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Harr Imports, Inc.

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Dropped truck off for recall repair and picked it up with a humming sound. Brought it back and was charged $109 to have it looked at.Called Harr for a leaf spring recall back in [redacted] 2014. Have been told for months they were out of the parts and to call back. Finally this week on [redacted] X XXXX called and insisted it be fixed because the leaf springs already caused more damage to truck. After saying no they didn't have the part, they agreed after I explained how the bad part cut the brake line and cost me [redacted] to repair in 2014. They changed their mind and said come tomorrow [redacted] Dropped the truck off and picked it up [redacted] Driving off the lot a very loud humming noise started and lasted all day. Called Harr to explain and they said sorry about that bring it in tomorrow [redacted] we will look at it. Brought it in [redacted] and was told to pick it up later. When I picked it up they said the alternator broke and charges me [redacted] for looking at it. I called the manager to ask for a refund for the [redacted] because I was not told there would be a cost since the truck just left their shop the day before with this noise and there was no noise when I dropped it off. They were the last ones to touch the vehicle, they need to inspect it at no charge. I also believe they may have caused the damage in order to make money. They have already lied to me about not having the recall parts.Desired SettlementRefund for [redacted] for looking at a vehicle that just left the shop. Dropped it off to be fixed and picked it up in worse condition.Business Response The customer signed the repair order that stated there would be a diagnosis charge. The customers complaint had nothing to do with the repair it came in for. We do not do business like the customer is suggesting. The [redacted] charge would have been put towards the repair if the customer wanted Harr to repair the vehicle. A noisy alternator or tensioner is in no way related to the suspension issue it was in for. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)The vehicle came in without a noises engine. Only after Harr touched the vehicle did it start to make a very loud noise. Harr was called immediately, and I stated that I was concerned the technicians might have caused it. I was told to come in the next day to have it looked at. I was given a paper to sign and was told it was only for looking at the truck, a fee was not mentioned. A fee should not be included to look at a vehicle that JUST left their shop. They were responsible for looking at a vehicle that left their shop with a problem that wasn't there before. Why would anyone assume they would charge. I am owed a refund of the [redacted] I paid to get my truck back. For all I know they caused the problem just to make money since the repair o came in for originally was a recall. If I had dropped the truck off to be looked at in any other scenario I would expect a charge. But not after it just left their shop with more problems then I came in with.Final Business Response Harr has been in business for over 60 years. That has not happened by accident or taking advantage of customers! The customer verified with the service director that he was told of the charge to diagnose the issue and now he is saying the opposite. I am questioning Mr. [redacted] integrity as he is questioning ours.

Being so eager to purchase a car, I honestly did not do my homework well enough but trusted a well spoken and candid personnel at Harr-Toyota in Worcester right on 100 Gold Star Blvd. Taking advantage of me, I was sold the most lemon car ever imagined in recent memory. This cars' fax was not produced; no matter how insistent I was. However, I was asked to signup for a bogus warranty which was useless because it did not cover for the repair work which later popped up."YIKES"! I have found out the hard way, why this company operates under such a low level of professionalism after bringing their attention to the transmission issues of the car bought from them. To my horror, the car-fax was finally retrieved: and guess what; an accident car!!Product_Or_Service: TOYOTA HIGHLANDERDesired Settlement I would like to have them replace this vehicle, since it was not disclosed to me as an accident car. Worse of all, it has a bad transmission. Business Response The information reported to Carfax or Autocheck is generic. If any type of insurance work was performed it will say the vehicle was in an accident. It does not distinguish between major or minor and nor is it a prerequisite of a sale. We have no record of the vehicle coming in for a transmission concern therefore I can not respond to that matter.

