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Harry's Auto Service Center

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Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
Thank you [redacted] for your response.  I called [redacted] moments ago. He is the salesman I have had all my contact with as representing Trans World Van Lines Inc. I told him that the company intended to refund my deposit of $500 but it has not happened. His response was that he does not know why it has not happened.   TWVL’s response to my complaint initially as shown in record of this matter shows that they claimed [redacted] paid by credit card, a lie, and refund was made 1 Aug, 2017, also a lie. They clearly have no intention of making a refund. When [redacted] phoned and requested a refund on 24 August, she was told flat out that she would not receive any refund. There clearly could be no confusion regarding me making the complaint and [redacted] requesting the refund as her name is on the paperwork and still is told she will not receive a refund. The response from the business dated 9/20 says that accounts payable manager would contact me and issue a refund of $500.  No contact has been made by the business with me.   [redacted] now has a working computer and her email address is [redacted] Her cell phone is also up and running: [redacted]  [redacted]   Thank you for all your assistance.   Sincerely  [redacted]

[redacted], We would like to apologize for the lack of communication. We have recently added 5 new customer service reps and are no longer using an answering service (after hours and on weekends). With that being said, delivery has already taken place. Thank you for your understanding and...


We do not have a client by the name of [redacted], a job number of [redacted] (this isn't even our format for order numbers), nor are we associated with any of the other mentioned companies.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:The original contract was [redacted] through...

Trans World Van Lines, LLC.  Payment was made by [redacted] through their 3rd party company . . . ** [redacted].  Please find the sales rep's information and original estimate below.  Transworld Van Lines, LLC removed the estimate once there was problems.  They subcontracted [redacted], who state they only received $480 of the $700???  The original contract was from [redacted].  After [redacted] and my daughter ([redacted]), who are both in the [redacted] was told that they would not be moving, Trans World Van Lines, LLC was informed of me, [redacted], Mother.  My move was from [redacted], hence why they subcontracted [redacted] & [redacted].  Here is the original information . . . From:"[redacted] - Trans World Van Lines INC" <[redacted]Date:May 25, 2017 at 8:55:52 AM CDTTo:[redacted].[redacted]@gmail.comSubject:Your Moving Estimate #[redacted]Reply-To:"[redacted] - Trans World Van Lines INC" <[redacted]
[redacted] ,Thank you for your interest in Trans World Van Lines INC moving services.Please click on your reference number[redacted]to view your moving estimate.Thank you,[redacted]
[redacted]These companies . . . Trans World Van Lines, LLC, [redacted] (aka, [redacted]) are ripping people off.  They are holding people's belongings hostage.  They are costing the consumer mental anguish and duress, along with monetary damages because they have to replace items that are being held hostage.  This must and will stop one way or another!!!  P.S.  When you call these companies, everyone is "the Manager," most names are [redacted], and they just hang up the phone on you when you confront them with the truth!!!  They should not be in business and if I don't get my belongings back, I will do what I can to stop them!!!

I would like to apologize as there as some confusion with this client: [redacted] is making the complaint on behalf of [redacted] signed the contract with us and all of...

the contact/account information is in her name. With that being said, we have another client with the last name [redacted], who I is mistook for [redacted].[redacted], I am having our Accounts Payable Manager contact you as I type this. We will be issuing a refund check in the amount of $500, per the client's request.

[redacted] states that our deposit is 100% refundable but this is untrue. I have attached her e-Signed Binding Moving Estimate, which clearly states our Cancellation Policy. If you look at the copy she attached to her complaint, she conveniently only attached pages 1 and 3. Page 2 of the...

contract is where the Cancellation Policy is listed. With that being said, client paid her deposit via credit card and charged it back, claiming that we fraudulently charged her card; Although, as you can see, that isn’t true either. Client was refunded the full deposit of $840 by charging it back.

When the client booked with us, we offered an IRD Corp Rate Military discount of $1,276.00. However, as you can see from the e-Signed Moving Estimate, packing and materials were not included in the move. The e-Signed Moving Estimate also clearly states our cancellation policy. Please keep in mind...

that we went to the client’s location, which cost the company for the foreman, workers, fuel, and time. We spoke with the client on August 17, 2017, twice, and informed the customer the same thing. The client agreed and advised that she wanted to put the move on hold and will call back when she is ready to setup another move. We record every incoming phone call and can provide the call recordings upon request.

The client refused pick-up when we arrived at the client’s location because she needed us to pack some of her belongings. Packing and materials were not included in the original Binding Estimate (e-signed copy was attached in previous response), and she was informed during booking that any packing or materials would be an additional fee. After informing the client this, she advised us that she didn’t want to be picked up any long, so the foreman left the client’s home.When she called in to cancel the move (after everything that transpired at pickup), we informed her, again, of our cancellation policy, and she said she wanted to put the move on hold and she would call back when she is ready to reschedule it.

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Address: 13918 E Mississippi Ave, Jackson, Michigan, United States, 49202


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