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• Nov 21, 2021

Great service!! Positive experience!
I have nothing but praise for Kevin King, Hanger Clinic and his staff, located at 510 W. I-30, Ste. 213, Garland, TX. Not only did we receive quick scheduling time, but great service, as well. Mr. King made my grandson, Jamie (and I) feel very comfortable during our visits. Mr. King has great people skills. We certainly appreciated his warmth and caring demeanor.

Jamie was fitted with corrective inserts this year, in August, and they have helped Jamie tremendously. Before the inserts, my grandson, walked with his right foot pointing towards the side, instead of straight forward. He walked somewhat slowly and had poor coordination.

Almost from the beginning, when Jamie received his inserts, I noticed a difference when Jamie walked! He now walks faster, his body straighter and more upright and his right foot does not shift to the right as much as it used to. And, he also walks with better coordination. I am so pleased with these inserts and how much they have benefited my grandson. Jamie quickly adjusted to them.

Another thing of great importance to me was that my grandson's insurance would not cover his inserts, which were quite expensive, but very necessary. Because the entire expense would be covered out of pocket, Hanger Clinic gave Jamie a great discount and, we very happily paid for his inserts. How they have benefitted Jamie! How much we further appreciated what Mr. King and his clinic did for us!

We ar, also, so thankful to Jamie's orthopetic specialist, Dr. John Hibbits, who recommended this wonderful clinician, Kevin King. Dr. Hibbits highly recommended Mr. King and his staff at the Hanger Clinic in Garland. He said that we would be pleased with the service they provide. We have been more than satisfied! Their service was awesome!

We would, certainly, highly recommend Kevin King and his team at Hanger Clinic in Garland, TX for their outstanding service, assistance and loving care!

• Nov 05, 2021

Bell and 40th street phoenix lady at front is a nut job
what a treat if you want to see what a lunatic is like to deal with, complete nut job working the front desk during summer of 2021, save your time and go somewhere else

• Sep 16, 2021

Support Shoes, Modesto, Ca. Hanger Clinic
Reception desk when I walked in, I stood, with my walker, in front of the lady on the phone, behind the glass for 5 min, no raised hand to acknowledge me, looked at me a few times, hung up & said nothing! I said hello? I have an appt. She finally opened the glass & was just no smile, just rather rude, no apology for wait, etc. The "shoe specialist" that was suppose to get me specific very strong support shoes that would not let my feet collapse at ankle, this causes me to almost fall each time, he spent about 10 min with me, imprinted my feet in foam for inserts but did not measure my length or width, went by my old shoes for size, width although I told him they were half inch too big, & I wanted mens shoes,(made stronger), but I got slightly too big, womens shoes, that he said were steel sided that have already collapsed after 3 weeks wearing! He did not ask me my budget & I had to have my daughter charge my $140 payment when I picked them up! I have already complained to medicare customer care & Kaiser about using these guys as a vendor as I did 3 yrs ago with a terrible back brace they told me was the ONLY one they could give me! (Had to purchase my own from another medical equipment supplier. Hoping my foot doctor can find another supplier for next year, I get one pair a year from medicare, even though I cannot believe $140 is only 20% cost of these shoes!

• Jul 28, 2021

Worst ever without a doubt, should be negative stars for 40th street and Bell Phoenix, AZ
Lady at the front desk 07/27/2021 at 4:30 on Tuesday afternoon, today is completely wack, lost my prescription told me I had to get a new one started telling me how my insurance worked and she knew nothing about it, had my doctor fax over a new prescription she said she never got it, called my doctor and had him on speakerphone they said they faxed it to the right number she said no it never came, then she said something like it doesn't fax to her and somebody also call me to set up an appointment when the last time she took it out of her fax machine and set up my appointment,🤷🏼‍♂️ when I was on the phone I pulled my mask down to talk more clear to my doctor she started yelling at me, no one was in the reception area and she was 12 feet away, make a long story short she did everything in her power to make me upset and it didn't work but I told her I was done with that place and she was the worst ever, she said she was going to call my doctor and tell him that I was a bad customer, she's a crazy one! they lost a customer and I will tell everyone to never go there.

