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Griffin Ford, Inc.

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Had a recall on my F150 for fuel tank straps. I had the repairs done at griffin ford. While recall was preformed they damage the parking brake. I was told there was nothing they could do. I talked to two managers who said they would call me and never did. I feel like there customer service it very poor. Very unhappy to say the lest.


Review: I bought a used car May 25 2015 had to wait for the financing to go through so was able to take it home which is 45 min away from the dealership. so on wed the 27th the financing went through and I drove up to get my plates on the way home my temp guage was too high and it was saying the car was over heating so I called griffin ford they said bring it back up thurs the 28th and they would look at it. I drove up there the 28th and they had to give me a rental so they could work on it. on the 29th they said it was finished and I could come back and get the car. On my way home after getting the car the high temp gauge came on again so again I called them and they told me to find a local Chevy dealer in my home town and they would pay for what the matter was. took it to [redacted] and was told I had 2 recalls open on my car since 2014 when griffin ford told me they were all taken care of and that they couldn't sell a car without the recalls being done. well they weren't done. Then they were suppose to send me my extra key to the car and 3 weeks later never sent me the key because they lost it. they told me to go to [redacted] to have a new key ordered and they would pay for it. now I went to get an oil change and I have only had the car for 2 months and walmart told me they couldn't get the nut off they said it would break if they tried any more so like before I called griffin cause I wont pay for it since this is the first oil change I have gotten and he said I needed to bring it back to Waukesha to get the oil changed so they can get the nut off I said I will be taking it back to [redacted] and that I will call them to pay for it. he said they wont pay for it cause they already did 2 services on the vehicle through [redacted] and wont do anymoreDesired Settlement: first they should have had all of the recalls taken care of before I drove it off the lot and second I want them to pay for things that were done before I even had the car



We did speak to [redacted] on 7/28 (the same day of the complaint) and agreed to pay for the repair of the oil plug. We do our best to safety check ALL vehicles to the best of our ability. From time to time we do have concerns after the sale. As a company we try to bring those concerns back to our store to ensure they are handled properly and fairly. In [redacted]s’ case we have made several after the sale adjustments in good faith at our store and at a competitors store. Regarding the recalls on the Chevy product, we are not a Chevrolet dealer and would have no knowledge of their recalls and are not required to remedy non name plate manufactures’ recalls. All salespeople have been trained regarding recall issues and would not tell a customer we handled a recall when we haven’t.

This dealer's service center needs proper training and needs to be more aware that a customer's time is valuable. They need to be better at spotting an issue and correcting it the first time. It may also be time to find another glass replacement company to work with. I had a stress crack in my new car’s windshield from the severe winter. This was not caused by an impact so it should be covered under the factory warranty. I called to verify that we could have a technician look at the window so we could determine why it happened and what is next. I arrived at the dealer and was basically told that I was lying and that it was caused by impact by one person and something different from another. After arguing my point it didn’t matter because they were going to submit this to Ford after taking some notes and random pictures.
After I left they figured out that there was actually a procedure in place for situations like this and I then had to come back for a 2nd time for them to take the correct pictures and fill out the appropriate paperwork. Why they don't know their own procedures is ridiculous.
In time they realized I wasn't lying to them and this was given the OK from Ford to fix it under warranty and I had to schedule a 3rd visit and was promised a rental car since the cold weather would make it hard to replace the windshield without it sitting inside overnight. The rental car was down the road and took about another hour to get there and fill out the paperwork before I was on my way. The Ford dealer failed to give me those details otherwise I would have planned for the extra time. The next day the car was ready and I picked it up (4th visit) from the dealer. I hopped back in my car and I drove it no more than a mile away and up to about 35 mph when I started to hear a loud whistle. I called them and then played the games as they tried to contact the installer. They replaced the window a second time (5th and 6th visit) correctly but now got adhesive on the outside of the car and on some of the trim pieces inside the car. I had to of course show them this in person which was now the 7th visit. I then had to make another appointment to get the pieces replaced and the mess cleaned up (8th visit).
About a month later a new noise started when I was going about 65 mph. I had to make another appointment with the dealer (9th visit). They looked at it and decided to order a new wiper so I then needed to make another appointment so they could replace the wiper (10th visit). On the road again and still had the noise and called the dealer but they gave up and gave me the Ford number to call.
I called that number and they said that the case has been escalated and that the Ford manger would call me within a couple days which didn't happen. I did a little more looking myself and saw that the trim was never put back on correctly since the windshield was replaced. Now I had to make another appointment to get this resolved (11th visit). Ford and the window guy had to figure out who to blame and then are now ordering a new trim piece.
Here we are several months later on my 12th visit and I still don’t have the original issue fixed since these clowns can’t do one thing without messing up another. I now have another piece on order and am working on the 13th visit. I would take this elsewhere to another Ford service center but the Ford Warranty doesn't cover this other guy’s mistakes so the guy who caused all of this mess is still trying to make it right.
Needless to say I have lost all patience with these people and will never buy another Ford if this is the type of service that can be expected. If anyone is considering going to this dealer for any type of service please save yourself the trouble and go elsewhere. To this day Ford has never offered to make this right nor have they actually fixed the issue that started from a warranty replacement. I now have an extra 650 miles on my car just trying to deal with this dealer and to fix a minor repair.

