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Haynes Plumbing And Heating Inc

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December 27,2017 To Whom It May Concern:We are a plumbing company (Haynes Plumbing); we were contracted to repair to the water service and repair a section of asphalt (3x5 area) Haynes Plumbing sub-contracted a company to repair this driveway 2 times, and the second time the owner drove over it...

prematurely. Haynes Plumbing cut out a small 3x5 area of the driveway the driveway continued to settle because of the preexisting water issue. We are not responsible for preexisting settling due to the original leak. They would need to have an asphalt company to come and redo % of the driveway with gravel and repave. Most asphalt companies are shutting down for the winter season. We have fulfilled our responsibility (per our agreement with the insurance company) for replacing the pipe, getting the work inspected, and approved. We also patched the area as needed, but only the area the insurance covered. We have filled our obligation with the insurance company. Anything else the customer should need, they should contact the insurance company.Sincerely,Christopher H. Haynes Plumbing-Feel free to call us at our office at ###-###-####

Haynes Plumbing came to our house on a recent Saturday when our heat stopped to replace a coupler on our boiler. The part costs less than $20 at any hardware store, and the service call had been quoted to us at $89. The service person charged us $483, which my wife paid by credit card. Within 5 days I called Chris Haynes to complain and he said he would look into it and get back to me. Four days later after not hearing back I left a message with the receptionist for him to call. Another six days have passed and still no response.
We had used Harris Plumbing regularly in the past before it was acquired by Haynes. This is now a company that we will not do business with again and recommend others stay away from them as well.

Review: The plumber that finally cleared a clog from a tub in a rental house I own [redacted] presented me with a bill for $1500 after less than two hours of work. He said the amount was what his office had discussed with me. I didn't argue with the plumber but later called his office to complain about the excessive cost. They failed to return my calls on numerous occasions over the next week in which I said what I though the cost was excessive, despite assurances to do so. The amount changed was never quoted to me by his office, and in fact, when I originally called to schedule the service, they said could not quote or estimate at that time. The next morning they dispatched the plumber without giving me any estimate of cost or price quote, and the plumber never said what the job would cost until it was completed. I had originally paid $98 through [redacted] List for one hour of plumbing service that the plumber said was unsuccessful and the clog would require much more work to clear. I asked the same company for this follow-up since I needed the clog cleared. Although the company did make two refunds of $150 each after repeated calls (neither of which I said would be satisfactory), they never answered my specific complains, nor my demand for a price revision reflecting a reasonable cost for the repair. Through [redacted] List I filed a lengthy and specific complaint that the company disagree with, resulting in what [redacted] List calls a "stalemate." My net out of pocket cost is $1298, almost three times what should have been charged for time and materials.Desired Settlement: Although I now have an very antagonistic and suspicious view of the work of this company, I will be satisfied with a refund to reflect a net cost more commensurate with the hourly cost of their technician and materials. My own estimate of this cost is $500, but I'm certainly prepared to negotiate any specific arguments or assessments of cost that the company is prepared to present. My fundamental frustration throughout this dispute is the refusal of the company to engage and discuss. Rather the company seems to employ a simply tactic of only giving modest refunds to mollify upset consumers rather than any willingness to deal with specific complaints.



Good Afternnoon, see our attache response...Thanks .

WE have already given this homeowner 2 crdits on their credit card

thur [redacted],s List.

~Haynes Plumbing



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

Review: I was out of the country when a major leak in my condo was discovered. I googled emergency plumbers that could respond to a call on a Friday night. Haynes Plumbing were the first people I called and they accepted the job. It took them over an hour to get to my condo, all the while water was gushing out of my sink and could not be stopped by my friend. Once they arrived, they only snaked the drain 50 feet. My total bill was $770 for less than 2 hours of travel and work (most of that was travel and they were already in DC). Once I returned to the US, I contacted Haynes Plumbing numerous times to get in touch with the technician who responded to the call so I could figure out what happened and was never connected with him.Desired Settlement: I believe that Haynes Plumbing took advantage of my situation and overcharged me for the service. I would like to be reimbursed and charged a more reasonable rate. I also should reimbursed the $175 'emergency fee' since they took an extended amount if time in responding to the call.



Haynes Plumbing was contacted by owner after hours for Emergecy service.H.P. made owner aware that their would be overtime charges to come out .Owner accepted charge and provide credit card. (owner could not find any other plumber to travel to D.C. on Friday night) 1) H.P. dispatch plumber and he travel over an hour to get there. (by the way-their is absolutely NO PARKING )2) Plumber made owner aware of fee to correct problem.(sewage/water) is pouring out sink,across counter to floor.3)Owner agree to fee and plumber returns to truck to reteive equipment. (plumber carries equipment for over two blocks,streets are packed w/people)4)Plumber corrects problem,cleans site and has paper work completely sign off on. (Everyone are happy :) that they are not getting flooded. Haynes Plumbing has been serving Washington D.C. Metro area for 25 Yearswith an outstanding record.We take pride providing effective,promt emergency service to all of our customers.

