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After a review of the original repair order dated 4/16/2105 and the subsequent repair order dated 04/22/2015 I have determined the following; [redacted] initially stated that his "rear brake calipers get rear hot and can smell it inside the vehicle".  Our technician determined that the cause...

of this condition was a failure of both calipers to return to their relaxed state and as such caused the smell.  The calipers and the brake pads were covered under the extended service plan and replaced accordingly.  The rotors were within the manufactures specification and were resurfaced, which is an accepted practice.  [redacted]'s return to our service department complaining now about a squeak was dispatched to our technician.  The technician indicated that while the rotors are within the manufactures specification, they are pitted as a result of rust.  Wear items are not covered unless a covered component causes failure.  These rotors are in spec and conform to ford's specifications.  Ford will not replace rotors, that have an issue do to rust, under warranty.I trust that the [redacted] will understand Ford's position on this matter.Greg H[redacted]General ManagerHaldeman FordShould [redacted] wish to replace the rear rotors, our service department would be happy to make an adjustment in the interest of customer satisfaction.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because I believe that the dealership incorrectly installed not only the new leveling kit (that I installed from them) but the original leveling kit as well. The truck ride was not bad enough for me to report a problem. That's why I did mention anything to the technician at Haldeman when I brought the truck back to Haldeman on April 8th for an oil change. It was only after I brought the truck to another technician that they pointed out the bent coil. This isn't something that I would notice unless I was looking at the strut.One thing I want to mention is that the dealership tried to reinstall the original leveling kit only to have the hub actuator break again. This leveling kit was made for this vehicle and should not have broke the hub actuator soon after they reinstalled it. To me this means that the kit was reinstalled incorrectly causing the problem. How is it that this Ford dealership installs a 2.25 strut extender only to have it break the hub actuator immediately after taking it for a test drive. How is it that [redacted] can install a 2.25 strut extender and not cause any issues.Attached are the photos taken by [redacted] after they removed it from my truck. You can see how bent the coil is. Haldeman states that this coil bent on its own. How is that possible?My truck was last at Haldeman before I took it to [redacted], so no one else touched this vehicle. My issue is with how my truck was returned to me after spending $1448.16. Thank you for your time with this matter.

Not sure why this issue remains open as we have drawn it to a successful conclusion with our customer.  While the removal of the air bag is isolated from the failed part, we had agreed to a repair as if our customer had an extended warranty.  The customer agreed and the repair was...

completed weeks ago.

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I have reviewed...

the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

In review of the timeline and the effort put forward into creating same, I do not wish my response to minimize the aggravating nature of the complaint.  With that said, the facts of the matter are simply this; Haldeman Ford is not the lender, we are the retailer.  The bank which initially...

approved the deal in the beginning of the timeline did not accept the contract after we submitted it to them.  There were elements on the credit app which played into the approval that were not verifiable during the banks post scrutiny that caused the contract to be rejected.  Our staff continued to seek other approvals to no avail, all, while the customer was still driving a car which we were unable to be paid on.  As it stands now, we have secured an approval through another lender and with another vehicle.  I recognize that it is not the same terms as before, however as I stated before, Haldeman Ford is not the lender, we are the retailer.  Should the customer secure a loan with terms that better suit their preference, we would be happy to participate with same.  The current loan approval that we have secured requires a minimal amount of downpayment.  It is my understanding that the customer is unable to secure the funds to do so.  Should the customer wish to take advantage of the current approval and terms, we would be happy to conclude the transaction with them

We appreciate your business and bringing your comments to our attention.  In review of the transaction, this vehicle was sold "as is" with no warranty's expressed or implied.  It is my understanding that the vehicle had tape and plastic applied to the outer portion of the roof surrounding...

the moon roof as there was a leak, clearly at the time of sale.  With that said, Haldeman Ford sells many vehicles in "as-is" condition.  Any and all repairs required beyond the purchase are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.  However, should you require or desire additional service on your vehicle, our service facility would be happy to provide a discount to be reviewed prior to your service.
Haldeman Ford Gm

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:  There has been more than one repair and should be on record since purchase of the car..and I should not have to pay any additional fees for a service that was supposed to be fixed already as I have already given them money for repairs not even a month ago. As said in earlier complaint I was told that my vehicle has engine and transmission issues which if properly worked on should have previously been diagnosed..I do not wish to pay for repairs or deductibles on a vehicle that I owe 18 thousand dollars for when it's not even worth 2000$ with all the problems on the vehicle.  I believe I am being taken advantage of and cannot afford this. I cannot pay for a rental every month due to them misdiagnosing and not fixing a vehicle, pay the car note , insurance and repairs. All this must be paid including what warranty paid out.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: There was no tape or plastic on the roof of the car. Nor was any water leak or any of the other issues disclosed to me at the time of sale. I wasn't even shown a service report but was told that the car "sailed through" the shop with no issues at all. I certainly would not have bought the car had I known that there was a water leak.  Additionally, I would not use a service department that allowed a car in that condition to be sold. 

