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[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]
 Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: The response from Heller's First is just retaliation for the filing of the complaint with PA AG. Second Their paper work states, "it is customer's responsibility to notify gas supplier, gas supplier of change. Second it states when account becomes 90 days delinquent. As of this notice neither have occurred, in which would create they voided the contract as agreed on their part. Also they might want to call a code administrator, "gas" is natural gas and liquid petroleum gas.  Don't you think the code would say "natural gas"? I will have this confirmed through the AG, as they would have the code and know what is included in 'Gas". I am sure they will be concerned that Hellers does not obtain required permits. Think of it this way, it a code administrator signed off on the work, that would be an assurance of both parties. I guess they don't like others inspecting their work, as I stated before they have a gas line that is lying on the ground that they installed, which is not secured as required. WE will wait until we have the mediation with the AG to conclude the business relationship as their is disputes, this way their is an agreement.  If the tanks are removed prior to the agreement, we will contact AG for them retaliating for the filing. They might want to come to a mutual  agreement, because retaliation is easiest to prove and hardest to defend.

We are very sympathetic to our senior citizens, and we work with people to stay within their budgets offering payment plans and monthly payments to pay off balances as needed without late charges incurring.  If a customer stays true to their payment plan we will never let them run out of gas.   It is true, they may have requested gas two days prior to the storm but so did hundreds of other people (also senior citizens with health issues, people with disabilities, families with small children, etc.).  When a storm is in the forecast everyone gets nervous and the first call is to their heat supplier if they feel they are low.  How do we decide who is more important?  It is virtually impossible to do that.  We consider all our customers equally important and we must prioritize based on many factors.   Gas was delivered before they ran out, that’s our goal and we did accomplish that.  We do not have the manpower to dig out tanks, all we ask is that we are capable of locating the tank, that we can see where it is buried in the ground.  The dome needs to be visible for us to locate it.   We would hope that seniors have a family member close by or a neighbor that will do that for them and that they make arrangements the same way they might need to have their driveways or sidewalks cleared.   We are not unreasonable, we work with our customers as much as possible.  We don’t like having customers upset with us, but it is clear, we cannot keep everyone happy all the time.

We certainly don't like putting our customers in a bad situation and we do everything in our power to accommodate them as much as we can.  However, the [redacted] called for a delivery the day before a storm which proved to be a crippling storm for much of Pennsylvania.  Heller's was in full...

swing, all of our employees were working overtime to try to get ahead of the storm.  Customers who are our regular deliveries and who are on an automatic delivery schedule do take priority over those who call for deliveries when they want us to deliver.  A "call in" type customer chooses to be one that picks when they want gas & requires us to either pull a driver off his route or make special arrangements for the delivery to be made.  In this situation, the customers' propane tank still had 10% in the tank (about 50 gallons) when they called and because of the impending storm and our belief that they would not run out of gas, we did not pull our driver away to make an immediate delivery.  We did ask that they please have someone uncover the tank (move the snow) so that we would know where the tank was located as it is an underground tank.  This is the responsibility of the customer, just as it is a customer's responsibility to clear the way for the mailman to deliver the mail, they need to make arrangements to clear the snow away so we can find our tank.  We did deliver, perhaps not as quickly as they wanted, but they did not run out of gas.  We hope that **. & [redacted] try to understand it would be in their best interest to allow us to put them on an automatic delivery schedule so that we can deliver to them in the most efficient way.  Again, we're sorry, we do not like customers to be unhappy, however, we did make the delivery before they ran out.

We are certainly sorry for any misunderstanding or confusion, however, we would like to take this time to respond to [redacted]'s complaint.  We are confused by the fact that she states that we don't put customers on automatic fill until after one year of service, because in actuality customers...

are placed on automatic delivery unless they request not to be.  It is more efficient for our computer system and our business for us to schedule deliveries instead of  depending on customers to watch their tanks.  The only way people are on a will call basis is if they request it.  There are no notes or memos in the account stating they wanted to be on will call.  After the delivery on 3/18/17, they were given 8 months to pay the bill.  That would mean they would have received multiple statements as well as letters in the mail and phone calls from our collection department.  They responded to none of these.  We were forced to pull the regulator for non-payment of the invoice and after they paid it we reestablished service two days later (the regulator was pulled on 11/14 at 8:40 a.m. and the regulator was reinstalled at 1:30 pm on 11/17 (after payment was received).  At that time they requested to be put on will call which has now been done.  Again, we don't like unhappy customers, and when there is an open line of communication, we work with customers who need additional time to pay their bills.  When a customer works with us we do not shut them down.  In addition, Jason is the branch manager, but we have a collection department at our corporate office who would have been sending letters & making multiple phone calls to attempt to collect the debt and help the customer make comfortable payments over the course of several months if necessary.  We would ask that [redacted] remembers this for future deliveries as we are always willing to work with our customers.

We have been in contact with [redacted] and have advised him we will fix his driveway as soon as the weather breaks & it's warm enough for the repair to be properly done.  We are sorry if we did not get in touch with him soon enough and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused....

 We appreciate his business & hope that he understands, this was not intentional, it was just at our most busy time and during poor weather conditions.  We promise to get it taken care of as soon as possible.  Thank you!!

Hi [redacted]! After we received the service address from the customer we were able to track down the information.  I just wanted to let you know (and if you can maybe let her know) we are issuing a check for the balance of the refund.  Here’s the calculation in case she has questions… 163 gallons of propane returned-50 gallons which were given to them free as a new customer 113 gallons @ $1.99 per gallon (this is what they paid for the gas) = $224.87… we previously sent a refund in the amount of $97.54, therefore the balance of the refund (check will be processed & mailed within two weeks) is $127.33 Sorry for the delay in the response, we simply had a tough time tracking down the information.  Thank you & if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Sue

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