My son purchased a Truck from Griffin Ford. After he had it for a day or 2 he realized he was sold a Truck that had some mechanical problems He made an appointment with Griffin Service department to have the truck looked at. A week later he was told by the assistant service manager that the head gasket was blown on the truck. They did agree to fix the problem. The complaint we have with Griffin is how we were treated by them. The assistant service manager was very condescending. He acted like they were doing my son a favor for fixing the truck (even though they were the ones that sold him the truck with blown head gasket). When we tried to talk with him, he would talk over us and continued to talk down to us. After 3 weeks of having the truck in the shop to get repaired and lots of phone calls to the assistant service manager my son got his truck returned to him. There is ABSOLUTELY no reason for the service department to treat their customers with such a condescending and disrespectful attitude.They were in the wrong in the first place and should have been more apologetic than how we were treated by them!

Purchased a Vehicle on Friday June 10th. The Loan coordinator called me a terrorist after I asked multiple times to stop the discussion of the extended warranty. I told her I was not interested and asked if we could continue. She became bent out of shape and it was seen in her multiple hard pen marks on the paper where we were to sign acknowledging we declined all offers.
I cannot comprehend an individual working for any company that would refer to a customer as a terrorist simply because they asked to stop a sale for further warranty which me the customer commented twice they were not interested in.
Given the current state of events, being called a terrorist when you are a proud American should never, ever be condoned in the workplace. I took great offense to this as did my wife who left the meeting just prior to me walking out in this person. I cannot recommend Griffin Ford and feel they have internal failures if this is the type of behavior they allow.

Review: My husband and I purchased a used 2011 Ford Edge from [redacted] Ford on June 1, 2013. We had noticed that the driver side door sensor would not go off when the door was closed.

On Sept 3rd we contacted your service dept. to advise of on going issue with the door sensor on the driver side. One of your service representatives came out, saw the door and the light that was on. They agreed the unit could be inspected and brought back in on the next available date.

After we dropped the vehicle off we were informed that there would a $108 fee to determine the problem. It was clear what the problem was with the vehicle was.

When the vehicle was purchased the sales person informed us that it came with 90 day warranty or 3,000 miles.Desired Settlement: To be reimbursed for the repair



On Mon, Sep 16, 2013 at 10:48 AM, [redacted] wrote:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please see the attached letter of response as well as a check in the amount of $180.00 as agreed upon with my [redacted] and Mr. [redacted]. The check is being mailed to Mr. [redacted] & Ms. [redacted] today.

[redacted] explained to Mr. [redacted] that he was unaware of their problem and had they come directly to [redacted], perhaps some of their frustration may have been eliminated. We also explained that the 3 month/3,000 mile warranty only covers powertrain/engine/transmission problems, which their concern was none of those.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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