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• Nov 19, 2020

We also have the same problems with this mower. Ours had bolts loose that caused the hydro belt to burn in two. Of course the company said we probably had run over debris causing the issues. After the mower being in the shop for 6 weeks, and the shop fighting for parts and payment we got it back. Mowed with it for 3 hours and it broke down again. This time we had to have it towed out of car port, it wouldn't start. Starter is bad and the solenoid is hanging. The shop said they have to take motor and gas tank off to repair another solenoid for the gas line. We can't get parts or return calls and do nothing but fight with this company. Our mower has 35 hours on it. We would like to get a full refund for this piece of junk but, buyer beware we'll probably have to eat it! Home Depot should be held responsible for carrying this companies products on their web site. We refuse to buy anything from Home Depot because of it.

• Aug 29, 2020

Wish I could give negative stars
Home Depot lied to me on their website, giving this mower wonderful reviews. Little did I know I would be stuck with a $4500 piece of junk that is impossible to get parts for. I purchase it in May 2018, and the problems started immediately with a rotted rusty starter, which they kindly charged me $65 for! here we are 2+ years later and I have used the mower a handful of times, both steering arms went, it Rarely starts up even though I’ve cared for it and kept it indoors, and I brought the matter to the attorney general. Stay away from this mower at all costs, we have all learned a lesson on this page. I find some comfort I’m not the only one dealing with a horrible company and horrible equipment made in China.

• Aug 29, 2020

Typical China made junk

• Jul 28, 2020

Unscrupulous Company
I’m a Canadian who needed a part for a electric power washer. GXI was the only place online I was able to find the part so I ordered the part and waited 2 days for processing. The $30 U.S part was suddenly escalated to $90 U.S. dollars for shipping, Customs & brokerage fees for UPS. Then 8 days later I get an email message from UPS informing me that I need to pay Customs & brokerage fees or my part will be returned. Due to GXI’s no return policy I would have been out $90 dollars & no part. To make matters worst, trying to get someone to inquire about the issue is impossible. It is like no one works there except automated machines. Do not deal wit this company and save yourself a ton of aggravation & money.

• May 23, 2020

Horrible Business
I have had the same issues as everyone else. File a complaint with the North Carolina Dept.of Justice. Maybe collectively we can do some something about it. I am talking to lawyers now on how to proceed. Go to this website and file a complaint. You should also file one on the Better Business Bureau

We bought a Zbeast 62" "commercial" mower in May of 2018. We now just have 22 hours on it because of all the problems we've had from the 2nd time my husband used it to mow. Last Fall it was at the point that it had to be put in the shop. The only shop they could find was over an hour away. It was in the shop until February. Many many many parts were replaced to the point that GXI told the repairman they weren't replacing anymore. Since we got it back, there's some kind of problem every time he gets on it to mow our own yard. They tell you to watch their videos which are very vague and not much help. When you call you're on hold forever--enough to take a nap, believe me, I've watched my husband sit in the kitchen for very long periods of time and literally fall asleep many times. Emails go unanswered. We have to mow at 3 1/2' when it is running because of the scalping wheel set up, which means a lot more mowing. All of the spindles have been replaced, battery cables, solenoid, I could keep going. Now it won't start and if it does it doesn't last. He had to push it into the barn last week and now we can't get the tractor out because that stupid thing is in the way. When we called they insisted it was the battery and we needed to buy a new one. F'YI you never want to have to change the battery. After many wasted hours and $50 it still won't start. We left a message for the same rep that took the initial call about this problem on Friday. It's Monday afternoon and still no call back. During the initial call we also spoke to a manager. He told us that we should expect problems just like you do with a new car. That's a joke in itself. Everything is cheaply made. We have had a few that we bought used that ran and performed much better with a lot less problems. My husband is at the point of just wanting another used one. This the first new mower we've bought because he doesn't have the time to fight with one all the time. He works fulltime, we have a small farm and I have a lot of appointments he has to take me too. I hate for him to even start mowing because I know he's going to come in and tell me somethings wrong with the mower sitting in the yard and the yard half mowed. I can't tell you the days that have been ruined because of this thing. We're lucky he didn't get commercial jobs like he planned to help pay for the thing. We can't keep it mowing long enough to get our own lawn done. It just needs to be replaced at this point. We're passed the point of being done with it and a lot more than frustrated at this point. Angry is more appropriate.

