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Review: During the month of October 2013, one collection agency made two unauthorized withdrawal attempts on my bank account at Best Bank at the Southfield, MI. location on 9 mile and [redacted]. One of my credit card companies also attempted to make three withdrawls during the month of October 2013. I informed Best Bank about this and was ignored by their customer service department when I called them to complain. When I was having a hard time with the customer service representative, I requested to speak to the supervisor , who was never available, left a number for the supervisor to call me back and the call was never returned. I had made repeated calls to the customer service department, left repeated messages for the supervisors that were never returned. I finally during the month of December 2013 made contact with a customer service representative and was faxed a affidavit which I completed and faxed to Best Bank as instructed. My affidavit was rejected. I went into the Best Bank located on 9 mile and Greenfield location and spoke with one of the bank tellers. The bank teller made a phone call to the customer service department and read the information of the copy of the affidavit I presented to her and the customer service department continued to be difficult to her as well. When I asked the bank teller to speak to the supervisor about this situation, I was informed she was not available(I saw the supervisor hiding in her office with a look of terror on her face). I then got a letter from a collection agency demanding payment. I am hoping Guaranty Bank/Best Bank do the right thing and clear up this matter.Desired Settlement: I would appreciate a reversal of service charge on the four unauthorized charges made to my account. I understand my bank account is now closed and I respect their decision to keep it closed. I will not tolerate being charge for unauthorized transactions.



I am responding to a complaint from [redacted] in regard to four unauthorized transactions that occurred on her account ending in 6573 in the month of October, 2013. All four transactions had been returned due to insufficient funds in the account. The account is currently closed with a balance owed of -$232.17. The bank has refunded the four overdraft fees (4 X $37 = $148) as requested in the complaint and this leaves a balance owed of -$84.17 which can be paid at any branch location.

Review: Before this had happened I had several issues with the bank. First able not able to look up my account online ( I had to called several times to reset my log in ID number and password). According to the bank I was doing it wrong., I really doubt it. I always do online banking with other banks before including this bank with no problems. Anyway, my account went overdraft with a negative balance of $144.07 (this amount includes (3) overdraft fee charges of $37) It is ridiculous. I am going through difficulties financially and emotionally. I filed for bankruptcy this past July. I understand this balance is my responsibility because is not disclosed on my bankruptcy. I called the bank back in July and one representative told me that I could make payments towards this amount due whenever possible. She sent me a letter in the mail specifying the options. I called the bank today to make the arrangements and I spoke with a representative by the name of [redacted]. After looking at my account. He immediately said with a rude tone of voice that there is no way they cant make exceptions for me due to my bankruptcy status. During our conversation he was rude, insensitive, not respectful, and in some way he made feel more depressed about my situation. When I asked him to transfer my call to someone else or his supervisor he said to me that there is no way he could do that. He even said to me that if I kept requesting this he would be disconnecting the phone., and then phone got disconnected. I am very disappointed about the service. I was not threated with respect. I have been a loyal customer of this bank for over 10 years.Desired Settlement: I wish the bank could override at least one overdraft fee and offer me options of repayment. I am more than willing to pay and bring my account to a positive balance.



I am responding to a complaint from [redacted]. The bank previously refunded one of the overdraft fees on July 3, 2013. [redacted] from our Retention Dept contacted [redacted] and refunded an additional fee on August 8, 2013 and [redacted] agreed to pay the balance owed.

Review: Best Bank charged me a 37.00 overdraft fee. Check # 1042 went through with Available funds. Best Bank online service said Check #1042 caused the overdraft. The bank teller says "Several transactions caused the overdraft, NOT check #1042". This is THEFT!Desired Settlement: Refund 37.00 and other fees involved.



Guaranty Bank, which does business as BestBank in Michigan and Georgia, is responding to a complaint in regard to an overdraft fee. We have tried to reach [redacted] but have not been successful. [redacted] incurred an overdraft fee due to spending more than he had available in the account. There was $25.18 in the account and $23.89 was spent with debit card transactions which were authorized and there were not enough funds in the account when check #1042 cleared, that is why an overdraft fee was charged. For any questions, please call [redacted] at ###-###-####.

