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I tried to get them to install wider gutters but Kent O** insisted it was not necessary. Several times after the job was completed, I complained that water was overflowing the gutters. I have been too busy lately to contact them as my father has died and I am caring for my mother who has Alzheimers. I have trenches in the ground where the gutters overflowed and the gutters are stained with mold from it. I tried to reach them again today, 3-25-2015 and their telephone is disconnected with no forwarding. The telephone numbers I found on line also are disconnected.

Review: Gutters were installed on my primary residence and guest home by Gutter Pros 4 U on 2/14/14. The gutters were completed on 2/17/14. On 2/24/14, [redacted] (business owner) was contacted via text message notifying him that an incorrect colored end cap had been used on my guest home. During a subsequent phone conversation the same day, I also notified Mr. [redacted] that I had several leaks and multiple vibration issues on my gutters. Mr. [redacted] had his workers come out and repair the issues within a few days. On 3/2/14, we had a significant rain storm and I experienced more leaks from my gutters. I once again notified Mr. [redacted] and he had his worker come out on 3/5/14 to repair the leaks. On 6/10/14, I experienced more leaking and vibration issues. I texted Mr. [redacted] at this time to inform him of the issues. Mr. [redacted] called me back on 6/11/14 and said that "He would have someone out next week." Subsequent to this conversation on 6/11/14, Mr. [redacted] never sent his workers to repair my issues. I sent Mr. [redacted] several videos demonstrating the specific problems on 6/23/14. Mr. [redacted] did call on 6/23/14 to say that they were very busy and might be able to come out on 6/27/14. Once again, Mr. [redacted] failed to follow up with me or send his workers to repair the issues. I texted Mr. [redacted] on 6/27/14 asking him for a plan to address the issues and received no response.

Mr. [redacted] has failed to ensure that a quality product has been provided. His workers performed sloppy work and have been unable to repair their mistakes after being given a total of three attempts including the initial install. Mr. [redacted] needs to improve his communication and give customers a clear and accurate expectation. Work has not been performed in accordance with the contract. A leak and vibration free gutter system is a reasonable expectationDesired Settlement: First and foremost, Mr. [redacted] needs to accept accountability for the poor quality work performed on my property. The gutters on my property need to be leak and vibration free. Mr. [redacted] needs to personally ensure the work has been completed by inspecting the gutters.



We have been in contact with Mr. [redacted]. I personally repaired the issues Mr. [redacted] described. I even pointed out a couple items that we are going to repair at no cost that would not have been warranty issues. We are in the process of making those repairs.

Thank you,



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: After a hail storm in April, 2013, I suffered damage to my home roof, and my gutter covers. The roof was replaced, and on 4/22/2013, I signed an agreement with [redacted], a representative for Gutter Pros 4 U, to replace the covers for my existing 5" round based gutters at a total cost of $1,158.00. The covers were installed on 5/7/2013, and a few days later a rain storm showed the covers to be ineffective by allowing some 2 plus inches of water to flood the area at the rear of my house as well as a corner of my patio floor. I called [redacted], and she assured me that they would take care of the problem, and [redacted] would come by to decide what was needed. Before even climbing the ladder that I had put up for him, he said the installed cover screen holes were too small, and he'd order the proper covers, and a few (maybe 4 or 5) of the covers were changed out several days later. The weekend of June 9th, there was another rain, and the flooding at the rear of my house was again a problem. On 6/10/2013, I called [redacted], and told her that I had given up faith in their work, and to please send someone to remove the covers they had installed, and refund my $1,158.00. I heard nothing more from the company, and on 6/21/2013, I received in the mail a check for $200.00 with a statement 'Refund for 5" GutterDome'. I paid in good faith, and expect the product to do a reasonable job!Desired Settlement: I contracted with the company, and paid as I should. During the following some two months they have failed their obligation to sell, and install a workable product, and I feel I am entitled to a full refund.



Please see attached:

"We received this complaint in our office July 8, 2013. It was

addressed to our previous address, [redacted]. The

company moved on March 1, 2013. We gave the new address to the acco ting

department when we paid our dues this year.

On April 22, 2013

our company signed an agreement with the customer. The customer had existing

rain gutters d plastic leaf screens. He

asked us to replace the plastic leaf screens and do some repair work. The

agreement included the following

work: Remove old sealant, reseal all end caps and seams. Cleanout (wash out)

all gutters and spouts. Repair any leaks. Remove existing leaf screens. Install

[redacted]. Comb out A/C fms. Reattach existi g 3"x4" downspout pipe

along the ground (approx. 20 LF). We agreed to do the work for a discounted

price of $1,158.00. He was given

a 10% discount off of the regular price of $1,286.00.

