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Harry's Auto Body, Inc.

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The lying in this statement is beyond laughable. No information was handed down at all about this "used fender" until today. Documents from prior calls have representatives stating that there was an OEM part being used (8/12) that a new part was being installed and painted (8/13) and then the dashboard light was with pick up of vehicle. No such "battery test" was noted any time as well as the fact just this past May (5/15) [redacted] had tested and approved the battery. Also, no such name calling ever happened from a consumer end, though I was asked multiple times if I was either "tick headed" or "stupid" by representatives. Three witnesses were in the house at the time of all calls and not once was there any one yelling or anyone called a name! This statement from Harry's seems to follow their systematic refusal to take any responsibility for their actions and also has now added the extent of slandering myself and said family members. This cannot continue, no business should run as they do and then instead of backing up their claims with facts and documentation like we have they stoop to slandering and continuing to lie. I do not accept this statement and add to my complaint slander now as well.  Simply put: down rite insulting and spitting in someone's face. 

Attached is a photo which will helpfully show how minor of a repair this was.  Please note the dent in the right fender behind the rt headlamp.   We have received Mr [redacted]s rebuttal to our response and as we have explained in our prior response, all matters of repair and monies due are in order. We feel we gave an accurate and detailed explanation of all his concerns and our actions. We do stand on the fact that Mr [redacted] and his son were in fact yelling and screaming and using profanities and name calling. I personally was the one on the phone with him at this time and asked him numerous times to stop screaming and give me a moment to finish my sentence as I was explaining the reasons he was not due back any monies (as explained in our first response to this complaint). Even when I invited him to come into the shop so I could show him the Insurance paperwork and said it may be easier for you to understand this money situation if you could see the appraisal and supplement paperwork from the Insurance Company. He only continued to rant. His complaints are not justified and when we address one, he goes onto something else and continues in this way. We are trying to address his concerns to no avail as he refuses to listen to our explanations of this repair process. We feel we went over and above to comply with the owners constant calling and multiple requests during this repair process. However, he cannot understand that the supplemental money sent to our shop is in payment of our work performed, or the multiple other explanations we have tried to convey to him.    His concern now seems to be a battery. As explained in our prior response, we only disconnect the battery cable during repairs to insure that any electrical items such as airbags, automatic starters etc are not deployed while working on the vehicle for the safety of our technicians. We do this procedure with every vehicle we work. In no way does disconnecting a battery cable ruin his battery. As explained prior, his battery is past its life expectancy due to the age of the battery and with over 153,542 miles on his vehicle, it may just warrant normal wear and tear maintenance. The battery has nothing to do with this Insurance Loss. There is nothing about the battery that could possibly tie in with the fender damage.   In response to his statement " documents from prior calls have representatives stating that there was an OEM part being used, that a new part was being installed and painted..." at no time was Mr [redacted] told this. The Insurance appraisal wrote for a USED fender (as explained in our prior response)  In fact, when he called demanding that he have an OEM (original manufacturer part) installed on his vehicle, we explained to him the Insurance rules and [redacted] state laws regarding the use of aftermarket or Used (LKQ) parts due to year, make and mileage of vehicle. This is a state law and Insurance law, not our body shop rules or choice. His Insurance company writes the estimate of what is to be done and we follow that estimate. As stated in the last response, we lost money on this job to appease Mr [redacted] as he was calling DAILY and screaming at whoever answered the phones about one issue or another the day after his vehicle arrived at the shop. He seems to have gotten some wrong information from a DEALER he said he spoke with prior to bringing his vehicle to our shop for repairs. We hope this has again answered the multitude of complaints from Mr [redacted] and cleared the fact that at no time did anyone from Harrys Autobody lie or misinform Mr [redacted] or his son, or call anyone at anytime 'tick headed" (this is actually the first time anyone here has even heard this saying???) and at no time did anyone here at Harrys Autobody ever call him stupid. In fact, it was Mr [redacted], as stated in our prior response who used profanity at me over the telephone. I am the one who was on the phone who he yelled this profanity at.

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Address: 679 South St W, Raynham, Massachusetts, United States, 02767-1039


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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Harry's Auto Body, Inc., but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

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