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Review: Part A

On February 26, 2013, I observed that my neighbor was having his furnace replaced. Since I had been having heating problems in my home, I asked my neighbor to introduce me to the technician who was replacing his furnace. As a consequence, my neighbor introduced me to [redacted] ("[redacted]") of H & H Industries, Inc. ("H&H"). Following the introduction, I asked [redacted] if he could look at my two furnaces to see if I needed to replace them. Immediately thereafter, [redacted] looked at one of my two furnaces and told me that not all of the burners were firing. Without any further conversation whatsoever, [redacted] proceeded to perform some manual cleaning type activities on that first furnace. Afterward, he told me that he cleaned the burners and that the furnace did not need to be replaced. At this time, there was no discussion as to what [redacted] did to "clean the burners", nor that this constituted a service call in accordance with the business and billing practices of H&H, nor that there would be a charge for this service. Later that day, after [redacted] completed the installation of my neighbor's furnace, he returned to my property and inspected my second furnace. Following the inspection of this furnace, [redacted] informed me that it was working fine such that it did not require any service work nor replacement. This concluded [redacted]'s interaction with the heating system in my home. Thereafter, I told [redacted] that I would like to replace one of my furances with a new one that could generate more heat for my home. [redacted] responded that he would have his "boss", [redacted], contact me to discuss this. At this point, [redacted] and I parted company. As he was walking away from my property, he stated that I would be receiving something in the mail from the company. I never gave a second thought to this statement until I received an invoice from H&H for $121.33, Invoice No. 13-535, dated 3/12/2013 for a service call relating to this interaction with [redacted] on 2/6/13.

Shortly after my meeting with [redacted] on 2/6/13, I received a call from [redacted] ("[redacted]") of H&H. [redacted] called to inform me that based upon some notes made by [redacted] on 2/6/13, [redacted] wanted to propose that I purchase from H&H, and H&H install, a particular furnace in my home. He indicated that he wanted to email me the specifications of this furnace for my review. I responded by stating that I wanted to meet with him to discuss my heating needs rather than simply purchase a furnace without him having seen my situation directly. He agreed, and as a consequence, I met with [redacted] and [redacted] in my home on February 26, 2013 to discuss having H&H install a new heating system there.

Part B

The meeting with [redacted] and [redacted] in my home on 2/26/13 lasted approximately 1 1/2 hours. At this time, both of these individuals inspected both of my furnaces, measured the heat coming out of the heat registers in various locations of my home and took such other measurements that they considered necessary. I was very clear in stating to [redacted] that I wanted him, and thereby H&H, to do whatever they considered necessary in order for me to be able to heat my home better than is the case with my current furnaces. At that point [redacted] stated that in order to do so it may be necessary to have some extensive duct work done. I responded to [redacted]'s assertion by stating that I did not care what it took, I just wanted a new heating system that could more adequately heat my home than is the case with my present heating system. I then asked [redacted] how long it would take him to install a new heating system in my home, [redacted] responded by saying: "By the end of next week it's going to be so warm in here you won't be able to stand it". I responded by saying: "That's exactly what I want". I also said, please provide me with a proposal setting forth what it is you intend to install and the cost thereof.

At this point, the meeting took a strange turn.

[redacted] then said that before he could provide me with a proposal, he wanted to have another company, named Dirty Ducts Cleaning Environmental & Insulation, Inc. ("DD"), come out to my home for the purpose of cleaning my heating ducts. I responded by saying that I never heard of that company nor of that type of service. I was very clear in stating that I had no idea what he was proposing and therefore was relying totally upon his judgment as to the necessity of this service. Then the situation became even more bizarre. At that point, [redacted] stated that before DD cleaned the heating ducts, he wanted them to photograph the interior of the heating ducts. I responded with great surprise and said that "this is so foreign to me that I don't even have a comment". [redacted] assured me that this recommendation by him was routine and that it would help him in providing me with a proposal as to what type of heating system he would propose installing, and the cost thereof. I indicated to [redacted] that I had absolutely no experience nor knowledge about the type of services that he was insisting that I needed to have performed "before" he could provide me with an estimate for the replacement heating system. At that point, he said that he would call DD, as well as some other companies, to determine which company would be best to come to my home for the purposes of: (1) photographing the interior of the heating ducts in my home; and (2) clean the interior of the heating ducts in my home. Later that day, I spoke with [redacted] on the telephone, and he informed me that following our meeting at my home earlier in the day, he had called a few companies to discuss these recommended photography/cleaning services and that he recommended that I have DD perform such services.