Review: Overdraft fees were applied to my account on a holiday / along with the closing of the bank. The fees the overdraft were applied against were transactions that stated "In-process". I went into the office to make my deposit on 5-26-15 the day after the holiday because I knew those transactions would be coming in for processing. I spoke with Michaela D[redacted] (the ABM) that stated you need to keep money in your account if you know these transactions are coming. I replied that's why i'm here today. These transaction say "In-process" nothing has tried to clear the bank. I also mentioned to her not all transactions that say "In-process" clears the bank. Sometimes these charges goes back then what? Are the person still charged a overdraft fee. She then viewed my account and stated you had fees that had been reversed last year. I replied yes but that's totally different than today. Most of those fees are bank errors but it doesnt say so. I explained I never make a check deposit at this bank, it's always cash. Therefore the teller keyed in my deposit incorrectly or there was a system issue. Also we are talking about the "In-process" fees not anything from 2014. Michaela (ABM) started laughing and said you need to keep money in your account to avoid fees then you want have to beg for an adjustment. I took my things and left the bank. I've been banking at this location for a few years and never encountered this type of reponse. My question is how can you charge me an overdraft fee on "In-process" transactions.

Product_Or_Service: ServiceDesired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

I need at least 3 of the fees of $37.00 each reversed for a total of $111.00. I agree that 2 of them is due to the money not being in the bank but the other 3 were on pending/in-process transactions. I was at the bank in time on Tuesday, May 26 to make the deposit. I have a copy of the transactions that show In-process.



Guaranty Bank, which does business as BestBank in Michigan and Georgia, is responding to a complaint from [redacted] in regard to overdraft fees applied to her account over the holiday. Catheryne from our Customer Service Center tried to reach [redacted] by phone but was not successful.

Your account was overdrawn on May 23, 2015 and your deposit was received on May 26, 2015. You did not incur overdraft fees on pending transactions. To avoid overdraft fees, you must have funds in your account at the time you use your debit card for a purchase. The fees were charged as disclosed and there was not an error in the processing of the fees.

You may want to consider opting out of the overdraft program for ATM and everyday debit card transactions to help reduce or avoid overdraft fees. When you opt out ATM and everyday debit card transactions will be declined when you do not have enough available funds in your account and no overdraft fee is charged. To opt out call ###-###-####, Option *.

Some other alternatives you may want to consider to help you reduce or avoid overdraft fees going forward include:Linking a savings account to your checking account for automatic transfers to cover overdrafts at a cost of $15 per transfer.Reviewing your transaction history and available balance on a regular basis in Online Banking at, or via our automated telephone banking system at ###-###-####. You can also set email message alerts in Online Banking to alert you when your account balance is low.Keeping a current and accurate check/transaction register in which you record all your deposits and withdrawals to avoid overdraft situations

As a customer courtesy the bank has refunded 2 - $37 overdraft fees which were credited to your account on 6/9/15. If you have any questions, please contact Catheryne at ###-###-####.

Review: Hello,

I am a new resident of [redacted] and a new customer of Guaranty Bank/ Best Bank. I opened my account at the branch located inside the [redacted] on [redacted] in [redacted]. I requested to cash 4 checks a few days after opening my account and was told no because I did not have enough funds in my account to clear the checks. The manager advised me that if I deposited the checks, the funds would be available the next day. I agreed to deposit the checks, the next day I paid bills online and shortly after received my debit card and began using it. I deposited a total of $156.92 and had a previous balance of $50.00. I spent $159 total, I needed to put gas in my truck so I checked my balance to make sure I did not go over. That is when I found out that my account was overdrawn $151.55. I went into the branch and talked to a different representative that advised me my checks were placed on hold because my account was new. I requested to speak with the manager and explained what happened. She asked me why I did not check my balance before I began using the account and I told her because she told me that my funds would be available the next day and I trusted and believed her. She said I understand and she credited me 3 of the 5 $37 overdraft fees back to my account and explained that her authority would not allow her to credit any more. I asked her do I call the 800# to talk about the other 2 fees she said yes. I called the 800# from the parking lot and after being on hold for 8 minutes I was told that a supervisor would call me back. I called again the next day and was told I am still in line for a supervisor to call me back. The supervisor called back and said there was nothing that could be done because I was already credited 3 fees as a courtesy. I requested to speak with her manager and was told again that I would get a call back. The manager called back the next evening with the same response as the supervisor. My complaint is that the crediting of the 3 fees was not a courtesy it was the manager doing what was right because she gave me incorrect information. I did not spend more money than she told me would be available to me and I should not be penalized with overdraft fees from trusting her. Customers should be able to trust the word of their bank representatives. The manager was nice and she remembered telling me my funds would be available which leaves me baffled as to why her or any of the other people I spoke with were unable to credit my account the remaining fees. I WAS PROVIDED INCORRECT INFORMATION FROM THE BANK REPRESENTATIVE AND I RELIED ON THAT INFORMATION IN USING MY ACCOUNT.Desired Settlement: I want the other 2 $37 overdraft fees credited back to my account.



I am responding to the complaint from [redacted] in regard to overdraft fees she incurred due to misinformation from a branch employee in regard to when a check deposit would be available.

