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H. A. George Fuel

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• Mar 20, 2024

We're so pleased Ha George techs picked up on a safety issue when they re lit a pilot recently. What a great team you have there!

HA GEORGE HAS ALWAYS DELIVERED PROPANE TO ME AT THIS ADDRESS, ONCE A YEAR, IT WAS UNDER LANDLORD NAME AND NOVEMBER 2012 I OPENED AN ACCOUNT UNDER MY NAME. I REFEIVED A DELIVERY OF 50 GALLONS 8/2/2013 AND HAD CALLED ON 3/27/2014 TO ORDER 50 GALLONS AGAIN - WAS TOLD $188 COMPARED TO $137 LAST TIME. PRICING WAY HIGHER THAN ANYONE ELSE AT THIS TIME,) AND DELIVERY WAS TO HAVE BEEBN WEDNESDAY APRIL 2ND! I WAS TOLD ONLY IN MY AREA MON, TUE AND WED, I TOLD THE OFFICE CHECK WOULD BE IN THE DOOR. NO DELIVERY WAS MADE, NO PHONE CALL! I LEFT A MESSAGE GENERAL MAIL BOX FOR BRICE GEORGE THAT EVENING. HE CALLED ME BACK THURSDAY 7:15 AM AND LEFT A MESSAGE, I AM A LITTLE CUSTOMER FOR HIM, THEY ACCOMMODATE WHEN THEY CAN, AND THAT THE DRIVER HAD RUN OUT OF PROPANE, GET SOMEONE ELSE IF I LIKE. CALL BEFORE 9AM IF I WANTED THEM TO DO IT ANOTHER DAY! BEFORE ANY RETURN CALL WAS MADE BRICE GEORGE LEFT A SECOND MESSAGE THAT AFTERNOON STATING HE ASSUMES I FOUND SOMEONE ELSE AND THAT HE WOULD TELL THE LANDLORD WHAT WAS GOING ON! I CALLED MR. GEORGE BACK LAST NIGHT AND STATED THE ACCOUNT WAS IN MY NAME, I PAY FOR MY UTILITIES, NOT THE LANDLORD, AND THAT IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE LANDLORD, I CAN USE WHATEVER SUPPLIER I WISH TO USE. I TOLD HIM IF HE INVOLVED THE LANDLORD I WOULD FILE THIS COMPLAINT WITH!I RECEIVED ANOTHER CALL THIS MORNING FRIDAY 4/4/2014 STATING HE CONTACTED THE LANDLORD, AS HE AUTHORIZED THEIR TANK INSTALL! A PERMIT HAS TO BE PULLED TO INSTALL THEIR TANK, I AM WONDERING WAS A PERMIT PULLED! I NOW HAVE TO PAY FOR A PERMIT WITH ANOTHER COMPANY, PAY FOR INSTALL AND WAIT A COUPLE OF WEEKS. I FEEL BRICE GEORGE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS WITH HIS RUDE ATTITUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOUR.Desired SettlementI FEEL THEY SHOULD PAY FOR THE INSTALL AND PERMIT FEE WITH THE NEW COMPANY! AND A WRITTEN APOLOGY FOR THEIR TREATMENT. THEY HAVE BEEN DELIVERING SMALL QUANTITY SINCE I MOVED TO THIS HOUSE IN 2009 AND DID NOT CONSIDER IT TOO SMALL A CUSTOMER THEN WHEN IT WAS IN THE LANDLORD'S NAME, AND PROBABLY NOT FOR THE PREVIOUS TENANT EITHER!Business Response this customer was on our route for the wed that she stated, we ran out of gas on the wed route, with her still having plenty of gas, we received a very angry message in the morning stating she is going to find another service provider due to the fact we didn't deliver. I called back and left a message stating why we didn't deliver and if she left her check at the door ( she is a COD, will call customer) we would do it on the following day, I also stated we needed to know by 9 am if she was going to have us deliver or if she was going to find a new company so I could tell the driver what needed to happen before he left the yard, we had limited contact with our drivers in that area due to a cell tower falling in the area.she did not call back until that night but we still stopped by to see if there was a check left, there was not. she left another message that night stating she doesn't jump for us, that she would let us know what she was going to do on her own time, not mine. I will not pay for her switch, that was her threat, I just told her if she was not happy with what we could do then I would be more than happy for her to move on. As for the price per gallon, Ms [redacted] has bought only fifty gallons from us since the account was opened in 2013, our prices reflect on amount of gas bought in a year, her price should have been 4.30/gallon (100 gallons per year or less), we charged her 3.45/gallon (400-599 gallons per year. If she says she was buying gas from us since 2009 the account must have been under the landlords name. I encourage you to find a gas company that will supply her with a tank,only deliver 50 gallons a year and charge her less then we did. Since then she has paid us for the a delivery, we left her 50 gallons. I will not offer to pay for her to change and nor do I feel I need to apologize to her for doing nothing wrong. We tried to work with her but she blew this situation up and threaten us with reporting us to and others, if anything I feel this is a false/exaggerated report on her end to try to get