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Hall's Safe

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I am rejecting this response because:  Yes - I contacted Halls Safe to purchase a safe.  I was NEVER given any date as to when the safe had to be paid in full - in fact I was told I could take as long as I needed - as they would continue to use this safe for a demo at trade shows.  As you can see from their contract - there is no date as he is stating that it had to be paid in full by.  On 3/4/13 I mailed a deposit check in the amount of $745.00 - not $500.00 as their response states.  Second payment was mailed on 10/1/13.  Third payment was mailed on 1/6/14 - which was impossible for them to receive on the same date.  Fourth payment was mailed on 7/20/14 - again impossible for them to receive on the same date that I mailed it.  No one has ever called me asking for payments - quite the opposite.  I have made numerous phone calls asking what the balance due was - no one would ever call me back to let me know.  I knew I was going to move - so I was in no rush to pick it up.  I figured eventually they would get back to me with the balance due.  I only started taking notes as to my phone calls when I realized that there must be a problem on their side.  I called on 4/13/17, 5/17/17, 6/13/17 and 6/22/17.  I finally received a return call on 6/22/17 after sending an email.  And I was told there is no pink safe here - we must have sold it - don't know what to tell you.  I clearly stated to him that I had made payments and if he sold the safe then he needed to refund my money.  He said he would look into it and get back to me, I never received a phone call back or an email back.  He NEVER said anything about building me another safe. And there was never any communication from him after that.  After no response whatsoever - I have gone and purchased another safe elsewhere.As you can clearly see from Hall's Safe Company - there was never any terms stated written or verbal.At this point I do not need another safe and would like a full refund of all money paid for a total of $2,245.00.  If I do not receive a full refund, I will have no other choice but to take legal action - as my contract clearly does not have an actual payment plan or end date.

Hall's Safe is not going to sit here and argue with a customer that we have done everything possible to help the customer financially with the purchase of a safe. We are in the business to make money not sell safes over a few years with no interest and lose money. We don't mind helping customers. We offered an interest free payment plan that went on for a couple of years. There was still a balance remaining on here safe. It is not our fault if the customer falls into financial difficulties. It is very interesting that we did not hear from [redacted] from 7/14- 4/17. If you read just below the signature where [redacted] signed. It talks about the storage fees. We have been nice enough to not charge storage fees while the safe was completed and while she was making payments. So realistically there were 22 months of storage fees that would be due at $100 a month. So with that being said we would be glad to return the difference of what [redacted] has paid towards her safe. Which would be $2245-$2200=$45. this is not what we want to do but [redacted] is making us out to be the bad guys. Unfortunately we are left to the options below. Attached is the signed document from [redacted].So the options we are offering to [redacted] are the following:1. Return the balance of what she paid in minus the storage fee. Which is $452. Build here the exact safe and she would need to pay the difference.Current price on safe $3512.71 - paid in deposits $2245 = $1267.71Delivery not included

First off this job was not done through Lightning Wakeboard Accessories. This was a job that an employee and the cus[redacted]er did on there own after hours to help the owner with the cost. I have done everything possible to help the cus[redacted]er. Unfortunately majority of the product is out of warranty. The...

cus[redacted]er obviously does not appreciate the help that Lightning has givin, even though Lightning is not responsible for this job.  I did follow up with the cus[redacted]er via a phone call regarding his boat on 6-19-2017. The cus[redacted]er agreed to pay for the product that is not under warranty and will write back to that the matter has been resolved and that Lightning Wakeboard Accessories has helped fix this matter in a professional manner.  Thanks, [redacted]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to my concern, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. After speaking with [redacted], he has been generous enough to make this situation correct and we will be paying for the $400 part needed.

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