Please accept our sincere apologies. The bank strives to provide excellent customer service and when that does not happen we take prompt action. I want to thank you for bringing this issue to our attention and I also want to apologize for the inconvenience it has caused. The manager will work with the employee to ensure information conveyed to our customers is accurate.

You previously received a refund of overdraft fees on 2/9/2015 and an additional two fees were credited to your account on 2/12/15. Again, please accept our apologies. If you have any further questions or need additional information please feel free to call [redacted] in our Customer Service Center at ###-###-####.

Review: When my loan was paid off, Guaranty Bank filed that I was deceased to all credit bureaus: Equifax, Trans Union, Experian etc... This has caused unbelievable amount of trouble for me. It locked me out of any credit. I found out about this when I tried to refinance my home mortgage. I contacted Guaranty Bank and spent an average of 2-3 hours per day on the phone with them for over a month trying to get this corrected. They assured me in April of 2013 that all was corrected. Well it is not, now I have been denied an auto loan by over 6 vendors and received letters stating the reason is: credit report shows applicant is deceased, no scores as applicant is deceased, too many inquiries and applicant is deceased....on and on and on. I called Equifax yesterday-Jan. 22, 2015 and they gave me a confirmation number for disputing this report on my credit done by Guaranty Bank, they also told me to call them. I called Guaranty Bank and went through the whole nightmare with 2 different people. Guaranty Bank says the proper department will take care of this.

The same as they told me in 2013. They say they can not give me anything in writing showing this has been done. I asked to talk with [redacted] and was told that was impossible but I could write a letter, I have. No response as of yet. All of this is was caused by some careless clerk or employee that marked my whole account deceased when only my husband died, I certainly am alive. I should have never told them he died but being the person I am and trying to do all things right I did...they did not remove his name from the account even though I sent them a death certificate. Instead they marked me dead too.

I find all of this so awful and it has cost me so much grief and money. It caused me to miss out on a lower percentage rate for home refinance and has caused problems on credit reports and lack of creditDesired Settlement: Complete correction of damages and proof that it is corrected. I am now seeking attorney thinking I should collect damages that Guaranty Bank has done to me.



Guaranty Bank has received and reviewed Mrs. [redacted]'s

complaint. We sincerely regret and apologize to

Mrs. [redacted] for what appears to be a clerical error made by our bank in 2013. It

appears that this unfortunate situation arose after Mrs. [redacted] asked the bank

to remove her late husband's name from the account. Our intent was to make Mrs.

[redacted] the primary contact person on the account. However, when we attempted to

do so, we apparently reported her as deceased in error for part of 2013. On January 22

and 23, 2015, Mrs. [redacted] spoke with [redacted], a supervisor in Guaranty

Bank's Loan Administration Department. Mrs. [redacted] apologized for the error

and advised Mrs. [redacted] that she would do everything that she could to ensure

that her Equifax credit report gets corrected promptly. Mrs. [redacted] told Mrs.

[redacted] that she spoke with Transunion and was able to get her credit report

with that company corrected by phone. Experian told her that it saw no problems

on its credit report.

On January 26, 2015, we received

Mrs. [redacted]'s formal dispute relative to her Equifax report. Mrs. [redacted]

promptly sent an update/correction to Equifax. Today, our Loan Administration

Department will confirm that the update was received by Equifax and is

reflected in Mrs. [redacted]'s current Equifax credit report. Once we receive the

confirmation, we will call Mrs. [redacted]. We believe that

this resolves the problem with the Equifax report. Again, we apologize for the

error and the inconvenience it caused Mrs. [redacted]. Thank you for your time and


Review: I tried contacting this bank on 08/14/14 regarding how to pay down this balance on this account. After numerous times of being transferred from one department to another, I was finally told my only option of paying down this balance was to go into a branch and pay with cash. I don't have time to go into a branch, and asked if there was another option, I was told no. There has to be other options, and I am complaining today because there isn't . I have good intentions of paying of this loan, and in good faith.Desired Settlement: Need information on where to send a payment besides going into a branch to pay. This account is In loss prevention as of 08/14/14. I want to pay off this balance before the end of the year.



I am responding to a

complaint we received in reference to your question regarding where to send a

payment for a balance owed on your account #XXXXXX[redacted]. Please reference this account # on your check.

