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Hartz Mountain Corporation

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I have used Hartz Mountain flea collars on my two little dogs. Made no difference.Fleas were actually living under flea collar.Changed them every month 3 times, no difference. Their ultra guard drops had no effect either. Also bought Hartz Mountain flea spray which worked for 4 days. Love Hartz Mountain products in general for all my pets but am horribly disappointed with flea control products of theirs. Do other brands work?

Review: This companies product caused chemical burns on my pet within 4 hours of application.

On 3/31 I purchased Hartz Ultra Guard topical flea/tick treatment from a [redacted] in Colleyville, Texas. The package came with 3 small mini tubes for easy application. I applied the treatment to my cat that afternoon around 7pm.

On the morning of 6/1, I found that the back of my cats neck had severe chemical burns and that the fur on/around the application area had fallen off completely. The skin was red, pussy and irritated. My cat was in pain and very sensitive.

This product is dangerous, and should not be allowed to be sold on shelves! If this had happened to a person, you'd bet it would no longer be on the shelf. Why is it okay to harm someones pet?Desired Settlement: I demand a refund for the faulty product I purchased ($11.86) and also for Hartz to pay for the emergency vet bill (receipts available) for my pets discomfort pain and discomfort ($167.80). Should Hartz chose to not pay for the damage their product has caused, my attorney is on standby and I have prepared a lawsuit.

Review: I had bought your UltraGuard flea and tick drops for my new puppy. We gave it to her and the next day we had to take her to the hospital for tremors, vomiting, and a fever. It cost us $700 to find out that it was because of the flea drops. She was given medicine and we were told she's be fine and then the next morning we found her dead. We are devastated. Why is this product on the market? I read after the incident of different cases like this.Desired Settlement: We want a refund for the medicine and the vet bill that your product caused us. This is not fair she was only 6 months old.

Review: I bought my cat and dog flea and thick collars. After a week of use my cat got all his skin burned and lost all his neck's hair, leaving his neck [redacted] and without skin and my cat seems sick, lifeless. My dog is also lifeless. I found two ticks, blood sucking my dog, right under his collar (which means that the collar may have some chemicals but they do not work against ticks or flees but they do harm the animal system and skin).Desired Settlement: I will like hartz to stop creating collars that are harming animals and not protecting them. I also want hartz to compensate me so I can take my cat and dog to the doctor and make sure they are both healthy but if it comes out wrong to pay for all treatments, until my pets are healthy again. I hope my cat and dog don't die due to this.

I have pictures, videos and receipts, to prove all of this.

Review: On September 10, 2013 I purched Hartz Ultra Guard Pro Flea and tick drops for my cats and dogs at Walmart. I bought 5 boxes. This product made every single one of my cats sick. I used the product properly and read directions clearly. I had to bring one of my cats to the ER Vet at 4 in the morning because she started to have severe muscle spasms. The Vet told me to never use Hartz flea medication shampoo or any kind of the products because he has actually seen animals die from using their products! This was a huge inconvenience when I have a newborn at home, and not working! Not to mention it made my beloved pets sick. I chose this product because I thought Hartz was a trusted company for over 80 years as advertised on their website.

I emailed Hartz on their website about his problem, their Facebook page, and wrote a letter to them with a copy of Wal mart purchase of the medicines, the vet bill, and the vet report stating the cat had a reaction to the medicines. I asked Hartz to refund me for the purchased medicine $55.35 and for the vet bill $99.00 totaling $154.95. I gave them until September 27th to get in contact with me and have not received a phone call, a letter, or a refund.Desired Settlement: What I would like is Hartz to honor the refund of $154.95.



Hartz received Ms. [redacted]'s letter and request for reimbursement on September 23, 2013. Hartz accepted her request for reimbursement of her expenses in full and a check was issued to her on or about October 3, 2013, which Ms. [redacted] should receive this week. In that regard, Hartz considers the matter closed.

Review: I bought a Hartz® UltraGuard™ Flea & Tick Collar for Cats and Kittens. Within 3 to 4 weeks of my cat wearing it he loss 50% of his body mass. Every Vertebrae on his spine was sticking out> This cat was a indoor pet of 14 years! Within 6 weeks later the cat was dead!Desired Settlement: Cease and Desist! At the very least STOP SELLING this PRODUCT!!

Review: I purchased HARTZ Flee & Tick collars for my 2 dogs (that weigh unde 10lbs). Within the first week my dog started to lose his fur, today I did a little more investigating, only to find out that my dog has burn like marks on his neck from where the collar was. I did online research & this flee and tick collar has an ingredient in it that is harmful to dogs AND humans. The ingredient is [redacted]. This ingredient can cause damages to the immune system, and can also lead to death. This product should not be allowed on the market. I am very unhappy that this was even allowed on the store shelves. I do have photos after removing the collar.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund of this product. I am praying that my dogs do not face anything more than the loss of hair & burn like marks on their necks.

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Description: Pet Supplies & Foods - Wholesale, Pet and Pet Supplies Stores (NAICS: 453910)

Address: 400 Plaza Drive, Secaucus, New Jersey, United States, 07094


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