to navigate appropriate breeders we discovered Greenfield PuppiesThe breeder we contacted was excellent and welcomed us to come see the puppy in personWe did not want a puppy shipped because we wanted to see where it was coming fromGreenfield was excellent in getting back to us and the breeder was wonderfulWe are very happy with our new family additionI would recommend Greenfield Puppies to anyone looking

We bought a lab from a “breeder” in Stevens, Pa. We knew something was wrong with him when we saw him because he was so little. We brought him home a week later and by that time he was wasting away, could see his bones, couldn’t walk, couldn’t get him to eat. It was horrible. I took him to my vet right away and he was given fluids and meds. He had two types of parasites. He only weighed 3.8 pounds at 8 weeks. Now, 2 months later he’s still receiving meds, but he is thriving and weighs 27.5 pounds. I contacted the breeder via text to tell him he was very sick and he never asked what was wrong with him. He did however pay his vet bill. I know he had other dogs for sale so you think he would have been concerned. In it just for the money. I am just happy we got this lab, he would have died for sure and he’s such a sweetheart.

My husband and I bought a Mini Goldendoodle from Melvin A*** in Narvon, PAWe have her since Mar 23, She is the sweetest puppy everShe is trained already and so smartShe is a very happy and healthy puppyWe couldn't be anymore pleased

In response to this complaint, we have taken the following actions.
In the case of MrB***, the customer made no deposit on the puppy for the purposes of holding the puppyThat being said, we did explain to the breeder that it is important to
always communicate with the customer on the availability of a puppy for saleIn the case of MrS***, He is a gentleman of Amish Culture and has no ability to send additional photos, as he is not connected to the internetThere was nothing near fraudulent about his business practice in our opinion because we took multiple photos and a video of the puppy in question.
With these statements being said, we would still like to apologize on behalf of the breeders in question and Greenfield Puppies if there was any confusion and for the frustrations that *** *** endured in the process of finding a puppy

To whom it may concern,
The puppy mentioned in the email was a puppy that was sold at a discounted cost by the breeder because of the issue the puppy had with it's eyesThe price for a Labrador Retriever ranges between $and $700, so the gap between the sale price and
the average price is to compensate for the issue the puppy had with it's eyesWe prefer that our breeders do not sell puppies with existing health issues like this, but if they choose to, it is vital proper information is disclosedPA state law states that in the event of a medical issue, a buyer is entitled to a refund up to the puppy sale price to cover any vet billsIn this case the sale price was $That being said, we want to do everything possible to satisfy this customerI will be contacting them to work towards a resolutionThanks,

Hi, We got a cocker Spaniel Puppy from Breeder Sam S*We are very happy with our little girl (Bonnie) we named her IsabellaShe is so loving and sweetI was so excited when the posting showed up that she had found her forever home! We just love herShe is a smart puppy! Very quick learnerThanks

This is the best puppies we have ever ownedHer temporment has been mild and so well behaved since the moment we picked her up from Alvin H*** in New HollandI'd drive a
mikes again to get one of his puppies

We bought a puppy from a Greenfield Puppy breeder in Manheim, PA Prior to seeing the puppy, we were unaware in which the conditions the puppies were livingIn addition, we were told by the breeder that the puppy had been given vaccines and was de-wormed Upon arriving, we were quite disappointed to see their living accomodations Literally, all of the puppies were in an old animal stall in a barn with little bedding and dirty conditionsIn addition, a horse and the puppy's momma was also kept in the same dirty barnAfter selecting our puppy, the breeder then told us that he actually hadn't gotten vaccines, only and hadn't seen the vet since he was weeks old, which was weeks agoAlthough somewhat skeptical of the situation and conditions, we did buy a puppy from this breederWithin a day of coming home, we found fleas on our new puppy In addition, he tested positive for worms and parasites Both conditions added an extra $to our pet bill which I believe could have been avoided if the living conditions were of much higher standardsWe love our puppy and have taken the utmost precautions not to infect our other domestic animals at home nor become flea infested in the house, but this has taken more time and money than was necessary if the breeder would have done his job

