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Hal's Harley-Davidson, Inc.

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Review: My wife and I purchased a new motor trike conversion kit ($16,240.55) from Hal’s Harley Davidson in December 2013 and it was finished April 5th to go on our trip to Alaska this summer. We thought it would be safer to have 3 wheels vs 2 wheels on a trip that long. While on the way back from Alaska at one of the gas stops near Red Dear AB Canada I noticed the transmission by the reverse gear leaking oil. Also new reverse gear from motor trike.

So we looked for a nearby Harley dealer and found one in [redacted] only a few miles away. So I bought a quart of oil and added it to the transmission and went to [redacted]. in [redacted]. There they came out to look at the transmission and said there was a lot of oil and needed to clean the bike first before looking for the leak. They said they think they found it and had to take the exhaust off to try to tighten the bolts and put it back together. When they were going to test ride the trike they said they lost the gears and looked underneath the bike and the rear sprocket had come apart. They said not enough time left in the day (Sunday the 13th) to start fixing it so they would start in the morning.

So I left a message Sunday night for [redacted] at Hals to give me a call that we had problems with the trike. On Monday morning when [redacted] opened up they started working on the trike to see if they could get us back on the road that day. In the meantime Hals HD called me back and said they found a motor trike dealer 40 minutes away and said they would come get the trike and repair it and get it back to us the next day. So [redacted] at Hals had me stop what [redacted] was working on and put it back together so motor trike could come pick it up. I asked [redacted] at Hals who was going to pay for the work already started by the [redacted] Harley shop and he told me they would, just pay it with my credit card and they would reimburse me for it. So I paid it ([redacted]. $535.92) and they released the trike. I also had $110.32 in cell phone charges I would not have had if the trike did not break down.

Motor trike in Olds AB Canada said the sprocket was made backwards and was their 2nd one in two weeks with a 3rd one the same day they dropped off our trike at the hotel.

So when we got back I called [redacted] for an appointment to repair the reverse gear and a few other things that needed to be repaired. They said they will not come and get the trike I had to drive it down there and it would be a week before they could get it in. I gave them the bill from [redacted] and they told me they would submit the bill to motor trike. I told them that is not what I was told I was told they would reimburse me for it.

It took a week to get parts and they said my clutch was bad and I said it was probably from running the transmission low on oil but he didn’t care so [redacted] told me the bill was $1075.00 for the clutch parts and labor and when I went to pick it up because they wouldn’t deliver it he said the bill is $1081.00 he forgot to charge me $4.00 for o-rings.

And I still not have heard if they are paying for the work in [redacted] because they never call you back or keep you informed of what’s going on. Last talked with them on August 18th 2014

So here is my total loss for that break down under warranty.

[redacted]. $535.92

Holiday Inn $308.12

Hals H.D. $1081.10

US Cellular $110.32

TOTAL: $2035.46Desired Settlement: I am only looking for Hals to reemburse the $535.92 from [redacted] for service work done.



As Mr. [redacted] is our customer we have worked diligently on his behalf to serve as intermediary with the manufacturer of the conversion kit purchased and installed by us. We have sold and installed numerous Motortrike conversion kits since 2009 and have not seen this concern previously. They have always been responsive to us as their representative and resolved customer service issues quickly and favorably, even when those concerns are beyond the manufacturers warranty limits. In this case we received verbal acknowledgment from Motortrike that they would reimburse Mr [redacted]. It was unclear with our representative [redacted] if the payment to Mr. [redacted] would come to him through us or directly to him. On August 29th we informed Mr [redacted] that a reimbursement was sent directly to him from Motortrike. We have not been able to reach Mr [redacted] to determine if he has received payment.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Possibly the most unprofessional people I ever had to deal with. I made a major purchase from them and when malfunctions started occurring from the start I was treated rudely and with serious attitude, and pushed aside till it was convenient for "them" to look at the problem.
Wish I had known about this earlier, I would have never dealt with them.
It took three emails before they even had the decency to show even the smallest remorse for the situation I was going thru. [redacted] is by far one of the poorest managers I have ever had the unpleasantness of dealing with, his bottom line is profit and by far, NOT PEOPLE.
Never will I deal with them again and never would I recommend them even to my worst enemy.
The problem with my machine came out of the factory and it still exists because Hals is to incompetent to actually find the problem much less fix it.

Review: In August of 2013 I brought my 2002 FXDL, to be inspected and maintained. The bike was road to the dealership and was in good working condition. I did a number of repairs and informed the dealership I was moving to Houston and wanted a complete inspection. I then moved to Houston after less then 100 miles 2 bolts came out of my bike well driving. I took this to a Harley dealership in Houston, where I was told that "critical fasterners" where never tightened. I've google this and the term "critical fasterners" keeps popping up, the dealership in Houston told me that these are always inspected.

Beyond my obvious concerns I have called 4 times asking to speak with [redacted] with no call back.Desired Settlement: I personally think an apology and the repair cost should be covered. At very least a call from the GM explaining why this was not inspected.



I have first become aware of Mr [redacted] concern today after viewing the complaint. My [redacted] or myself were unaware that he requested to speak with the "GM". We apologize for the lack of follow up and we will continue to call him until we reach him. The individual who he has been in contact based on notes in his file is our [redacted]. He is out on vacation this week. Mr [redacted] does note that the Mr [redacted] called the dealership regarding two pulley bolts that loosened up while in Houston and was inquiring about what fasteners were checked on his service with us.

Mr [redacted] did not engage us to perform a mileage service or to tighten critical fasteners. He requested that we perform a tune up and do a 28 point inspection. No fasteners are tightened with this inspection however we did note additional work needed which was performed at a total repair order cost of $846 tax included. Per factory recommendation "critical fasteners" are checked at 1,000 mile maintenance service and every 10,000 mile service thereafter. (see p.1.27 of the Harley-Davidson 2002 Dyna Service Manual) By comparison these services involve 4.5 hours of labor, Mr. [redacted] was billed 2.1 for his inspection and adjustments. Should we have performed this mileage service it is likely that would not have addressed the pulley bolts. They are not listed among the 19 recommended fasteners listed per Harley-Davidson's service manual to be checked, most likely because they are locktited from the manufacturer and checking torque could result in breaking the locktite.

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