I am rejecting this response because:

In order to identify the issue with this escape we will need to get it into the shop for a proper diagnosis.  In review of the service records for [redacted], we have one repair on record.  We repaired the head (valves etc) and the vehicle operated properly.  Please schedule an...

appointment with our service facility to begin the process to correct your concerns.  I recognize that there is an extended warranty associated with this vehicle.  It is our sincere desire to resolve your concerns.

On jan 29 of 2016, [redacted] brought his vehicle to our service with a noise coming from the driver side front.. This vehicle had an aftermarket lift installed which could affect the wear of select components.  it was determined that a front hub assembly was worn and we replaced same. ...

On Feb 8, 2016, the customer returned with a continuing front end problem and we replaced both front axles (at 6144 miles).. At this time we reiterated the problem that the lift was creating problems with components causing premature wear.  The custome agreed to lower the vehicle with a shorter lift kit.   This kit was $430 and the damaged axles were $900.  The vehicle alos had a transfer case noise which we were able to replace under warranty as we could not verify that the lift created the failure.  [redacted] returned on April 8, 2016 for a standard maintenance visit with 7871 miles on the odometer.  At this time there was no complaints regarding drivability and the previous two service visits..  Sometime around August 12, 2016, [redacted] had take his truck to an aftermarket vendor to have his truck lifted higher.  This vendor had indicated that their was a problem with the struts and coils in the front end and suggested that Haldeman Ford should be responsible for this correction.  Be advised that we informed the customer with the service manager and the repair tech here, that, this dealership did nothing to adversely affect this (these) components.  The previous repairs and parts replaced did not require the disassembly of same.  This failure is a non warranty issue, and, is not a workmanship issue on the part of this dealership.  Be advised that reconfiguring the factory specifications can cause failure of select components as they are no longer operating in a fashion that they were originally engineered for.Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention again, as, I had mishandled the original email Greg H[redacted]  vp gm

Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.   Your Escape was purchased on September 9, 2016. In review of the documents associated with the purchase, particularly the “we owe” document, the agreed upon items or services due listed “Nothing Owed”.  On October 14, 2016, the...

escape returned to our service department with a tail light bulb out.  It was noted on the repair order that it had been out since the vehicle was picked up.  In the interest of customer satisfaction, the sales department picked up that shop charge.  There were no other line items on that repair order.  On February 21, 2017 the escape returned to the shop for the 1st complimentary oil service.  In review of the repair order, a line item indicated that the screen was dark in sections.  The shop could not identify the problem.  When it was brought to the attention of the sales department, there was no knowledge of this condition as supported by the purchase documents.  The sales manger, the sales person, and the used vehicle manager all reviewed the concern but could not identify the failure.  Our service department indicated that they would replace the screen if they could verify the problem and it would be covered under the warranty which carries a $200 deductible.   New vehicles typically have a complete warranty with no deductibles for a 3 year or 36,000 mile period.  Pre-owned vehicles have a variety of coverage’s available based on a multitude of factors.   It is our intent to provide the best service for your Escape.  If you would like to review in detail the purchase and service of the Escape, it would be my pleasure to do so. Greg H[redacted]General Manager

let me start by saying that we are truly sorry for the situation.  our technician in fact did not tighten the lugs on the wheel and the wheel did come off right in front of our dealership as it was about to embark on a test drive.  Upon the vehicle's return to the shop, we inspected the...

vehicle and replaced several lugs and determined that the vehicle was otherwise undamaged.  In an effort to make a bad experience better, we absorbed the labor costs of the repair that the vehicle was originally brought in for, and, detailed the car for the customer.  When the customer came in to pick up the vehicle, the battery was dead. I do not have a cause for this, other than batteries do fail over time and it may be time for a replacement.  we tested the battery while on the lot, at the diagnostic tool suggested a replacement.  We did charge the battery and after which the vehicle did start on its own.. I am not confident in the longevity of this battery and the customer should perhaps consider replacement.regarding the alleged diminished value of this vehicle I would be happy to trade this vehicle for full value and resell it to another with confidence.   the vehicle was not in an accident.  This vehicle did not come in contact with another vehicle during this service.  The separated wheel and tire did however contact the front bumper of an oncoming vehicle which we are addressing and has no bearing on [redacted]Should the Schurt,s  wish to take advantage of the full value offer on their trade, please visit our showroom and ask for Steve L[redacted] or Mike S[redacted]  I will apprise them of the situation.Sincerely,Greg H[redacted] vpgm?

