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Heat-Flo, Inc.

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Lifetime warranty is not being honored in a timely manner
We purchased a Heat-flo indirect water heater in *** of with a lifetime warranty/guarantee We noticed that it started leaking on *** Our plumber contacted the company to let them know we needed replacment and the have been going him the run around for over two months We have supplied them with the original invoice/installation receipt as well as a sample of our water as requested but they still have not given us a new water heater


Heat-Flo is refusing to honor the warranty for a replacement water heater.We had a solar hot water system installed by [redacted] in July of 2012. Part of that installation included a new 80 gallon water heater. [redacted] chose a Heat Flo water heater for us. February17, 2013: I went into my basement and found the Heat Flo water heater was leaking. The floor in my basement, as well as the rug that was down there were soaked. I immediately contacted [redacted] at **. He arrived first thing Monday morning (2/18/13) and agreed it was indeed the water heater that was leaking. He assured us it was under warranty, as it was only 7 months old, and he would take care of it. He called us later in the day to inform us that Heat Flo did not have an 80 gallon tank in stock but that they would build us a new tank and rush delivery. We were promised the tank by Wednesday, 2/20/13. In the mean time, [redacted] suggested that we turn off the tank at night to minimize leakage, which we did.Wednesday, 2/20/13: [redacted] arrived with the tank and his plumber and they begin the installation of the new tank. Upon removal of the old tank, and visual inspection, it was evident that there was a visible leak on the top seam of the tank. The leak at the seam was seen by [redacted] of **, the plumber, [redacted] of [redacted] and myself.Sunday, 2/24/13: Received an email from [redacted] at **. He stated that Heat Flow needed proof of ownership of the tank which we provided.Saturday, 3/23/13: We received an email from [redacted] stating that Heat Flow will not honor any warranty on the new tank because of "likely aggressive water chemistry". We have lived in our home for 16 years and have never had so much as a drippy faucet, let alone a leak caused by 'aggressive water chemistry'. The water heater that was removed in July to make room for the Heat-Flo heater was original to the house, 16 years old and functioning perfectly with no leaks. Less than 8 months later the new Heat-Flo water heater begins leaking. It's a leak that is visible to the naked eye...on a welded seam Heat-Flo used the word 'likely": based on what evidence? Heat-Flo offer nothing to indicate that this was the cause. Four sets of eyes saw the leak at the seam when it was at my house. It is our assessment that this was an incomplete weld.But in a effort to play along, we contacted the [redacted] Water Department on Monday (3/25/13) and asked for a water analysis of the town's water. All aspects of [redacted]'s water are within acceptable ranges...ALL OF THEM! We did our own pH test and it too was within normal limits. There has been zero evidence to back up Heat-Flo ridiculous claim.We have tried to contact Heat-Flo to address thjis issue and they have not responded. A detailed email was sent to [redacted] and [redacted] with nn reply. Desired SettlementI would like Heat-Flo to stand behind it's product and give us the warranty that we are entitled writing. If they refuse to honor the warranty for the reasons they stated then we ask for evidence that the cause of the initial failure was due to Wrentham's water quality. I believe we are entitled to either the warranty or proof of 'aggressive water quality'.I do not anticipate any other problems with this product but in the event there is a problem we want Heat-Flo to honor the warranty. Business' Initial Response HEAT-FLO [redacted] XXXXXXXXXXThis product was sold to our distributor:[redacted]This unit was replaced by the installing contractor [redacted] with product supplied by [redacted]was returned to our factory for evaluation.Our inspection indicated premature failure related to the installation site and not a manufacturing defect. Despite these findings, we chose to cover the warranty and issued credit to [redacted] This outcome was not clearly communicated to [redacted]. Consumer's Final Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Once again Heat-Flo has failed to address our issue. It's amazing how [redacted] can side step this time after time. Let's try this again:Yes, Heat-Flo supplied us with a replacement water heater when the one we had purchased in July, 2012 began to leak in February 2013...less than 7 months after purchase. Four sets of eyes, including a licensed plumber and Heat-Flo's local distributor [redacted] of Renewable Sales, all saw the leak on the seam at the top of the tank. All agreed it was most likely a bad weld. It big deal.Shortly thereafter we received the following email forwards stating that Heat-Flo was not going to honor any future warranty claims at our address. They stated that the leak was most related to 'aggressive water". These are the emails we were sent: (copied & pasted)-------- Original Message --------Subject: FW: [redacted] XXXXXXXXXXFrom: [redacted] Date: Fri, March 22, 2013 10:24 amTo: Cc: "[redacted] , [redacted], I just received the factory report (below) on the leaking tank from the [redacted] Residence install. The factory is calling it 'Aggressive Water' failure. They will not honor another replacement. They suggest replacing it with a glass line tank if another failure occurs. Regards, [redacted] XXXXX[redacted] XXX-XXX-XXXX  [redacted] XXX-XXX-XXXX [redacted] XXX-XXX-XXXX[redacted]    From: [redacted] mailto:[redacted] Sent: Friday, March 22, 2013 10:18 AMTo: [redacted]Cc: [redacted]Subject: [redacted] XXXXXXXXXX [redacted] As we discussed today, our inspection of the subject model 80D  indicates that the  tankexperienced premature failure related to likely aggressive water chemistry at the installationlocation.   As a result, we will not honor future warranty claims for this site. Please advise your customer accordingly. Regards [redacted] Heat-Flo, Inc(XXX) XXX-XXXX(XXXX) XXX-XXXXWe do not want to replace this tank: we chose Heat-Flo for a reason. We do not want money. We want one of 2 things...Heat-Flo's choice: 1. Give us back the warranty on the replacement tank that is currently installed and working just fine in my basement or2. Provide documentation of the 'likely aggressive water' i.e the water analysis report or pictures documenting the corrosion. If the water at our house is corroding a brand new water tank in less than 7 months I would like to investigate it further. We do not anticipate any further issues with this tank. Heat-Flo products have a good reputation which is why we chose it. Where Heat-Flo has epically failed is in the Customer Service arena. To date, no one from Heat-Flo has contacted us. Had someone...anyone.. at Heat-Flo bothered to answer our many emails or pick up the phone I believe this could have been taken care of months ago. Instead [redacted] has opted to compromise Heat-Flo's reputation with an arbitrary withdrawal of our warranty. Just give us back our warranty in writing...end of story. It's really just that simple.Business' Final Response Subject Case # XXXXXXDear [redacted],As I discussed with you yesterday, Heat-Flo has supplied the [redacted] residence with a replacement unit under warranty. If the [redacted] are not happy with the product, we are willing to pay them a partial cash payment if they return the product to us in what we consider to be good condition. They can then use this money to purchase a unit made by another manufacturer.Sincerely,[redacted]