Dear letter is to complain about the unfair business practices I experienced at Harr Toyota of Worcester, during the purchase of my new Toyota Tundra Truck, purchased on August 12, 2013. I have enclosed a copy of the letter I sent to Toyota USA (Vehicle purchase survey). This letter explains the recent treatment I received from Harr Toyota of Worcester. Explaining I did NOT want any of the "PREPAID" service contracts, in any shape or form. These two (2) Service programs added a total of $2,416.00 to my Finance Contract, and needless to say, to my Monthly payments. At age 70 plus, 1 DO NOT want these contracts. I was never in receipt of forms signing up for these plans. Also enclosed is a copy of the letter sent to Toyota Care Plus Prepaid Maintenance Premium Plan asking them to cancel that policy (price $1,675.00). This letter was sent as per instructions on the policy I received in the mail from Toyota. This letter was sent on September 23, 2013 to both Toyota USA & Harr Toyota. I have not yet any response from Toyota USA, or Harr Toyota. I am in fear 1 will not receive back my funds of $1,675.00 to Toyota USA and the $741.00 to Harr Toyota of Worcester, total $2,416.00.As you can see in my Survey Letter to Toyota USA, I had a very difficult time telling the [redacted], Mr. [redacted], what I DID NOT want. To this date I still have not received a Bill of Sale, proof I even signed for these two (2) Service Plans, Or Customer Service Calls checking on my $40,000.00 plus purchase.Desired SettlementI would appreciate any help you can give me with this above mentioned problem.My Home Number is ([redacted]) [redacted]Toyota Care Plus Service Plan # [redacted] Harr Toyota # ([redacted]Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: [redacted]I can assure you that both plans will be canceled and refunded. I will have someone contact the customer to arrange cancelation.

Harr made an offer which I accepted, and changed the terms after I had obtained financing and foregone on a different offer from a different dealerI spoke to [redacted] (a salesperson) about a certified pre-owned Limited Platinum Highlander (VIN # 5TDDKRFH7ESXXXXXX) I was interested in. I live 4 hours away from the dealership and communicated to [redacted] mostly through text messages. After going back and forth about the price and my trade in, [redacted] said that she spoke to her manager, [redacted], and that the best offer he can make is $36,000 for their car and over allow for my trade in for $4,000. She clearly explained that my trade in is actually worth between $1,800 and $2,200, but they are over allowing on it as an incentive. I accepted the offer and went out to get a loan. Once I was approved for the loan, [redacted] suddenly said that I need to speak to the General Sales Manager, [redacted] told me that he can't offer me $4,000 for my trade in, and that if I was willing to come down to $3,000 he would work with me. I was very upset about the bait and switch tactic, and called the General Manager of Harr Toyota, [redacted]. I explained to him the situation, sent him the text messages where I was offered and accepted a specific deal, and even explained that I already banked on this by obtaining a loan. I also explained that I missed out on a different Toyota incentive (0% down and cashback on a new Avalon) because I thought that I had already bought a car. [redacted] listened, but did not offer a resolution. He made it clear that he is not willing to honor the over allotment I was offered and told me that if I want the car, I should get more money.Desired SettlementI would like Harr Toyota to honor the contract they entered into with me.Business Response I would be glad to give the customer a firm trade value but he needs to bring the vehicle to Harr for a trade evaluation. We cannot commit to a trade value via a text message. The customer refuses to bring the vehicle to Harr so I offered that he can buy our vehicle for the price discussed and he can sell his trade where he lives. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I was given a firm offer on my trade after I sent pictures and provided my vin # and current mileage. The firm offer included the price of the car I was purchasing, an over-allotment on my trade (above the value as an incentive), and the dealer fees I would need to pay. Based on those numbers, I forewent on a national incentive for a different car (which has since expired) and obtained financing for this purchase. The over-allotment on my trade-in was part of the deal, and to take it away is the same as increasing the price of the car I'm purchasing. I would have no problem bringing in my car for an inspection, however I have no faith that it would be done honestly. Right after I obtained financing and missed out on a different deal, the General Sales Manager asked me to take a $1,000 less for my trade (still without "inspecting" my car). Also, the General Manager expressed that he has no intention on giving me the over-allotment I was offered. After all of that, it would be foolish for me to drive 4 hours each way and expect to be treated with honesty. The dealership can just tell me that my car is worth $100 when I get there. If the dealership would subtract the over-allotment I was promised ($2,000) from the price of the car I am trying to purchase, I can sell my car locally.

