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Handyman Connection

368 Longview Plz STE 1, Lexington, Kentucky, United States, 40503-1817

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First of all, finding a local handyman or contractor you can trust or show up for the job is almost impossible. Handyman Connection to the rescue! I was skeptical at first but they could not have been more professional. I was notified ahead of time of their arrival by phone and text. Adam was professional and very knowledgeable about the job. He had to cut through the wall to the outside to install a vent for our oven and microwave. The job did not take as long as anticipated in the estimate, therefore Handyman reduced the price of the job. I WIll be using Handyman Connection for all future projects. I FINALLY found quality work and expertise with very reasonable pricing. I also want to thank Marie for her great customer service and and Telia for her honesty and knowledge in giving us an estimate, great team, great service!!

We file this complaint in response to multiple infractions to a service agreement involving ceiling repair and lighting renovation at 2060 Regency Rd.
1. Subsequent to contract, Handyman Connection withdrew their provision of an electrician to this project. Due to time constraints, our representative was forced to hire their subcontractor operating independently to complete this project on time. Furthermore, Handyman Connection refused to coordinate electrician and drywall labor as previously promised. No renegotiation was allowed for reduction of this service. We consider this a breach of contract. We note that the electrician provided quality service.
2. Subsequent to contract, Handyman Connection twice notified Offerings of price increase during the course of this project, citing previously agreed upon service as additional work, and citing items which we believe should have been accounted for by a competent service provider upon delivering his or her bid. The prices were forced as requirement to continue work. We consider these actions as unethical and as breach of contract. We note that Handyman Connection also cited additional damage to our ceiling due to the electrician working in the attic. We acknowledge this possibility and contacted Handyman Connection in hopes of renegotiating the price to repair this damage, however, we were given no opportunity to do so. We determine their dictated price to be unfair.
3. We repeatedly made it known to Handyman Connection that we had to complete this project within four days to prevent disruption of service to two congregations who utilize our sanctuary. Considering the business practices demonstrated above, we consider the possibility that the time sensitive nature of this project was used as leverage against Offerings to demand whatever price Handyman Connection determined. Despite repeated assurances of timely work from management, Handyman Connection failed to deliver on time, taking seven days and causing Offerings to expend significant resources to set, disassemble, and reset our sanctuary.
4. Handyman Connection on multiple occasions failed to return phone calls or provide written rationale for rate increases as requested. We regard the practice of extremely poor communication from Handyman Connection as discourteous, unprofessional, and unsatisfactory.

Desired Outcome

We request a 20% adjustment to the final bill to compensate for failure to fulfill agreed upon terms.

Customer Response • Nov 05, 2019

Handyman Connection returned to Offerings a check for $400.

Offerings leadership agrees with *** that the changes noted in item one occurred prior to signing of the actual contract. However, we maintain all other information to be accurate. Though we remain disappointed with final results, we are content to consider this matter resolved.

Hired Handyman to re-stain & clear coat front door and sidelights. He forgot to bring contract. Returned 7 weeks later to finish door. Damaged door.
Ray from Handyman came over said he needed work, noticed our front door could use a fresh coat of stain/clear. We agreed and he said he would bring the contract for us to sign when he returned to finish the 2nd coat. He went ahead and stripped the door and hosed off the door when he was done. (never put the weatherstrip back on the door and ended up with stripper gunk on the inside of house). The next day he returned and told us he never went to the office he would bring the contract on his next visit. He probably could have finished our door that day spending good time with it but his time was cut short because he over-scheduled and had to go to the neighbor's house to do their front door. (Later found out he took our new paint brush and used it on the neighbors door then tried to return it without us knowing. We happened to walk outside when he was putting it back into the wrapper.) Rushed for time he quickly put a mixture of stain together and finished our door. He said let it dry and I will be back in a week to sand it lightly and re-stain/clear. It was going to be another week before he returned so he asked if we could go ahead and pay him. We asked him to bring the contract next time he returned and he said he would so we paid him in full. The following week he called and cancelled and rescheduled. The next week he called and cancelled yet again. For a total of seven weeks he cancelled 6 times. We got excuses that he was sick, then it was "Don't worry, it's not going anywhere". After 7 weeks he showed up on a Saturday. He told us the office was closed and still no contract, but he worked for 2 1/2-3 hours and was in a very bad mood. He re-sanded the door using 80 grit sandpaper with a power sander because he waited so long with no clear the Sun and Rain beating down on the door has ruined the wood. Not to mention the molding around the windows and now sanded down in various levels and knife gouges on the corners where he cut the tape with his knife. The rubber seal on the bottom of the door was cut also. It was getting late when he finished the door so we had to let it dry and could not see much. The next day we looked at the door and noticed all kinds of problems with it. Seeing stain drips, gouges, various light/dark colors not even (due to too much sanding in some places). We continuously called *** and would not receive any return calls. Totally surprised with his action. We would buy him lunch, give him drinks, and never received any call back. We then contacted *** (Owner of Handyman) a few times as well as *** (Office Manager). I explained to both on separate conversations what my situation was with *** and they both gave the response that they have had problems with him in the past. Taking on customers, doing jobs and not paying Handyman for the work, as well as, his attitude was bad and his work was not what it used to be. *** told me they were going to fire him previously but *** cried and begged them not to fire him. *** decided to give him another chance. To end the conversation, *** said he would like to look into it and would get back with me in a week. After *** never getting back with me I spoke with *** and she told us *** decided we were not their customer but ***'s customer. *** decided to send another guy (***) to look at our door as well as herself on Oct. 8, and she took pictures. They both decided the door is damaged beyond their ability and did not want to take on the job of repairing the damage done by their employee. I made several phone calls to them with no response. I then went to Handyman's office and *** told me *** will not repair the damage. I have sent e-mails as well as phone calls to resolve this with no response. I now have found out that *** has sold the business and will be turning it over the first of the year.

