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Handy Girl Home Repairs, LLC.

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I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]
I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
I am not satisfied with Ms. [redacted] response because it contains many untruths. Ms. [redacted] stated that I did not sign the contract and that is correct however, states that as a spouse I am able to file a complaint on my spouse's behalf. Ms. [redacted] formerly Mr. [redacted] and I are legally and happily married.  I do not know where Ms. [redacted] is getting her information about our supposed divorce or why she feels the need to mention my spouse's personal business, i.e. transitioning into a woman.  Regardless of what she may think or how she may feel, that particular personal information has no bearing on this complaint, unless of course Ms. [redacted] does not agree with my spouse's personal life choices and that is why she is making these false accusations about my spouse insulting her employees. If that is the case, she should not have taken the job. My spouse and I decided to contract Handy Girl Home Repairs, LLC because they had done some previous roof and drywall repair in our home and everything went great and they finished the job when they said they would and we haven't had any problems with those repairs. During that time, my spouse was "Alan [redacted]" (male) but it seems that this time around since my spouse is now "[redacted]" (legally female) suddenly there are false accusations about "her" being thrown around.  
I stand corrected on a statement I made on the original complaint I submitted. I stated that Ms. [redacted] was not present during the work, when in fact she was. After showing my spouse Ms. [redacted]'s response, she told me that Ms. [redacted] was present the day the work began on our home for half of the day but that she did not return that day or any other day thereafter.  Ms. [redacted] stated that she was at my home repairing drywall, but she failed to mention that she left it half done and it would not have been completed had I not pointed it out to her employees. When I showed it to her employee [redacted], he apologized and said he would finish it. The unfinished drywall was in my daughters bedroom and in the Jack and Jill bathroom that she shares with her brother (photos [redacted]). That was one of the many discrepancies that I came across while inspecting Ms. [redacted]'s employees work upon my return home.  My two small children and I were away on vacation and had to return home early so that Ms. [redacted]'s employees could finish the repairs because she refused to let them finish the work on the change order form. It was a huge inconvenience.
Unfortunately my spouse could not be there because the soonest day that Ms. [redacted] would let her employees return to finish the work was a day that my spouse was scheduled to work. She is a [redacted] at Marine Corps Base Quantico and is on a 48 hour on/48hour or 72hour off shift.  Therefore, Ms. [redacted]'s response stating that I wasn't present for any of the repairs and her statement saying she had had her employees stay and finish the work is a flat out lie. Had she communicated with her employees, she would know that.  I made final payment to Ms. [redacted]'s employee [redacted]. Also, the business is so unprofessional as they didn't even have a proper receipt to give me upon payment. [redacted] took the credit card information and and made up a receipt on a scratch piece of paper. Unfortunately we threw it out once payment was cleared.  
Moreover, while I was away, my spouse sent me pictures via text message of the way the kitchen counter was being raised to meet the height of the existing counter stove and we were not happy with the way it looked. It looked very unprofessional and just pain ugly! We were trying to sell our home and what Ms. [redacted]'s employees were doing would have definitely set the sale of our home back or we would've had to lower the price as kitchens and bathrooms are what sell homes! So, my spouse told the employees that we were not happy with the way the counter looked and to please stop and contact Ms. [redacted] to let her know. They contacted her (it was around 3:30pm) and that was when she had them cease all work, pack up and leave the premises. Her employees wanted to stay and finish the job but she insisted they leave. Her employees said that she could not speak with my spouse on the phone because she was "sick". All communication from that point forward between my spouse and Ms. [redacted] was via email because she would not answer any of my spouse's phone calls. I have also attempted multiple phone calls to Ms. [redacted] to let her know we were unhappy with her repairs. I specifically remember calling around mid September during the [redacted]. If I remember correctly her voicemail stated that her business would be closed to observe. My calls were not returned. When I tried calling again in October my calls were still not answered. My call was finally answered on February 22, 2016. [redacted] answered the phone and I told him what was happening with the repairs in the bathroom. He was very cordial and said he would pass the information on to Ms. [redacted] and that is when she finally returned my phone call and was very rude and unprofessional. 
I did the walk through of my home with Ms. [redacted] before any contracts were drawn up or signed to show her what we wanted fixed in order to get the house sold per the feedback we were getting from potential buyers and obvious things that had to be fixed i.e. the missing tiles that had fallen off of the kitchen counters that were hot glued on by the previous owners. Raising the counter wasn't something that needed to be done but Ms. [redacted] suggested it and told me what she envisioned and it sounded like it would look really nice and would be a selling feature. She suggested raising the counter and adding nice feet like the ones found on the bottom of some dressers and night stands that raise them off of the floors. Well, the picture that My spouse sent me via text looked nothing like what Ms. [redacted] had previously suggested during our walk through. Basically they removed the counter top and added wood on top of the cabinet to raise the cabinet and it looked awful. So we spoke up and voiced our dissatisfaction and apparently Ms. [redacted] was not happy about it so she made her employees stop working. 
Per Ms. [redacted]'s contract section II Scope of Work, the sixth item states "Correct tile tub surround and re-grout entire tub surface" I understand that to mean to exactly what it states. A tile that they re-grouted to the master bathroom bathtub came off and the grout around the tub is separating from the tub and wall.  The same is also happening to one of the sinks in that same bathroom. This should not happen 5 months after the work has been completed, that is unacceptable!
We were not going to pay for any additional work until we had everything documented on a new contract or on a "Change Order Form" and until all of the work was completed. If Ms. [redacted] wanted to be paid for additional supplies and labor, she should have written up a new order form and/or contract and we would've paid. As far as additional tile work for the counter, I don't understand where that is coming from because that was on the original contract. 
It still baffles me why Ms. [redacted] would allow her employees to return to a supposed "uncomfortable work environment" if my spouse had previously been "insulting" towards them. When I spoke with Ms. [redacted] on February 22, 2016 she refused to tell me how my spouse was being "disrespectful" to her employees. Reading Ms. [redacted]'s response to the is the first time I'm hearing of the exact reason how my spouse was supposedly being disrespectful. I do not equate speaking up in a respectful manner about a job one is not happy with in the same bracket as being disrespectful. Furthermore, my spouse would not be disrespectful and then turn around and put myself and our two young children alone in a possible hostile situation with complete strangers, both of them being men, especially knowing she could not be home when they would be returning to finish the repairs. She simply would not have done it even if she could have been there.
My spouse and I carry ourselves in a respectful and professional manner when conducting business.  We are both honorably discharged Veterans, both having served in the [redacted] and I also served in the [redacted] We have 13 years of service between us. I served two tours in Iraq and as previously stated, my spouse is a distinguished [redacted] and she is also a [redacted] We know the meaning of integrity and live it everyday of our lives and it is something we are instilling in our two young children. We also value our time with our children. Due to Ms. [redacted]'s unprofessionalism and lack of integrity we have had to spend precious time that we could have been spending with our children filing this complaint. My spouse and I feel it is our duty to inform potential customers of how Ms. [redacted] owner of Handy Girl Home Repairs, LLC conducts business. 
For the record, Ms. [redacted] did not offer me any names or phone numbers of contractors and even if she would have, based off of her work ethic, sub-standard repairs, lack of professionalism and most importantly lack of integrity I would not trust her judgement.  I am more than capable of finding a reputable contractor on my own. In hindsight I wish I hadn't paid for a service I was not happy with but at the time it seemed it would have been more trouble than it was worth. We held up our end of the contract and unfortunately Ms. [redacted] did not. We have also submitted a complaint/review on [redacted] as that is where we found Handy Girl Home Repairs, LLC. 
There are more photos that I would have liked to submit but unfortunately the limit is ten. Can you please advise if there is any way that I can submit them? 
[redacted] photos are of:
-Master Bathroom 
1. Where the tile fell off of the master bathroom tub, 
2. the grout separating from the around the tub. 
3. Grout separating from around the sink counter
4. Before and after photo of the same sink (they were just supposed to grout the tiles back on to the counter and put fresh caulk around the sink where it meets the counter and whatever they ended up doing made the sink actually sink into to counter and haphazardly put grout around it so instead of the sink being slightly raised above the counter so water doesn't quickly overflow, it is flushed with the counter. 
1. The bottom of the cabinet that the counter sits on that Ms. [redacted] suggested we raise up. Notice how we had to add wood putty to fill in the enormous gaps that they left wide open and unfinished (refer back to the photos Ms. [redacted] submitted for reference). The wood that they used to build the base and skirt (that Ms. [redacted] stated was not recovered) isn't even sanded down. It looks like scrap wood and they just painted over it quickly with white paint (looks totally unprofessional). Also, my 2 year old daughter was able to pull out one of the nails they used to attach the base to the cabinet. Luckily I caught her just in time before any serious injury happened.  
-Daughters Bedroom and Jack and Jill Bathroom 
1. Photo of drywall that Ms. [redacted] claimed to have repaired. That is what it looked like after her employees "painted" over it! 