• Aug 29, 2020

I am in the same boat! I purchased the same unit in May 2018 and used it a handful of times. My review is above, and I think we could align on this matter seeing as how the same timeframe applies to our same crapola. I’ve had to pay a lawn service the last three years on top of the $4500 I was swindled out. I am working with the attorney general, and I will update this thread accordingly. Best,

GXI Outdoor Power is a JOKE!
I purchased the Z-Beast directly from GXI web site because of recommendations from the sales rep. GXI are vendors @ Home Depot so I was told by the sales rep to buy from them directly so I can save on sales tax. Fast forward a few weeks in after I bought the Z-beast 62" mower, another rep calls me asking if I can contact them back they left me a VM. After trying to get thru for hours to the call center I finally speak to someone. Here is the bait n switch ready:
1.) The web site offers same price as Home Depot 2.) They offer free ship as Home Depot 3.) To NJ shipping has no sales tax so I purchased from GXI web site.

So after I called them back they tell me, sir, we cannot guarantee your shipment to your location because the vendor we use may or may not deliver it damaged. I said WHAT?
I am a first-time customer and they told me they cannot guarantee my shipment because it may or may not be delivered damaged? Are you kidding me! Then they asked me if possible can I pick it up @ a drop-off facility in Newark NJ. This pick up would have cost me more than the tax savings alone to scramble and pick it up to arrange for a truck, flatbed or even forklift to remove it from my own carrier. Then they back peddled and said well we still can't guarantee the shipment because of damage but if we did deliver it you still need a way to remove it from the semi truck. Again What?
People stay AWAY from this JOKER company they are a bunch of clowns! After speaking to basically the whole damn department which is useless and no one there knows what one hand is doing versus the other. They expected me to pay for extra accommodations to pick this thing up or off the truck which mind you may have come damaged or not as they described... This vendor is a fraud do not Buy the Z-beast mowers or any of this JOKER Clown companies products. They have terrible reviews all around I should have done my homework. I got my money back I will never give them business ever! Seems like they clearly didn't want to pay for the extra shipping from drop off point to me on this big shipment bunch of scammers!

Have owned a 62 inch zero turn mower from GXI for 18 months. Bought through Home Depot website. Have put less than 20 hrs service on it because it has either been inoperable or in the shop. Because of poor reputation, very few shops will accept equipment from GXI for warranty service. Had to haul mower 90 miles for latest repair. Has been in that shop for over 9 months now. GXI has no parts inventory and it takes a minimum of a month to get even the simplest part. Horrible customer service. Receptionist says service rep has either just stepped out or is at lunch and takes a message. One in 4 messages are returned. Have called every day for the past 2 weeks with no response. GXI tells Home Depot the service center did unauthorized work amounting to $1300. Service center says all work was authorized and amounts to approx. $400. Problems include faulty ignition switch, leaking hydro, corroded wiring, faulty starter solenoid. I would like a refund of my purchase price.

Hi, I Purchased a Z-Beast 62 in mower on july 22nd of 2017. I used the mower for a total of ten minutes. The mower has been to two different shops. It is now April, and guess what? My mower is still in the shop. ( 9 months ) and know mower. I finally recieved a call from the shop that the mower is ready, but I cant get it back because GXI doesnt want to pay him. I have been calling GXI for 9 months and have got nothing but excuses. I have never delt with a company like this in my life. Now I know why nobody wants to work on them. If you purchase one, all I can say is good luck. I will never purchase anything from this company agian.

I would NEVER recommend buying ANYTHING from this company to ANYONE even my worst enemy. I purchased the Brushmater 3 in. Dia 270cc Feed, Unique and Versatile 3-in-1 Discharge, Chromium Chipper Shredder chipper on June 6 2017 and it would not start. I called the GXI warranty and went through the steps to get it to a service center. I live in Denver, CO and it took them until July 16th to find a service center in my area. Once picked up the service center said the air filter was installed upside down and the gas was bad. GXI refused to pay for the service because of the bad gas. THE REASON THE GAS WAS BAD WAS BECAUSE IT SAT FOR OVER 30 DAYS WAITING FOR THEM TO FIND A SERVICE CENTER! I was finally able to get them to agree to pay for 1/2 the charges and it is now October and they still have not sent the $40 to the service center so I am still without a $600 chipper I paid for in June. I have spoke with customer service there SEVERAL times and they fail to see how this is a problem. I WILL NEVER EVER BY ANYTHING MADE BY THE COMPANY EVER AGAIN. I have never been treated so poorly in my life.

