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Harb Renovations Inc.

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I have rarely experienced such poor customer service and such disregard for a customer's needsThe salespeople, particularly Jill, were wonderful, the prices were reasonable, and the selection was good
However, the installation was a nightmare, and communication is practically non-existentI was originally told my granite counter tops would be installed on a Thursday, so I made sure my contractor was thereNo one showed-upI received a call and was told the install would happen Friday morningHeard nothing on Friday morningWhen my contractor called to see what was going on, he was told I was going to be the last stop on Friday afternoonI had no one to be there at that time, so I had to make some calls to have someone to be there when the men came to install
The installers were in-and-out within an hour and did a horrible job; they were in a hurry to get off on Friday afternoonThe cabinets were perfectly level before the installers came; they had been checked and double-checked both with a regular level and a laser level
Whether because of incompetence or of a lack of pride in their job, the installers moved/kicked shims and installed the counter tops with a huge "bow" in the middle of the counter - literally a huge hump in the middle of the counter topIt took me weeks to finally get someone to come back out and "fix" it (call after call, message after message, email after email)The company sent the same installers who had done the poor job in the first place and who called to tell me they would be at my house in minutesI had to leave work to meet them, but I wasn't about to say no because I had so much trouble getting anyone to take my calls and had been told times already that someone would be out to take care of the issue to no avail
I was very cordial and had been during this entire process, but I did become irate when the installer had the nerve to look at me (standing right next to the counter top) and ask me the problem wasI asked him if he was seriousThen, the installers argued the cabinets were not level, and that the issue was not their fault or problemThey weren't completely wrong because the cabinets were no longer level after they had moved shimsThey called their boss who called her boss who sent word to me the problem was not theirsI informed them the cabinets had not been a problem when the installers came to install; they made it a problemThen, I asked why the installers had not done their own check to see if the cabinets were level before throwing down granite counter tops (the other two houses I had granite in the installers had made sure everything was level before the install) and why the installers had left my house fully able to view the huge bow in the counter topI was told checking the cabinets was not their job; their job was to install the counter top
I'm not even going to get into the issue of the granite not being completely square on the opposite wall; my stove will hide it, and I'm tired of dealing with this company
Keep in mind, these people already had my $2,and apparently didn't care about the quality of their productNor do they care about what is convenient for the customerThey do things on their time and make the customer bend to what works for them and their scheduleIt's almost impossible to get someone on the phone and to get anyone to give you a definite time/day for anything; even when you get the time/day, you can't trust itI definitely would not give them another dime of my money, nor would I recommend them to anyone

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