Review: The owner of Handy Girl Home Improvements, LLC refuses to come to my house to fix the work that her employees did in my home. Tile has fallen off of the side of the master bedroom tub as well as the grout is separating around the tub and one of the sinks also in the master bedroom bath. The owner told me that the tile wasn't a repair listed in the contract (it is listed in the contract). Then she proceeded to tell me that normally she would come back out but that in this case she wouldn't because my husband was disrespectful to her employees while the repairs were being made and that she doesn't want to put her employees through that again and she also said that she didn't want to finish the work initially because of that reason but she still did. I proceeded to ask her how he was being disrespectful and she would not tell me. I asked her if my husband was being disrespectful why did she allow her employees continue working in that type of environment and she just kept saying that she wasn't going to fix it. I told her that she would be hearing from my lawyer and she made a comment about us not being able to afford a lawyer or something to that effect and hung up on me. Also, I was not happy with the fact that the owner did not come out to my home while the work was being done nor when it was completed to see if we were satisfied with the work! That shows me that this company doesn't value their customers or their work. In my opinion the owner is fabricating a story about my husband being disrespectful to her employees because she does not want to do any further repairs at her expense!Desired Settlement: I would just like this complaint to be listed so future customers are aware of how this company does business and how they treat their customers. I do not wish any further contact from this business in any way, shape or form.