Review: Hello, My wife & I went to guaranty bank on March 2014 with my retirement check to get it cashed so by it being so big & that we had to deposit it instead. They ([redacted] ) was her name that opened up the account for us. We sat down & asked her questions before actually opening up the account, she told us that because they were having this big advertising to open an account we would get the $110.00 in opening the account that's why we opened it. so as it goes on she told us that we could get the money on that day after the account was opened meaning before we would leave her office. Ok we are ending the arrangement then we ask her about the $110.00 then she goes to the check which we were depositing over $10,000 & get us $100.00 of our own money. Now what is wrong with that picture we are not getting the $110.00 for opening up the accout she takes it from our account . not redering her agreement but getting it from our account. Then she says after 2 business days we can draw $200.00 dollars from our account we go in after the two days & then they tell us that we have to wait until the 17th day of April. Our complaint is that she has told so many conflicting stories that we can't get our money plus they put a $37.00 over draft fee on our account that we haven't drawn from until many more days later. We are so angry because she lied to us about putting our money into there bank but we have no access to retrieve it. We go & talk to the teller & she tells us that she miss informed us of this account & that they are very sorry but we can't get anything until April 17th.Desired Settlement: We just want to have our money released & that the asst. manager give us a formal apology for the wrong that we had to indure.



We would like to apologize for the misinformation and service issues you experienced. The bank strives to provide excellent customer service and when that does not happen we take prompt action. I want to thank you for bringing these issues to our attention and I also want to apologize for the inconvenience they have caused.

As indicated in the complaint, $200 of the check amount was available the next business day. The bank placed an exception hold on the remaining check amount and a notice was mailed detailing when the funds would be available. The Market Manager, Steve contacted you by phone to apologize and to inform you that the bank would release the funds on 4/16. The overdraft fee you referred to in the complaint had been previously refunded to the account.

The “Up to $110 Spring Checking Event” offered $5 for opening a new customer checking account and your account received $5 on 4/11. You could also receive $50 if the account has direct deposits totaling at least $400 each calendar month for three consecutive months within 120 days of the account opening plus $5 each month the account has 5 debit card transactions beginning the month after the account is opened and continuing for 11 consecutive months to a maximum of $55. This is a total of $110. You are still eligible to receive the full $110 by meeting the requirements.

Again, we apologize for the service issue you encountered.

Review: I am a married mother of four and a student. I pay VERY close attention to the money we spend as a household, as every cent matters to us. I am an avid coupon-er, just to give example of how closely I pay attention to funds. I believe this bank is manipulating the way in which my transactions were processed in order to use transactions and purchases to draw multiple overdraft fees! This bank is taking $148 of my money! If I am at fault in my account, I would have no problem paying the $37 overdraft fee that I agreed to when I signed up for the account. But for them to take four overdraft fees from me when I had sufficient funds in my account is ridiculous. I have been trying to work with management and upper management on this issue for a week. No one will not even listen to or talk about the explanation of the way in which their process is disabling their customers. They continue to tell me that their processing is correct. The way that this bank processes transactions is set up to allow a customer to think there are funds available (it will even show this in their online banking account website) in order to continue to make purchases. Once the banks processing takes over, transactions are arranged in a way to hold some money, expire holds on other money, process the purchases and draw overdraft fees, in a way to continue to rack up NSF transactions. I have taken this issue to three other banks to receive their opinion and how they would handle the situation. They have all said, this is not the way they do banking and that my bank is processing this way intentionally to cause me to draw multiple overdraft fees. Guaranty Bank needs to understand how their processing is WRONG and taking unwarranted money from their customers!Desired Settlement: I want my four overdraft fees refunded, credited back to my account.



Guaranty Bank is responding to a complaint from [redacted] in regard to overdraft fees incurred for transactions that posted to her account on 10/21/15. [redacted], our Customer Service Operations Specialist, spoke with [redacted] in regard to this complaint. It was determined that sent multiple authorizations for $69.22 on 10/17, 10/24 and 10/31 for what looks to be the same purchase. As a customer courtesy the bank has refunded four overdraft fees and you received credit for these fees on 11/3/15.Some alternatives you may want to consider to help you reduce or avoid overdraft fees going forward include:Linking a savings account to your checking account for automatic transfers to cover overdrafts at a cost of $15 per transfer.Opting out of the overdraft program for ATM and everyday debit card transactions. When you opt out these transactions will be declined when you do not have enough available funds in your account and no overdraft fee is charged. To opt out call ###-###-####, Option 6. Transferring your account to a Relationship Checking account. This account has no overdraft service or overdraft fees. There is a monthly service fee of $10 for this account.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

