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I am rejecting this response because: I have read Mr. [redacted]’s response which doesn’t offer any kind of solution to our problem.  We are the one’s who fully paid for his services and were told our motorhome was ready to go.  We had to had to pay for the services of other mechanics to fix dangerous fuel leaks which started on our return home from his shop.  We had to pay for a tow to the closest mechanic (as of this date 12/26 no reimbursement has been made by AAA). [redacted]

2/14/18 To whom it may concern, his letter is in response to a complaint filed by [redacted]. On 9/7/2017 he had his motorhome ca lic# DOG NUT towed to my shop complaining of and "engine noise". He requested we do an internal inspection by removal the left side valve cover. Upon completing inspection I was found that cylinder #4 had a bent pushrod. Customer Ok'd repair with the knowledge there could  possibly  be further damage. Upon job completion it was evident he had major lower end internal damage. Mr [redacted] then ok'd a complete long block engine replacement. He and his wife and dogs stayed at our business location for two weeks while parts were ordered and delivered for repair. The engine was completed and delivered on 9/27/2017 invoice #[redacted]. The [redacted]s the left my shop with there vehicle and traveled home which was 240 miles away.Mr. [redacted] states he "smelled fuel" and took it to [redacted] on 9/28/2017 invoice #[redacted] for $165.93. This invoice is very vague however it states they found a fuel leak on D/S (driver side) fuel rail, it goes on to state they tighten lines and repair was complete "leak no longer there."On 10/6/2017 Mr [redacted] once again experienced a fuel leak on his vehicle which he states required a tow on 10/6/2017 [redacted] total $495.00 He chose to tow his vehicle back to [redacted]. Total distance from Mr. [redacted]'s home to Miller Auto Repair is 99 miles. I ask why not tow it to a local shop, it's was just a fuel leak any shop could have taken care of it? On 10/9/2017 invoice #[redacted] for $330.85. this invoice states that initially no leak was found even after cleaning what they though was the affected area. Then they were able to verify leak by computer command, and repair leak at left fuel rail (which is also on the drivers side) by tightening fuel supply line.On 10/9/2017 Mr [redacted] contacted me by phone to express his concerns regarding this matter. I expressed to him that I had no issue with reimbursement of the first repair even though we did not get into the (fuel system) with our intial repair. As fuel lines were left intact on manifold upon removal for new engine. However, I had concerns why he was not questioning [redacted] since they had been the shop to repair his fuel leak, and from what I understand it was leaking in the very same place or at very least close to where repair was made by [redacted] on 9/28/2017? I expressed I had other concerns. For example, why was he looking to receive reimbursement for a tow from me when he admitted to me his insurance company was reimbursing him for his tow? Mr [redacted] and I had a few conversations in the days to come to no avail. He expressed that he had not that he had not received a copy of the third repair invoice. On 1128/2017 I received a certified letter from Mr [redacted] which contained a lot of threats a copy of all correspondence and an invoice from [redacted] dateded 10/21/17 total $55.00. This invoice claims that Mr [redacted]  had a fuel leak at the fuel return hose and that a new clamp installed fixed the leak. I called Mr [redacted] again to explain his contention that R & R Auto Truck Repair should not be responsible for repairs made at other shops. Also that R & R Auto Truck Repair shod not have to pay for a tow bill that Mr [redacted] by his own admission will get reimbursed for?Mr.[redacted] wa given at the time of payment all warranty information, which included a statement on our invoice hat all repairs  must be made by R & R Auto Truck Repair and that any engine warranty concerns would be warrantied through any [redacted] Deal nationwide. Mr [redacted] chode to do hos own repairs at a repair shop on his own accord, without consent for such repairs from R & R Auto Truck Repair.The First repair we have no issues with reimbursement for cost incurred by the [redacted]s. The Second and third repair should be the responsibility of Miller Automotive. The tow bill wa taken care of by the [redacted]'s insurance company so no out of pocket expense occurred there.Thank you in advance for looking into this matter. Any questions call me direct [redacted] at [redacted]I also have all the invoices if need and the letter Mr [redacted] sent I would be happy to fax them because I do not have scanning capability. On 11/28/2017

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