I am having a problem contacting the business that sold me a faulty indirect water heater. I hired a plumber from my town to give me hot water because what I had wasn't working, so he talked me into getting an indirect water heater. He gave me a proposal for a different water heater and I said OK lets do it and gave him a lot of money. When he came over to do the job he brought a heat-flo indirect water heater and said I got you a great indirect 40 gal. water tank. It was this leaking peace of whatever. After a few months, the pipe holding the thermostat began leaking So I called the plumber. He came to my house and checked it out and told me it was under warranty so you would not have to pay for the part and charged me $300.00 dollars to replace the part and said would shouldn't have anymore problems. So a year ago about six years after installation the main pipe that returns hot water back to the Furness began leaking. I called the plumber he said I have to get a different plumber and he could find my bill receipt and I can't find mine. I called heat-flo 2 or 3 times and every time the secretary would say he's busy and he will get back to you, but he never did. I took pictures of my mess and sent a letter explaining my situation and what they are going to do about it. If I had a lot of money I would cut this tank out and drive it to Uxbridge myself and drop it at they're front door. Ignored in Somerset. Need Help.Product_Or_Service: indirect hot water tank 40 gal. Desired SettlementI would like to see how much they will buy me out of this so I can buy something more reliable. Second Plumber in my area never heard of this company it's not sold in this area. So have a new tank delivered to my house. I'm not going to pay a plumber to drive 35 to 40 miles to pick up a tank, already they want to much money just to install a new one. Business Response June 16, 2014 Case # XXXXXX -Mrs. [redacted] ([redacted]) [redacted] XXXXXHeat-Flo Model HF-40 S/N XXXXXXXXHeat-Flo manufactured products are sold exclusively through plumbing andheating wholesale distributors who resellto licensed installing contractors.This distribution channel assures that our products are professionally installedin compliance with all local and national plumbing codes.When a warranty issue occurs, we rely on this network to initiate and process a claim. Our distributors have replacement product available when a claim is approved. In the case of Mrs. [redacted], the original installer is no longer available and she has been unable to secure the services of another suitable contractor.Based on information provided by Mrs. [redacted] we have decided to makean exception to our normal warranty procedure. We have offered and processed a pro-rated refund to Mrs. [redacted].On [redacted] she responded to our customer service staff by Email indicating her satisfaction with this resolution.Heat-Flo, Inc.[redacted], GM

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Description: Heating Equipment

Address: PO Box 612, Uxbridge, Massachusetts, United States, 01569-0612


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