• Jul 28, 2021

Hanger Clinic in Savannah, GA
This place deserves a ZERO for patient service. My Dr. sent me Hanger in Savannah at 906 E 68th for for a set of orthotic supports for my shoes. I have arthritis in my feet and need some arch support. I drove all the way to Savannah where the young lady said according to her paperwork I was there to get measured for an ankle brace for my right foot. I told her I think she was wrong because my doctor and I had talked about getting measured for inserts for my shoes to help with some arthritis and arch support in both my feet. She said NO my paperwork says to measure and fit you with an ankle brace for your Right foot and nothing about your left foot. I said no you must be mistaken can you check with my doctors office and get the right information. She said it was not her responsibility to call my doctor's office it was my responsibility. I told her I came all the way to Savannah and you don't even know why I am here. I guess I need to just go home and find out why you folks don't have the right information. She just said "Have a Good Day -bye". This place has no customer/patient service what so ever. It is all about what it says on their paperwork. No offer to help find out where the mix up is. Terrible! 3 days later I get a call from my doctors office saying they sent over the wrong prescription. REALLY? About an hour later I get a call from Hanger Clinic wanting me to reschedule my appointment. NO THANK YOU! I wanted the Hanger Clinic to call my doctor's office to verify the prescription and they refused. They were rude and they lost my confidence and trust in their ability to serve my needs.

• Jun 17, 2021

Worst Customer Service Ever and Total Scam
Worst Customer Service and Total Scam. This place should be under review by Medicare and a scam. The devices they produce can be bought on Amazon for a fraction of what they charge. But worst of all is their bad attitude and poor customer interaction. AVOID this place.

• Jun 09, 2021

Making people in FL.wait MONTHS for appointments and devices. They are the only place Medicare uses in FL. Between my doctors screening ho paperwork and Hanger having a monopoly in FL on these devices patients suffer needlessly for a long time. I have been trying to get knee braces for over 3 months and its going to be a couple more.months. I can hardly walk, I am desperate. I called very location within 50 miles and it was amonth wait for.all but one office Some offices never answered the phone and I was sent answering service during business hours. Another office barely spoke to me and told me "We are too busy to answer your questions " I called corporate and they help it was excuse after.excuse. If you are in FL it will be waiting months on end to get appropriate devices. Medicare be made.aware there are enormous issues with Hanger.

Bottom Tier
VA assigned me to come to this clinic for a knee brace. At my first appointment I was 10 minutes early, but I still waited over 35 past my appointment time to be seen. In the mean time other patients came and went within a couple of minutes of checking in. Okay they're busy. Right? BUT the person who saw me was a new face...he hadn't interface with the previous clients and now I can only assume he had just got to work or..?. Then after going in to the examining room, he excused himself to go get a measuring tape. Then for over 10 minutes he was gone, but I could hear him outside my room BSing with his fellow workers. Okay just a bad day...crap #@^& happens. Then this week, I came in for my 2nd appt and the same thing is going down...other patients come in and are seen in a few minutes, but after 25 minutes past my assigned appointment time And Zero interface -again- from anyone as to why the wait, I went to the reception window and told them I was leaving and when they weren't so busy...yes right... call and reschedule me. She nodded her head, without saying a thing. Like they couldn't care less. Now it has been 2 days since my visit and I haven't heard a word from them. I'll be contacting VA to let them know my experience with this group...hopefully, they'll find someone else that is more attentive to their patient.

The real cost of poor customer service.
I have been in the process of trying to order a pair of supportive, diabetic shoes for my patient for over a year. I called the patient to find out that he is having his Lt great toe amputated this Friday because HANGER failed to contact the patient for a final face-to-face visit.

If it were possible to aware HANGER "no stars" I would.

The final cost HANGER's poor customer is measured not in money, but in flesh. I hope they are proud of their reputation.

Michael Worley, RN, FNP


Aurora Il office has had script for almost 3 months and never called once to say come in and schedule an appt. I called them during that time to see if they had the script in and was told they did not. Poor customer service! They deserve Zero Stars but that's not a choice! Won't ever go there again.


the folks at the middle Georgia facility are wonderful. The facility is clean and orderly. but the best part is the focus on getting things right for me. I have a knee disark (not a below or above but through the knee). That was a good choice way back when but now they have great AK knees and sockets (the sockets then had issues). if I had to do it over again I would choose the AK option. fitting a disark stump is problematic. but the folks at Hanger take it seriously and focus on both function but also comfort. getting the socket right takes time and effort. Shout out to Darrell Hallman who is focused on getting things perfect for me. I can't speak for every office but the one I use is simply grand