Review: This fall, we experienced a sewage backup in our house. We called Haynes Plumbing, based on two positive experiences with them in the past, to have them snake our line and remove the blockage. This experience has been both puzzling and infuriating at a cost of over $700. Haynes provided poor service, disregarded Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) guidelines for clearing and reporting sewer blockages, and provided terrible customer service.

Because sewage was backing up into our basement laundry room, we placed an emergency call to Haynes. To their credit, the plumbers arrived quickly. Upon arriving, the plumbers, [redacted] and [redacted], determined they wanted to snake from the vent pipe on our roof rather than removing the basement toilet. That was odd to us but we shrugged it off, thinking they were the professionals and knew best. They used our ladder to access the roof, indicating that would take $50 off of our bill. [redacted] and [redacted] ran an extensive amount of snake from the roof. They ran enough snake to confirm with us they were off our property line and into WSSC-maintained portion of the line. They acknowledged hitting a blockage but the snake came up clean. Rather than reengaging the blockage, they checked the basement, saw the sewage had gone down, and flushed our toilet three times to test the line. We later learned they left without clearing the blockage. At the time, we thought they had done their job effectively.

[redacted] recommended we have a plumber come out to camera the line to further investigate the blockage. We did that, with [redacted] Plumbing, approximately a week and a half after Haynes snaked the line. The day the plumber snaked the line and confirmed the blockage was on WSSC-operated line, we had another backup in our basement. Because [redacted] appropriately reported the blockage and location to WSSC, we contacted WSSC to have their plumbers snake the line the second time. They did so, through our basement toilet, and quickly pulled up a significant amount of roots from the line. In doing so, they confirmed that Haynes “[redacted]” us when they failed to clear the line.

Haynes did not clear the blockage. We only learned that after it reappeared so we thought we had received good service. They did not follow WSSC guidelines, which require registered plumbers to clear the line to the WSSC main sewer line. The guidelines also require registered plumbers to report to WSSC that the blockage was on WSSC-operated pipe. Haynes did neither. They failed to follow the WSSC guidelines, which resulted in another sewage backup and additional costs for us.

We have since filed a claim with WSSC for them to cover plumbing costs associated with the backup, which they are doing because the blockage was in the part of the line they operate. WSSC is unable to cover the Haynes bill in the claim because Haynes did not report the blockage to WSSC and their invoice to us did not indicate that they found the issue to be in the WSSC-operated portion of the line. To resolve the issue, we have requested Haynes provide WSSC with the accurate report indicating they found the blockage to be on the WSSC-operated line. After initially engaging us for assistance with the WSSC claim, [redacted] Haynes, the owner of Haynes Plumbing, ignored 8 emails from us over two weeks. With no hope of an easy resolution with WSSC, we feel compelled to file a complaint with the to alert other potential customers and attempt to seek resolution for our issue.Desired Settlement: We would like Haynes to contact WSSC to provide the accurate information regarding work performed at our residence. Specifically, Haynes needs to contact WSSC, at the number we provided, to provide a detailed report on their work including amount of snake used, blockage found, whether the issue was on our property or WSSC-controlled pipe, and whether they cleared the line to the WSSC main line. As a WSSC registered plumber, they were to do this as soon as they found a blockage in WSSC-controlled pipe. We do not want a refund from Haynes. We simply want them to provide the information WSSC needs to close our claim with them.



December 26, 2013


WE responded to an Emergency call from member on a weekend. Sewage was flood into customer home. Our plumber met with owner to discuss pricing and options before start of work.

Owner agreed with price, sign off on job.

Plumber clean sewer line and test line for proper operation.

PLUMBER then encourage member to have line camera to see any future problems and verify that their are no problems on CITY side.(this is also on his invoice)

Owner then stated "I will get back to you to schedule an Appointment".

We did not hear back from owner for several MONTHS.

Months Later: Owner starts emailling our office to file an report to WSSC,stating that problem was on their side. I informed owner that we could not file an report because we have to camera line first. We then informed owner that we would come out again at discounted price to verify.

Owner refused an then stated they already had line camera by another company.Then owner continue to send emails insisting stoppage was out in street and they wanted to get money from WSSC.

After several emails I informed owner that I would contact WSSC to see if anything could be done.

WSSC then stated because of the time lapse they would not file any claims and They already had a claim with another company. (The emails from that point forward become more and more threatening)


We do regret owner is not happy with final outcome,but we are pleased we were able to help them in their moment of great distress.

We thank you for your consideration and look forward to serving Members in the future.




[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: Haynes Plumbing is correct that they ([redacted] Haynes) contacted WSSC once on our behalf. He was told that another company ([redacted]) created a ticket related to our backup, which is true. However, the WSSC claim representative requested Haynes to resubmit its original invoice with more detail regarding our backup. Haynes has not done so and has not responded to any email correspondence. It is worth noting that our messages were not threatening in nature but intended to inform Haynes of our next steps.

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