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Griller's Hall Of Flame

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Defective woodstove puts smoke in house when loading.after 2 yrs compamy rep. Agrees to repalce stove seller refuses to do so evenen with new stove in his store .stove was issued by manufactuer who agrees to defect.Product_Or_Service: XX X XXXXAccount_Number: [redacted]Desired SettlementRefund or replacemrnt under garantee that is still ineffect.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]To who it may concern at the We just wanted to respond before the [redacted] time-line asked for but can respond in greater detail latter if need be. There is a long paper trail of communications with Mr. [redacted] over his displeasure in using for the past 2 plus years, a free standing wood stove that he purchased from us in the fall of 2012. Suggestions were made for Mr. [redacted] to correct some imbalances as they were present in relationship to industry knowledge of drafting issues, that may have been impacting on the performance of the newly installed wood stove. Some Mr. [redacted] implemented within a few weeks of receipt of the appliance and some he did not in a timely manner (like removal of trees overhanging the pre-existing chimney which is known to impede drafting of solid fuel appliances). We made several trips out in 2012 (even sent over an employee at no charge to Mr. [redacted] to put up a new section of chimney (class A) that Mr. [redacted] purchased elsewhere because "their" price was lower than ours but wanted us to install this purchased item for free for him. In the interest of good consumer relations (not an obligations per the unusual fact that the part was not purchased from us and therefore we had no obligation to install parts not supplied by us), that was performed for him at no charge. Shortly thereafter being unable to facilitate a solution for him (This was never about our installation but claims of mal-performing appliances) Mr. [redacted] contacted the manufacturer direct and both of those entities left us out of the communication stream until recently. One year later, fall of 2013, the phone calls started coming into our shop again from Mr. [redacted] per the same complaint (we honestly thought he and the manufacturer/distributor had solved this. and we provided the personal cell number of the distributor's representative for the manufacturer. Unfortunately, all the communications thereafter were again private between Mr. [redacted] and [redacted] (the agent for the manufacturer in [redacted] and we were denied opportunity to see the bulk of those communications and make suggestions. One year later (2 years thereafter from the original date of purchase) In the late fall of 2014, we received messages from the distributors that Mr. [redacted] was calling them daily again(manufacturer and distributor) with the same complaint. Now that I was back in the communication stream, I advocated that Mr. [redacted] should perhaps receive a new appliance and eventually they (distributor and manufacturer) agreed. Mr. [redacted] was aware of and received the offer weeks before he contacted your office along with the [redacted] office. He also had agreed to the offer prior to contacting your office. Then abruptly after receiving communications from you and the AG, Mr. [redacted] rejected the offer on the table as presented to him by the manufacturer and their agents (not us) and made new demands. This time it was not for a switch out but a refund. In [redacted] retailers have rights as determined by posted policies. We are in compliance with those postings on special ordered items. Never the less when a consumer complains that he or she has defective merchandise, they are entitled to the 3 Rs under Consumer Protection laws, Re: Repair (which we tried as an initial remedy by inspection to the best of our limitations; Replacement (which was offered in the first offer that he agreed to) and as a last resort, Refund, which was his last demand and which I'm pleased to announce that he has now agreed to in principle(within the guide lines as suggested by the ** office, i.e., (prior to writing to the, less labor, sales tax (can not refund after a 3 months period of time) and any rebates given as part of that purchase (Mr. [redacted] received a check direct from the manufacturer in the amount of [redacted] via check as a rebate for purchasing the stove during a promotional campaign.). This is the offer on the table now and as best as I know, Mr. [redacted] has agreed to it but has not completed or returned the forms sent to him from the manufacturer or distributor to move this forward. We for our part have agreed as part of this settlement to refund portions of the original sales amount (as noted above per the [redacted] office's recommendation for compliance), make a trip out to his home and remove the old stove and return it to the manufacturer, all at no cost to Mr. [redacted]. Note: Mr. [redacted] has continued to use this appliance (2.5 seasons), burning upwards of 6 cords of wood last season.....a large amount indeed in industry terms (his statement) without every having the chimney connectors or chimney cleaned professionally as recommended as a yearly maintenance requirement by the manufacturer. He continues to use the appliance regardless of us offering to come over to clean the chimney at no cost to him prior to the switch out because we fear that he is a prime candidate for a chimney fire if he continues to operate the appliance without maintenance (always the end users responsibility). He has refused our offer on at least 3 occasions in the past 3 weeks of us offering that to him, not as an obligation but in the interest of good consumer relationships. We all have to assume personal responsibility for a solution or remedy and that we as the retailer are not able to offer the implied or expressed warranties that the manufacturer does, have been willing to do whatever is needed to help Mr. [redacted] get a remedy. We stand firm in that resolve and would like nothing better than to have a happy customer as we always do as long term retailers in this industry We can solve some matters on our own and sometimes when it is a warranty claim (as the ** office told us) consumers today go direct to the manufacturer to resolve these warranty claims, and not the retailer. In closing, we now wait for Mr. [redacted] to complete his obligations under the agreement brokered by the distributor and the manufacturer (to sign off on our and their disclaimers) and in which we agreed to cooperate on as the original retailer who sold him the "defective" (not that this has ever been determined as fact and will not be until it is returned to the manufacturer for testing in their laboratory) wood stove. We have done our due diligence to date and look forward to a final resolution on or before [redacted] 2015, a date in which Mr. [redacted] and I had agreed to prior to the change demanded by him from a switch out of the stove for a new appliance and then the latest demand for monetary refund. Let me know how you'd like us to proceed and also if you would like to see details of our lengthy communication stream from [redacted] of 2012 on this matter. Sincerely Yours, [redacted], [redacted]Consumer Response Stove was picked up on jan X XXXX and refund check deposited.

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Description: Furniture-Retail

Address: 528 1/2 Main St, Indian Orchard, Massachusetts, United States, 01151-1222


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