Target did NOT send multiple transactions for the same purchase. This bank manipulates the processing order of transactions in order to draw multiple overdraft fees. Warning to anyone opening an account: be VERY careful, even when you keep am accurate record and check with your online banking, that does not mean you are safe from guaranty bank processing system! The bank did return all of the fees that never should have incurred, so for that, I am satisfied with my complaint.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: Just opened an account for myself at this bank. I put 10-20 dollars in it to just buy snacks and sodas for the week. Charged only a few sodas and candy bars and looked at my account and suddenly it was in the negative. Almost 300.00 now because I haven't checked the account. I called and they explained to me that each charge while in process was tripled. Then went thru normal once it actually hit my account. I explained to them that isn't my fault that there bank does that. I asked them to remove the overdrafts. They said I'm sorry we can't do that because we've removed over drafts in the past. First of all never on this account. Second this is the banks fault not mine. I asked to speak with a manager. They refused. I hung up the phone. I called back to talk to someone else. this time it was a lady. I gave her my account number and my phone number like a did with the man before her. She kept saying that is not my phone number. I repeated it over and over again. I explained I just did this with the gentle man before and it worked. She then started asking my tons of questions. She then told me the number on the account which to me wasn't even a number. It had been changed. I then asked for the address of that building and she refused to give it to me. She then transferred me to someone else who hesitated then finally gave it to me. This is ridiculous. I reel harassed on top of embarrassed that I'm being treated as someone who can't manage money. I want the overdrafts taken off and I will close the account and bank elsewhere.Desired Settlement: money back in my account and I will close it



I am responding to a complaint from [redacted] in regard to overdraft fees. First I would like to apologize for the service issues you encountered. I have shared your comments with our Customer Service Manager. The overdraft fees were incurred because the merchant – Soda Snack Vending – sent an authorization for each transaction in the amount of $3.00 instead of the actual dollar amount of the purchase. Some vending machines let you know that they will send an authorization for a higher amount with a notice on the machine. As a customer courtesy the bank has refunded the overdraft fees incurred for these transactions. Again, I apologize for the service issues you experienced.

I was raised in Milwaukee and I recently moved back here from Texas. The first bank that I decided to bank with was Guaranty Bank. I thought I had made the right choice but boy was I wrong. The problem didn't start until a few months ago when I had opened my savings account. They haven't received the signature card so they blocked me from my funds. Went to the branch, signed it, and had it faxed over. About a week later, same thing, no signature on file. I went in, signed it again and it was faxed over again. Another week later, still no signature card on file. Instead of going in, I called customer service and I was advised it's because Guaranty Bank also needed the Proxy, not just the signature card. I went home cause I had the Proxy at home. Sent an email via online banking advising them that on the Proxy itself that it states that I didn't need to return if I didn't want to because it wasn't necessary. Copied it word for word and the email rep confirmed that it was not needed. Bam, the hold on the account was removed. Even though I have been told by everyone who I've come across to move elsewhere, I wanted to stay so I can build a relationship with Guaranty Bank. Well, I opened a relationship checking only because I didn't need a real account to do my banking. I just wanted one for bills. I transferred all of what I got paid from work on friday, received the debit on friday and activated it before using it but it was declined. I tried to transfer to my other checking but the mobile app said that I needed to link the accounts. Used the ATM and it said "Unauthorized Usage" but I was still able to check my balance. Ok? Called customer service who reiterated what the mobile app had already said. But my question that I had to ask twice in order for the rep to understand was "What's the difference if it allows me to transfer to and not from the new account?". I was placed on hold and when the rep came back on, he said that my new account only allows me to transfer to until I have it linked. Ok. So the whole weekend, I was not able to put gas in my car or pay rent, which is due on the 1st of each month. Went into the bank today to sign a signature card, which I'm hoping won't cause me issues like it did before. I was also told by the branch rep that the reason why my card declined was because they needed a signature card and because I'm only allowed to have 1 debit card. Excuse me? I used to work for a bank. If you have 2 separate checking accounts, you can have a debit card for each of your CHECKING accounts. I have never ever heard of being allowed one debit card for 2 SEPARATE CHECKING ACCOUNTS. I kept calm. Prior to going in I called customer service again. This time the rep told me that I'm not allowed to have access to my funds until they receive the signature card which is where why I went to the branch later on to do it. So I told her that with my other accounts, I used to have 4 then closed my savings then opened my newest checking so I'm back to 4 accounts, that I was able to transfer to and from prior to having the signature card loaded. Well her answer was "Really? It's not supposed to allow you access until the signature card was loaded so I don't know why you were allowed access.". So this call to customer service was made before I went in. So then I asked branch rep if I could withdraw from my account from her. She said yes then said no because there is a hold/block on my account until they load the signature card. At that time, I wanted to cry so bad. I was feeling embarassed with tears filling up in my eyes but so much crap within a few months really makes me want to change to a competitor. Would they have said No if I wanted to close the account? Probably. I wouldn't have care about the early closing fee as long as I didn't have to deal with them anymore. But I am one of those people who stay only because it's a hassle to change every thing. My patience is running really thin with Guaranty Bank. I know one customer wouldn't make a difference but it only takes one to tell 10 people and those 10 will tell 10 more people each.