I have a defective part. They will not send a new oneI purchased this mower one year ago and have had this problem shortly after purchasing it. After finding out that the closest service place was 70 miles away I called the company to see if they would send replacement parts, they indeed told me they would if I mailed the defective ones back. I have a micro switch that when it closed it lets the mower run with the blades on. when you let go of the handle, the mower should shut off, well mine doesn't. This presents a safety hazard, especially since I have 4 kids running around. I have great mechanical knowledge and have found that the micro switch is bad, their is no continuity in it. Desired SettlementI just want a replacement micro switch sent to me, so that I can mow my grass with piece of mind that my mower is as safe as I can make it.Business Response GXi will initiate an investigation and then respond with a more detailed resolution.Due to product liability concerns, items such as safety switches provided under warranty must be installed by authorized, insured service centers. If the customer knows of a closer service center that he would like to make the repair, we can contact them and see if they are capable of performing the repair and if they carry sufficient liability insurance. He can call our customer service department to resolve this at any time.Consumer Response After filing my complaint, GXI outdoor power called me and wanted to resolve this issue immediately. Thank you GXI and the for the quick action in resolving this case.

The company has refused to pay the service center for a faulty part that was sent with my wood chipper.I purchased a wood chipper from an online company in April of 2013. The product came with a 12 month warranty. After 3 months is had to take it into an authorized service center where I learned that the head gasket was blown. I had only used the product 3 times at this point. The warranty states that GXI will replace any part that is proven to be "defective in material and workmanship". After repeated conversations with GXI they have told me that the head gasket is a "consumable part" and falls under the normal maintenance restrictions, therefor I would have to pay for the part. No where in the warranty manual does it state that the head gasket requires replacement at any time interval. GXI is trying to convince me that a blown head gasket on an internal combustion engine within 3 months is considered "normal where and tear" so they are not liable to replace it. I have been in contact with the service center and they have told me that the only part that requires replacement is the head gasket. The service center also told me that GXI sent the entire cylinder head which did not come with a head gasket, the actual part that needs to be replaced. My feeling is that GXI realized they didn't send out the right part and does not want to pay for anything else, or the person I have been talking to does not understand what a head gasket actually is.Desired SettlementI would like GXI to pay for the defective part (head Gasket) and for the labor to install it.Business Response Upon investigating this matter it appears GXi customer service understood a cylinder head was required as was promptly sent. In follow-up discussion with [redacted] at the service center he has confirmed what is required is a cylinder head gasket. This part has now been sent. This part is most certainly covered under warranty. Final Consumer Response The company has decided to replace the head gasket.Thank You for your assistance in this matter.V/R [redacted]

I own a CH4 Chipper Shredder (15 horsepower) & am very satisfied with this product. I have used it for over 3 years now & have shredded many, many limbs with no problems & it doesn't stop unless it runs out of gas. I had a different brand previously & had to constantly unclog it &/or repair it. I think this machine would shred cross ties if they would fit through the chute. It's called 'The Beast' which is very appropriate for this machine - you can't stop it!! I would recommend this to anyone who needs a chipper/shredder.","pos-1

Purchased a 36" brushmower. After 19 hours of use right side hydrostatic transmission broke. Can not find replacement parts. Contacted GXi and was told since mower had been purchased over a year it was out of warranty and they could not help me. Now I am out over $3,500 dollars.","neg-1

Unresponsive cuistomer service. Four times I have been promised return calls with valid tracking number and not once have I received a call.I ordered a mower from this company. The delivery date has passed. They provided and invalid tracking number. I have sent 4 email and 4 phone calls. I received promises of returned calls with a valid tracking number and order status. Not once have they returned calls or sent a valid tracking tracking number. They have taken my money and all I have received is empty promises. I advise any potential customer to look elsewhere. Desired SettlementGive me a valid tracking number or return my moneyBusiness Response We are sorry for your inconvenience.However, your order was cancelled by you and a refund was processed prior to filing this complaint.There is no means to investigate your order or track its progress if the order was cancelled and removed from the order processing system. Once an order is cancelled it is permanently removed from the system and there is no visibility by the Customer Service team.Consumer Response Yes, I received a refund. The matter is resolved. So I am done with dealing with this company. For now and in the future.

