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GreenTex Landscaping

6841 Virginia Pkwy STE 103-317, McKinney, Texas, United States, 75071-5710

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GreenTex was very helpful and friendly when I needed assistance with some of my landscaping. Communication was great, and even made some suggestions that were in my best interest as the customer! Great company, Thank you!!

GreenTex Landscaping Response • Jul 30, 2020

Thank you ***, we appreciate the kind words. We work hard to make sure our customers are satisfied!

I recently hired GreeenTex to put in 3 French drains, sod, river rock and landscaping. From the first call, they were quick to respond. Mike came out and advised what I needed. The next day I received a written estimate that was clearly laid out as to materials needed and cost per area. Shey, Phillip, Adam, and Ray were here to do the work in a timely and professional manner. They were great! If a problem came up, it was quickly handled! The administrative assistant, Tammara was fantastic in keeping me informed! I will definitely call GreenTex to handle future landscaping projects.

Absolutely OUTSTANDING work! Hired GreenTex to perform removal of old landscaping and installation of new landscaping to include new bushes, four new trees, several pallets of flowers and rock/stone walk-way and sod. I received several quotes(five) and GreenTex, while not the lowest price, was my choice based upon the knowledge they shared with me.
The work did not disappoint. My wife is tickled pink with the flowers, the sod was laid with the utmost care and the new trees are exactly what we ordered!
The stone walk-way is so beautiful! They were so helpful when it came to this part of the project. It was suggested to my wife and I that we allow them to install a "base material" under the stones to prevent the obvious "mud issue" that would occur without it. Thank goodness for this suggestion as it has rained the past two days and it looks great and we can traverse the area without ruining our shoes in the mud!
Overall impression is Fantastic! I would not hesitate to use GreenTex again on ANY landscaping project!

Hired Greentex in May 2020 for a landscape job in Wylie, TX. The job consisted primarily of adding a large flower bed for plants around a pool, stone-edged, and adding stepping stones to grass to create a path.

While initially good to deal with, the quality provided for this work (given the amount paid) was overall sloppy and disappointing. This was mainly due to two reasons, i) what seemed to be inexperienced crews that were sent out, and ii) a lack of supervision of the work (even after I let them know of several complaints).

Flower Beds - Initially liked the look of work done (prior to the stone work going in), however, I purchased three 15g Taylor Junipers. One of the three appeared to have been damaged either in transport or in planting as several of the branches or cracked/broken. (See picture) I was told that the plant was "healthy" and they just needed to trim it up. After several requests, this was never done. Also, it's only been 4 days since install and it appears the Company either did not properly deweed the grass under the beds or did not do it at all, as there is already grass growing through the mulch.

The stone work done on the beds looks awful. I got home after the stone was initially done and while it looks acceptable in certain areas, in others it looked awful. The crew either had no experience in laying stone, or was in a rush. I spent my evening pulling up the stone before it set in. Upon several complaints, the same crew was sent back with a "what's wrong" mentality as if the supervisor had not informed them of my communications to the team. Even after doing touch ups on what I pointed out, the end result is VERY rough and sloppy. See pictures.

Stepping stones - this was going to be what I assumed a very easy task. I asked they lay a few stepping stones in the grass to create a path. At first, all the crew did was just lay stones on top of the grass instead of setting in. After a couple complaints, they came back, and dug them in but did not balance (and pretty sure this crew has not done this work before). The stones were still wobbly when walked on, so we asked for a third/fourth time to be done correctly. The end result, now, is a mud pit of stone/dirt as the crew tore up all sod in the area. It looks downright awful/embarrassing. See picture. I have engaged another company to come back to fix as my multiple complaints were not heard (same thing as above, the same crew that had done the work incorrectly multiple times would come back not knowing what to or how to fix - a supervision issue).

Overall, I expected more experience and supervision in what should have been a fairly straight forward, but expensive (~$6k) project. I would not recommend this company to others.

GreenTex Landscaping Response • Jun 16, 2020

As President of the organization, I am ALWAYS concerned about our service to our customers. I know that we worked hard to meet your budget constraints and that there may be some issues with the overall look of the finished product as we removed items. I also understand that the majority of your concerns were centered around the stonework that was performed. We did use a subcontractor for that work and we did have issues with their responsiveness and the quality of their work. Based on your complaint, we have terminated our association with that stonemason and apologize for the inconvenience on your behalf.

I know our General Manager who has 35 years of landscape experience, recommended not to lay the flagstone without a proper base material as this would cause the muddy situation you described, especially around the outdoor faucet area. Based on budget constraints you elected to proceed without the base material. I also confirmed that he did discuss the 3 small broken twigs on the Juniper and that this minor damage would not impact the growth of the tree. He also mentioned our 1-year warranty on all tree installations and that if there was any impact at all to the Juniper we would replace at no charge. I apologize that your experience with us was not up to our standards and we thank you for your review. We always try to do our best and at the times when issues arise, we are the most responsive to address the issues. As you mentioned, the landscape and bed work was completed to your satisfaction. We have now engaged a new stonemason for our future opportunities.

We find it unfortunate that customers that do not follow our suggestions regarding the best processes for the project and then will give poor reviews when the predicted results do happen. We advised against your requested installation and you chose to proceed anyway.