Price breakdown:

113 LF @ $10/LF

$ 1,130.00


$ 56.00

Comb out A/C


$ 100.00

Total Retail


$ 1,286.00

10 % Discount

-$ 128.00


Contracted Price

$ 1,158.00

Events are as follows:

· April 22, 2013: Signed agreement with customer

to perform work.


May 7, 2013:

Performed contract work.


May 9, 2013:

Company received call from customer indicating that water was shooting over the

20 LF • f gutter at the back right side of the house. Customer was asked if

there were any other issues and he

indicated that the [redacted] on the remainder of the house was functioning



May 9, 2103:

Rained .08", Same data source for all references: historical da for Weather station KTXAUSTI47


May 10, 2013:

Rained 1.81


May 16, 2013:

Owner of company looked at customer's house to determine possible remedy.

Remedy as to remove the [redacted] and replace it with [redacted] Magma.

[redacted] Magma is a superior product

with larger openings for water to flow through at a higher rate of speed. Again,

customer indic ted that the only problem area was the 20 LF in the back right

of the house. [redacted] was ordered from sut of state supplier. Due to cash

flow issues, it was not ordered until May 23.


May 24,2013: Rained 1.10"


June 4, 2013:

[redacted] Magma was installed


June 9, 2013:

Rained .36"


June 10, 2012:

Company received phone call from customer requesting removal of the [redacted]

M gma and installation of plastic leaf screen (product that he had before).


June 14, 2013: Company

removed the 20 LF of [redacted] Magma on the back right side of the hous and

installed plastic leaf screen as requested by customer.


June 18, 2013:

Check was issued for customer credit of $200. (20 LF of [redacted] @ $10.00 per


At no time did the

customer indicate that he wanted a full refund or that there were problems with

any of the oth r work that we did at his house. If fact, during all

conversations with him he indicated that he was satisfied with 1 other work

performed. After attempting to resolve the situation on the back right side of

the house by installing better product, he was still unsatisfied. Per the

customer's request we installed plastic leaf screen (which is what he had

before). (Plastic leaf screen is not a product that we recommend or install

because it is inferior). Customer as issued a refund for the area that he

complained about. Both replacements ([redacted] Magma and plastic leaf screens)

were done at no charge to the customer.

Upon your request, we

can provide you with additional documentation that includes the contract, field

notes and installation paperwork. It should be noted that he was given an

excellent price for these services. In addition to he 10% he was given off, we

also did not charge him for cleaning his gutters out. The customer is a very

nice man ho was pleasant to deal with so the sales person opted to include the

cleaning at no charge to him. Our supplier, [redacted] Inc. requires that we

clean out existing gutters prior to installing [redacted]. Normally we charg

$3.00 per LF to wash out gutters. However, but based on the fact that he had

existing leaf screens, had cleaned o t the 20 LF in question already and had

minimal debris we included it for free.

Please feel free to

contact us if you need any further information.




[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:


Only a portion of their response is true.! The first of two rains after the gutter covers were installed, one quite light caused water to overflow over the new covers, and I reported this.. The second rain a few days later caused major water (some two inches) standing behind my house and that covered a portion of my patio. During this second call to report the problem, I did tell [redacted] (the original sales-person) that I had lost faith in their product, and work, and to please come and remove what they had done, and refund my money. After that call, the company president came by, and said without climbing the ladder to observe the product that the wrong product had been installed, and a new product would be ordered. Several days later a two person crew did come and replace four of the faulty sections of the covers originally installed saying that the dormers on my house was causing an excess flow of water to come off the roof. In view of the water not entering the gutters, and their refusing to replace all of the faulty product (as stated by their president), I feel that I have a product that won't handle water flow in the future. The company did send me a two hundred dollar refund after I had asked for a total refund, and they did come by without telling me and replaced the faulty section with a plastic similar to what I had before the hail damage ruined it. I won't know if the problem is solved until it rains again, but in my opinion the company, and it's [redacted] has demonstrated that they are incapable of doing acceptable work!



Dear [redacted],

Perhaps there has been some

miscommunication between the sales person and the customer. She (sales person) was under the impression

that he (customer) was unhappy with the performance of the product in the area

at the back right side of the house.

That is the only issue that was discussed with the sales person.

The company will issue the

customer a refund for the [redacted] only.

The purchase price for the [redacted] only including his 10% discount is

$1,017. ($1,130 - $113 = $1,017) He has

already received a refund for $200 so, upon your approval, we will issue him a

check for $817. (See the chart below)

We will remove the product

from his house at no charge to him. We will schedule that directly with him.

Price breakdown:

113 LF @ $10/LF

$ 1,130.00




Comb out A/C Fins

$ 100.00

Total Retail Price:

$ 1,286.00

10 % Discount

-$ 128.00

Total Contracted Price

$ 1,158.00

Please feel free to contact

us if you need any further information.


GP4U Inc.

dba: Gutter Pros 4 U



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


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