I ordered a 62" commercial grade zero turn mover on November of 2015. It took GXI until the end of Feb. 2016 to deliever to my house.I used the machine only 30 hours and the engine could not start. GXI asked to bring the mover to [redacted] tools for repair. It took them 3 months to find out the problem. GXI mananger promised to give 3 months extra cover for the lost time in the shop. Now the hydraulic could not push the mover up hill. Also the drive belt broke on me. I called to GXI to order the part. It took them more than a week, but my belt has not ship out the warehouse. This company had the worst customer service and manager kept promised but they could not get the stuff done. I so over with GXI. I am so regretted that I order a lawn mower from them. I have wasted my time on a product that it should not be on the marketDesired Settlementi want them to buy back their product and give me the money back. This is a scam.Business Response Mr.[redacted] ordered 2 spare parts on 9/6/16 and they were delivered to his home 11 days later, on 9/17/16.After listening to the voice recordings of Mr.[redacted] and the Customer Service representative, GXi management was not happy with the way Mr.[redacted]'s part order was taken. It was not up to our high standard of customer service. We made an internal change in the department and have refunded Mr.[redacted] 100% of the cost of the parts and shipping.We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.We hope Mr.[redacted] will give us another chance in the future and we hope the refund of the parts and shipping costs go along way towards repairing our relationship.

Purchased a 62" commercial mower, and have had nothing but problems. GXI will not warranty parts, cover repair costs, or make part available. Mower was purchased directly from GXI Outdoor Power on April 8th, 2016. Received shipment of mower 11 days later. It was difficult to start, and progressively got worse. After about 5 hours of use, mower would not start at all. Took it to a "recommended service center", and was told the ignition switch was defective. Called GXI and was told switch was not covered under warranty, and I would have to purchase a new one on their website. Part was not available to be ordered on their website. Numerous calls made, and no one seems interested in helping resolve the issue. The service center was able to get the unit running(without a replacement switch), but after about 20 hours of use, the throttle would not engage. Took it back to the service center, and had a second repair (not covered under warranty) made. At 31 hours of use, transmission would not engage. Called GXI, and was told "someone would call me back, and walk me through the issue"; No one ever called. Called to request a refund, and was told it would have to be requested via email. Sent an email, and never received a response back. I've owned this unit less than 4 months, and it's now broken 3 times in 31 hours of use. This is clearly a defective or poorly manufactured product, and they refuse to stand behind it.Desired SettlementThis company is so difficult to deal with that the only resolve I want is a full refund. Business Response Upon investigation, the independent, third party service center determined the problems with the mower were a result of wear and tear and not covered under warranty. We asked the service center to take another look at it upon receiving this complaint. The service center once again stated there was no sign of any manufacturing defects.To go above and beyond, GXi sent new parts free of charge to the service center to resolve this matter. The parts were shipped a week ago and the service center should have the repairs completed shortly.Consumer Response GXI's response would be laughable if it weren't so tragic. The mechanic at the "third party service center" they speak so highly of had nothing except bad things to say about them. In no way did GXI "go above and beyond" to assist me. It took almost a month, and the involvement of the for them to send replacement parts for a new mower. To date, I've made at least 3 requests for a refund (both written and verbal) and all have been ignored. Final Consumer Response My zero turn is a lemon, and has now broke for the fourth timeI purchased a 62" Zbeast in April, and it's a lemon. The drive belt has shredded for the second time in 5 hours of use due to a manufacturing flaw with the unit. The previous time the belt shredded, GXI refused to honor their warranty agreement and replace it. I had to file a complaint earlier this month with the to get that matter resolved. GXI in their response took no responsibility for their product, and blamed me for the problem. Now that the drive belt has shredded for the second time, I've called [redacted] (the parts department guy at GXI) a couple of times, and he's always "in a meeting". Now that my unit has broke for the fourth time, they will not even return my calls to attempt to help me. When I call in, the person who answers my call knows who I am from the caller ID, and will not transfer my call to someone that can help. You would think spending $4500.00 on a mower would prompt someone at that business to care. I want a full refund of my money; This is my fifth request (both written and oral). I'm tired of the nonsense of dealing with a defective product, and a company that has no interest in honoring a warranty agreement, or returning a phone call. As stated above, I've had numerous issues with this defective product. I want my money back; I don't want an apology, or replacement parts sent out. This mower spends more time with the mechanic than with me, and I shouldn't have to constantly keep taking it to be fixed.Final Business Response GXi is investigating the claims made by this customer. All calls are tracked and all phone conversations are recorded so we should have a good understanding of this customer's concerns shortly.