Customer Response • Jun 16, 2020

Update as result of service provider response.

1) At no time were there downward adjustments to the budget in this project, only add-ons. The lack of quality provided throughout was due to minimal supervision by Company management not my "budget constraints". I let your Company know what I needed done, was provided an estimate, and accepted. There was never any haggling of the initial price of subsequent requests to reduce costs or work as was originally quoted. This is a flat out false statement. I hired your Company to do the work I needed done so I wouldn't have to worry about the "best processes", that's what I expected your Company to know how to do without my supervision and input. Upon several requests to correct the sloppy work done, the end product is still not good. I'm not sure if you are stating mis-truths trying to save face on this project, or were provided incorrect information by your GM, but any correspondence on requests made by me on this project are fully supported by e-mail chains and texts.

2) The GM did NOT recommend not to lay the flagstone without a proper base which I elected to proceed. First off, this was never discussed. I asked that you all lay flagstone into the grass and trusted a competent landscape company would know how to do properly from there. Would it make sense for me to say I didn't want to pay for a couple of bags of sand/gravel to lay the stones correctly on a $6K project. I don't think so.

3) To classify the obviously damaged Juniper as "three small broken twigs" is false. Further to make the tree look better your GM stated he would come back to trim it up, which was NEVER done.

4) You say the landscape and bed work was completed to my satisfaction. This is false, due to items noted above. I have hired another Company to come out and clean up the sloppy work done by Greentex, on what should have been a relatively simple job.

I've been a GreenTex Landscaping customer since 2012. Over the past year, I've noticed holes at the bottom of my fence where the landscaping crew has been trimming. I reached out on April 15, 2020 to request a solution for repairing. After a few weeks of going back and forth, they determined the damage to my fence was normal wear and tear. They offered to stain the bottom of the fence to cover the scratches from the trimmer line. However, I declined this solution considering that is not the problem. My concern is with the holes. I don't consider holes as normal wear and tear. At no time did the company tell me this could happen. If this was communicated to me, I would have told them not to trim so close to my fence line.
Account_Number: XXXXX

Desired Outcome

Repair If a good solution is provided for repairing the holes, then I would possibly accept. If we can't come to an agreement on a repair, then the fence needs to be replaced.

GreenTex Landscaping Response • Jun 19, 2020

Dear Sir

I have copied below our email response (dated May 12th 2020) to your fence issue that we have been working on with you. As we have discussed, this is an unavoidable occurrence when grass is allowed to grow along an unprotected fence line. I have also included a picture of another fence in my neighborhood, serviced by another landscape company showing a similar situation. This is unavoidable when grass is grown tight to the fence line. If you had requested we not trim along your fence line, we would have stopped the trimming process. That, however, would have left unsightly tall grass along your fence line as stated in the email message copied below.

"Thank you for the pictures. It is a normal occurrence that over time, line trimmers will scratch and do minor damage to the bottom of a fence line where the grass is allowed to grow up right along the fence line. Many customers will create a bed barrier along the fence line to minimize the issues. That said, this is a normal occurrence with the grass grown up to the fence as you have it shown. See our emailed response below. We also provided alternative solutions and offered to stain the fence, at no charge, to remove the scratches.

As there is no major structural damage to the fence caused we are limited on our response. We are willing to re-stain the lower portion of your fence to cover the scratches and match the stain. In the future, we can avoid any trimming on the fence line, but that will leave unsightly grass growing along the fence. Metal edging could be installed along the fence line and we can quote that installation for you if you prefer. Another option is spraying a grass killing agent along the fence line, but we don't recommend that as this could damage the other areas of grass as well."

We have offered to re-stain. We have offered to provide a natural barrier along the fence (see attached picture of this type solution). We also offered the solution of providing a protective barrier such as metal edging. A last alternative is to install a base "Kicker Board" which your fence company should have installed in this area originally. (See Photo).

We have offered to work with you on a solution and you have rejected each of our proposals. We are very proud of our record of outstanding customer service and we have always worked with customers when issues have arisen, as we have in this case. We continue our offers of options to Re-stain, to remove some of the grass along the fence to provide a natural barrier and finally to install a metal edge or a "Kicker Board as shown. We believe we have fulfilled our commitment to work with you by providing viable options to you as we do with all of our customers. We recommend the installation of the Kicker Board as a final resolution.

Customer Response • Jun 24, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Thank you for quoting the original email. As everyone can see, at no point did you offer to install a base "Kicker Board" as a solution to repair the holes your company caused. You said you could "quote" metal edging, but with the exception of staining your response makes it seem like it would be at my cost.

As I previously stated, the scratches are not my concern, which is why I rejected the offer of staining the bottom part of fence. I realize minor scratches are inevitable, but when I signed up for service, at no point did your company representative tell me holes could be created in my fence due to the trimmer line. Had this been communicated to me upfront, I would have instructed your crew not to trim so close to the fence or signed with a different company.

I'm including a picture of my fence to show evidence of the holes. Some are fairly large and they span the entire length of my back fence. If your company is willing to install a matching "Kicker Board" to cover the holes (and it must be level), then I will accept this as a solution and move on.

GreenTex Landscaping Response • Jun 28, 2020

Our office will be in touch to schedule the installation of the kicker board as shown in the picture from my previous response.

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