Review: Open an account on the 6th of Aug, was told I'd receive my atm/debit card in the mail within 7 -10 days. 16 day later no card. I called and was told it was mailed out on the 8th. So I gave it a few more days still no card. Went into the bank (mableton, ga location) to close my account was told that I had to pay 50 dollars for closing out my account. I wasn't told that before I opened up the account, and stated that to the tellers working there. I was told it was in my starter package which I didn't receive until after I opened the account. I ask the tellers, why wasn't that information told before I opened the account and shouldn't it be disclosed. They just shrugged their shoulders and yesDesired Settlement: I would like to close my account without any fees, or a rush on my card without any cost to me



I am responding to the complaint from [redacted] in

regard to a debit card that has not been received. Our records indicate a debit card was ordered

when you opened your account on August 6, 2014 and the card was mailed to the

address we have on file. We apologize that this card was not received. Another

card was ordered on August 28, 2014 and you should receive this card within 5-7

business days. [redacted] from our Customer

Service Center spoke with you by phone and you indicated you wanted to close

your account without incurring the early closing fee. As of today, September 3, 2014 your account is

closed. Again we apologize that you did not receive the debit card that was

ordered on August 6th.

I had a checking and savings account with this bank for 2 years. It would take over 2-5 business days for credit/debit transactions to clear my accounts. This caused a large amount of overdraft charges. When I tried to go back to the bank to have them reversed they advised that my account was closed due to too many overdrafts? I paid a portion of the overdrafts and talked with corporate to have the others removed. They never told me or sent me any resolution. 4 years after the accounts were closed I get a summons in the mail from their collection agency to appear in court. They never reported me to the credit bureau so I assumed all charges were reversed until I got the summons! This is by far the worst bank I have ever dealt bank maybe for themselves but not the consumer

Review: On 7/24/15 I went to a Guaranty Bank ATM machine to take out money from my Guaranty Bank checking account. After entering the amount $340.00 to withdraw the screen of the ATM turned blue and stated," The financial institution is unavailable". The ATM didn't give me any money back. I went the bank branch where I opened my account at to report the issue and to withdraw my $340.00 and the bank representative said the withdraw had posted and went through. At the branch they said they could not help me and just stared at me laughing. Then one of the representatives took me into the back room so we could call customer service and file a complaint. The representative that I talked to over the phone stated exactly," you will have a return within 24 hours I submitted this claim with high priority so how the process works is at closing the branch will send employees to balance the ATM machine and when they see the the over balance they will place it back into your account. That never happened. On 7/25/15 I called customer service again to speak with a manager and told her this she was very nonchalant and told me she could not do anything for me. On 7/27/15 I checked my account online and my $340.00 is still not there.I don't know what else to do but contact the to help.Desired Settlement: Full refund of $340.00



Guaranty Bank is responding to a complaint from [redacted] regarding an ATM withdrawal for $340.00 which posted to her account on July 24th. This ATM withdrawal was performed at a CVS terminal located at [redacted]. This terminal is not owned by Guaranty Bank, therefore the bank has submitted a claim to the terminal owner and we are awaiting their response. If we don’t get a response from the terminal owner by August 6th we will provisionally credit your account on the 6th. This is compliantwith the Electronic Fund Transfers Act and the Deposit Disclosure you received when your account was opened which states that we will determine within 10 business days after we hear from you whether an error occurred. If we need more time we will provisionally credit your account so you have use of the money during the time it takes us to complete the investigation. The bank employeeincorrectly thought you processed the withdrawal at the branch terminal and that is why you were told the bank would balance the ATM and have an answer the next day.



We have reviewed the request from [redacted] and have issued the provisional credit for $340.00 today (August 5th).



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

Thank you for all your help the full $340 was deposited to the account.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: I have an active account with Guaranty Bank. I have never had any issues with my account. A company by the name of [redacted] attempted to Garnish my account with Guaranty Bank. They submitted paperwork to Guaranty back, and Guaranty Bank held $336.00 of my money from my account. As a result of the Garnishment attempt Guaranty bank also charged me $100.00 and took the funds directly from my account. When I was made aware of the Garnishment attempt I contacted [redacted] Lawfirm and informed them that I recieve unemployment and I am exempt under a federal law. [redacted] lawfirm acknowleged my exemption status immidiately and sent a fax to Guaranty bank telly them to release the fund back to my account and that they had made a mistake. The $336.00 was put back in my acount but Guaranty Bank refuses to reverse the $100.00 charge on my account. I called customer service and let them know the situation and they were very unhelpful and disregarded the fact that the Garnisment attempt shouldnt have happended because of my federal exemption status. Guaranty Bank charged me $100.00 for a another companies error. Guaranty bank Customer Service also told me that [redacted] lawfirm charged them $100.00 for the paperwork. I spoke with the Lawfirm and they said that was not true, and that Guaranty was nver charged $100.00 for the Garnishment.Desired Settlement: I would like Guaranty Bank to reverse the $100.00 fee back to my account.



