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Review: I moved into [redacted] Dr Apt *, [redacted] TX on March 8, 2008. There were children who has previously stayed in the duplex before me, so there were stains in the carpet and the walls needed painting. I moved in without this being done, because the stains could not come out. I did everything I had to do when it was time for me to move out. I told [redacted]'s assistant [redacted] that I would clean my own duplex and paperwork was provided on what needed to be done. I cleaned the duplex to the best of my ability. All I didn't do was clean the carpet and didn't replace 3 bulbs and believe me I was charged for it, along with the blinds. The deposit on the duplex was $500. So as I waited on my deposit, I received a bill of $920.80....$200 for full cleaning of the duplex, $45 for carpet cleaning, $199 for maintenance bill and $476.30 for stove top being replaced. Ok, I understand their was a crack in the oven and it needed to be replaced and the carpet had to be cleaned, but $200 for full cleaning was ridiculous. Even if she would have said partial cleaning, I think I would have been okay. but they did not have to clean that whole duplex, because I did a good job. Also that maintenance fee of $199 includes $150 of a $425 bill for complete painting of door frames, base boards and pantry. Why should I be charged for painting when the duplex needed painting anyways. Also I was charged 1/2 of $40 service call, why?? The charge for door stops, bulbs, trash remover is okay. I was told by tenants who moved previously that [redacted], the manager would charge you for everything. When things mess up in the duplex, the tenants are charged. My sister had her tub plunged and a screw put in her towel rack and was charged $80. I know this, because I sat there and watched everything the guy did...she lives 3 doors down from me at [redacted] Dr Apt *. I understand some charges I am responsible for; but my duplex was in good condition.Desired Settlement: I want the $200 charge and the $199 charge taken off my bill. This $420 bill has already hit my credit and I refuse to pay it because it's not right. I'm doing this so late because I had to find all the invoices she sent me and I also have the emails exchanged between me and [redacted], the assistant to [redacted] the manager.



1. Ms. [redacted] stated there were stains on the carpet. She was only charged for carpet cleaning which the lease states will be professionally done upon move out. There was no charge for stains in the carpet. A copy of the carpet cleaning bill was provided to Ms. [redacted]. The $45.00 charge is his standard fee.

2. She states she was given the cleaning instructions. Cleaning to the "best of her ability" was not the requirement. She needed to go off the detailed list provided. When [redacted] went to the duplex to do the walk thru, Ms. [redacted] said she did not have time to stay and do the walk thru. [redacted] found that the duplex was not clean. We do a walk thru with tenants to make sure the cleaning is done to our standards and give the tenant a opportunity to re-do any areas they missed. Our cleaning lady does do a partial clean when appropriate. If she has to do everything on our list, it is a full clean. We provided Ms. [redacted] with a copy of the cleaning bill. I stand by our charge of $200.00

3. She states she was charged for the blinds. She was not charged for the blinds. She was given a copy of the maintenance bill. We did replace the blinds in the unit, they were charged to the owner. The bill clearly states this.

4. The $199.00 was made up of: $150.00 for paint, $15.75 for replacing door stops, $3.75 for replacing light bulbs, $10.00 for trash removal and $20.00 which was 1/2 the $40.00 service call. The maintenance man did items that were solely Ms. [redacted] responsibility, therefore she was charged 1/2 his service call. I stand by our charges.

5. Ms. [redacted] states, 'when things mess up in the duplex, the tenants are charged." Tenants are charged for items when it is their responsibility. For example, if the toilet is "running" because a flapper has worn out, we replace the flapper and it is our charge. If the garbage disposal has stopped working because the tenant has put something down it that stopped it up and caused it to stop working, it's the tenants responsibility. It's a case by case basis.

6.We sent Ms. [redacted] a letter on August 20, 2013 stating she had a balance owing of $420.80. She never received a bill for $920.80. Copies of all bills were provided at that time. The letter clearly stated if she did not pay the $420.80 we would turn her over to a collection agency. We waited over a month, then on September 27, 2013, we submitted the bill to a collection agency.

7. Under, Desird Settlement - She states she wants the $200.00 cleaning fee and the $199.00 maintenance bill taken off the bill she owes. However, under, Customer's Statement of the Problem - she states, "The charge for door stops, bubls, trash remover is okay". Those items are part of the $199.00 bill she is disputing.

8. In summary, I stand by our charge of $200.00 for a full clean and $199.00 for maintenance.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: [redacted] states that [redacted] said the duplex wasn't clean and that is a lie. To charge me the full cleaning price was straight wrong. Also, my total bill was $920. You kept my deposit of $500, that's why you are still charging me $420.


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