Following that telephone conversation with [redacted], I called DD and spoke with someone there named [redacted] ("[redacted]"). [redacted] informed me that she had spoken with [redacted] shortly before I called her and that she was aware of the services that [redacted] was requesting that DD perform at my home. [redacted] informed me that the billing rates for such services would be $75.00 per hour for the photography services, and that this type of engagement ordinarily requires 2 hours of a technician's time.

On March 1, 2013, a technician from DD, named "[redacted]", came to my home with a specialized hand-held device, with a long snake-like attachment, that he inserted into the interior of the heating ducts at various locations within my home. [redacted] was at my home for approximately 2 1/2 hours. [redacted] indicated that this device that he was inserting into the heating ducts was taking photographs of the interior of the heating ducts at various locations. After he finished his work, [redacted] informed me that he would forward these photographs to [redacted] at H&H, who he expected would contact me after he had reviewed them.

Neither [redacted], nor anyone else from H&H, contacted me after he received the photographs from DD.

On March 6, 2013, I called and left a message on [redacted]'s office voice mail indicating that I wanted to discuss with him the photographs taken by DD, and the installation of a new heating system by H&H in my home, which was the subject of our recent meeting on 2/26. [redacted] did not return that call

To date, neither [redacted], nor anyone else from H&H, has EVER contacted me about installing a new heating system in my home.

On March 28, 2013, I received an invoice from DD, Invoice #11576, dated 3/25/2013, in the amount of $337.50 for the cost of having [redacted] come to my home on 3/1/2013 to provide the photography services described above. At this point in time, I had not received anything whatsoever from either DD or H&H, arising out of or relating to the service provided by [redacted]. Specifically, I had not received a copy of any photographs taken by [redacted], no letter of explanation, nor a narrative report, nor any other type of material that was generated from [redacted]'s time spent at my home with his equipment. In reviewing the invoice, I noticed that the billing rates set forth on the invoice were not what I was informed prior to having DD come to my home: As indicated above, [redacted] informed me that the billing rate would be $75.00 per hour; the invoice provides that the billing rate is $150 for the first hour and $75 for each hour thereafter. In addition, the invoice states that the amount of time charged is for 3 1/2 hours; yet, [redacted] was on the premises for approximately 2 1/2 hours. I realize that the differences are not that substantial. However, my point is that the invoice is "padded".

Following my review of the invoice, I called DD and asked to speak to the President, [redacted]. I was informed that he was not available, so I indicated that I was calling to request a copy of whatever was generated by [redacted] having been at my home on 3/1. As a result, DD emailed to me 8 photographs, which purportedly were taken by [redacted] with his equipment when he was at my home on 3/1. The photographs were not accompanied by any type of narrative report, nor was there any notation on any of the photographs indicating where they were taken, what they purport to depict, nor any explanation whatsoever. Actually, there is not even any indication that in fact such photographs were even taken on my property. Yet, DD has sent me an invoice for $337.50 for these meaningless photographs. On [redacted] 1, 2013, I sent a letter to [redacted], the President of DD, setting forth in detail my objections to the invoice that I recieved from DD. I have not received a response to that letter as of yet.

Thereafter, I called and left a voice mail message for [redacted] ("[redacted]"), the President of H&H.