Dealer did not disclose front-end damage to car. After bringing it to their attention a few days after purchase, they refused to fix it.I purchased a 2011 [redacted] I understand that I purchased a used car; however, when a person pays [redacted] for a car, new or not, they expect it to be nice. Because I work during the day, I had to shop at night, and therefore did not notice a piece of the grill was missing and that there was a dent and scratch on the hood. I would not have purchased the car without these being fixed. I complained to Harr about these issues, and was told that I only had 48 hours to return the car and that the time had expired, and that I bought the car as-is. Further, they sold me the car with bald tires on it - they claim they passed inspection, but my mechanic indicated that he would not pass them. Harr agreed to replace two of four tires, which means I still need to purchase two new tires. In total, there is a minimum of [redacted] in body damage to my car, plus the cost of two new tires. When I asked the General Manager if they were aware of the damage to the vehicle, he replied "Yes." When I asked how come I was not made aware of it before I purchased the vehicle, they indicated they are not required to disclose that information. Further, they had the audacity to intimate that I was being unreasonable by asking for these things to be fixed, as if anybody is going to invest that kind of money in a car that needs bodywork. I went to them because as a woman I had no confidence that I would be dealt with fairly, and they advertise their policy of not negotiating prices; however, their business practices are disingenuous, and the second the ink was dry on the purchase and sale agreement, they stopped being helpful. Further, they botched the delivery of the vehicle, as I wrote them a check for the purchase of the vehicle and was told that I could pick it up in two days. Then I was told it would take a few more days. Then when I picked the vehicle up, the electronic starter had not been installed as agreed upon. Additionally, the check engine light came on in the car after two days. When I brought it in for service, they replaced an oxygen sensor and told me that the other would need to be replaced soon, but they didn't replace it. One day later, the check engine light came on again for the other oxygen sensor. I understand that sometimes people have a bad experience with a company that isn't necessarily indicative of how the company does business - how a company reacts to it's customer's dissatisfaction is the true measure of how good they are. Harr Toyota made no effort to assuage my concerns about the vehicle I had just purchased from them. If anything, they made things worse. My fiance e-mailed them to tell them about the problems and demand that they be fixed, to which they replied by sending a canned response saying no and telling him how their goal is to provide excellent vehicles and customer service. My experience with Harr was extremely dissatisfying, and I don't appreciate having to invest additional money to fix the car I just bought. Yes, I understand that I purchased a used vehicle, but when somebody pays [redacted] for a used car, they are expecting "like new."Desired SettlementGrill fixed; dent and scratch on hood fixedBusiness Response I have already discussed these issues with the customer and explained Harr's position. The vehicle was sold with the cosmetic issues and the customer had 48 hours to return the vehicle if she elected to do so. I do believe that was enough time to see the cosmetic condition of the car even if she did not see them at time of sale like she is saying. We recommended she bring the vehicle to her mechanic before buying. All 4 tires passed [redacted] state inspection but we did replace 2 out of "good will". As for the value of the vehicle you can search the same type of vehicle she bought and see them priced for thousands more. We do not recondition used vehicles to a brand new state as it would increase the price. We typically stock a variety of this make and model that range in price which is dictated by miles and condition. The customer makes there choice as to what price vehicle they are comfortable with. Consumer Response Dear [redacted], Thank you for your assistance and for sharing Harr's response with me. Unfortunately, their response to this is the exact same dissatisfying and unhelpful response they gave me personally. Whoever wrote their response dedicated far more time and energy defending their prices than the actual issues - the price was never in dispute, so I'm not sure what the point is of telling me that they "typically stock a variety of this make and model that range in price....." et cetera. As I wrote in my initial complaint, I bought the car at night, in the snow, and the damage to the body, which they knew about and did not bring to my attention, was not noticed until after the forty-eight hours had passed. There is very little daylight this time of year, and I work during all of it. They did not provide me with two new tires out of any "good will," they put two new tires on the vehicle because the tires that were on it had no tread left. They claim that the tires passed inspection in Massachusetts; however, it is their mechanic that performs the inspection. My personal mechanic deemed them unfit. Further, at no time did Harr "recommend" that I bring my car to my mechanic - perhaps they are thinking of another customer? I am glad that this report will appear on your website - with any luck, it will dissuade potential customers from going to them. I found the entire experience at that dealership unsatisfying. They are the true definition of the stereotypical, sycophantic, smarmy, obsequious car salesmen that bilk women ignorant of cars, and change their tone as soon as they have made the sale. As a consumer, I had little recourse, and I hoped that the would be able to help. I guess I will have to settle for doing my best to inform others of their disreputable business practices. Again, thank you for your assistance. Best regards,[redacted]

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