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Greenway Daycare and Preschool

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[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: I am rejecting this response because:Melissa,The Wood Stove Parts Co said they would give me a refund This was on 7/ How long does this take?Thanks for your assistance Charles [redacted] Regards, Charles ***

So I just got you email regarding dropping my complaint this is the first notice I receivedThe company in question was provided on the form completed on your website: Wood Stove Parts of NC (336) 859-or [email protected]

January 2015 Reject Business Response Many of the facts within Director, Kim T***’s response to you were inaccurate and not based upon fact or actual accounting of events. My wife was contacted by Greenway teacher, Kim P***, on the afternoon of December 16th, she was told our daughter had lice and “could not return to daycare for hours” My wife and I complied with the request and immediately picked up our daughter, not returning to the daycare until December 18th We had completed lice killing treatments by the morning of December 18th Anyone that has ever had lice knows it is nearly impossible to remove every single “nit” from the hair and dead “nits” can be found up to days after treatment We kept our child home for hours as requested and treated/killed the lice My wife was contacted on December 18th by Kim T*** noting a few dead nits were found on our daughter’s head, however it was not requested that we pick her up MrsT*** suggested a non-medically approved method of taking your fingernail and pulling on each individual strand of hair to remove all the dead nitsThis method is torturous, cruel, causes hair loss, and causes scalp irritationWhy would someone that claims to have such “loving hands” suggest such a cruel and torturous method? Leaving our perfectly healthy daughter in MrsT***’s office in a state of seclusion for an entire day is another example of their undue punishment towards children and calls into question their care and “loving hands” for children Upon picking our daughter up on December 18th a large dried blood spot was found on the top of her head My wife asked teacher Kim P*** how this occurred and there was no explanation as to the dried bloodMy daughter attended school on December 19th, 22nd and 23rd without incident or phone calls On the evening of December 23rd, after we completed the 2nd lice treatment we visited our daughter’s doctor to ensure she was in fact lice free and the treatments were successfulOur doctor examined our daughter and confirmed she was in fact lice & nit free, our treatments were successful and no further treatments would be necessary. On Monday December 29th my wife was contacted to pick our daughter up because apparent lice were found on my daughter’s head; after her doctor had already deemed her lice free My wife was told that a substitute teacher in our daughter’s classroom on December 26th had contracted lice from our daughter Our daughter was not present at the daycare on December 26th or even in proximity to this teacher, as Kim T*** has allegedMy wife was advised that the “teachers were freaking out”, which is why she needed to pick our daughter up Understandably my wife became troubled by this response and explained to MrsT*** that we had been to the doctor and could provide a doctor’s note stating our daughter was free of all lice; eligible to be at daycareDue to the fact that our daughter was deemed free of lice by her doctor, we did not pick up our child Kim T*** in not complying with her own contract and could not provide an adequate reason as to why our child needed to be picked up She was not ill, did not have lice, and no factual reason had been presented as to why she was pursing this undue action. After speaking with my wife, we decided for our daughter’s well-being and safety, as it related to Greenway, it was best to end our business relationshipUpon picking up our daughter on December 29th my wife was personally and verbally attacked by MrsT*** This was predicated upon my wife speaking to another parent at the daycare and warning her about the daycare’s apparent lice infestationMrsT***’s unprofessional relentless screaming, ranting, and crying in my wife’s face, in front of our daughter made my wife feel threatened by her actions In an effort to get MrsT*** to cease her behavior and ensure my wife’s safety she created distance, moved our daughter to the vehicle and attempted to quickly depart the area MrsT***s behavior was loud, disorderly and most concerning focused on threating and uncontrolled actions Once safely able to do so, my wife left the establishment and we have not returned sinceIn our opinion it is clear by MrsT***’s explosive behavior that she clearly should not be entrusted with the safety of our children We made a professional and accurate review on the business’s *** page warning other potential clients of the concerning issues at Greenway Daycare and also levied our concerns to & the local health department The review on the businesses *** page contained true and accurate facts about our personal experiences with the daycareThere is no need to apologize for providing the public with information on our traumatizing personal experiences with this business, as requested by MrsT***. Since December 29th we have received numerous harassing, and unprofessional phone calls and e-mails from MrsT*** Many of these calls came in the early hours, around 7am, with messages from MrsT*** directing the removal of the *** comments from the Greenway *** site Please keep in mind, this was weeks after we had terminated our business relationship with this organization by way of letter. We feel as though we were targeted and treated unfairly by this businessWe always paid our prescribed weekly bills on time, picked our daughter up when she was ill, and followed the rules and regulations of Greenway Daycare as stated and signed for in their handbook In our opinion, it only seems rational that MrsT*** was trying to find a way to legitimately expel our daughter from the preschool I can only surmise that the issues of unfounded lice were the basis for her to proceed, as she wanted The concerns remain; the treatment our daughter experienced while being disciplined in seclusion from other children for a day, MrsT***s explosive, turbulent and threating behavior in front of my wife, daughter and other daycare children and finally her overall pattern of unfair and targeted business practices. We are still asking for an apology from Kim T*** for her threatening and unprofessional actions shown on December 29th, as she clearly self admitted in her response to the Additionally, we request for the harassing phone calls and e-mails from MrsT*** to ceaseWe are requesting that this complaint be made public on the public site as it relates to this business organization In the interest of open and fair business, future clients should have the right to be made aware of personal experiences as it relates to Greenway Daycare. In closing, I appreciate your time and attention to this matter as well the focus of ensuring this business actions are made open to potential clients Please feel free to contact me with any follow on questions or clarification, as needed Thank you very much for your diligence in review and adjudication of this matter. Respectfully, *** ***###-###-####

So I just got you email regarding dropping my complaint this is the first notice I received. The company in question was provided on the form completed on your website:   Wood Stove Parts of NC (336) 859-2401 or [email protected]

Item was refunded

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]
Complaint: 12286906
I am rejecting this response because:Melissa,The Wood Stove...

Parts Co said they would give me a refund.  This was on 7/24.  How long does this take?Thanks for your assistance Charles [redacted]
Charles [redacted]

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Address: 1275 Tasker Road, Stephens City, Virginia, United States, 22655


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