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• Jan 10, 2021

Ready to kick HD to the curb
I have been an HD customer for many many years. For the most part I have been satisfied with the products that I have been receiving, although I will admits that the hair systems received have changed from the initial ones. However, the changes in the system were workable and needing little or no company intervention. With the onset of the pandemic, all has gone to hell. Although I have had a standing order, orders have been totally skipped with no notification to me. My last order received was totally unrecognizable in comparison to what I should be receiving, necessitating its return. My contact with the company has proven futile. Calls go unanswered; promises are made to get you off of the phone; and all I've received is useless jargon. I, supposedly, have a current "re-make" in process but there is no completion/delivery date in sight. When set, it gets moved back. At this point I am ready to bite the bullet, chuck it all in and go proudly as nature intended. If others are being treated as I have no doubt the business is doomed and I may as well jump ship. If there is the slightest inkling that you may want to buy into their hype (no pun intended). DONT! Turn and run now! Save yourself a multitude of headaches.

Decline in Service
For many years I have been an HD customer with varying degrees of satisfaction with my products. Although minimal, my dissatisfactions were not a game stopper and I was able to muddle through. Then the pandemic hit. I am fully aware that this crisis has impacted the industry in dramatic ways. As such I have made several telephone calls to the organization, many of which have gone unanswered, and the times that I have been able get through to a person, it seem that the game plan is to provide a story that will appease the customer. "Oh, we've had to change our operations to a new location, but the delay will only be a couple weeks for you." Weeks turn into months (they NEVER stop collecting their payments) and again a myriad of calls are made to get through and a rerun of the story is presented. "I'm so sorry, there is a delay. We've moved our operations to another location; it will be a couple weeks delay." I'm fully expecting at any time to hear that they are no longer in business. For those still making regular payments - BE WARE! You may be pouring money into a black hole!

Long time customer who has hung on with this company way too long I am starting with a negative review but plan on filing a complaint Like the review posted on 9/26/2016, I completely agree, the consistency and quality varies enormously from order to order I was considering going on a month to month program because of the extended wait times but I seriously doubt they could honor thatThis used to be great company I remember receiving orders in weeks after being told delivery was weeks I will provide details in a complaint but just want to warn anyone that may be considering this company I can't begin to explain the stress that has become part of my life because of their poor service and inconsistent quality I have received units that were absolutely perfect only to have the next one arrive with half the hair Even if you specify no changes from the last order, you are not getting the same.,,ie...the % of gray you asked for and received in the last order most likely will be missing on the next The density and wave will not be the same Because of their mistake of sending me a unit that was too small and unable to be used, I was forced to immediately order another plus requested an ultra rush to ensure I would not be in an awkward situation for a Christmas vacationThey give no guarantee that you will receive it but say if you don't you will no be charged the additional rush fee I didn't care about the moneyI was put in a terrible situation because of their poor serviceSo now instead of just an awkward Christmas, I now have an awkward New Year to look forward to They had plenty of time to get this to me if they had of went back at their factory and told them to do whatever they needed to do to satisfy a long-time customer and make up for a mistake they made Anyone who is reading this understands the sensitive nature and the stress it can hold in your life HD no longer understands or cares about that After sending them an email about how I felt, the response I got from a team lead was a link about delivery policiesSo instead of getting on the phone with their factory and telling them they were hurting a long-time customer, I get a link about policy I will say that anyone who I have spoke with over the years at that company was always very niceI think they are overwhelmed by their huge customer base and a factory in China that can't keep up I am looking at other companies so I never have to deal with them again But given all the years and thousands of dollars spent, they could have helped me when I needed it most

The order that [redacted] is referring to is not his most recent orderThe unit he is referring to is one that he received previouslyUnfortunately, we are unable to identify which previous one he sent in because the serial number, which is used to identify the order, was cut off of the unitit is blatantly obvious that the unit was cut with scissors through the [redacted] perimeter and nylon mono-filament and not torn as [redacted] statesHe also stated that we sent it to him with with this cut out serial numberWhen viewed by our staff here, you can see that someone purposely cut it in a triangle to remove the serial number in order to have it remanufactured to his updated specifications Although we can not tell which one was sent in, it is indeed an older one because the order specifications were from an older order and not his most recent oneWe have been trying to return the unit to him (he refused delivery and had it returned to us twice) after he was told it was not his newest unitWe have the unit here in the warehouse on the shelvesHad he not cut the base we could have sent it to the factory to have grey hair added (5% more grey) to match the new specsAs it is now it cannot be repaired We have a day unconditional guarantee where we will repair, remake, or refund an order regardless of it was due to an error on our part or even if the customer changes their mind and wants something differentAny order shipped over days ago does not fall into the guarantee and would require payment [redacted] is in possession of the unit that we shipped to him in January and therefore payment is still required on that particular order

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Do you personally check each order that goes out of your factory so that it meets the customers specsI know for a fact that you do not Mistakes are made, so how can you accuse me of doing this Its pretty sad that a long time customer now has to worry about his credit score because of you threatening to send this to a collection agencySo what rights do I have in this matterI told you that the unit you sent was damaged, never had a problem before but first time I do you treat me like stI guess I should of read all the reviews before I started doing business with youTo the, What rights do I have in trying to get a peaceful resolutionThe product they sent was damaged and I was willing to stay as a customer with themThe unit was sent back within the days warranty without being fixedDo I have any legal rights on this matterThanks Regards, [redacted]

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