Mower purchased in January 2015 has less than 5 hours on meter. Mower has been in shop 3 total months and is junk. Have tried to get refund, refusedI purchased this mower over the phone from [redacted] in January 2015. I asked for the mower to be delivered in February and was told no problem. After calling several times I finally was shipped the mower on March 27, 2015.Desired SettlementIn January 2015 I purchased a[redacted] over the phone from[redacted]. I asked him if February delivery was possible and was told no problem. After several calls to get the delivery time I was told that they were over run with snow blower orders and it would be shipped when they could get to it. They already had my money. I finally took delivery on March 27,2015. I used it once on the 27th and then parked it. On the 28th I put it on the trailer to cut 2.5 acres. The mower would not move off of the trailer. I called [redacted] and was told that they would find a service center. After several days I was told to take it to[redacted]. This is 72 miles from my house. I delivered it to them on April 1st. [redacted] had my mower until June 1st. The problem was a bad hydro pump. GXI refused to send a replacement stating the COST of a pump was too much. There is a two year warranty so the cost should not have been an issue. After driving the 72 miles to pick up the mower, I got it home and used it on my yard. The mower refused to move on a slight grade. Was told by [redacted], the ENGINEER, that the pumps were probably getting too hot. This is a commercial mower for Gods sake and after 1.5 hrs of use it won't move. I called GXI again, they searched to find another service center. [redacted], 57 miles from picked it up my storage building July 8th. I picked it onAugust 1st. I again tried to use it at my house. The mower did not perform at all. I called [redacted] and [redacted] and said that I had to purchase another mower because this one would not run. I requested a full refund. From that day until September 17, 2015 I would call 3 times a week. Every time I was told that it was being worked on by the [redacted] department. I just talked with[redacted] and was told that the [redacted] department had denied my claim. I have 5 hrs on this piece of crap and it won't operate properly. I want a full refund. I have requested a full refund from the beginning. I was asked to work with them. I have done that. After the mower went to [redacted] I said to [redacted] if it comes back and does not run I want a full refund. All I have gotten so far is lame excuses and a piece of crap mower that they can't fix and refuse to refund the money. I have lost countless income due to this mower not being operational. I had to purchase another piece of equipment to replace it due to its in-operation, I want a refund, plain and simple.Business Response In our investigation, it appears that the customer is unhappy with the performance of the mower. That being said, The information we have from the service center he took the mower to stated it was functioning correctly. They verified the torque delivered to the wheels, the straight line tracking and the forward speed of the mower. If there is still a concern with the mower, GXi would be happy to work with the customer to verify it is operating at performance levels that meet the factory settings.Consumer Response The mower does not operate as it should. It jerks to the side when in operation. It will not navigate sideways on a hill without considerable effort. I have owned this POS since January, I took delivery of it March the 27th. It did not run one full day. It states it is a commercial mower but their Engineer [redacted] stated that the pumps became too hot for it to function properly after 30 minutes of use. It stayed in the shop for two full months. After getting it back it did the very same thing again. They found another service center to repair it. It was there 3 weeks. They want me to honor their two year warranty, but I cannot use this equipment in the state it is in. I had to purchase another piece of equipment to replace it due to the amount of downtime. They state I am dissatisfied. I can't imagine another person in my shoes who would be HAPPY with this kind of service. It has 5.9 hours on the mower. It has not been used since it returned from the last service center because it does not function properly. I am again requesting that GXI return my money in full, honor what the sales manager agreed to when he said he would return my money and accept the mower back.(Backed by numerous emails) I live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama but will drive the mower back to North Carolina and deliver it to their front door. This mower will not operate properly and cannot be used as it was intended.Final Business Response The 3rd party service center confirmed the mower works fine. If you wish a second opinion, please work with GXi customer service team to find another service center that both parties agree with. If they find an issue, we can get it resolved.