I am writing you in regards to the compliant you received on 8/9/with the ID of Upon receiving the complaint I was very disappointed about hearing about the complainant's dissatisfaction, as we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and standards of careBefore I address the complaints from the complainant I would like to give you some background about our company and cranial remolding orthoses, like the one the complainant's son received Hanger Clinic is a national corporation that specializes in orthotics and prosthetics, also known as bracing and artificial limbs Our practitioners must meet strict certification standard through national boards of certification to be allowed to practiceCranial remolding orthoses fall under our scope of care and require further education to be certified to treat patients in need of a cranial remolding orthosis A cranial remolding orthosis (CRO), which the complainant refers to as a helmet, is an orthosis that is designed to correct plagiocephaly, which is the flattening of the skullCRO's require extensive and exact measurements of the infants skull a long with a detailed scan to capture to shape of the infants current head shape so that a CRO can be custom fabricated for each patientOnce the CRO is custom fabricated for the patient it needs to be fit and adjusted by the practitioner to ensure there is a proper fit with no impingement of the soft tissue and bony anatomy of the infant's cranium After this initial fitting the infant must be seen every 2-weeks for follow up visits to make adjustments to the CRO to continue to provide a proper fit and to take measurements to track progressThese follow up appointments are extremely important due to the rapid growth of an infant's head in the first years of life, any missed appointments can lead to sores and/or slowed progress in improvements in the infant's head shape In regards to the complaint about the CRO not being fit and alleging that the CRO was not custom made, this is untrueAs I have stated above, every CRO fit and provided by Hanger clinic is custom made,with many measurements and laser scan taken so that a CRO can be accurately fabricated per patient In this patient's case the first CRO that was fabricated had an unsatisfactory fit in my professional opinion, so we had the CRO refabricated to ensure a proper fit The complaint about the CRO blocking 1/of the left side of the face is untrue and exaggeratedA properly fit CRO has f langes that extend from the top of the CRO down the cheeks to about level with the bottom of the earThese frame the face and are trimmed so they do not block peripheral visionDuring one of the follow up appointments, I noticed some minor irritation on the left cheek,which led me to adjust the inside of the CRO in that area to prevent further impingementAt a later appointment the parents ask me to completely cut off this flange,this is what the complaint refers to as blocking 1/of the face I did not do this adjustment as it would compromise the structural integrity of the CRO and also prevent proper control and containment of the infant's head I explained this to the parents at that time as to why I would not make the adjustment and my rationale for not doing so and believed at that time that they understood An issue that was a reoccurring issue with this patient including the appointment on July 29th was being late for follow up appointments and/or not showing up for follow up appointments at allAs stated above follow up appointments for a CRO are extremely important for continued proper fit and function of the CROWhen these appointments were missed,Hanger Clinic needed to reach out to the parents to let them know they missed a follow up appointment and need to be rescheduled as soon as possible to make sure the CRO was still properly fitting In these instances, we were very flexible and fit them in at their earliest convenience In the orthotic and prosthetic field it is standard practice that with patients running minutes late it is at the discretion of the practitioner if the patient needs to be rescheduled or will be seen, and patients running late by minutes or more need to be rescheduled as this will more than likely effect the next patientWhen the patient's parents were late for the follow up appointments, often between 15-minutes, they would be seen but this would consistently cause their appointment to run over into the next patient's appointment, which is not fair to the other patientsOn July 29th the patient's parent showed up minutes late for the appointment They are correct in saying that when they walked in there was not another patient in the office, as that time was supposed to be for them,but minutes after their arrival the next patient walked in for their appointment During that time when they were in the office a technician for our HVAC walked in and needed to be shown the location of the unit, since my administrator was trying to get the patient rescheduled I pointed out this location and went back to getting materials ready for the next patient's appointment These allegations of Hanger Clinic being unprofessional, unethical and offering poor customer service are slanderousAt this location alone we see hundreds of new patients a year that state the exact opposite of what this patient claims l hope this helps to clarify the situationIf you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me

August 4, 2016To [redacted] ,Hanger received the Complain ID: [redacted] ( [redacted] ) dated July 21, and have been in the process of reviewing this complaintI understand from your voicemail that this complaint is closed and there is no further response needed from HangerPlease let me know if any further action or information is needed.Regards,Kelly WCorporate Paralegal