[redacted] and I spoke about this siutation in some detail on Monday, [redacted] 8, 2013. I indicated to [redacted] that the main reason why I called him was because I wanted an explanation as to why his son, [redacted], insisted that I needed to have DD provide the photography services described above, BEFORE he could provide me with an estimate for the replacement of my heating system. Thereafter, he never contacted me about this matter whatsoever. [redacted] shared my bewilderment and assured me that he would get back to me with an explanation in 48 hours. During that conversation, I informed [redacted] that I had received an invoice in the amount of $337.50 from DD. [redacted] inquired as to whether I had paid that invoice yet, and I informed him that I had not. [redacted] then stated that he felt that H&H should "take care of that invoice". [redacted] further requested that I email him that invoice, which I did that day.

On Thursday, [redacted] 11, 2013, I received an email from [redacted] in which he proposed that I meet with him and [redacted] the following day, Friday, [redacted] 12, 2013, or at 2:00 pm, or at three other dates and times subsequent thereto, for the purpose of discussing having H&H replace my heating system. I promptly responded to [redacted]'s email and informed him that the requested meeting time for 2:00 pm the following day was on too short notice, such that I could not accommodate his request for a meeting then. I also informed him that the other dates proposed by him for a meeting were also not convenient for me. I further stated that in view of my experience with [redacted], of which he was aware, I had no desire to meet with [redacted], nor to work with [redacted], regarding the replacement of my heating system. I further stated that I was still awaiting an explanation as to why his son insisted that I have DD perform the services described above, before he could provide me with an estimate for the replacement of my heating system, and then he never contacted me to discuss this matter further. I also asked [redacted] to comment on invoice from DD.

I received a prompt reply to my email from [redacted]. In his reply, [redacted] essentially "walked away" from this situation. He suggested that I find another heating contractor and proposed that H&H pay half of the DD invoice and that I pay the other half of that invoice. I responded to that email with a brief statement requesting that he making the payment arrangements with DD that he had proposed (i.e. splitting the invoice 50/50 between us).

During the meeting that took place at my home on 2/26/2013, with my current inadequate heating system, both [redacted] and [redacted] commented upon the fact that it was cold in my home. I responded to the comments made by both of them by stating that the reason why I was meeting with them at that time and location was for the purpose of showing them the present situation so that they could correct it by installing a new heating system! Actually, [redacted] made a few inappropriate remarks about the inadequate heating system in my home. To which I responded: That is why you are here--to discuss fixing the situation.

From the date of that meeting on 2/26/2013, I remained in my home--freezing--waiting to hear from H&H about replacing my heating system.

No one from H&H ever called me as a follow up to the meeting on 2/26/2013!

I have received invoices from H&H and DD--but nothing else!Desired Settlement: I do not feel that I have an obligation to pay either the invoice from H&H nor from DD.

I did not request that [redacted], H&H, nor anyone else do anything to service my existing furnace. I simply asked [redacted] if he thought that my furnaces needed to be replaced--nothing else. Furthermore, I informed [redacted] that in prior years, I had Harker Heating & Coolling service my furnaces annually, but had not arranged for them to perform the annual service work yet this year.

I do not feel that I have an obligation to pay for the services provided by DD. The services were insisted upon by [redacted] in order for him to be able to make a proposal as to which heating system he would recommend that H&H install in my home, and the cost thereof. But for [redacted]'s recommendation, and his statement that I needed to have DD perform its photography services as a condition precedent to him even being able to provide me with a proposal, I never would have had DD come to my home to provide the photography services described above. Furthermore, the 8 photographs provided to me by DD are totally worthless. They are blurry, lack any explanation or narrative as to what they purport to depict, and in fact, there is no indication that in fact they were even taken on my property! Nor do these photographs indicate that what they purport to depict, whatever that may be, is something of interest, concern or worth.



I received in the mail today a statement from Dirty Ducts, which is one of the two organizations that were the subject of the complaint that I filed with the yesterday, indicating that the amount previously charged of $337.50 has been removed from its books.

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