I am responding to a complaint from [redacted]

in regard to a garnishment and garnishment fee that was processed on his


Review: I opened an account with this bank in October 2012 and I learned that since I didn't use the account my account was closed without notice. I was NEVER contacted in reference to the closing of my account due to non activity. This is a VERY UNPROFESSIONAL way to handle business. I had to find out by going in the store using my debit card only to embarrassed and find out that it didn't work. I went into the branch that I opened the account at on Monday, March 10, 2014 and spoke with a representative that explained the account was closed due to non activity. I then asked the representative why I wasn't informed and she stated that they mailed me out a notice. I NEVER received any notices from this company and I want my money refunded to me immediately. I had an account with Bank of America and they would contact me if anything looked suspicious or no activity in a certain amount of time took place on my account as well as Suntrust. They would pick up the phone and contact me the way that business should be handled. They NEVER notified me through mail. I NEVER heard of such stupidity in my life this Bank needs to be shut down and put out of business immediately. How can you be a financial institution treating your customers this way. I expect to be contacted immediately and refunded for this NONSENSE that should have NEVER taken place. This business needs to speak with a real financial banking institution and learn the proper way to handle business and treat their customers and well as take some customer service classes.Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

I would like my money refunded to me by check. I prefer not to deal with this bank ever again as they DO NOT HAVE THE FIRST CLUE as to how to run a Financial Institution. They need to speak to Wells Fargo, Bank Of America, Suntrust, ETC... to learn how a bank should be ran and how to treat their customers and not NOTIFY people through mail. Mail notification isn't reliable. That is impersonable and makes a person feel as if they mean nothing to the company. They have



I am responding to a complaint from [redacted] in regard to the closure of her account. [redacted] from our Customer Service Center spoke with you by phone in regard to the account closure.

The account was closed because the balance was at $0.00 for two months. The Account Disclosure states, “Accounts with a zero balance for at least two months are assumed to be no longer in use and will be closed”. Statements were mailed on this account as required by regulations.

The account was closed on June 3, 2013 which is over one year ago. If there are errors on the account the bank needs to be notified within 60 days of the statement date on which the error occurred. “Failure to examine your statement and report any such errors to us within 60 days of when we first send or make the statement available precludes you from asserting a claim against us for any such errors on items identified in that statement and as between you and us the loss will be entirely yours”.



Review: I bank with bestbank. On Dec 22, I checked their website, and it said that all my previous charges had cleared and had been removed from my balance. I made a charge on dec 23 which overdrafted my account. Later on Dec 23, I checked and the 4 charges that the best bank website said had cleared the previous day, had been moved from Dec 22 to Dec 23 and I had been charged 4 separate over draft fees for each one. Also, The charge I made on Dec 23 which overdrafted my account was taken off, then put on again on dec 24 and I was charged a second overdraft fee on the SAME CHARGE. The best bank website does not tell me what my available balance is, and when I therefore overdraft my account, they charge me excessive overdraft fees and do not refund them. I have called them on the phone and they ignore me.Desired Settlement: I want to be able to go on the best bank website and actually know how much money I have! and the overdraft charges refunded.



I am responding to a complaint from [redacted] in regard to overdraft fees that were charged December 23through 27, 2013. We have tried to reach you by phone but have not been successful. We have reviewed the overdraft fees and they have been charged as disclosed. Please contact [redacted] at ###-###-#### in regard to the overdraft fees.

In Online Banking, debit card transactions may show as in-process or pending which means that they have been authorized on that date but have not posted to the account. Overdraft fees are assessed during nighttime processing. Online Banking displays your available balance on the main screen and in the transaction history.

You are incurring overdraft fees due to spending more than is in your account. Keeping a current and accurate check/transaction register in which you record all your deposits and withdrawals will help you avoid overdraft situations.

