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H & S Contracting and Blacktopping, Inc.

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Review: I entered into a contact with Mr. Harth to have a home renovation project completed back in October 2012. I was told it would take only 3-4 weeks.

He had lied about his company's ability in installing HVAC untis being they are not EPA approved to handle such.

His contractors tapped into existing wiring forcing wiring to be replaced on first floor

After filing a complaint with the Atty. General's office, Mr Harth was to have completed all work by April 2013. This still has not been completed.

The workmanship that has been completed is sub par and does not meet up to code.

Calls placed by the Atty General's Office on my behave have gone unanswered by Mr. Harth

Repeated promises by Mr. Harth to have project completed, or people stop by to complete have not occurred.Desired Settlement: Complete job as promised and as outlined by contract, within in a quick and timely basis




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From: [redacted]

harth <[redacted]>

Date: Mon, Aug

19, 2013 at 10:44 PM

Subject: RE: [redacted]


[redacted] <[redacted]>

I have made attempts to finish the job he went after the attorney general and my business insurance.I will make a attempt to once more complete the job when I get the next chance in the next couple months we did a lot of extras not in contract that we are not getting paid for just to make him happy and it seems the more further we go its always a problem we need to do everything all over again.out of all jobs this is the only problem in a while he didnt give us an installment he owes us. would like to settle this for my business reputation but I am a business and do need to make a living and make a profit. any questions in recent references and pictures please call me or email me at [redacted].

this is my first email I have gotten about this compliant and nothing in the mail.

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From: Galileo harth <[redacted]>

Date: Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 10:44 PM

Subject: RE: [redacted]

To: [redacted] <[redacted]>

I have made attempts to finish the job he went after the attorney general and my business insurance.I will make a attempt to once more complete the job when I get the next chance in the next couple months we did a lot of extras not in contract that we are not getting paid for just to make him happy and it seems the more further we go its always a problem we need to do everything all over again.out of all jobs this is the only problem in a while he didnt give us an installment he owes us. would like to settle this for my business reputation but I am a business and do need to make a living and make a profit. any questions in recent references and pictures please call me or email me at 570-815-8294. this is my first email I have gotten about this compliant and nothing in the mail.

Review: Mr. [redacted] Harth collect money from us to do a job within 3 weeks. It's has been 2 months since he received our money and the job is incomplete. He told me that he has been in court for issues like this and it is not a crime.Mr. [redacted] Harth asked us to purchase the materials needed to complete our job if we want it done, if not we will have to wait on him until he can get to it. Mr. [redacted] Harth have no business integrity and he is very dishonest. My advice to all other is to be careful, he talk a good talk.Desired Settlement: I would like Mr. [redacted] Harth to refund our money or complete the job to the standard of the agreement.



I have tried to rectify this problem with this lady. The main problem is with the sound proofing she wants and what we were going to do. 2nd the time she requested 1 week off another couple days. Also she had my crew do 1. networking not in the contract I have pictures and documentation, 2. power wash deck and add light in multiple areas not indicated in contract 3RD Discussing private matters with workers and trying to add other projects that was not in our price. Only issue was that we presented to her with management was that she will have to provide the sound proof panels and we can finish every thing else remaining. She made take down drywall in movie theater because was not the sound proofing intentions she was looking for not in agreement with that would agree if she provide the sound proofing materials and anything else minor so we can finish our part.

Review: He did a horrible job at attempting to build a garage which he has posted pictures of with the open trusses. He is misrepresenting himself. The building inspector came by here and failed all of the headers he put up, along with other parts of the work. The job site was always dirty and cluttered and after 9 weeks the garage and work wasn't 50% done and I had to pay some of his bills. He didn't stick to the print and I have had to hire another contractor to finish the job. The roof he started has to be ripped down, he started insulation prior to weather proofing. The concrete floor is not smooth and has dips as deep as 1/2". I had more tools than the contractor. He came without even a square!Desired Settlement: Whatever extra this costs me I want reimbursed by Harth.



This gentleman added extras to contract amended to his choice. very control of and he was wanting to be the g.c. he also taken sub con tractor to do other work and mistakes that he was to fix was not deducting but adding to keep sub happy and doing more work under my pay roll. I am taken him to magistrate he owes over 2 k in labor. and very verbally abusive old man.



There were no extras. He cut corners, did not meet contract requirements, did not build to the print he provided to me and his work did not pass the township building inspection as required by code. The new contractor had to remove roofing, sheathing, the whole front framing and all the window headers and there is more repair work to do. Currently this project is over budget and more cost is expected. This will be over the cost level of small claims court.



He built to 2x4 wall construction

Review: I contracted [redacted] Harth DBA Harth and Sons to replace my roof. During the installation, the roof was left uncovered during a rain storm and a large amount of water came in and and caused damaged on both levels of the home. A kitchen ceiling, cabinets and 2 appliances were ruined. I requested that a claim be filed with the insurance company, which I found out was not done. [redacted] Harth has refused to remedy this issue or return my calls. The roof is now installed and Harth and Sons has been paid in full and now I have been told by 3 licensed roofers that there is a major problem with the entire installation. It is missing Water and Ice Shield, ridge venting , drip edge and chimney flashing, all of which is outlined in the contract. There are sections where the shingles are missing and improper installation has voided the warranty. I am in the processing of obtaining 3 estimates. I have numerous photos, a copy of the contract, my receipt for cash payment, copies of emails and text messages.Desired Settlement: I would like my money back because I now have to pay someone to replace the roof. I also would like compensation for the damaged cabinets and appliance. Total compensation is expected to be over $10,000.