Desired Outcome

We would accept repair however with the gouges on each corner where tape was cut, the un-levelness of the wood trim around the sidelights and the many color variations from the power sander, We do not feel the door could be repaired. We feel it will need a new door/sidelights to get the crisp trim work we used to have. We have looked into replacement of the door without installation or stained is over $4000.00 maybe $6000.00 by the time you are done installing and staining. Therefore, We feel we would accept repair as long as they do the best possible job but if it does not look acceptable then we would like to have it replaced.

Handyman Connection Response • Jan 18, 2019

While we empathize with the customer's frustration about his property, we have already discussed this case with the customer and our position is simple and clear. For clarity, Handyman Connection was never hired for this service complaint as customer states. Secondly, our craftsman are not employees as the customer also stated but they are independent contractors. We have working contracts with our craftsman which require annual background screenings and professional service delivery. The problem here is Handyman Connection never received a request for work, executed a contract or received any payment(s) for this project. The customer obtained the craftsman on his own. Therefore, the work performed is between the customer and the craftsman. Handyman Connection can not be responsible for any warranty because we never performed the work. The value of using our company is that we guarantee our work. Had the customer obtained the craftsman from Handyman Connection, we would have a work order, a contract and our office staff would have maintained communication with the customer during the work process. In the seven weeks the customer says this project occurred, he failed to contact our office for quality controls we have in place. We hate poor service experienced by many people which is why Handyman Connection exists. We have a streamlined process in place that protects our customers and our reputation. When customers gamble with cheaper solutions, the results highlighted in this complaint are common.

Customer Response • Jan 27, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
We are sorry this happened to both us and Handyman. However, we on multiple times requested a contract and were assured it would be okay. We did not contact Handyman because your employee was sick and then after a time quit returning calls. We then did in fact contact Handyman and they came and looked at our door. It was then that Handyman decided they were not going to do anything about our door and put it off that we did not have a contract. The contract wasn't an issue before they came out to look at it. (Why come out at all???) It is also concerning that Handyman kept an employee on with their company knowing that this employee steals and lie to them and their customers. We twice had Handyman come look at the door and were assured by the Assistant that it would be taken care of. After about a month I contacted Handyman again to see when it would be fixed and was told they were not going to do anything after all. The Owner was selling the company and they cannot proceed with the job. Since then I have met a gentleman by the name of *** whom is the new owner of Handyman in Nicholasville, KY. He came and looked at our door but was not sure what he could do. We did make an agreement that if I would drop this complaint that he would see what he could do and be fair about it. That's all I can expect at this point. I am however glad that somebody from Handyman Connection stepped up to resolve this issue without the blame game. It would be unfair of me to keep this complaint when it is now under new ownership. I need to give them the benefit of a doubt that things can be resolved in a good manner. At this time with the I will put it to rest and see where it goes from here. Thank you for your time with this matter.

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Address: 368 Longview Plz STE 1, Lexington, Kentucky, United States, 40503-1817


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