In 2015 I had a RBKA an had a prosthetic within six months of surgery. Unfortunately that company made an adjustment that caused an ulcer at the end of the bone. I then had a RAKA in January 2017 and turned to Hanger in Ithaca NY for a AKA prosthetic. Unfortunately I have found Hanger Customer Service to be very lacking. I have been told that the holdup was paper work and there were other times it was 3 or 4 weeks between appointments. I have been transferred to Hanger Johnson City, NY. I am writing this on October 24, 2019 and still DO NOT HAVE A PROSTHETIC. This is the main reason that I have been in The Crown Nursing and Rehab Center all of this time. Need less to say that I have missed being with my family birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. And today I was once again told that there was another paper holdup.
On your web site you talk about how great your Customer Service is, which is the main reason I chose Hanger.


I have an ankle that didn't heal rt. I causes a lot of pain . My rehab guy told me about this place near me in Montrose Colorado. I have gone to these type of people before but it had been a few years 7 . So I called they were kind ,polite and very pleasant. I missed or was late getting there can't remember.they were still very nice . Been to doctors enough if you do the s they get rude . No here . Any ways I explained what I needed he just said ok let me take a cast of your leg . Wow really. Three weeks later I had a brace I could wear with any of my own shoes and I walk so much better. I cant thank them enough.


I purchased a 34,dollar can Am from them like to led me t over in show room they took it to clean it up and (PDI) it but they took it out for a joy ride burned out the tires where rubber was hanging off tires clutch dust all over rearend doors fell off side mirror fell off on way home on a trailer Went down to talk with owner and told me to get out of the store or she would call the policeSome much for customer service

------ Forwarded message ----------From: of Metro Washington DC Date: Wed, Aug 3, at 2:PMSubject: Fwd: Case # ***To: *** Forwarded message ----------From: Date: Wed, Aug 3, at 12:
PMSubject: Case # ***To: [email protected] is to let you know that I have received the check.Thank you for your assistance,*** ***@***.com


Terrible, closed clinic my children went to without noticeFailed to do prior auth to insurance company as wellWould never do business here again!


I have a Genuine Hooligan Motor Scooter that is still under factory warranty On 1/3, I dropped it off at Central Coast Yamaha which is a Genuine Scooter Authorized dealer On 1/I received a call from Central Coast Yamaha and the service person told me that Genuine would not cover diagnosing the problem under warranty I was told I had to pay for diagnosing the issue with my scooter and the minimum shop charge would be $ I instructed them not to take any action and that I would pick my scooter up on 1/ When I went in to get my scooter I was charged $for 1/hour labor for the service person calling Genuine to request warranty coverage He also stated that he went through the manual twice looking for a fix, although he stated earlier and subsequently that there was no manual for my model of scooter In my lifetime, I have never been charged for a vehicle service department processing a warranty issueCan't understand how this dealer got an A+ rating

• Dec 19, 2020

I also have a scooter through the VA. Also under warranty. I took it to A-Ability for some warranty work. They also informed me that I had to pay for the labor but not the parts. I told them this was through the VA and that ended the labor charge. I will say they are very nice and caring people but they have a business to run.

This letter is written about the Hanger Clinic in Jacksonville Beach, Fl. I have been going there for years after suffering a TBI in a car accident. Today (Sept. 19, 2018) was about the 8th time (over a period about of a year and a half) I have been to see you about getting an orthotic. About 4 of my visits were met with "I'm sorry there is a problem with your brace. We tried to call you but were unable to get ahold of you. You'll have to come back" We then would notice they have the wrong phone number down for me. I would give them the correct number and they assured me it was changed to the proper number. This exact scenario just repeated itself for the fourth time today. My wife was there for three of these episodes and also shares my anger and disbelief. The lady behind the counter ALWAYS has strongly implied this was all my fault and that I had forgotten to fill out the necessary paperwork . I have my Master's degree and this was earned after my accident, yet she always speaks to me as if I'm incompetent. I have seen her treat other disabled individuals in a similar manner.

I've know Hanger has provided a needed service to many disabled individuals. I also know of numerous disabled friends who have left Hanger feeling diminished and angry. It all starts at the front desk. Find someone who treats a disabled person with respect and watch your business grow.


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