[redacted] and on behalf of [redacted] settled up with everything as them giving me a 800 check and suit against them at magistrate court dropped.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: Hired them to remodel our kitchen and pave our driveway, the contract including leveling our floors, reconfiguring the kitchen, all electric work, all cabinets, floors, back splash installation, granite counter tops installation. Driveway, 3" driveway, pitching away from the house to avoid any future water problems into the house. All of this was offered to be made by professional experienced crews, job was offered completed in two weeks. Kitchen: floors were never leveled, installed ceramic floor on unleveled floor, cabinets were severely damaged, scratched, multiple perforations, installed on unleveled floors preventing from the countertop to be properly installed. All cabinets were installed to the drywall only, no secured on the studs, electric work wasn't finished, granite countertops were broken by them. Aside from the poor workmanship, unfinished work and damage to the kitchen cabinets and countertops, we had both our living and dining room floors damaged by screws, tar from the driveway, 4 cases of back splash were stolen and he had to replace. This in addition to damage to other personal property. Their insurance covered some of the damage but we had to hire a carpenter to finish the kitchen, level the cabinets, reinstall everything including the sink (this was just left unsecured on a cabinert which support they broke). We also had to hire a contertop company to come and installe countertops and finish the work. We have been without a fully functioning kitchen for over 3 months now.

Driveway: they did a very poor job, they left it unleveled, we had to pay for additional material to get some of the pavement corrected, now we have a driveway that is all patched and unleveled. A young member of the crew that wasn't familiar with the road roller overturned and was launched of the equipment, he could have landed under it an lose his life, there is no proper trainign or safety practices.

His crew consisted of people they recruit advertising on craigslits (according his own workers), they don't perform background checks, he advertises he has experts and according to his own workers he doesn't do any kind of verification on credentials. some of his workers appeared to be utilizing drugs, Charles H[redacted] himself told us when he tried to make a randome drug screening to a couple of the workers he had at our house they panicked and never returned to work.Desired Settlement: I would like customers to be aware and not put their investment at risk with this company, we have lost time, money, the excitement of the remodel, this Company shouldn't be in business. We were lucky we got some money back from their insurance but it is not even covering half of the damage and all the money we had to spend eating out all these months. Insurance companies doesn't cover bad workmanship, just some of the damage cause by the work they made to other parts of your property.



I apologize try to make it right by not receiving last installment and to submit claim to my insurance and also came out of pocket for other sub contractors and extra work.

Review: On August 18, 2013, I had signed a contract, dated August 16, 2013 for this company to do demolition, excavate for a four foot crawl space, foundation, footers, drain tile system, rebuild a two story reverse gable off the existing structure, rebuild mud porch and replace existing roof. At the time I signed the contract, I had made it known numerously that the project must be completed quickly. [redacted] Harth told myself and the property's co owner that it would be completed in four weeks time. I had given him a check in the amount to $10,200.00 made out to himself, not the company, but was told the contract was proof of what it was for but he would not have to pay taxes on it and even states CASH on the contract. The check was cashed the following morning. Since I have signed the contact, it has been almost four weeks, and the demolition and cleanup is not even close to being completed. There is debris from the demolition thrown over a quarter acre of our property. They have not been showing up to do any work, or to remove debris.

I have been given excuses ranging from a flat tire and transmission problems on vehicles to his inability to access simple hand tools or machinery. They have only worked a total of five days in almost four weeks. To which, I have came to the property on several occasions to find them just standing doing nothing, for long periods of time. I have personally had some of my personal possessions taken, of which consist of a few pair of work gloves, a hammer and saws all blades. They removed ladders and a wheel barrow from inside my property to use, without permission, and left outside causing wheel barrow to rust and left with a flat tire.

I have been keeping a daily log of when anyone came, what work was done, weather conditions, and pictures to show the lack of progress and debris still not being cleaned up. I have a voice mail from a few days ago left by [redacted] himself stating it would only be a couple more days and he will finish the demolition, have it excavated, footers, foundation, drain system, and framing. Also stated again that we would be on track to finish on time because everything would only take a couple days for excavating, a couple days for foundation and a week to frame. To which I have asked numerous times for a list of materials to be used so I could obtain a building permit to have ready when needed. I finally received a barely legible list that I highly doubt will be accepted. As I can produce a copy if needed. However, days go by, and no further work was done again. My property is still full of debris everywhere. I stopped in at the property around 11:30 on Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013 and found people on my property going through everything. I was told [redacted] had put an ad on [redacted] for free lumber. I had absolutely no knowledge of this and after looking it up on the internet myself, I found the ad with [redacted] phone number listed to contact him, however, in the ad, my full address was listed. I printed this ad because I wanted proof for myself in case it was needed in the future, but I wanted it removed immediately. I did not want a lawsuit filed on me should someone get hurt. I called [redacted] and insisted that the ad be immediately removed. During this phone call he told me that he would remove the ad, but it was something commonly done with demolition companies, he also swore an excavator would be on site and digging the morning of September 5, 2013, to which there is not. Again, the demolition is not even complete. I received a call from him telling me that he can only get a mini excavator which can only dig four feet leaving only a two foot crawl space. I told him that is unacceptable as in the contact, I needed a minimum of a four foot crawl after foundation was poured.