Be advised that Ben from our finance department will be in contact with our customer to resolve the issue regarding the mirrors.  I apologize for the delay in addressing an item that we agreed to repair in the sales process. 
Greg H[redacted], Haldeman Ford, vp

[redacted] vehicles that fly through our shop are typically sold with a warranty.  When a vehicle is sold as-is, it is exactly that.  We are making no representations regarding a repair that should arise once purchased.  An as-is purchaser assumes all liabilities going forward with the vehicle.   With that said, and in light of your comment regarding our repair facility, I am still offering to provide service to include maintenance at a discounted level in an effort to assist you going forward with your Volkswagen.  Should you wish to take advantage of my offer, please contact our service manager [redacted] W[redacted]  I will share our communication with him. I hope that we will be able to help going forward.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:  This dealership
has participated in a scam called Spot and Delivery. Documents were forged and falsified
by their salesman and this caused the loan to fall through. We were shown an
application yesterday that wasn’t even in our handwriting. We were NEVER
notified that both deals fell through until we put pressure on them to obtain
tags for the car because the temp ones kept expiring. We had the car for two
months, while our credit continued to be ran through, without our consent, I
guess in hopes of them trying to cover things up find another lender. Then we
were strung along and consistently lied too, being told our real plates for the
car were on their way. Here are the dates we called or went up to the
dealership looking for tags10/14/1510/31/1511/2/1512/1/1512/2/1512/3/15No they are not
the bank, but they are the dealership that strung us a long for two months. Then
they talk about we were approved by another lender. Yea we were but not for the
same terms, our $500.00 deposit that
was accepted when we walked away signing two contracts was now requested to be $1,700.00.Again a prime example of Spot and Delivery.
Haldeman Ford’s lame excuses and resolution for this mess they created will not
be accepted. This whole experience has been a scam and consumer fraud. Haldeman Ford needs to be ashamed of themselves and how they treat their customers.

[A default letter is provided...

here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: This company was very well aware of the issue with the screen above my steering wheel. I contacted Walter in sales in the attached above email letting him know about the issues. The issue with the blinker and screen was brought to their attention on September 14, 2016. I followed this email with several phone calls with voicemail's asking for a return call. He did not respond right away and about 3-4 days later he called me stating he received my e-mail about the issues and to schedule a service call.I scheduled to service call and when I came in to pick up the vehicle I asked if both services were completed. I was told the blinker was fixed but the screen could not be fixed because they service department did not have enough time to do the work. David in the service department told me to bring the car back at my earliest convenience or when I was due for my complimentary service. I stated I was in contact with Walter in sales and should not have to pay for these services. David stated okay I will note your account that you spoke with Walter and charge the bill to sales. I then brought my vehicle back on Tuesday for the service and the screen to be fixed and this is when the issue arose. Suddenly no one remembers anything about this issue, claiming it was never brought to their attention or my account was noted. I called Tuesday afternoon to see if my car was finished as I never received any communication about whether it was finished or not. When I spoke to Pete in service he told me the complimentary service was finished and my screen needed to be replaced. I asked when the part was going to be ordered/ or if it was. He then began stating that it was covered under my warranty but I had a $200 deductible. I stated I had been in contact with Walter in sales and David in service about the issue and was told by David that this was being charged to the sales department. Pete stated he needed to contact sales and would call me back. I was on the phone with Walter (salesperson), John (sales manager), Pete and David in the service department several times on Wednesday. Suddenly everyone has amnesia about what was said and what was to be done.As you can see from the attached photo the top part of the screen is dying. It is discolored, now dark, lines going through it and faded. This has gone further down the screen as time has gone on. I was told by Walter and John that they didn't see anything wrong with my screen but by the photo it is evident! The screen should be the same color throughout, clear without lines going through it. As Greg is claiming in his response the sales and service did not see an issue. I was told by the servicing department on both occasions that the screen need to be fixed and in the attached invoice photo it states "required replace screen". I want fair treatment, with out the lies and disrepctful attitudes! I want what was promised to me that the screen would be fixed and charged to the sales department.If you go to the dentist and pay for a filling and within a few days the filling comes out. Would you go back to the dentist expecting to pay for the filling you JUST had done again to be replaced or would the dentist charge no fee as it happened in a few days and should not of?I paid around $23,000 for my car and I could see if the screen went out months later, I would then be fine with going through my warranty but 5 days after I make a significant purchase for it to go out is completely unacceptable! Haldeman Ford should take responsibility and fix the screen.Also the comments made to me on the phone on Wednesday are unprofessional, rude and I was treated as if my purchase and money I spent, trust in your dealership did not matter. I was told by Walter that "I didn't even make $200 off your deal so I will not pay for it." and laughed as if that was funny. John then stated "well you purchased a used car, didn't you?" As  if this justified the issues and that it was acceptable for that to happen.If you value customer service, then something should be done for a paying customer, who trusted, purchased and used your services. I should not have been treated that way and the issue 5 days after my purchase should have been fixed when I had initially brought the vehicle back charged to the sales as the first issue was cause it is not right for the my hard earned money that I spent at Haldeman Ford.Thank you![redacted]

I have forwarded this to our finance department and processed same.  As we are in receipt of the lein release, we have processed the $30.70 refund directly to the customer.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Greg H[redacted] Haldeman Ford vpgm

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