We purchased our puppy, a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel puppy approximately weeks old on August 13, exactly as advertised The puppy is beautiful and the cleanliness of the area in which the animals were kept was amazing Highly Recommend Greenfield Puppies and specifically Breeder John & Susie Ann K***

After the death of our beloved dog, my family made the decision to purchase a new puppyWe found a Bichon/poodle mix on the Greenfield site and we decided to take a chanceI researched the breeder and the company before taking the hour trip from Massachusetts to PennsylvaniaI was very nervous about purchasing a puppy because I have always adopted and I have heard puppy mill horror storiesThe breeder we purchased from was Lizzy S*** in Parkesburg, PA and we had a fantastic experienceWe saw the puppies on site and they were clean and happyLizzy was very helpful and knowledgeable throughout the whole processOur puppy received a clean bill of health from our family vetHe appears to be somewhat housebroken already, so I am assuming she has worked with him someI would highly recommend Greenfield and Lizzy and I plan to purchase another puppy in the future

Do yourself a favor This breeder Elam(male backwards...just sayin) is shady and keeps these innocent little puppies roaming around freely with horses cows and chickens horrendous conditionsFeces everywhereThe week after we brought her home(Elam said she had shots and was dewormed) She was full of worms Treated for mths for worms!! We saved our Boxador (her new name Willow ) from this filthy place!! This place needs to be investigated BTW we rescued ($650) our puppy from Greenfield puppies ELAM and she is a crazy happy mth old puppy!

My husband purchased a boxer puppy from Fred P*** who lives in Slatington, PAFred was fully aware that his sire: Bear Of Delps was a Cryptorchid and bred him anywayAny puppy bred from this sire will also be CryptorchidThe breeder told my husband as long as he has the puppy neutered, there wouldn't be a problemWRONG!!! Our puppy, Rufis not only has to be neutered, but he also most undergo abdomen surgery due to the ascended ***If he doesn't have the surgery, he will develop cancer or the ascended *** will cut off his blood supply and he will die!

About a week and a half ago I was on the Greenfield Puppies website and I stumbled upon a listing for a cute little Chihuahua named Buster, who I thought would be perfect for myself and my familyI contacted the breeder Levi K* from Nottingham PA, just outside of Lancaster to discuss the pupHe answered all of my questions and assured me that the puppy in the picture was the one he hadI live just outside of Pittsburgh (a hour drive each way from Nottingham) so we set up a date to pick up the dog that worked for the both of usSo, we get to the farm where Buster is located and discover that the family is Amish (I will get into this later)The man walks out, greets us, and goes back into the house to get the puppyHe returns with a dog that looks nothing like the one in the picture listed on the websiteI asked him if he was sure this was the right dog and I show him the picture he has on Greenfield PuppiesHe told me that it was him and that he was just a little older nowLet me just say, the dogs were completely differentThe one I had my eye on was tan, black, and white with longer hair that made him look like a little teddy bearThe one he showed me was a classic dark brown chihuahua with a black face and short hairNow don't get me wrong, I realize looks aren't everything so I pick up the dog to see how he interacts with peopleAs soon as I go to pet him he starts growling at me and precedes to attack/bite my handNeedless to say we ended up leaving without the dog and ended up spending over hours on the road and over $on gas and toll fees for nothingI would also like to mention that the price of the dog wasn't cheap, they were asking $for a dog I could easily get for $anywhere elseI guess you could say it's a classic case of bait and switchPLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL when purchasing on this website as well as all others and ask for additional pictures and proof because there are so many SCAMMERS out thereI would also like to mention that after this experience, I did some research and found out that the Amish breed dogs for no other reason than to make quick money, they are no different than a puppy mill and don't treat their animals well, which explains the puppy's behavior

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