RE: Review: 11 [redacted] I began working for Mr. [redacted] in October 2014 with a roof and drywall repair contract. We were then hired by

Mr. [redacted] who had legally become [redacted] to complete some tile, drywall

and painting work for Mr. [redacted]) who had become a woman and filed for

divorce from his female partner and wife [redacted], who has filed a complaint but

did not sign , nor was she present during any of this work. We had no contract

with [redacted] nor was she present during any of the contracted work. The

dispute says I was not present during the work, I personally repaired all the

drywall work in the home, and painted all the repaired drywall while 1 of my

employees worked on installing tile that had fallen off nearly 75% of the

kitchen counters and an island, I also collected the final payment and the

signed change order. I am the owner and make every effort to inspect all of the

work when it is completed, this job is 1.5 hours from our shop, yet I was there

to not only do some of the work but to inspect the work and met with the

contract signee on 3 separate occasions, I have a trained, licensed and

qualified staff of 5 - they are empowered to execute contracts and work without

me personally being on every job site. I informed Mr. [redacted] AKA Mrs. [redacted]

that the tile used in all the bathroom counter tops was actually floor tile, we

did re-grout it. Our contract ,see [redacted], says nothing about re -tiling or

replacing any tiles around the bath tub - all we did was re-grout the tub

surface and the tub was a sunken garden tub. During the work ; "lift base

cabinet off floor to match height of existing counter of stove". The scope

of work was changed and additional work was needed to complete the island - at

that time Mr. [redacted] AKA Mrs. [redacted] refused to pay for the additional work

and began insulting the employees doing the tile work. I was called and then

spoke to Mr. [redacted] AKA Mrs. [redacted] - at that time I had my employees complete

the work. The original change order for $471.88 was paid but the additional

wood to build the additional base and skirt, tiling work and labor was not

recovered. I made the decision to complete the project as the home was on the

market, and Mr. [redacted] AKA Mrs. [redacted] was under a great deal of stress

with the pending move, divorce and surgery. When [redacted] called me on 212212016

to replace 1 tile and Regrout a sink I told her normally I would happily return

to fix any work we did - however, under the circumstances outlined above

neither I nor my staff wished to be involved with this house or family any

longer. I did offer her the names and numbers of other contractors that may be

able to assist her.



I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

Review: Website and signed contract indicates they accept Credit Card as payment. There is no disclosure an additional fee for use of the card will be charged. They accepted my Credit Card and they charged me for the Credit Card fee charged by the CC company usually absorbed by the business. They then charged for additional products, I did not authorize or was I notified of. Upon final payment they just charged whatever they felt like on my card without notifying me or my agent of the final total.Desired Settlement: Refund of access charges over the FIXED price contract signed and agreed to by both parties. The Credit Card fees are part of the business world and are either included in the original contract price or a disclosure in the contract is required.



Please note that Mr. [redacted] mentioned his "agent". We were hired by his rental agent with a local Real Estate Company to perform a whole house power wash, staining of a deck, and concrete painting around a pool. We were VERY clear that there was a fee to accept a credit card. A contract was signed and Mr. [redacted] paid a deposit with a [redacted] card. During the contract we were notified of some issues with the concrete work and determined that the paw prints in the concrete and foot prints came from his tenants who had walked on the surface before it had dried. We purchased additional paint and performed the work correcting the issue. A change order was mailed to Mr. [redacted].

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