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Hagen/Sinclair Research Recruiting Inc.

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Hagen/Sinclair Research Recruiting Inc. Reviews (3)

I started participating in surveys with Hagen/Sinclair last year. It has been a wonderful experience so far. The process is very simple and they make sure that everyone understands the purpose of the focus study. The recruiters are very friendly and they take the time to explain the process and answer any questions. Once qualified, they send an email confirmation with the time, date, address and any other research material for the focus study.

The focus group discussion starts on time and mostly ends on time. They make sure you are paid at the end of the focus group discussion.

I will participate in the future studies hosted by Hagen Sinclair Research.

Review: I was recruited to participate in a telephone interview on December 7, with the promise of receiving an incentive of $150. I participated as agreed, but never received payment. Multiple attempts to follow up with the recruiter and both business principals via phone and email have gone unreturned.Desired Settlement: Payment of the agreed incentive of $150 cash.



[redacted] of Hagen/[redacted] responded to Mark on Monday, February 8 to explain the reporting error that led to the delay. The check is being mailed to him this week.

Review: [redacted] is refusing to pay me,after spending time being thoroughly screened, I started the study,I answered questions,was stopped short.

After receiving my online email screener from this market research company,I received an email back that I was a good fit for the study. Employee [redacted] of Hagen Sinclair, called me 6/20/13 and spent a great deal of time asking me questions on my computer knowledge and confirmed me a good fit and scheduled the study,if I would agree to take pictures of my Firefox browser and email it to him.

I did this, and I received an email confirming receipt from [redacted], and confirming the study date of 6/26/13, to spend 45 minutes giving my opinion online and by webcam, of a website for a company, and I would be compensated $100.

I also received emails back and forth regarding time slots as someone else could only do the time I was in, but it ended up staying at 1pm.

I then received phone calls from a tech support company back and forth,talking to [redacted] by phone,while she tested my webcam, my browser, and I had to click on many links, and even downloaded what they needed for the study, to see if my computer was compatible.[redacted] confirmed it was and everything was fine.

Then I had to wait where the page was, not using my computer and waiting for a phone call from a moderater, to begin the study by phone and by webcam.

I felt like I had already spent allot of time for just $100, but I knew I committed to the study, so I was going to follow through.

The moderater [redacted] gets on the line by phone and webcam and starts asking questions of me and asks to see my browser, and I show him the Firefox browser and explain that this is my home page Yahoo(because he asked for me to explain everything I am doing so he can have an idea as this is part of the study)and all of a sudden he tells me how, now that I took him here, he can see that my browser is not compatible with what he needs me to download, and so I am being dismissed from the study!

I was very shocked, as this was the very thing I had just confirmed with tech support live, and emailed a picture of from my computer to Hagen Sinclair.

After emailing [redacted] about what took place, and how I was willing to go through with the study and I had spent allot of time preparing for the study, and how I was dismissed without fault of my own,for what I had already been screened for,she begins to blame me,and says I misrepresented myself!

I don't know how I can misrepresent my computer when they are viewing it live,before the study!

It is not my fault if her employee felt I was a fit for the study, and tech support checked everything out on my computer live as good, if the moderater decides to back out with a phony excuse, after I already started the study.

Desired Settlement: I am only seeking the study amount of $100.

I began the study, was ready and willing to give my opinion, and spent allot of wasted time back and forth, before the study.



Business' Initial Response

The complainant was recruited for this study because she answered preliminary survey questions and told our recruiter that she enjoyed writing software for herself and others, such as programs, websites and add-ons. When our research client working for a major technology company proceeded to interview her, she demonstrated no such knowledge. Because the terms of the complainant's participation in the study were not met, the interview was cut short and neither she nor my firm will be paid by our client for her interview.

When the complainant first wrote me about the terminated interview, I explained the reason: she had misrepresented herself and did not to have the necessary knowledge. I added that I would reconsider this if she provided a description or evidence of any software, websites, or programs she had written. She turned down my offer and repeatedly demanded payment simply for having gone through our screening and tech check processes alone.

Because Ms. [redacted] seemed not to understand nor be open to understanding the terms or needs of the study, the researchers, the recruiters, or anyone other than herself, she is now on my company's "Do Not Recruit" list.

Consumer's Final Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

This does not make sence..if your company screened me and I passed and knew all the answers ..then why would I not pass at the study...and how would that be my fault?

Your "client" cannot start the study, view pages on my computer live, and not pay this is information helping him with his study.

Ms. Hagen said she MIGHT consider paying me if I sent her copies of my work.

Why would I do more work for her after this was not part of our agreement at all beforehand, after her not paying me even for what we had agreed upon.

I still request 100.00.

Business' Final Response

In essence, our recruiter thought that the complainant was qualified for the market research study because she told him she developed software applications and websites. When our client interviewed her, he discovered that she did not have this expertise and terminated the interview.

The research honorarium of $100 is promised to research participants who complete the research interview and provide information on the topic presented by our client. Since the complainant was not able to discuss software programming and websites, and did not respond to my request that she prove herself able to do so, she did not meet these terms and will not receive this payment.

The tech check the complainant passed was simply to determine that she had the correct computer and webcam technology to conduct the interview remotely. She would not have been asked to do the tech check if she had not misrepresented herself when recruited. By the way, her falsehood tarnished our reputation with this client.

Hagen/Sinclair has an excellent reputation and appreciates the many research participants we work with who understand and respect the protocols of market research.

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Description: Recruitment Services, Market Research & Analysis, Market Survey Companies

Address: 323 Monte Vista Ave., Suite 205, Oakland, California, United States, 94611


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