us to do what SHE wants, I told her I would be more then happy respond to any complaint. If needed and authorized by her, I will send you a copy of her account info and our pricing and meet with any authority to discuss this further. Please look at any other reporting, if any and you can see we have been in business for almost 70 years and do things the right way for our customers. Thank youConsumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I did not leave a very angry message Wednesday 4/2/14 I simply asked why no delivery was made, should I get another company that kind of message, since they were given a weeks notice that I needed gas, it took them an additional week, so the 50 gallons I finally got, registers 38% - where does it show I had plenty of propane, that he could take his sweet time delivering. I received no phone call apologizing for no delivery on the day it was scheduled. Brice George called 7:15 on Thursday (I am already at work,) stating call by 9am if I want a delivery, then a second call that afternoon stating, driver stopped by, no check, no delivery, he assumed I found another supplier and would notify landlord! They do not typically deliver on Thursday, I was told, why would I leave a check in the front door on a day not scheduled for delivery? You received no response from me - so you ASSUME- and proceeded to involve the landlord!You inform me in a rude manner, get someone else. The landlord set this form of utility up, I will notify him that you refuse to deliver once a year, that I am not a big enough account - you made no attempt to work with me - you are not even professional enough to apologize! Regards charging me more, it is known by other companies you set your own pricing. I can get another company and will pay less for my small use and it was them that offered a small tank - that would be 60 gallon Brice, not 50! My complaint clearly states this account was formerly under landlord name, and actually I set it up in my name November 2012 same time as the last delivery under the landlord's name. You should know, you handled the account change! All your messages were to push me into getting another supplier, you call that working with me. I am happy I filed this report to - in your response you admit to everything I stated.Final Business Response Please refer to our policies,we already have done more then we should for this customer, minimum delivery to that size tank is a fill up, not 50 gallons, normally a fee $ charged for anything less, normally a tank rental of $96 is charged to a customer per year who uses less then the tank capacity per year, this also has not been ever charged since 2012. our policies are mailed to all customers once a year and are available on our website if need to reference. This customer needs to move on,we already made exceptions for her and will no longer drag this on anymore. I don't feel we should change how we conduct our business (since 1948)based on ONE customers overreaction to a situation. Sorry but will not agree to pay for her to move on, we will although wave any charges on our end of removal of our equipment and credit for any gas in the tank.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I am relaying this to the landlord. Funny, while the account was under landlord's name and he called in the order at his discretion, (some of those deliveries were not ordered or authorized by me,) I saw those slips, you always delivered low quantity without extras! You just do not like being called on the fact, you messed up by not delivering on the assigned day, when a check was sitting there, your rude message speak volumes. I have no intention of using HA George ever again. You are incapable of an apology, you need to brush up on your customer service skills, the CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT, whether you agree or not! Again with the additional fees, this was set up by the landlord, I switched account to my name, to control the number of deliveries, and to pay direct to the vendor. I will take this issue up with the landlord at this point, as none of the above fees were ever disclosed or discussed with me personally by Brice George, who was the one who handled my account being set up.

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Description: Oils-Fuel

Address: 651 Ashland Street, North Adams, Massachusetts, United States, 01247


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