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Harvey E. Dierschke

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Review: [redacted] installed a [redacted] central Heating and Aire unit for me in December 2008. I have had problems with the unit since the very beginning. For the first year and a half I contacted [redacted] about the unit. With there being so many problems with it I questioned whether or not it was a defective unit. I continuously received the run around from [redacted] and all they wanted to do is bill me to come out and do absolutely nothing! Over the years from the time that it was installed we have had other companies to come out and put freon in the unit because it never held freon. We have had numerous companies tell us that the inside part of the unit was incorrectly installed which would eventually cause the compressor to fail. I have contacted [redacted] numerous times in regards to this issue that they refuse to do anything about. Now I am left with a failed compressor!!!Desired Settlement: I want the unit replaced and installed correctly!!!



12/08/2008 Installed unit for [redacted] at [redacted] residence. 06/25/2009 Request for service; unit not cooling. Coil was found to be very dirty. Tech cleaned coil and serviced unit. Ms [redacted] was told at that time filters have to be replaced monthly. 4/30/2011 Request for service;unit not cooling. Once again coil was found to be very dirty and filters need to be changed. Tech cleaned coil and returned a couple of days later and gave her filters in hopes that she would continue to keep them changed. There was no charge for these calls or the filters. Ms [redacted] should have been charged for these calls as dirty coils are not covered under the warranty. The next correspondence we had with Ms [redacted] she called and stated that the compressor was out on her unit;our office explained that if it is in fact the compressor it was under warranty and that she would have to pay labor or any other expenses that may occur. She was also was told that if she wanted the other service co to take care of it they would also be able to do it under warranty. This unit had 1 yr warranty on labor and 10 yrs on compressor. To sum this up if the unit had be installed wrong she would have had problems at the very beginning. It appears that lack of maintenance is the problem in this situation not installment of the unit. She received the unit through a [redacted] program at no cost to her (which is a great program) now the unit is getting some age to it I guess she is looking at trying to get another one at no cost.

[redacted], Inc



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Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: No one from [redacted] has ever come out to clean the coils. They came out the same week that the unit was installed because they did not connect something correctly because the heater would not blow warm air and the unit was installed during the winter!!! We have complained numerous times in regards to the unit being installed incorrectly since the very beginning!!! We are not looking for anything to be changed or replaced at no cost. This just goes to show what kind of people these are and the type of business that they run. Because it was done through a program which assisted us, they installed the most least expensive unit possible. The inside unit was placed on boards instead of an actual stand and it was placed less than 12 inches from the floor which is not allowing much room for air flow!!! They also came back out the first summer and found that they had forgotten to place Freon in the unit. If they stated that they cleaned the coils in the first year they did not! They made false claims in regards to that. In regards to the maintenance, it has been kept up with and filters are changed every month!!! For someone to say that filters are not being changed and making ugly statement in regards to us wanting something for nothing is just uncalled for and unprofessional!!!! Again Mr. [redacted] feels that since the unit was installed through [redacted] that it was not personally paid for and I shouldn't complain that we shouldn't care about how they placed holes all over the place in the utility room or how the unit sits on wooden boards 6 inches from the ground not allowing proper air flow!!!!. There was never any professionalism in the installation or care for the customer since it was done through [redacted]. Regardless, Mr. [redacted] was paid through [redacted] to install a proper unit. The unit has failed since the beginning and they have never ever been out to clean coils!!! They were certainly misinformed on that situation!!!


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Description: Air Conditioning Contractors & Systems

Address: 105 Wood Avenue, Woodsboro, Texas, United States, 78393


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