Last night, when I was talking to him, he had told me to find another contractor. And I told him I would pay for the demolition which he quoted was going to be $3,200.00 as long as he finished and cleaned up no later than this week, and that I would pick up the $7,000.00 balance from my deposit the following day on my lunch. Later that same night he came and removed his business advertizement board from in front of the residence. To which I have pictures of it being there prior to removal.

This morning when I contacted him to meet him for my money back, he had first informed me that he does not have any money for me, take him to court if I wanted to see any of my money. Later on when he called me, he told me "he was going to be a man about it and admit he did not have my money any longer and he could not come up with it".

Daily log is as follows:

Aug. 17, 2013

Insisted it to be paid in cash so he would not have to pay taxes. [redacted] stated if not in cash, it would be more.

Verbally agreed work would take no more than four weeks to complete.

August 18, 2013

Signed contract for demolition, excavation, footers & foundation, drain system, addition, mud porch and roof. $32,000.00

Paid deposit to [redacted] in the amount of $10,200.00

August 19, 2013 (Nice day)

Deposit check was cashed at 9:00, received call from my bank to verify check.

Demolition was started.

Workers took two pair of my gloves, saws all blades, rummaged through my tools, hammer is now missing, took my ladder and wheel barrow outside to use - was left outside.

August 20, 2013 (Nice day)

Continued demolition.

August 21, 2013 (Nice day)

* Did not work.

August 22,2013 (Nice day)

*Did not work.

August 23, 2013 (Nice day)

Worked on demolition.

Was told by [redacted] they would work Saturday.

August 24, 2013 (Nice day)

*Did not work.

August 26, 2013 (Nice day)

Worked on demolition.

Showed up with very few tools, borrowed mine.

August 27, 2013 (Nice day)

*Did not work.

Tarped window and door myself.

August 28, 2013 (A few small showers)

*Did not work.

August 29, 2013 (Nice day)

*Did not work.

August 30, 2013 (Nice day)

Worked very little.

Still hauled nothing away.

Made point to take copper from old addition again.

Was told they did not have a tarp big enough to cover the house, as was agreed on.

Was told they would work Saturday.

August 31, 2013 (Nice day)

*Did not work.

Still have not tarped entire exposed part of house.

[redacted] now asked me to submit plans and get permits. The deal was that they did it.

Property is completely covered in debris. Scattered everywhere. Nothing hauled away.

September 2, 2013

*Did not work.

[redacted] called me to come help fix tire on his trailer. Took him to tire shop.

Asked again to have whole house tarped.

Informed [redacted] that excavation MUST start no later than Friday, September 6, 2013.

Asked [redacted] again for list of materials to get permit- was told I would have it tomorrow.

Took trailer that sat loaded for three days. Never returned for more.

September 3, 2013 (Nice day)

*Did not work.

People were on the property. They informed me [redacted] had an ad on [redacted]

for free wood giving out my full address.

Told [redacted] I wanted it off immediately.

[redacted] told me excavation will start Thursday September 5, 2013,

that they would come tomorrow to finish demolition and remove debris and

he would have the material list.

September 4, 2013 (nice day)

Did not demo.

Only took 1 load of debris.

I called and complained, [redacted] told me

if I could find someone else to do it for his price then "Go for it".

I told him alright, I will do that then.

I agreed to pay his demolition quote of $3,200.00 as long as he cleaned up debris.

I told him I wanted $7,000.00 back and [redacted] agreed.

He later called me back and told me he did not have $7,000.00 to give me.

I informed him I wanted my money back or I would contact the, to which he told me

"Go ahead, he has an LLC attorney and I will have to fight for my money".

He dropped his trailer off at 6:30 and took his advertizing sign down from in front of the property.Desired Settlement: [redacted] can finish removing the debris from the demolition, and I will pay his $3,200.00 demolition quote.

I would like my remaining balance returned to me as originally agreed on, in the amount of $7,000.00.

If [redacted] does not finish the demolition and fully remove the debris in a timely manner, I would like an additional $1,500.00 to have the job completed.

Totaling $8,500.00 if [redacted] does not complete the demolition and debris removal.



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From: [redacted] <[redacted]>

Date: Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 6:11 AM

Subject: RE: [redacted]

To: [redacted] <[redacted]>

We had a delay in digging portion of job because of our machine that went down owner said no excuse of stopping of digging they want there money back which was not fair. We already demo back of home start digging and cleaned more than 3/4 of debri.


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