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H & H Auto Repair

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Message from Consumer via phone conversation with am rejecting this response because:His story is a complete fabricationHe shouldn't have told me to bring it over there if he didn't want to work on itI just want my money back for the tow truck feeAdditionally, I also paid my cousin $to tow the truck over there and would like that back as well

ID #10966583I don’t know where to start. I can’t believe that you people
don’t have better things to do other than entertain frivolous people. I read
his complaint. It has so many holes that I find it hard to believe you people
would waste my time and yours with this issue.Let’s start from the...

beginning. For 3 months this guy would
call me once per week. He never wanted me to work on his truck. He wanted me to
tell him over the phone why it would not crank so that he could fix it himself.
Week after week I would spend between 15 to 20 minutes trying to explain to him
I need to look at the truck to check why it will not start. Every week he would
say I don’t have any money I’m on a fixed income can we trade work I’m a
machinist on and on. I would explain to him that we work for cash not trade or
etc.  Each time he would go on and
on about what he thought was wrong with the truck and what he had done to it
since the last time we had spoken. I actually began to expect his call on
Thursday or Friday each week. I would tell him to leave the truck alone because
he was making the situation worse. One week he called and told me that the
wiring harness had a power issue. That was why the truck would not start and
wanted to know how much it would cost to repair. I tried to explain to him that
I could not give him a price because on electrical you don’t know how long it
will take to repair. He raised pure [redacted] with me wanting a price finally I told
him that it could cost up to 1500 dollars and I would not say that it night not
cost more. The next time he called he said that he had removed the
wiring harness to repair it and couldn’t find anything wrong with it and wanted
me to look at it. How can you diagnose something that’s in pieces so I told him
that I would not look at it as long it was in pieces. Put it back together if
you want me to look at it. Check with any shop they will all tell you that they
don’t work on things someone else has played with so me telling him to put it
back together was not uncommon. That was the last I heard from him for a month
it was actually nice not having to deal with this person. Then out of the blue
he calls one day and says the truck is on its way to you. I told him that it
would be a week or two before I could look at it. A day after the truck arrived I got a call from a friend of
mine who owns a shop in Kirbyville. He asked me about the truck and its owner.
He told me about how and of his dealings with this guy. Pretty much he did the
same thing to [redacted] that he did to me. He got mad at [redacted] because he didn’t
drop everything and look at the truck. That’s why he brought the truck to me. The truck arrived at my shop without a hood and barely put
together. The wiring harness and engine compartment was a mess. It was cut and
patched in many places. It was burned in several places. It would be cheaper to
replace than repair. I spent 3 hours diagnosing the truck. I called him and
told him that he needed to replace the wiring harness on the engine then it may
or may not crank depending on what else might be wrong with the truck. I told
him that due to the age of the truck it would be difficult to find a wiring
harness that I could have shipped to me plus it would be very expensive. I told
him that I had located one in Beaumont and that if he wanted he could go get
it. I did this to help keep his expenses down. If I went to get it I would have
to charge extra for travel time. When he finally realized that it would cost him money real
money to have truck fixed he though a fit. That’s when he basically told me
that I was wrong that his harness was fine and that I didn’t know what I was
doing. I didn’t argue with him because he didn’t want to listen. And I have
better things to do than argue with a [redacted]. I see no reason to continue trying
to help someone who wants to hear what they want to. By this time I had enough dealings with this guy. He let me know
quick that he knew more than me concerning the repair of his truck. So I asked
why he didn’t fix it himself. Therefore I told him to get the truck. A day
later the wrecker driver shows up to remove it. I let him get it even though he
never paid the check out fee. I just wanted the truck gone. I asked the wrecker
driver to very politely ask this guy not to call me nor ask me to look at this
truck again. Now I hear from you people. Sounds like this guy wants
something for nothing.  Which is
what [redacted] warned me of. Check with him at [redacted] in Kirbyville.  [redacted] In the mean time please inform
[redacted] he owes me 225 for 3 hours of time I expect a check as soon as possible.  And also I have forwarded the letters
and info to my lawyer for his consideration. Thank you and have a nice day[redacted]H&H auto repair[redacted] I checked with [redacted] on this issue. She pointed out to me
that the wrecker only took the truck away. [redacted] and his friend towed truck to
shop with a rope from [redacted] shop. 
At most hatch wrecker charged him 75 dollars. Where did he get 125 from?
In my opinion this guy is a con man. He wants something for nothing and he’s
not getting it from me. I didn’t even charge him to look at the truck and I’m
certainly not going to pay him to away. Have a good day[redacted] H&H auto repair

Review: I took my truck to this shop to repair a blown head gasket and a leaking radiator. I was originally quoted $800 to $850. After the truck had been in the shop for 2 weeks they came back with a price of $1000. A day later the price went to $1200. I understand this happens and managed to come up with the money. The day I picked up my truck for the shop, the check engine light came on. I took the vehicle back for them to look at. They said it was misfiring and they would have to get back into it the motor to see what was happening. Two weeks go by with not so much as a word from them. I call to find out what is happening only to be told they haven't even looked at it yet. A few days later I called again and was told that I was going to need a new motor and that they were looking for one. I then decided to wait a week to see how they were going to handle this. No word from them so I go to the shop this morning. I asked about the motor and who was going to be responsible for the cost. I was told they would cover the cost of installation but not the cost of the motor. I was then told that they knew the motor was no good before the initial repairs were made but that he just decided to replace the head gasket and radiator anyway. My response was why wasn't this told to me in the beginning and why would I put that kind of money into some thing that needed to be replaced. He really didn't have much of a response more than I understand your upset. My 23 year old son was with me and was there for the entire conversation. He is willing testify to the fact that I was told that the mechanic knew the motor was shot before the initial repairs were made. I am coming to you 1st with this matter but am currently getting together all the information, times, dates, receipts, ect to pursue this in small claims court if need be.Desired Settlement: I would have been fine with them putting another motor in with them covering the costs. It is obvious to me that they did something wrong when repairing the truck. The check engine light was not on prior to the repairs being made. I believe I was told about them knowing the motor being shot in the beginning to cover their backs. Either way I do not trust them to make anymore repairs to my vehicle.

Review: I took my truck in for a diagnostic on 10/7/13. He said he would charge me $98 but I would need to leave my truck. The next day 10/8/13 he called and told me it would cost me $350 to fix my truck. I said go ahead and fix. I asked if he would warranty the job and he said yes. On 10/9/13 he called and said the fix for $350 was not needed. The problem would cost me $250 I said good since that is less. He said no the total is $600 I asked why are you charging $350 for a repair my vehicle did not need plus $250 for a repair that is actually needed. I told him do not do any repair I will pay for the diagnostic that you did. He got mad and hung up on me. On 10/10/13 I went to pick up my truck. Asked how much do I owe you and he told me $350. I asked why so much for a diagnostic when no repair was done. He said that is what you owe me. I tried to pay with check card he would not accept tried to write a check he would not accept it. He told me he would only accept cash and there is no receipt. I said I am not paying until I get a receipt. He started swearing and calling me names and told my brother and I to leave. I called the police twice in a 45 min period at this same time he said you [redacted] are the only ones breaking the law here. At this point my brother was getting mad & I decided to pay him because the police had not shown up and I did not want any problems. Thank you very much for your time on this matter. Hopefully you understood my problem and can help me to resolve it. My truck was drive able when I took to the shop and now will not even start. If you have any questions, please call me.

Product_Or_Service: repair for 1995 Chev truck

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

Full refund of my cash payment of $305.74 so I can make my truck drive able again.

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