Yes, I Purchased a 54 inch [redacted] from GxiMower is a lemon dose not work.Yes, I purchased a 54inch [redacted] From Gxion 9/09/14. I did not get the mower until middle of October.Tryed to mow the grass for the first time,but the main belt broke. Called GXi took 4weeks to get a belt. I payed the lawn mower shopto fix it because they said they would not deal with GXI.Fixed I put the mower away for the winter. Spring I pulled the [redacted] out to mow before I finished the belt broke again. GXi told me to take the [redacted] to [redacted] ([redacted]).GXi service center.this was in April .All GXi dose is give me the run around. Please helpDesired SettlementPlease, Full refund or exchange or completely rebuild.Business Response On 4/30/2015 it was reported a belt had come off this customer's mower. On 5/5 the customer dropped it off at the service center. The service center sent its diagnosis on 6/10. The work order and parts paperwork was generated on 6/10. On 6/24 the service center signed that the work order was correct so they could proceed. Our investigation reveals that the source of the delays is the service center, [redacted]. We apologize for their slow service and will review if they should work on similar equipment in the future when there are such long delays. The service center has committed to get this resolved quickly.Consumer Response Yes,Thanks for your help. I am sure GXi responded because of your entry in this matter. I hope this concludes our bussness. [redacted] Final Consumer Response

I purchased a Stanley 30SS snow blower in Apr 2015 and recently the chute just fell off and after a week I am still struggling to get repair scheduledI purchased a Stanley 30SS snow blower on March 19, 2015 using a Visa credit Card. The order # was XXXXXXXXXX through Staples. I paid $1,599.When the assembled snow blower arrived, it could not work properly such as the reverse gears not working. I had to have several things adjusted.I misplaced my safety key and it took 3 weeks to get a replacement one at $25 a piece.on or around February 17, the chute just fell off when I was snow blowing. nothing seems to be broken as it seems it just came off the joint below the chute.One week later after several e-mails and promises to assist, I now have transport this 300lb machine first for diagnosis and potential repair. The local service business has only limited service. The call centre folks out of Carolina are not helpful. It is winter in Canada and have had to purchase snow clearance services. When the promise to call back, they do not do so in a timely manner.It is terrible that both the product and the service are poor and unreliable.Desired SettlementA responsive action to repair and maintain the snow blower so that it does not act up again soon.Business Response To GXi's knowledge this issues was resolved in a timely manner through normal warranty repair processes. The tabs on the discharge chute bracket were broken. It was quickly repaired and is awaiting pickup at the service center. The repair was covered under warranty.

We purchased a Generator that failed within the warranty period and they refuse to fix it or even return phone calls.We purchased four of these for our fence company. We used them as recommended, following all maintenance schedules. Within 30 hours on one unit the stater completely failed. Turns out the staters have plastic parts on the inside that melted down. GXI did pay to have this fixed under warranty. On the day we picked the first unit up a second unit failed in exactly the same way. We picked one up and dropped the other off with the service outlet that we were told to use by GXI. After several weeks we called to find out when the unit would be ready. GXI had not even returned the service centers calls or emails. They emailed 10 times. We brought the unit in for service in June of 2015 and finally in December GXI has refused to honor the warranty saying that we "overused" the unit. The unit has 104 hours on it in 5 months since purchased new. The warranty for commercial units is 6 months or 200 hours. We powered drills, saws, battery chargers and other small hand tools. These units have a serious design flaw that causes them to fail.Desired SettlementWe want the unit repaired at no expense to us, replaced with a new unit or our money back.Business Response It is GXi's understanding that a 3rd party service center determined the generator was overloaded, causing the insulation between the windings to melt. This can be repaired, but is not covered under warranty. If the customer feels this diagnosis is incorrect, they can tale it to another approved service center for a second opinion. To make arrangements, please call GXi Customer Service.Consumer Response The generator was not overloaded. The product is defective. 2 of the 4 units we purchased had the same failure. The first one was also not overloaded and it was covered under warranty. This is the same problem with a second unit. We want it repaired at no charge, under the warranty. If you require us to take it to another service center tell us where. You will not respond to our phone calls.Final Business Response Upon further investigation, not only did the 3rd party service center indicate the damage was a result of being overloaded, additionally, the proof of purchase showed that the warranty period for the product had expired.This was brought to the customer's attention. They said they believed the warranty started on the date of first use, not the date of purchase. We informed them this is not correct, product warranties start based upon the date of purchase. We have no means of verifying "first use" if different from the purchase date. GXi Customer Service Dept. is open Monday through Saturday from 8am to 5pm. We would be happy to assist but the repair will not be covered under warranty since the warranty period (as per the proof of purchase) has passed [redacted] the 3rd party service center determined the root cause was overloading the generator.

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