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Greg's Honey Do List

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DESCRIPTION OF WORK PERFORMED: In December of 2013, Greg Mitchell t/a Greg's Honey Do List, lnccontacted a job with Mrs [redacted] In the contract I was to repair Mrs [redacted] mother's home ....were do I start? In contract with this job I was to repair foundation with stucco were neededwhich I did Coat interior basement walls with drylock, I coated it with coats Repair and level basement floor then I installed the floor tiles Floor itself was beyond repair or leveling so I removed the old tiles which was not in my contract After installing the tile that I purchased strictly for this type floor, I instructed the homeowner that the basement heater was not working and she needed to have an electrician or heater guy to come out and fix it, that the basement needed to be degrees or warmer for two weeks for tiles to adhere to the concrete Homeowner did not keep heat in the basement properly, instead put a foot heater on the bar which was not sufficient enough After months of a cold winter they leave a letter with [redacted] (enclosed) At this time there were no other issues except the floor So I tried to contact the [redacted] by phone leaving numerous messages to go over to the house and see what the problem was with the floor I never got an answer from them So I sent them a certified letter (enclosed) Thats when they finally returned my phone call So we were now able to look at the floor and see what the problem was, after reaching an agreement to roll the floor with a lbroller which did not work because they had waited to long I removed all tiles and hauled to the landfillI contacted [redacted] to come out and lay all new tile At this time the [redacted] had the basement heater fixed The cabinet, cubby holes and doors or other doors were not in the contract to be cut at all Then I was to install a faucet in the basement which I did and at this time the water was not on, so I hooked the supply lines back the way I unhooked them Her brother pointed out to me that the nut was rusted off so I replaced that at no charge As far as the Master Bedroom goes I was only to install a new faucet and not do anything to the drain Last in the Kitchen I was not contracted to do nothing at all! [redacted] did not put the doors back because the doors needed to be cut out I am willing to pay for the doors since the floor was part of my job and may have played a part in the new floor The door work in the basement she listed as $ Further more I haven't heard anytring f¡om Mr./Mrs [redacted] at all as indicated in their letter

I agree to refund [redacted] $pending her signing the enclosed release form releasing me from any and all work performed at Mrs [redacted] ' Moms home or any other property belonging to Mrs [redacted] All I ever wanted was to have a satisfied customer That's why I agreed to replace the floor and other issues

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