You may also want to consider opting-out of the overdraft program for ATM and everyday debit card transactions. When you opt out these transactions will be declined when you do not have enough available funds in your account and no overdraft fee is charged. To opt out call ###-###-####, Option 6. You can also Opt Out of the overdraft program for all transactions by calling ###-###-####, Option 8,0.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Review: We have had an equity loan with Guaranty Bank since 2006. For two years we requested that our interest rate be reduced and it was, but when the period expired in 2013, GB began to charge us $458 a month, and to apply only $5 to our principal. This has been going on for years. We had a lawyer called to find out why this was happening and even though the person our lawyer spoke to agreed that there was some mistake, they have refused to find out what is wrong and correct the mistake. This situation is putting enormous pressure on our finances, and we do not get any explanation as to why we never see our principal be reduced. And out of the $10.00 they apply to our principal, now they are using $5.00 as "fees". We are giving away $458 to Guaranty Bank every month, and we urgently need help, please. This situation did not occur before they lowered our interest rate temporarily, and only began happening after they raised the interest rate again. Our loan No. is [redacted]. The name of the bank employee our lawyer spoke to was Rob [redacted] and in an Email to us on July 1st, 2014, our lawyer stated the following "...Mr. [redacted] realizes that portions of the Statement are defective. Since it is likely that Statements for other customers are similarly defective, he is getting the bank's IT department involved. He promised to call me back once they figure out how to correct things." We never heard from Mr. [redacted] again.Desired Settlement: We need this bank to reimburse us for all excess charges and to begin to correctly apply the amount of money that corresponds to our principal, and change the way they have been billing us, so we can actually pay off this debt. After debiting our account by $458.79 every month, between November 4, 2013 and Jan. 2, 2015 (we have paid during this time $6,881.85) our principal has only been reduced from $54,970.29 to $54,348.17.



This is in response to the complaint recently submitted by Mr. and Mrs. [redacted]. As they indicated in their complaint, the loan's interest rate was temporarily reduced. This was the result of a Modification Agreement between Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] and Guaranty Bank. On April 1, 2013, per the terms of the Modification Agreement, the interest rate returned to 8.5% per annum, after being at 5.0%. The amount of each payment that was allocated to principal naturally decreased as a result of the higher interest rate.

Guaranty Bank's loan servicing data was transferred to a new system on October 31, 2013. On that date, the account was paid ahead with a next due date of 12/01/13. Because the new system was not initially set up to draft on prepaid loans, the recurring ACH did not draft the first payment on the new system on November 1, 2013. As a result of no payment being drafted from October 1, 2013 through December 3, 2013, 62 days worth of interest accumulated (approximately $790.00). When the draft began again on December 3, 2013, the entire payment in the amount of $448.79 was applied to interest.

The Recurring ACH not drafting in November (because the account was prepaid) has NOT resulted in Mr and Mrs. [redacted]' paying any additional charges or fees. The December 1, 2013 through May 1, 2014 payments were entirely applied to interest in order to satisfy that which accrued from October 1, 2013 through December 3, 2013. Mr and Mrs. [redacted] would have been billed this interest even if a payment had been made in November 2013. The payments are now being allocated to both principal and interest, as the [redacted] are accustomed to seeing. They also have an additional $10.00 drafted for principal, which is always applied to principal, not fees.

Upon reviewing this account, we are confident that it has not been billed erroneously. A $5.00 Duplicate Statement Fee was assessed in July of 2013, which we have waived as a courtesy. The bill is issued on the 17th of each month with a due date of the first of the following month. These bills have been issued on a timely basis and have been correct and accurate.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to respond to the complaint. If you or the borrowers still have any questions about how this account was serviced, please do not hesitate to contact [redacted] at ###-###-####.

Review: I had $32.31 in my account. I did a purchase for $6.41 bring my account to $25.90. I then ran my card at Sprint for $63.28 bringing my account to -$37.38. Saturday is NOT a processing day according to Guaranty Bank and Sunday is not either, but I received 2 overdraft fees. I figured this had to be a bank error and I knew my account was negative this amount(-$37.38) so I deposited $44 to bring the account positive $6.62. I figured that back office would realize this mistake and remove the overdraft fees. This is a common credit over debit transactions. According to my Online and Mobile banking I should have been fine.

All of the above is common banking, and unfortunately Guaranty Bank is taking advantage of people that do not understand how the system works. Guaranty Bank is a bank for the “hard-working people”, but yet time and time again the take steps to ensure that the exact person they are catering to does not understand how the that system works. Therefore they keep incurring fee after fee.Desired Settlement: I would like all fee refunded to my account.



Guaranty Bank is responding to the complaint from [redacted]

[redacted] in regard to overdraft fees. [redacted] from our Customer Service Center

spoke with [redacted] in regard to this complaint and explained unavailable funds.

As a customer courtesy the bank has refunded 2-$37 overdraft fees on April 14th.[redacted] also reviewed some alternatives [redacted] may want to

consider to help reduce or avoid overdraft fees going forward including:Linking a savings

account to your checking account for automatic transfers to cover

overdrafts at a cost of $15 per transfer.

Worst bank in history. I have talked to over 5 people in order to get my cash/debit card and have been waiting over a month. Staff will lie to your face and are not willing to help at all. Trust me find a different bank to do all your banking with.

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